So, yes, it seems to be a common occurrence, the little oneshots based on random word generators, but I thought I'd have my crack at it, because it can keep me writing cute little 500-wordish things for ages! :D I hope you all enjoy this little spurt of imagination! A new one will be up soon! One a day if I can get them done (unlikely, but I'd like to try! That's my plan!) See you all at the end, and HAVE FUN! :D


There is a point a person reaches were suddenly things stop making sense, lines blur, warm words of comfort turn harsh and unforgiving and rationality goes out the window.

Kurt knew this of course, and even as the knowledge rang through his mind, he still felt the blood boil in his veins, unable to cool or let off steam. But he had full reason - or at least as much reason as was possible in this state - to be mad. Because Blaine had told him he was too bogged down with homework again, and he would be unable to make it to Lima on the weekend.

'Bogged down my arse!' Kurt growled to himself, kicking out at the bedpost and stubbing his toe harshly. The skin ached and he concluded that connections between his feet and hard places were not recommended when he wasn't wearing shoes.

'Are you okay, Kurt?' his father called from downstairs and he nodded before realizing he wouldn't hear him.

'Yeah,' he said. 'I'm okay.' But the nail of his big toe was bent at an odd angle and he hissed in pain as he hopped to the bed, sitting down. 'This is all your fault, Blaine Anderson!' he breathed angrily. He crossed his sore foot over the other leg, prodding the red skin gingerly. It stung.

'Fruitcake!' he swore. 'I swear if I just broke my toe over you, this will not be worth it!'

There was a rustle of material and the slightest creak of a door that Kurt did not notice and suddenly hands trapped his shoulders, pulling him into a backward hug.

'Do you mean to say you'd break up with me?'

Kurt tried to growl in anger, but the boil of his blood seemed to fade almost immediately, the pain in his toe reverting to a dull throb. Breaking point seemed a long way away now.

'I was considering it.' He turned so that Blaine was facing him, each cross-legged on the bed. 'I thought you were supposed to be studying.'

'I was,' Blaine agreed. 'But it was French and you know how much I suck at that without your brilliant tuition.' He grinned warmly and gestured to the bulging bag of textbooks beside the door. 'So I brought my study to you. May as well enjoy the torture, eh?'

Kurt leaned forward, brushing his lips lightly along Blaine's. 'Well, as you can see, I was being rather unproductive here too, so I'm glad.' He kissed him properly, full on the mouth, and smiled as Blaine reciprocated, letting one hand crawl over his knee and up his thigh, pausing at his hip.

'I must say,' he murmured against Kurt's lips, 'this is much better than studying.'

Kurt only moaned in agreement.

So yes, tiny and short but I hope kind of fluffy (sickly fluffy) and I know this is the kind of stuff I adore, so I hope you liked it!

xxx Wynnie