Curiosity Can be Bad.

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Sam realizes that some kids from school start paying attention to him more ever since he got Bumblebee and got Mikaela as a Girlfriend.

/Accepting Human OC's! :D Please send~

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-Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything from Transformers! None of the Characters! And I do not own anyone's OC, Except my own.

Also, I'm not making any sort of profit off this, it's for mine and other's entertainment!

-Warning: I fail at spelling and grammar.. So i'm really sorry.

-Note(s): Hmm, I don't think i've seen a story that accepts OC's, so I deceded to make one D;

Oh! And you could like a transformer or human~ :D /slapped

xDDD Example: Your OC x Jazz.

Or whoever you want, be it Decepticon or Autobot or human xDDD~

And you don't know that they are giant alein robots yet, not untill later chapters xDD

Okay! So, just send a reivew in as your OC! Please. xDDD

(As you read, it has to be human. ||OTL I'll accept Transformers maybe another time xD;;~)


Fill this out, please:








Hair Color/Style:

Eye Color:











Here's mine, if your wondering O.o;b:

Gender: Female

Nationality: German, she's slightly albino, though.

Name: Kylar (Kai-lar) Rune

Nickname: Ky (Kai)

Age: 17

Birthday: August 30th, 1993

Hair Color/Style: Ky has redish brown hair, thats down and slightly curly, but usually has a ribbon on the top, and her bangs are straight, and cover her eyebrows, and end just above her eyes.

Eye Color: Honey brown, but wears moonlight blue contacts.

Languages: English and German.

Hobbies: Playing Soccar, tennis, playing the piano and violin, drawing, writing.

Personality: She can be slighly shy and weird in the begininning, but once she opens up shes outgoing and stuff. Also, Sweet, caring, funny, oh, and slightly crazy. Yet a bit of a tom-boy.

Likes: Horror movies, sports (Soccar, tennis, volleyball, lacross), music (playing violin and piano), mythical creatures, science, drawing.

Dislikes: Spiders, girly boys (i.e Beiber and uhh.. Cody or something?..)/girly girls, perverts, bright pink (but doesn't mind if someone wears it xD), getting colds/sick.

Friends: Miles, few other OC's. (State if you want to be her friend or not xD;b)

Crush?: Barricade..

Past: When Kylar was younger, her parents were killed and now she lives by her self in a house that she could barely afford.

Others: She only wears eyeliner, she dresses sorta goth-like.. Oh, and there's this cute little kitten that she feeds and stuff, and it's sorta homeless, so the kitten often visits Ky. Also, Ky calls the little kitten Mr. Fuffles.. xDD;; /shot

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Okie doki, I think that's it o-o

if there's anything I forgot, please add it when you submit an OC~


I'll start when I get atleast two OC's :Obb