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Chapter 11

Maddison's POV

It had been a full week. And Hotch was finally out of the hospital. Although he still wasn't allowed on the field. But that didn't keep him from his work. He was still the first one in this morning when I arrived. Which I was the last to arrive today. After a full days day of work, I was picking up my stack of case files and walking up to Hotch's office. I was the last one to leave today as well.

"It's opened." Stated a tired sounding Hotch, after I knocked.

"Hey, just got done with my files." I stated, not looking at the man behind the desk.

"Thanks." He mumbled, finally catching my attention.

"You okay?" I asked, looking up.

"Yeah." He answered back to quickly.

I sat down in on the chairs. "Hotch." I stated, leaning forward, and looking at him in the eyes.

"Honestly, Maddison, I'm fine," he stated again.

"And I honestly think you and I know both know that's not true." I replied.

He looked up, and looked at me for a few moments. "Hotch, you can t…"

"Who do you love?" He asked bluntly interrupting.

"What?" I squeaked, a little to loud.

"I heard you and Jake talking. He told you to tell 'him'. I'm guessing that means…"

"Hotch, where is this coming from?" I asked softly, though my insides were screaming.

Had he finally found out? Is he about to tell me he doesn't feel the same way? Oh my gosh, what if he's gay? And he doesn't like any women? No that's not possible, he has a son. Sure his wife died a few years ago, but still. Wait maybe that's why he doesn't like girls now. Or maybe, it's because we're co-workers.

"Maddison, just answer me please. Who were you and Jake talking about in the hospital?" He asked, avoiding eye contact.

I looked at him for a few moments. When he went to speak again, I raised my hand to stop him. "Would you rather life in denial or with rejection?" Jakes question popped in my head. Better now or never. I thought.

"You. I love you." I stated, looking at my hands. I heard him get up from behind his desk. He continued to walk around. Then I felt him pulling me up.

"God, do you know how long I've waited to hear you say that?" He asked, a full smile on his face. Then he took my face in his hands, and planted a kiss on my lips.

It took me half a fraction to react. I reached up, and wrapped my arms around his neck, causing him to bend over me some more. He started to deepen the kiss, by pulling me closer. Some time later, we broke for some air.

"I love you." He stated softly.

"As I, you." I answered, back smiling, pulling him in for another kiss.

Suddenly I was lifted up, and placed on his desk. I don't know how long we were in his office, kissing, nor did I care. But sometime, later, we broke for air again. I glanced at the clock, and realized, that it was getting to be really late. I place another kiss on his lips, before jumping off of his desk.

"We should be going now. I'm sure Jack wants to see you." I smiled, as I hugged him and kiss him one last time for the night.

I unwrapped myself from him, and walked out of his office. I gave him another smile, before vanishing from sight. Walked up to my desk, grabbed my things, and then walked out of the office with a huge smile on my face. I drove home, with my iPod playing 'When You Say Nothing At All' by Alison Krauss over and over again. Until I reached my place. I climbed out of my vehicle, and walked to my place. I hadn't noticed I was smiling, until I was in the elevator, and the doors had shut. Of course, seeing myself smile, made me smile more. As I was walking to my door, I pasted Hotch's apartment. I glanced at the door, smiling more, before walking away.

I unlocked my door, closing it softly. After my shoes and Jacket were off, I leaned against the door. I heard Hotch unlocking his door, with a excited Jack. Who was talking about his day, with his Aunt Jessica. Once I heard the voices fade, and the door close, I pushed myself off of my door. Walked into my bedroom, and got ready for the night. I climbed in, under my covers, and thought about how perfect my life was going to now. Now that I had finally gotten the nerves and found out if he liked me, like I like him. And with that, I was sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to my alarm going off. I was excited to get to work this morning. After getting ready, and drinking half a cherry coke again, I grabbed my things, and walked out of the apartment. Just as I was closing it, I heard Hotch and Jessica talking. I snuck a side glance, and saw Jessica holding Jack. Who was half awake, half asleep. Once the door was locked, I made my way down the hall.

"Morning, Hotch." I smiled, softly, not wanting to wake Jack up all the way.

"Morning, Maddison. Jessica, this is one of my co-workers, Maddison Conner. Maddie, this is Jessica." Hotch, stated introducing us to each other.

"Pleasure." Jessica said, shifting Jack, so she could hold out her hand.

"Pleasure, is all mine." I replied, shaking her hand. "Well, I'll let you guys talk. See you at work Hotch." I smiled, walking away.

I decided to take the stairs this morning. Thinking, it would give me plenty of time to burn. Since, today, I rushed through everything. Which I normally wouldn't do. Once, I reached the main floor, I walked out, just as Hotch, and Jessica were getting off of the elevator. I saw him smiling, at something she was saying. Which made me smile. Seeing his smile was a rare occasion. Almost as rare as a huge holiday.

"Thanks, Jess. Maddie!" I heard him calling, as he started to rush over.

"Hey, was up?" I asked, wondering if he just got a call.

"Tonight, would you go on that second date with me?" Hotch asked, a full smile on his face.

"Of course, I'd love to!" I exclaimed, as he reached down, and encircled me in his arms.

After a quick kiss, we made our way to vehicles, and to work.


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