This FanFic is based on CSI:NY 5x03 Turbulance and CSI: NY

Summary: In this FanFic Don Flack has a brother that is accused of murder but the 15 year old Riley Martinez doesn't know that he's wanted by all the CSIs in New York and Miami. He flees to Miami to start a new life but they won't let him. Ryan Wolfe and Don Flack get to know each other as do Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor.

Hope you enjoy


Chapter 1: How it all started

"Come on Riley hurry up they're boarding!" shouted Ethan as the last of the passengers boarded the plane. We met up with the man who was to summgle us to Canada. He smiled as we walked down to the plane.

"What do you think about a 5 star hotel boys?" asked Ricardo Munez and we shrugged

"Sounds cool" I replied as we took our seats by the window. Ethan sat by the window, Ricardo sat by the aisle and I sat in the middle. I noticed Dectetive Taylor get on and I pulled my cap lower as he passed. I was wearing my jeans, a white tank top and my black leather jacket with a grey hood.

The plane took off and we realxed. Ricardo stood up when the seat belt sign popped off and headed for the toilet. 5minutes passed and he still hadn't returned and then an hour slowly creaped by and he still hadn't returned.

"Riley do you think he's fallen down the loo?" asked Ethan and I shook my head

"Nah he's too fat to fall down the loo" I replied

"So why is he taken so long on the loo?" asked Ethan and I shrugged.

"Well maybe the way that the Cabin Crew are walking and acting. This may suggest that they are hiding something." I said and Ethan nodded.

"Well either way something bad's happened or Taylor wouldn't be getting up and heading towards the back" pionted out Ethan and I nodded.

"That's fair" I replied and we watched Taylor dissapear behind the curtains and then appear again.

Taylor sat down spoke to the man next to him and then they both stood up and dissapeared. The captain spoke:

"I'm sorry for the inconvience but a passenger has been sick so we will be turning around and heading back to JFK"

I looked at Ethan and he understood. We stood up and I led Ethan to the front of the plane. An airhostess came up to us.

"Excuse me sir but the seat belt sign has been turned so can I aske you to return to your seats." she said then I turned to Ethan.

"Well my brother here is about to be sick." I said and she nodded. I led him to the toilet and I could hear him bieng sick.

"Excuse me but the man who's been sick hasn't has he?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Riley I'm sorry but Ricardo's been shot" said my mentor Dianne

"What about Taylor?" I asked.

"He's doing his normal stuff" she replied and I nodded.

Ethan came out and we returned to our seats. I strapped myself in and waited for the plane to land. When the plane did land Dianne nodded to us and we waited for Taylor do his speech about the murder before following everyone else. Except when we got to the entrance we jumped off the stairs and hi under the plane. The bus arrived to take the passengers to the hotel. Dianne passed me the bag with the gun and money. We slipped through the emergancy exit and sat at the back of the bus.

We arroved at the hotel but as everyone went inside we headed for the domestic aiport and boarded a plane to Maimi. We sat back and relaxed all the way to Miami.