Couldn't resist doing a final chapter, so here we go.

Chapter 3

She was almost back to her old self now, he would only occasionally catch her with that lost expression, her gaze fixed on the floor as she fidgeted with a pen. His eyes raked over her longingly as she moved round her desk to talk to Shaz, and he gazed hungrily at her curvaceous backside as she leant over to make a point. He didn't think he could wait much longer, he would have to show her how he felt regardless of the consequences.

That night they were sat at the bar together in Luigi's, halfway down the second bottle of red. He could tell she wasn't drunk just nicely mellow, and she'd been teasing him and flirting with him all night. Her legs were between his and the friction of her knee rubbing against his thigh was creating some heat in his groin. She fell silent for a moment, gazing from his eyes to his mouth and back again and he decided it was now or never, leaning in to press his lips gently to hers.

He held his breath as she stared at him, her mouth dropping open in surprise. And then suddenly she was off the stool and in his arms, kissing him like a thirsty man denied water for way too long. Somewhere in the distance he was vaguely aware of clapping and cheering, but all his senses were focussed on her. He could feel her fingers threading through his hair, her breasts rubbing against his chest while he slid his hands up and down her back. Her heady perfume filled his nostrils and he could hear her little sighs as his tongue explored her mouth slowly, tasting, teasing.

When they eventually broke apart she looked up at him with heavy-lidded eyes, offering her hand. He took it without hesitation, knowing her must have a stupid grin on his face as he followed her upstairs, but not really caring …

The End

Hope you enjoyed it. :)