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*Uzumaki steps in*

Hey, Naru-chan. You gonna do the disclaimer?

Naru-chan: Mmm-hmm. But, I want something in return.

*raises eyebrow* And just what would that be, my dear kitsune?

Naru-chan: I wanna be top.

Naruto, please get on with the disclaimer.

Naru-chan: *gets indignant* But, you didn't give me a response to my condition!

Naruto, there is no way in hell I'd let you fuck Kiba.

Naru-chan: Why the fuck not?


*Subject of conversation walks in*

Hey, Kiba-kun.

Kiba-kun: Hey, Anna-chan. What's up?

Oh, nothing much. Naru-chan just says he wants to be top.

Kiba-kun:*smirks and looks at Naruto* Is that true, Naru?

Naru-chan: Uh-huh.

Kiba-kun: Then, maybe I should remind you why I am seme. *smirks seductively at Naru*

Naru-chan: And how do you plan-

*Kiba-kun pins Naruto to the wall and begins to ravage him while author looks on with a slight blush*

That's why. Well, since those two are busy, here's Kakashi-sensei to read the disclaimer.

*Kakashi-sensei stares at Naruto and Kiba after entering and blushes heavily*

Um, Sensei? The disclaimer?

Kakashi-sensei: Uh, yeah.*looks up at audience* Anna-chan doesn't own Naruto. *turns back to spectacle*

Thank , I do not own Naruto, I merely use the characters for entertainment.

So without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Sex on Wheels

'Oh Kami, I just wanna fuck his brains out.' Naruto thought as he looked over the sexy inu. Inuzuka Kiba was a sexy, delicious boy with well-defined muscles, a playful personality, and a deep, rich voice that just about made Naruto cum in his pants.

'Kami, why the fuck is he so hot?' Naruto questioned silently.

"Yo Naruto, go get some firewood, would ya?" Kiba said to the blonde, snapping him out of his daydreaming.

"Uh, um, sure Kiba." Naruto said, walking into the encroaching forest.

Uzumaki Naruto and Inuzuka Kiba were on a mission to help track a thief who had committed a string of thefts in the Land of Waves. The two were on their own, even Akamaru wasn't with them. The poor dog had had to remain in the Leaf Village after he had been injured in a skirmish with a group of rouge ninja a few days back. Kiba hadn't wanted to leave Akamaru behind, but he was the only one free to go on the mission. All the other rookies were on different assignments.

Anyway, Naruto had gone with him after being told by Tsunade that Kiba would need a partner to help him find and capture the thief. Not wanting to leave his friend/crush in such position, the boy had agreed to tag along. And that was how Naruto had landed himself in his current predicament.

"Kami, I just want him soooooooo baaad." he whined as he searched for firewood.

"I mean, the boy is fucking sex on wheels. I wanna fuck him, hear him moaning my name as I pound into the ground."

As soon as those words left his mouth, Naruto's teasing little subconscious conjured up an image of the Inuzuka laying on the forest floor in front of him, moaning loudly as he was fucked, sweating sliding down his caramel skin as he stared at Naruto with lust-hazed eyes.

"Oooooh, I can't hold it anymore." Naruto groaned, dropping the wood he had in his arms, and dropping his hands to the now-obvious bulge in his pants.

He unbuttoned his pants, sighing as he was freed from uncomfortable position. He slipped his pants and boxers off, hissing as the cold air hit his already full-blown erection that dripped with precum.

Naruto carefully gripped himself and slowly began to pump his weeping member. Naruto began to moan as pleasure bean to take over his mind.

"A-ah, Kiba." Naruto panted, imaging the Inuzuka fucking him from above. The kitsune gripped himself harder, digging in his nails as he began to pump faster. The young Uzumaki's mind was utterly clouded by pleasure as he jerked himself off.

"K-Kiba." Naruto gasped, his body becoming overheated due to desire.

The boy unzipped his jacket, and then stripped off his black singlet in an effort to cool his overheated flesh. Naru gripped himself tighter as he began trailing his other hand up and down his chest. He pinched his nipples and rolled them back and forth between his fingertips. Naruto let out a moan, arching his back.

As time went on, the kitsune felt his release coming and started increasing his pace. Soon, the pleasure became too much and, letting out a quiet scream, he came hard, his seed splattering the firewood he'd collected. Uzumaki leaned against a tree, riding the waves of bliss that coursed through his body.

After he came down from his high, he rested for a moment, and then quickly got dressed. He gathered up the firewood, still too hazed to realize he'd cum all over it, and headed back to camp. When he got back, he dumped some firewood into flames and tossed the rest next to a tree. He collapsed on the ground, slightly exhausted.

