Eggless But Not Legless

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Part 2: Not Legless

Brittany arrived just before Will and Quinn, approaching Mike and wishing him happy birthday.

"So is it your birthday today then?" She asked, nibbling daintily on a carrot stick.

"Not exactly… It was actually about 3 weeks ago…"


"Britts we're all here because of some frape that Quinn got", Santana said, matter of factly, coming up behind her.

"Oh have you bet?" Mike questioned, surprised with her choice, "I think Finn's taking money over by the drinks table".

"She changed her name to Quinn Schuester", Santana explained further, noticing Brittany's blank expression. "Or at least, someone did".

"Oh! Just like Mr Schuester".

But no one was listening, a dramatic sudden silence falling over the entire room as the last arrivals appeared in the doorway, hand in hand, looking for all the world as though they were expecting to be pelted with tomatoes.

Everyone looked at each other, and both Will and Quinn watched in confusion as bills started to be surreptitiously passed round in Finn's direction.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

Rachel jumped to her feet, a show smile covering her surprise/disgust at losing $10, and her vision set on being a good hostess.

"Here, let me take that from you Quinn", she offered, stretching out her hands.

She turned hastily to place the cake on the edge of the table loaded with an intriguing selection of tin foil covered bowls and various plastic boxes.

Her unexpected hug forced Quinn to drop her reassuring clutch on Will's hand, and at once, as though this was the cue, they were separately bombarded with hugs and fist pumps, and garbled life stories all at once from all directions.

With a doubtful glance over at her husband, who was at that moment being instructed to feel Puck's new haircut ("Go on, touch it, you know you want to"), Quinn reluctantly followed Santana in the direction of the bathroom, following orders from Brittany to be shown her new tattoo.

It wasn't until after lunch that Will finally managed to excuse himself from Finn and Sam's very unnecessarily detailed rendition of their recent trip to the park to play catch and eat hotdogs, catching sight of Quinn escaping to the bathroom, calling promises over her shoulder that she would look at the photographs when she returned.

He dashed out of the lounge before anyone could stop him, catching her up and overtaking her, running straight into the bathroom and grabbing her arm to drag her inside with him.

He shut the door and leaned back against it, sighing deeply.

Quinn gave a dry laugh.

"Do I have a sign on me, or something, that begs anyone who talks to me to think of the most disinteresting thing they have done since the last time they saw me, and make it 10 times more boring and tell me all about it?"

She laughed again, encircling his waist with her arms.

With a sudden twirl, he had her trapped against the door, fiercely kissing her open mouth over and over, before melting into a leisurely exploration of her mouth with his tongue, caressing her neck with a warm hand, the other bracing himself on the doorframe.

There was a hint of sadness in his expression as he pulled away, before he pushed his face into the crook of her neck, taking deep calming breaths and allowing her embrace to soothe him.

"I really do need to pee Will", she said, breathlessly, "You're pressing on my bladder".

"Oh… sorry", he released her, fiddling absent-mindedly with the handwash and moisturiser on the sink.

"Look, maybe it's better this way… no one's fighting, no one's asking inappropriate questions of either of us…"

"But they're pretending as though absolutely nothing has changed!" He interrupted, holding up his hands. "It's exhausting trying to steer the conversation away from Puck's sister's strange rash so that I can talk about you!"

He paused.

"At least if they were not-so-subtly talking about age gaps, or anything… I could swoop in there with all the little speeches I stayed awake half the night thinking about!"

Quinn dried her hands and moved behind him to massage his tense shoulders.

"Let's just go back out there and endure it a bit more… I'll try a little harder to hijack the conversation, just now there was an almost chance, I should have been quicker when Santana was bragging about some of the weird places she'd had sex…"

Will blushed reservedly.

"Yeah well, just don't mention the choir room", he said gruffly, "It was bad enough trying to convince everyone that you underwear just dropped out of your bag".

Quinn snorted.

"Yeah, that racy lacy pair that I 'carried round just in case'… "

"I always did wonder how you got away with saying that", he chuckled.

