May or may not contain spoilers for the 2nd book Demonglass.

The 1st paragraph is from the book DemonGlass


I walked out of the lobby. It was nearly empty, for once, except for the two vampire guards standing watch. The whole house seemed quiet as I walked down the massive staircase. Glancing at my watch, I saw it was nearly eleven. Less then an hour until I was supposed to meet Archer.

'Well first things first' I thought 'I'm going to have to take a shower and then sneak out to the corn mill'. I quickly headed to my room, said a quick hello to Daisy and Nick, then got to my room, closed the door and grabbed a towel, bathrobe, and got out a pair of jeans and the long-sleeved black shirt I had brought with me. Ten minutes later I got out of the shower feeling better I glanced at the digital clock and saw it was 10:50.

I put on my jeans and black long-sleeved shirt and put my watch back on; after I had that done I grabbed some of my pillows and put them under the blankets to make it look like I was asleep to anyone who came in. I was about to go out my bedroom door when I thought 'Why don't I just teleport' then I bit my lower lip. I hadn't teleported since November; but it would make it easier for me to get out of here unnoticed. I decided to try it I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and felt a sensation similar to wind whipping around me, and when I opened my eyes I was in front of the corn mill.

I glanced at my watch it said 10:55. All right so I was five minutes early no biggie, I stepped into the corn mill and stood at one of the corners and waited for Archer.

After a few minutes I heard a sound from the back of the mill then Archer's voice "Sophie?" "I'm here" I called back to him he came around one of the fallen beams and saw me. Once he saw me I could his face breaking into a smile and I smiled back

"Glad to see you came " I said Archer snorted "like I wouldn't have come" he said he then hugged me and the stepped into the opposite corner. "So have you figured out a way for us to see each other?" I asked he smiled and nodded "I think I have" he said "I was thinking we could meet here once every week or so for an hour or two for now". I smiled and walked over to him slipping my arms around his neck "I take it you like the idea" he said smiling as he slipped his arms around my waist. "I'm saying I love it" I replied and he smiled again before lowering his head and kissing me and I kissed him back thinking 'Now this is perfect'.

"Won't the other eyes get suspicious though?" I asked when we broke apart. Archer chuckled and said "I highly doubt it, every time I go out they always assume it's business for the eye." "And besides" Archer said "I'm a warlock and they're all against and/or afraid of me, so they pretty much leave me alone" "Alright then" I said smiling "glad to know they won't follow you." He smiled and said, "You got that right" before kissing me again. 'I would never give this up' I thought.