Written as part of the OMG challenge...set at the end of 2.6 – just what did Alex's letter to Gene say?

They'd removed the bullet; she felt a million times better but here she was still stuck in the 80's drinking Luigi's house rubbish! To be fair, she couldn't complain much...there were worse ways to spend your days than in the company of a Manc Lion, two young lovers and well, Ray. Each brought their own qualities - good or bad - to the group so on the eve of what she thought was her leaving this world, she wrote them an individual letter expressing her thoughts and feelings toward her colleagues asking only of them that it not be opened until she left. At least then she could save face and not have to deal with consequences of what the letters contained, whether it be gratitude or in Ray's case probably offence. To her not so great surprise, it turned out three of the group had decided to ignore her request and opened the letters anyway, only one of them hadn't...!

She couldn't decide whether she was relieved or disappointed. Part of her had hoped that he would have read the contents of the envelope prior to her departure; she either would have made a complete fool of herself OR well let's just say there could have been a very interesting discussion regarding the depths of her depraved mind! She collected them back in, stating they could only have them back upon her departure. He had seemed disinterested and made it quite clear that he really couldn't give a toss what she had to say about him. Although to be fair, he probably thought it contained her usual psycho babble bullshit...if only he knew.

Reluctantly he handed the envelope over, inwardly berating himself for being too much of a coward to actually open Bolly's personal letter. Yes, he made a macho display about not giving a shit for what she had to say about him but only because he feared it would confirm what he had long suspected... he would never be good enough for her. Unable to face the rejection, he had decided it was easier not to open it and continue with the usual routine of arguing and innuendo; at least then he could still pretend that she was in some way attracted to him.

As he sat there pouring the champagne, stealing a glance at her smiling face she asked the one question he could answer without hesitation but still kept his tone neutral: "Yes Bolly, I'd miss you"

Christ, miss her was the understatement of the century! Gene Hunt did not chase skirt, but Alex Drake was not just any skirt she was his Bolly; he needed her as much as she needed him to rescue her from all the bloody life or death situations that the dozy mare always found herself in.

Shit, did he just admit that he needed her? Well done Genie boy, you are now officially buggered!

As she sat there looking and smiling at him through sparking tipsy eyes with her chin resting on her hand, he was pretty sure he saw more than just companionship but what was it? Lust? Loneliness? It was then he suddenly realised what if she didn't think he was a complete waste of space and maybe, just maybe, he had a chance.

There was only one way to be sure...he had to get Bolly's letter back!