A Mile in Her Slippers

by Neoraichu

This story is rated M for Gratuitous Kink. Timmy/Tina(?) X Vicky (18 year old).

WARNING: This is a strange tale, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Timmy sat in his room where he had be banished by Vicky. She removed the television set and the computer, and swore she would punish him if he even tried to have any fun. He just couldn't understand why Vicky was so upset with him. It wasn't like he did anything especially rude or disrespectful that he knew of.

It all started when he said to her, "A guy can do anything a girl can do, including being a girl." That's when Vicky got really angry and screamed, "Twerp, it's hard being a woman! You couldn't last one day as a girl!" Things basically went downhill from there.

The next thing he knew, he was banished to his own room and forbidden from doing anything fun. He glanced to his fishbowl with Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda in their goldfish forms, and began to formulate a plan. After all, he had Fairy God Parents who granted his wishes. He hopped off the bed, went to the door, and made sure that it was locked.

"I got a wish," he announced.

=Poof!= There was Cosmo, Poof and Wanda in their true forms.

"What is it, champ?"

"I wish I had the body of an eighteen year old girl."

"Oh, nothing can go wrong with this wish," said Cosmo obliviously.

Wanda just scowled at her oblivious husband, but the three of them raised their wands and =Poof=. Timmy Turner found himself in his own bed with a strange, yet familiar body. He hadn't wished for clothes, so the woman's body was quite naked. There was strange swellings on her chest, and something he was rather used to was missing from between the legs. Instead, their was some kind of gash between her legs that he had never seen before.

"So this is what it's like to be a girl, huh?" he asked.

"I don't know, champ," replied Wanda.

"But you're a girl. You should know."

"I'm a fairy and you're a human. Big difference."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, with Fairies, men bear the babies while with humans, the woman does it. I don't know that much more about the differences between human and fairy women. You'll just have to figure it out yourself since Vicky took away your computer."

Female Timmy sat up and felt her breasts wobbling as she moved. She cupped her own breasts with her hands and squeezed them. "Wow," he mused, "I didn't realize they were so soft. What are these things called again?"

"Boobs!" shouted Cosmo.

"Poof!" shouted Poof.

Wanda gave him a dirty look before she corrected Cosmo, saying "They're called 'breasts', Timmy. When you have a baby, you'll use them to feed the baby like your mother did when you were a baby."

"And these are?" she asked as she pinched her own nipples. She jumped before any fairy could answer and said, "Wow, I really felt that."

"Titty hard-on!" shouted Cosmo.

"Poof!" shouted Poof.

"They're nipples, sweetie," mused Wanda as she glared at Cosmo again, "I think that's where the human mother's milk comes through when the baby is nursing. I knew they're real sensitive on fairy women, and I guess that holds true with human women too."

"Oh wait," she continued, "It feels kinda good now that the pain has faded. Maybe it would be better if I just rubbed them lightly." She cupped her hands and rubbed her nipples with the palms of her hands. "That does feel good. I wonder if Vicky does this?"

"Beats me," replied Cosmo, "but hopefully not as much as Wanda beats me."

"Whoa," moaned Timmy, "Now my nipples are getting hard. Is that supposed to happen?"

"It happens all the time when I do it to Wanda," answered Cosmo, "and also when Poof sucks on Wanda's nipples!"

"That's not being helpful," scolded Wanda.

Poof clutched at Wanda's chest as she said, "Not now, sweetie. It's not that time yet."

Poof seemed sad.

"So breasts and nipples are neat," replied female Timmy, "but what about this other stuff?" She pointed at her crotch, at her pubes, and her vagina region.

"All I know about the funny hair," said Wanda, "is that you get it about the time your Fairy God Parents have to leave you forever, and we make you forget you ever had us."

"Will I get this as a boy?"

"I think so, champ."

"And what's this gash between my legs where my penis used to be?"

"Pussy!" shouted Cosmo.

"Funny, it doesn't look like a cat."

"It's called a vagina," said Wanda as she scowled at Cosmo, "I don't really have one of those, and neither do male fairies. It seems to be something only human women have and other mammalian species on this planet."

She rubbed her finger along her femslit and moaned, "Oh, that's sensitive too."

There was suddenly a bang on the door as Vicky shouted, "What are you doing in there, Twerp?"

"Nothing," said Timmy, not aware that the voice had changed some along with the rest of his body.

"What the hell is a girl doing in your room, Twerp? I'm coming in!"