"It's about time you got back." a husky voice said from directly behind him. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt a pair of arms encircle his waist.

"I've been waiting for you to get back, Naru-chan." Kiba whispered in his ear, gently kissing one of his whiskers.

"Ki-ba, w-what ar-e y-you d-d-doing?" Naruto stuttered, blushing heavily.

The Inuzuka chuckled quietly in his ear, causing the younger boy to shiver again.

"I'm pretty sure you know what I'm doing, Na-ru-to.

"Just like I know you want me as bad as I want you." Kiba said seductively.

Naruto eyes widened as he processed what the inu had just said.

"You w-want m-me?" he asked hesitantly. Kiba leaned in his ear and whispered, "Yes, I have for a while now, Naru."

Then, he kissed Naruto's neck, causing him to let out a small moan. Kiba smirked and slowly started to kiss down the tan neck. The owner groaned, leaning his head to the side to allow the inu better access. Kiba's hands moved upward and began to unzip Naruto's jacket. Once this was accomplished, he took off the other boy's jacket and started leaving openmouthed kisses down his neck.

Naruto moaned louder, moving his head as far as possible in order to give the older teen more access. Kiba continued kissing down the length of his kitsune's neck, hunting for his sweet spot. At a certain point directly over Naruto's right collar bone, said boy tensed up and let out a huge moan. Kiba immediately started to attack that spot, biting, licking, and sucking on it. Naruto began letting out wanton moans, pushing him closer.

Kiba suddenly sank his canines into that spot, breaking the skin between his teeth, and lapping up the accompanying rivulet of blood. Naruto screamed his name, once again in pure ecstasy. The dog moaned, sucking on the orange-clad boy's spot again. He continued to lick and suck harder, leaving a large hickey to mark the younger boy as his.

After this was accomplished, he pulled the other boy closer to him, sitting Naruto into his lap. Said boy felt something long and hard poke his ass and instinctively shifted, causing Kiba to moan as the kitsune's ass rubbed against the inu's erection. The boy suddenly realized what he'd done, and blushed red, but an evil smile crossed his face as he thought about torturing Kiba. Named boy missed the look on the hyperactive nin's face, so he was completely unaware of the mischievous plot the other was planning.

All of a sudden, Naruto grinded harshly against the bulge in the elder boy's pants. The dog nin's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he began moaning ass the blonde continued grinding against him.

"Naru…to…m-more. Please more." Kiba panted.

Naruto began rubbing harder and rougher against Kiba-kun's member, drawing loud moans from him.

"Naru…to, oh god, please more." The cocky dog groaned, grabbing said boy's hips and grinding back eagerly. Naruto snickered, and then twisted out of his hold to face Kiba.

Then Naruto resumed his attack with renewed vigor. Kiba gasped, then moaned and commenced to hump the kitsune. Naruto leaned against him, slowly gyrating hips in a circular motion.

"Naruto, please, stop fucking with me." Kiba grunted, gripping the former's hips and thrusting upward, nailing the jinchuuriki's entrance through his own now-tight pants.

"Ki-ba, ah, ah, m-more." Naruto whimpered and slumped against the Inuzuka as pleasure once again invaded.

Kiba complied, steadily thrusting up and down. Naruto started panting, grabbing him for support.

"Enjoying yourself?" Kiba asked, smirking.

Naruto growled and pinned his hips. Then, using his grip as leverage, Naruto continued where he'd left off, rotating his hips in a slow, circular motion.

Kiba groaned in frustration, but he was unable to do anything because Uzumaki was stronger. He settled with giving him a mind-blowing kiss. Naruto gasped in surprise and Kiba decided to use the opportunity to slip his tongue into the kitsune's mouth.

He unconsciously moaned at the taste, a combination of ramen and vanilla that assaulted his taste buds and left him more. He continued to ravage Naruto's mouth, unable to get enough of the blonde. Naruto tangled his fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. He moaned and started a battle of dominance, quickly overpowering him so he could explore his mouth. Naruto, however, refused to be completely dominated and pinned Kiba's hands above him, causing him to break the kiss. The Inuzuka stared at him, eyes full of lust and burning with desire. Uzumaki got harder.

Then, he ripped off the inu's leather jacket, leaving him in a tight-fitting mesh shirt. He began sucking and licking on his neck, causing Kiba to groan and moan his name. Naruto then took off the boy's shirt. His eyes locked on the newly revealed skin and he licked his lips in anticipation.