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T-minus 0300 hours and counting

Kurt slipped into the senior commons, scanning the room before motioning for Jeff and Nick to follow him. The heavy wood furniture was positioned near the centre of the room and together they hauled it to the edges, careful not to scratch the polished floor or dint the walls.

'Okay, so the note said he was going to meet me in the courtyard at four, right?'

Nick and Jeff nodded in response.

'And David and Thad assure you it's to declare his love for me on a public forum, seeing as it's our anniversary?'

'Definitely. He asked the Warblers to reprise their classic arrangement of Teenage Dream, despite the fact that its Wes' arrangement, and he's out of state at college, leaving us to work around his absence with a series of inexperienced freshmen. Blaine seemed unfazed by this fact.'

'Great!' Kurt exclaimed. 'Well, that's okay, because if all goes according, you won't have to perform the number.'

Nick frowned, stepping slightly closer to Kurt as he whispered, 'Where exactly are you going with all this?'

'Well, I can't have my boyfriend planning a spectacle for our one year anniversary and not plan a counter one, can I?' he laughed. 'That's completely unromantic!' He stepped towards the piano, drawing from the compartment beneath its seat a thick sheaf of papers. 'And that is why it is of the utmost importance that Blaine cannot be allowed to enter this room until three o'clock this afternoon.'

'But,' Jeff said, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 'We're scheduled for an emergency, last minute Teenage Dream-based Warbler rehearsal this afternoon at thr-'

Nick cut him off, hitting him on the shoulder. 'Exactly!'


T-minus 0230 hours and counting

Blaine climbed the staircase to the senior commons, rolling his shoulders slightly to reposition the fall of his blazer. He needed a moment by himself to just sit, breathe and think before this performance.

'Hey, Blaine.' Jeff caught his arm, twirling him back down the staircase. Nick quickly captured his other shoulder and together they almost manhandled him back to the first floor.

'Uh- hey, guys. What's up? I was just going into the-'

'Senior commons?'


'They're fumigating.'

Blaine frowned. 'Today?'

'Yep. Really dangerous.'

'Toxic fumes and all that.'

He let them lead him towards the cafeteria, hardly managing to balance himself as they propelled him forward. 'Butwhat about our rehearsal?'

'They said they'll be finished by three.'

'But don't fumes from those things linger for days? What was the infestation?'

Jeff paused for a second before bursting out, 'Ninja rats!'

'Ninja rats?' Blaine asked.

'Yeah, exactly!'

He narrowed his eyes but said nothing as they lead him to the lunch line and ordered.

'Phew!' Kurt said, turning from the window where he had been watching Nick, Jeff and Blaine. 'Close call.'

Thad leaned against the fireplace, staring down at the visitors badge that seemed out of place on his chest. 'So, Kurt, what brings us to the fine halls of Dalton when we're ex-council members?' He smiled. 'We know why Blaine wants us, why you?'

Kurt reached for the pile of papers now resting atop the piano and pulled it close to his chest. 'Jeff, Nick and Cameron have got the top job now. And I don't trust them.'

'I'm sure they're perfectly capable leaders if they were fairly elected by their peers.'

Kurt shook his head. 'Fairness didn't come into at all. Bribery, maybe. Nick promised he'd ban the gavel and Jeff promised to put it to good use. From what I've heard, they've started the Great Gavel War of 2011.'

David raised an eyebrow in interest.

'If you thought Wes was bad,' was all Kurt said, however.

'So what's the plan? That asked, motioning towards the stack of papers.

'This,' Kurt said, holding up a single sheet. 'Is my romantic gesture. And I know how much the Warblers love singing with sheets of paper flying everywhere. I plan to cover this room with them.'

David nodded respectfully. 'How long did it take you to make all those?'

'With an industrial photocopier and my New Directions friends? An impressive five hours.'

It was impressive and Thad nodded his approval.

'So do you reckon the Warblers can get the song down-pat?'

David almost scoffed. 'Of course we can. We're the Dalton Academy Warblers!'