The fairies vanished back into the fish bowl as Vicky picked the lock with impressive speed. She opened the door to find a hot 18 year old girl buck naked on Timmy's bed with one hand on her own breast and another on her femslit.

"Holy crap!" gasped Vicky, who apparently forgot that she was angry with Timmy. Timmy raised her arms defensively as Vicky came closer, thus giving Vicky a much better look at her hot nude form.

"How did that Twerp sneak a hot babe like you in here?"

"Uh... the window. I came in the window."

"I knew I should have nailed it shut."

"So... what are you gonna do with me?"

"This is obviously some plot by Timmy to distract me. A ploy to keep me busy while he watched TV downstairs or something. And damn it, it's working!"

Vicky crawled into bed beside Timmy and asked, "So what's your name?"

"I'm... I'm... Tina. Tina Turner!"

"I had no idea anyone so hot was related to that Twerp, but I even see you got buck teeth like him."

Vicky cupped her hand over Tina's more distant breast as she moaned, "Oh my goodness, your boobs feel just like mine. It's incredible. Your nipples are so hot."

Tina moaned as her breast and nipple were caressed by the surprisingly gentle touch of Vicky. Vicky leaned in and took the other nipple into her mouth as she experimentally suckled it. The awkward seconds turned into hot moments as Tina's nipples hardened under the attention.

The babysitter quieted the awkward sounds from Tina with a hot kiss on the lips. Now each breast was getting fondled hotly by Vicky's groping hands. Tina could feel Vicky's tongue pushing into her mouth, and decided to let it go. It was a French kiss that Tina had never felt before.

"Oh gawd," moaned Vicky as she broke from the kiss, "You're so hot that I can't control myself. I must have you!"

She almost tore off her own skirt and tossed it beside the bed. Then she pulled down her panties and tossed them aside as well. She crawled on top of Tina facing the opposite direction so that their respective faces were now above their respective vaginas. Vicky buried her face into Tina's snatch as she started licking hotly up and down her quivering nether lips. She squirmed as the babysitter lapped and licked. There was a pain down in Tina's vagina. A sharp sweet pain that lasted but a moment. Suddenly, Vicky turned to look back to Tina. There was some blood on her upper lip.

"I have red wings," she said, "You're still a virgin. I don't believe this."

Tina noticed that Vicky's gash looked a lot like her own, complete with the funny hair. She felt bad that she was getting all the attention, so she stuck her tongue into Vicky's femslit. It tasted odd and salty, but she figured she could stand it if Vicky could. Vicky moaned as Tina wiggled her tongue inside her nether region.

Vicky went back to lapping at Tina, making the two of them moan into each others sex. There was an extra level of stimulation from the way that Tina's buck teeth were rubbed along Vicky's femslit as well.

"Oh wow," moaned Vicky, "It's so good. It's so damn good."

The two girls were using their mouths to drive each other crazy. They were both really hot and really wet from the femslits, and their clits were also hot and aroused in each other's faces. By some strange impulse that Tina couldn't fathom, she took Vicky's clit in her mouth and pulled on it with the gap between her buck teeth. It was too much for Vicky as she moaned, "I'M CUMMING!"

Vicky's body spasmed as her hot juices just flowed into Tina's face. Tina was surprised as much of the salty fluids went into her mouth. She did her best to swallow as fast as it came. Vicky was spent from her orgasm, laying on top of Tina as she gasped and panted. It took a moment before she went back to lapping and licking at Tina's femslit.

Then Vicky took Tina's hot throbbing clit into her mouth and sucked it hard. Tina was overcome with a strange feeling she had never felt before. Her body shuddered as she was gripped with little spasms, her vagina especially hot and wet as it poured from her slit and down her inner thighs and also over her hot anus pucker. "What's happening to me?" shouted Tina.

"Don't tell me you've never had an orgasm either?" gasped Vicky. She paused a second before she gasped, "Wow, that was stupid of me to say! Of course a virgin would never have had an orgasm!"

Vicky panted and laid on top of Tina as she gasped, "You win this time, Twerp! I hope you're enjoying what ever you're doing while I'm distracted here!"

She got off Tina as she said, "So we're both dirty now. Why don't I strip off my clothes, and we can take a shower together. I really want to get to know you better, Turner."

Tina gulped as she felt Vicky hugging her warmly. It was definitely a learning experience that wasn't anything like Timmy remotely imagined it would be.