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Here We Go Again

We had been back for a month since our last case in Salt Lake City. Normally we would have been on a few other cases since. But for some reason we hadn't been. That is up until now.

"Conference room in ten!" Shouted Hotch, as he was walking back to his office from JJ's.

"About time!" exclaimed Morgan, as he stood up and walked up to the conference room. Followed by Seaver and Reid.

I got up, walked over to the break area, and pulled out a can of Cherry Coke, before heading up there as well. Once I was through the doors, I went up and leaned against the counter. Lately, we've been given iPads. All thanks to little miss Garcia. I was turning mine on, when JJ, Hotch, and Rossi came into the room.

"It's a bad one guys." JJ stated bluntly, as she turned on the screen against the wall. "So far the Waterville Police Department, have seen two bodies."

"So what's making them think it's a serial killer?" Asked Seaver, looking up from her pad.

"This." Answered JJ, as she pushed a button on the remote.

Suddenly a few pictures popped up. In each picture, the victim's were completely unrecognizable. Their bodies were cut, bruised, and burned.

"Well some one doesn't like people." I stated, taking a sip of my coke.

"What do the victims have in common so far?" Asked Hotch.

"Male, dark hair and eyes, both of this victims worked superior jobs, and their all between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-three. And when I say superior jobs, I mean top rating jobs."

"Such as…?" I asked, letting my question carry off.

"Mark Ericson twenty-nine worked for a law firm company. He was taken two week ago, and found dead three days later. Tyson Millers age thirty worked as a judge. He was taken last Saturday, and found early Monday morning." JJ answered.

"Wait a second. Is that writing on the second body?" Reid asked staring at the pictures.

"Yes Reid it is. It says…"

"Try again?" Reid said interrupting JJ. Making his sentence sound like a question.

"Try again? Who is the unsub taking to?" Rossi pondered out loud.

"Don't know. I just got off the phone with the WVPD in Maine, and they want us down there as soon as possible." JJ stated, looking at Hotch.

I staring at the pictures of the men, before they were murdered when something clicked. I spitted my soda out, chocking.

"Maddison?" Hotch said, looking at me, while I pounded my chest.

"I'm good, sorry wrong tube." I stated. "Excuse me." I walked out of the room, still coughing.

I walked to the drinking fountain, and took a drink. Once my coughing fit was done, I walked back into the room.

"Better?" Asked Rossi.

"Yeah. Sorry." I replied, as I felt my face turn red.

"Wheels up in five." Stated Hotch, giving us all our dismissal.

We piled out, heading towards our desks. I made sure I still had my over night bag under my desk, before going to see Garcia.

I had bought a over night bag a few weeks ago, expecting a case. But when we didn't get one, I decided to keep it here. I gently knocked on Garcia's door.

"Enter." She called.

I opened to door, and saw Kevin there sitting across from her. "Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt." I said, already to back out the door again.

"Nonsense." Laughed Garcia, as Kevin smiled. "What did you need hon?" she asked motioning me to come in.

"Just letting you know we're leaving…" I stated to say, when Hotch came in.

"Garcia, do you have a to go bag ready?" He asked, bluntly.

"Yes at my place." She answered.

"Get it. You're coming with us this time. Kevin, it's time for you to get back to work." He ordered, exiting the room once more.

"Does he ever smile?" Asked Kevin, as he got up and hugged Garcia.

"Hardly." We answered at the same time.

When he leaned in for a kiss, I quickly backed out of room, and left. I walked down the hall, and as about to enter the bullpen, when Erin Strauss called out.

"Hotch! Maddison!" She yelled. Hotch came out of his office, as I hurried towards them.

"Yes ma'am?" Hotch said, once I was in earshot.

"I need a word with you two." She replied coolly.

Hotch lead the way back into his office, closing the door behind his self.

"I recently received a letter from the Salt Lake County Jail." she said, once the door was closed.

I was completely lost as to why this concerned both me and Hotch.


"And it bluntly states that one of their prisoners, request to talk to both of you. Immediately." She said cutting Hotch off.

"Did they give you a name?" Hotch asked as he sat down behind his desk.