'Correction,' Kurt replied. 'You were the Dalton Academy Warblers. Now you're just a group of guys who used to go to school together, who are going to help a friend in need surprise his boyfriend on their anniversary.'

T-minus 0100 and counting

Crowding fifteen boys into the senior commons wasn't normally a big deal. It was a lot harder when avoiding Blaine was a big issue. Warblers arrived in dribs and drabs, each sneaking into the room and shaking Kurt's hand before sitting down on one of the couches or tables around the edges of the room to chat to a friend while they waited.

'We have an hour,' Kurt called out to the group, smoothing down his shirt nervously. 'That may feel like a lot of time to you, but to me, that seems like no time at all! Has anybody got water?' Somebody handed him a drink bottle and he took it thankfully. 'Oh, god,' he whispered to himself. 'What's Blaine going to think? He set up so much, and I just shot it all to the ground! He's going to hate me! He's going to break up with me, and we've been together a year.'

'Kurt.' David placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. 'Calm down. You know what you're doing. He's going to love it. He's going to love you.'

'H-how do you know?'

The older boy just rolled his eyes and pushed Kurt down into a chair, encouraging him to take deep breaths.

T-minus 0010 and counting

'Come on, Jeff,' Blaine said, pushing out of the boys grasp. 'You've gotta let me go. We've got to get this rehearsal done before four, otherwise the whole thing will be a disaster!'

'Cool your jets,' Nick muttered, but both he and Jeff released Blaine, letting him stalk up the stairs agitatedly. His hand was on the cell phone in his pocket, as if he was waiting for a call.

'What's up?' Jeff called after him.


'No, really. You're jumpy.'

'I just haven't heard from Kurt, is all.'

The council members shot each other a look. 'Uh- maybe he's busy.'

'It's our anniversary, Jeff. Why wouldn't he call?' Blaine pulled the phone from his pocket and check it again before stuffing it back into the depths of cotton and thread.

'Maybe he has a good reason,' Jeff mumbled to himself, but Blaine was already halfway up the staircase and didn't hear him.

T-minus zero hours

'Hey, guys, Kurt's not-' Blaine stepped through the door of the senior commons, pausing in the frame as he took in the site in front of him. The floor was littered with sheets of paper and his first thought was Oh, no, I'll have to clean this up. But then he got a good look at them.

Each one had something slightly different. There was a large 'I' and then a heart, but then the phrase beneath that differed from paper to paper.

...the way you smile when you think it's only me looking

...when you sing for me

...when you laugh and the whole world laughs along

...when you worry that you care too much

He looked up, scanning the room for the face he knew must be there. And he caught Kurt's eyes, blue-grey hitting hazel, and he almost blinked at the force in that gaze. That wasn't a hey, I didn't notice you there glance. That was a Blaine Anderson, this has been planned for a long time and you are going to appreciate it glance. God, did he appreciate it.

'Kurt,' he breathed. 'What did you do?'

'I hijacked your gesture,' the older boy replied. He laughed and stepped towards Blaine, holding out his hands for the boy to take. 'You were going to sing Teenage Dream. Our song. The song from when we first met. I'm going to sing Blackbird to you. The song that proved to you that you were in love with me.' He motioned with his hands to the papers around him. 'Like I'm in love with you.'

And he began to sing.

The words flowed from his mouth beautifully, serenely. There wasn't the sadness in the notes that there had been the first time. Instead, the song was filled with an inexplicable joy, but it felt no less right. Kurt pulled Blaine's hands to his chest, holding them there and sung directly to him. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the Warblers were backing Kurt up, even David and Thad, who were present only at Blaine's insistence.

But it didn't matter, because Kurt was singing to him. On their anniversary.

And he hadn't forgotten.

The song came to a close and Blaine leaned his forehead against his boyfriend's, smiling brightly. 'You remembered. I thought you'd forgotten, but you were planning this all along.'

Kurt grinned and leaned forward quickly to peck him on the lips. 'Well, I couldn't let you beat me, could I?'

Blaine just grinned. 'I love you.'