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They made a decision together to stop hunting for awhile. It wasn't that hard a decision for Dean, as he hadn't been hunting in a long time and his sudden attempt to obviously hadn't gone over well. Sam knew it was the right decision to make. They had a lot to work on before hunting could be put back on their plate.

It was the most relaxing time the brothers had had together since Sam was 8.

However, they couldn't ignore the time apart and the changes to both of them.


It was habit.

When Sam stepped out of the bathroom, sweats on but no shirt, he hadn't really been thinking.

However, when he turned his exposed back to his brother who was sitting on his own bed watching tv, the soft gasp had his mind spinning instantly.

Oh crap.

"Sam." Dean sounded like he was in physical pain, but Sam knew that wasn't really the case. "Sammy. What happened?"

Sam sighed. "You know how life is, Dean." He really didn't want to have this conversation.

"Sam. Sam, what happened?" Dean wasn't going to let that slide.

Sam sighed again, then finally sat down on his bed heavily. "You already knew I was hunting, Dean. A lot of the scars are from that."

"But not all of them. And some of those are really nasty, Sam. Tell me." Dean was in big brother mode now and Sam knew from experience he wouldn't be dissuaded.

Besides, a traitorous part of Sam's mind spoke up, you know you need this. He needs to know and you need to tell him. You want him to know, so he can fix it.

Dean moved over and sat behind his baby brother, pressing a finger to one of the longer scars on Sam's back. "What's this one from?"

"Wendigo. Threw me against a tree. Had to go to a hospital for that one. You would have liked the nurse. She was cute." Sam tried to distract, tried to encourage some human, but Dean was unresponsive to it.

"This one?" Dean touched one former wound that was still scarring, one that went up his back and to his neck.

"Bar fight. Guy nearly decapitated me. I finally broke down and called Bobby for help on that one."

"How did it start?"

"People don't like being hustled."

"Sam, you're good at talking yourself out of crap like that. Talk to me. What happened?"

Sam sighed again. "Guy asked for his money back and I might have been less civil than I could have been."

Dean paused, taking that in. "Why?"

"I was stressed, Dean. Needed a good fight."

"You needed a fight?"

"Yes, Dean. Things change."

Dean paused again, then sighed. "I know. I'm sorry."

"Not your fault, Dean. I started the bar fight, I deserved what I got."


"It's alright, Dean."

Dean finally moved around and grabbed Sam's arm. "This?"

"Ghoul tried to have me for dinner."


"The ghoul invited his girlfriend."

"What about this one?"

"Werewolf decided the ghouls didn't deserve to have me for dinner."



"This one?" Dean pointed to the scar across Sam's cheek.

"Bar fight. Yes, another one."

"Dang, Sam. How many-"

"You don't want to know."

"I kinda do."

"A lot."



"Geez, what are you, four?"

"Geez, what are you, four?"




"I want to go see the Grand Canyon." Sam glanced shyly over at his brother, before looking away again.

Dean regarded his younger brother for a while, then started to nod slowly. "Well, I got to take us to Vegas. If you want to go the Grand Canyon, let's go."


Dean rolled his eyes. "Yeah, really. Did you think I was gonna say no?"

Sam hesitated. "Well, I keep expecting you to tell me we're starting hunting again." He decided to stick with honesty.

Dean sighed, heavily. "I'm not going to just tell you we're starting hunting. When we start again, it will be a joint decision. We're a team. I'm not your drill sergeant."

Sam smiled at his brother, relaxing a little. "Okay. Okay. Thank you, Dean."

Dean rolled his eyes again. "You're welcome you big girl. Now let's get going. I want to eat."

"You always want to eat."

"I'm a growing boy who needs his nutrients."

"Okay, one, you're not growing unless you count width, and two, nothing you eat has any nutrients in it."

"Hey, I'm not fat! And pie has all the nutrients I could ever need."

"Wow. I don't even know what to say to you."

"Hey, you totally missed this. Admit it." But underneath the teasing comment, Sam could hear the real question, the serious need to know.

Sam smiled down at his brother. "That I did, Dean, that I did."