"No, they did not. However when I refused, I got a call from the prison along with a few calls from the state." She said. "So you two are to be on a plane there with in the next hour."

"With all do respect ma'am. We just received a case, can't this wait?" I asked, trying to reason her.

"Absolutely not. An hour, your to be on a jet heading to Salt Lake. Is that clear?" She asked, making her way to the door again.

"Yes ma'am." Hotch and I say at the same time.

She quickly walked out of the door. I followed after a few seconds. When I reached my desk, I saw Rossi and Hotch talking on the cat walk. I saw Rossi saying something, but Hotch just shook his head, before looking my way.

"So what was all that about?" Reid asked, as he too was looking up at Rossi and Hotch. Who was joined by JJ as well. Garcia, kept walking, down the stairs towards us.

"Strauss received a few calls and a letter from the Salt Lake Jail." I answered, bending over to pick up my bag, as Hotch, Rossi, and JJ, started down the stairs.

"What? We just got a case. She can't send you the other way." Morgan stated a little mad.

"She can, and she is." I answered, as we made our way to the airstrip.

The plan was Hotch and I were to board the same Jet, as the others. The Jet would first drop off everyone else, before taking us to Salt Lake. We piled into the elevator, all quiet, thinking of our own things. I was completely out of it, and jumped slightly when it dinged, letting us know we were on the first floor. I heard Morgan snicker a little, before we climbed out. We piled into the SUV's and headed off.

Once we reached the Jet, Hotch went and talked to the Pilot. To make sure he understood what was going on. While Hotch talked to the Pilot, the rest of us climbed on board. The team sat near the front, as I sat in the back. Five minutes of just sitting, Hotch joined me, just before the plane started up.

The team got to working on the case immediately while, Hotch leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I pulled my book out, and began reading. Ten minutes into the flight, the talking had started to die down. I heard some one approach the back area, but didn't look up to see who it was.

"Still no clue on to what you're need for?" Rossi asked. I looked to see who he was talking to.

"No. I just wish it could wait longer." Hotch replied.

I focused back on my book, turning my music on, and up loud enough that I couldn't hear them clearly. Although I did hear Morgan laughing. After reading for about an hour, the Pilot came on the intercom, announcing that we would to be landing in five minutes.

I unplugged and turned off my iPod, and sat up more straight. Rossi moved back to the front, after wishing me and Hotch 'good luck'. When the jet finally landed, the team said good bye, and got off. Ten minutes later after sitting there waiting, the Jet started up again.

The Pilot informed Hotch and I, that we wouldn't be landing until close to about eight in the evening.

"So when we land, you and I can get dinner, before checking into the hotel." Hotch stated.

I was looking out the window, so I hadn't noticed he was talking to me, for a few seconds.

"Oh okay." I said, focusing on him. "So any guesses on why they've requested only us?" I asked tilting my head against the window.

"I wish, but no." He answered.

I shrugged my shoulders, and continued to stare out the window for a few more minutes before Hotch spoke again.

"Have you heard anything from Ryan?" Hotch asked, talking about our pervious case unsub.

"No, why would I?" I asked, looking at him fully now.

"Just wondering." Hotch replied, as he quickly focused on a case file in front of him.

"Hotch. What's this about?" I asked placing my hand on the file. "You know something about that Ryan guy. But you won't tell me. Why?" I asked.

I knew that every since that day in the hospital, Hotch and the team had been keeping something from me. I just hadn't figured it out. I had my thoughts as to what it was. But I had no conclusion as to if I was right about them or not.

"Ryan went to college with you. Even worked at a few jobs with you. You know who he was. The girls he murdered, were his ex-girlfriends. The only reason he dated them was because they looked a lot like you and reminded him of you." Hotch stated, telling me the truth. Which was something I hadn't thought of at all.

"Let me get this straight. Ryan went to my college, and worked with me." I stated summing everything up. "Dating girls that reminded him of me, and then killed them." I stated. "So do you think he would have killed me too?" I asked, seriously looking at him in the eyes.

"Honestly I don't know. But what I can tell you is that you have no need to worry about it now." He stated.


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