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"Okay, guys. I have a special guest joining us for a while. I realize I am not a very good critic, and he's going to help you all with critiques so you can become better performers." Mr. Schue announced informatively.

"Wait, he? So you didn't bring Barbara? I don't see how this will help." Rachel huffed and rolled her eyes.

"No, Rachel. No Barbara. But I did get...drumroll Finn...Jesse St. James!" Mr. Schue started clapping with Rachel, but they were the only ones.

"Are you kidding me? He said I shouldn't be singing girl songs! Didn't you hear me when I said 'Jesse St James totally Jesse St Sucks'?" Kurt fumed.

"Calm down, calm down. Jesse's changed. He's matured. And he's very excited to work and help you guys." Mr. Schue once again started clapping and the club joined in, but it was lifeless and dull.

"Look guys. I'm sorry about how I acted the last time I was here. I can assure I am here to help." Jesse said innocently.

"Better be." Puck muttered under his breath.

"Anyway, I'd like you all to pick a piece you believe you excell most at to perform for Mr. St James. Any questions?" He clapped his hands together.

"Mr. Schue, with all due respect, will you be there while he's critiquing us?" Tina asked grimly. Mr. Schue stared down for a minute.

"No. But I can assure you he's changed. You have to trust me as well as him. And if there was anything wrong, you could always come and talk to me." he smiled and the club sighed, but agreed.

"Glad to hear we're on the same page." he turned and started to talk about something, but no one seemed to pay attention, too busy thinking about what song they could sing that wouldn't result in a loss of all of their self esteem.

"Any of you guys know what song you're singing?" Mercedes asked on call with Santana, Brittany, and Kurt, walking through the hallways.

"Nope. This whole thing with Jesse is stupid. God, the only one not pissed is Rachel. Does that little troll ever learn?" Santana scoffed.

"Of course not. That would mean she didn't get her way. Damn, how did this happen? Has all of Glee Club gone to some kind of Hell?" Kurt ranted.

"Isn't that where you said Rachel was from, Santana?" Brittany asked cluelessly.

"Hey guys. So are we all hating this whole Jesse crap?" Tina joined in.

"Absolutely." Mercedes said. "He's gotta go."

"Anyone have a plan?" Kurt asked deviously.

"Get rid of the Dwarf." Santana smiled evily.

"Wait. What if they aren't together anymore. This will do nothing except kill our chances at winning anything. Well, and lessen our consumption of Aspirin." Tina speculated after analyzing Santana's theory.

"Dammit. She's right. We can't get rid of St James." Kurt growled

"Why would Rachel clap if they broke up?" Mercedes asked.

"What if she thought he was coming back for her, when really he wanted to get back at her." Brittany said.

"Okay, what the hell made her smart?" Kurt asked, angry he didn't think of it himself.

"Britt's right. That's gotta be it." Tina smiled.

Santana grinned, ending the call.

The next day in rehearsal, Rachel offered to go first, but Jesse insisted she give someone else a chance and prefferably went last.

"I'll go Mr. Schue." Santana stood up and walked with Jesse to the auditorium.

She sang "Valerie", very enthusiastically, but purposely made a mistake to see what he'd say.

"Beautiful, Santana. That was awesome. You are a beautiful girl and sang that song wonderfully. Congrats." he clapped as she smiled, heading back to the choir room.

"What'd he say? Was he mean? Why are you smiling? Did you have sex with him?" the questions were shot at her as she took her seat.

As she sat there, still smiling, she was still getting badgered with their questions before she put a hand up and they silenced.

"You are a beautiful girl and sang that song wonderfully." she mocked him. Everyone's mouth was agape.

"Wait, so you didn't sleep with him?" Finn asked clearly confused.

"No, numb nuts! But I guess I'm not the best judge to see if he's changed. I mean, I am all kinds of awesome." she smirked. Mr. Schue shook off all of the conversations.

"Well, congratulations, Santana. Who wants to go next?" Kurt practically hopped out of his seat, luckily not tumbling down the risers.