She smiled. "We better go out there", she said reluctantly, "But if I have to sit through another review of Rachel's, I am marching over to you and snogging you senseless… that should get them started".

He kissed her softly.

"Have I told you yet today that you look completely gorgeous", he murmured, ghosting his lips over her eyelids as she closed them.

She inhaled contentedly.

"Only a few times".

As he moved away, she pulled him back, kissing him hungrily, fisting his shirt to bring him closer.

Temporarily resting heat threatened to rise inside her as he responded with an eagerness he would always have for her.

She forced it down knowing full well how volatile it could be if she so much as allowed him to tend to the fire, knowing the best way for them to raise the subject of their marriage was probably not for someone to walk in on them testing out the strength of the bathroom furniture.

She nibbled his lips gently, her eyes darkening and her rationality wavering as he gazed back at her, lips pink and eyelids heavy.

"Okay let's go", she said half-heartedly. "The quicker we get everything out in the open, the quicker you can check to see if today I am wearing similarly racy lacy underwear as was discovered by Artie underneath the piano".

He squeezed her hand briefly.

"I look forward to it", he said cheekily.

She ran her hands through his hair, mainly because it had flattened slightly, leaning against the door, but also because she wanted to make a point.

Back in the lounge, the conversation was wearing thin, nobody daring to bring up the subject that everyone was avoiding.

Rachel was trying to distract everybody with cake, bustling around with napkins.

"Quinn! Would you like some of your cake! It's delicious by the way!"

"Thanks, yeah I'll have some… I've never made eggless cake before, I'm glad it's edible".


He shuffled closer to Quinn, sliding a hand to rest on her lower back.

"Just give Quinn an extra big piece", he suggested, "So I can try a little bit".

Rachel shifted from foot to foot awkwardly, with a sideways glance to Mercedes, who was sitting nearest on the arm of the couch.



Will frowned, crossing his arms over his chest.

"No! No. And, since you asked, yes the wedding was lovely thank you, we married in Greece, on the beach actually, at sunset, and it was beautiful".

Rachel eyed him suspiciously.

"Are you drunk now?"

Quinn was faster answering.


Will turned slightly, so that he was facing everyone.

"Look, Quinn and I are married, and I'd really appreciate it if instead of pretending that you don't know anything, you could all just grow up a little bit and be happy, or at least pretend to be…"

He glanced at his wife, who was nervously biting her lip.

"I love Quinn", he said fiercely, "And now that you can, I care if you guys can find it in you to give us your blessing for something that makes me so incredibly happy".

With a quick flash of anger, he reached to break a piece off Quinn's plate of cake, throwing it accurately onto Puck's forehead.

"Stop gawking at us like that", he mumbled, looking himself down at the ground as though he wished it would swallow him up.

A second later, he felt something land on the top of his head, and reached up to discover the returned crumbling morsel.

He glared at Puck, who held his hands up in mock surrender.

"You love her", he said simply, "Like – for real… that's good enough for me… so congrats".

Will's face broke into a grin.

"Thank you", he said.

Another cake grenade, this time landing stickily on his shoulder.

Quinn brushed it off with a grin, kissing the mark on his shirt.

Finn spoke up, and she felt Will swell with every word.

"I guess we just thought it was a joke", he admitted with a shrug, "I definitely didn't know what to say when you two walked through the door looking like you are genuinely all cute and romantic with each other… I'm glad you have both finally found the person that deserves you, really I am, and if everyone else agrees, I wanna buy you guys a belated wedding present with the money I made".

"Thanks Finn", Will said gratefully, "And maybe for our one year anniversary? We've been married for 11 months now."

Puck nudged Santana next to him, and all at once, bits of cake, and some crusts from finger sandwiches, were raining over the couple, shouts of congratulations and suggestions of double dates.

Quinn thought it was really just an excuse for a food fight.

But since it cumulated in a general consensus that any hard feelings were down to jealousy, she grabbed a handful of carrot sticks and joined in.

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