Disclaimer: I don't own anything I'm writing about.

This is for you, Mad. :) I love you so much. :)

bring out your skeletons, the dance is about to begin.

her ballet shoes are worn and faded.

her blonde hair is tied tightly into a bun.

her legs are covered with tights.

she dances.

and she's one with the music and she feels so unstoppable as her toes make contact with the floor. her mind is lost and she's so free and none of the last three days happened and just for a moment, she's not afraid.

(it's her fear of the dark that makes her so afraid of herself.)

her feet are soildiers to her command and she twists and turns and points until she feels the famailer warmness of her blood on her feet.

tears run down her face and the skeletons that have been tucked away in her closet for so long, beg and plead to come out and join her.

and suddenly, there he is, with his shimmering blue eyes and his warm arms around her and she's smelling his famailer scent and he holds her close and everything's going to be okay.