"I'll go Mr. Schue. I'll prove if he changed or not. I mean, I've picked the perfect girl song." Kurt smiled, heading to the auditorium confidently.

He headed to the stage, really putting on a show. He sang "Some People" from Gypsy. After ending with his backbend, Jesse stood and clapped. Kurt sat up, amazed.

"That was really good, Kurt. You truly have a lot of talent. I'm sorry I ever made fun of you before. That-well, that was Broadway material. Nice work." Kurt, still astonished, walked offstage, nodding occassionally although Jesse had stopped talking.

Just as they did when Santana came back, everyone bombarded Kurt.

"He-he said I was Broadway material." Kurt said, practically sounding dead. He was truly surprised.

"Well done, Kurt." Mr. Schue patted him on the back and he fumbled to find his seat, any seat.

The performances continued on, each of them getting extremely positive feedback from Jesse. Mr. Schue just smiled at each one of them, pure pride in his eyes. None of them could find it in their hearts to cut him down, well those who were smarter than sand. Finn and Brittany smiled at everyone too, really believing Jesse had taken on a new lead. And then there was Rachel. She sat there smiling, eyes getting brighter with each new performance. Some may say that it was because her chance was getting closer, and that was true, but not because of singing. She wanted to impress Jesse and to win his heart. It was obvious. Santana practically squealed when Jesse called Rachel to come with him.

"Okay, I know the break up was hard, but I'm willing to move past it-"

"Rachel. There are no hard feelings. I'm going to treat you as I did everyone else." Jesse smiled, but Rachel knew there was something more. He wasn't being honest with her, but she shook it off as he touched her shoulder and she remembered how much she used to love him. She hurried to the stage to begin.

Rachel sang with a passion. She sang with so much heart that tears filled her eyes at the honesty of every word. But Jesse, he stared at her judgementally. Something was off and Rachel knew it. She still sang her heart out, but didn't let down the walls completely. To be honest, she was afraid. She hung out her last note, higher and more powerful than she'd ever hit, and he didn't budge. He winced, maybe, surprised, but nothing further.

"So...?" she asked after a moment of him staring her down.

"To be honest Rachel, I felt nothing. I believe you were sharp, more than once, and flat in some areas. It just wasn't very good at all. And that's just the singing..."

Rachel's heart dropped, further than it ever had, almost to the point of no return. Her chest grew heavy as she heaved, recovering from the last note.

"W-what?" she asked after he looked bored and uninterested.

"You heard me, Rachel. Frankly, I think you've lost your touch. Or maybe, it was just your body distracting from those herendous notes before. I mean what have you been living off of? Chocolate cake?" Jesse's words hit her where they hadn't before. She walked towards him, never dismissing the eye contact.

"A-Are you calling me, fat?" she asked as she finally approached him.

"Have you misplaced the mirror? I mean honestly, take a good look at yourself. Your pathetic."

Her eyes welled with tears as he took on this new, frightening role. His anger was beginning to show.

"I-I guess I can lose some weight then and practice with Mr. Schue some more..." she started quietly.

"Dammit, Rachel, you're not getting it! You're not made to be a star!" Jesse was yelling angirly.

"What the hell do you want me to do then?" she yelled back, but definitely not as bitterly.

"There's nothing you can do except keep that mouth shut. When we walk back in there, I want you to put on a smile and tell everyone it went great. Okay?" he asked, his face close to hers.

"Okay?" he raised his voice, clutching her arm. She stared up at him in shock as he caused her physical pain, but nodded.

"Good." he threw he arm down and she followed his lead, trying to fathom what just happened.

"Hey! There she is!" smiled Mr. Schue, pulling Rachel into his side. She was an actress, regardless of what Jesse said, and she put on the biggest, brightest smile that could have ever been faked. The club smiled and clapped, but two members obviously weren't believing it was all good: Santana and Kurt. Sure, Mercedes and Tina knew he probably took her down a peg, but they didn't think much of it. Santana and Kurt however, could see the pain in her eyes and they cared.

Jesse had done something to Rachel and they knew it. It was more than just criticizing her. He had broken her.

And they were going to have to pick up the pieces.