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Kim Possible: Rise of the Machine

By LJ58


"That's it. I have had it," Shego growled as she recoiled from Kim's taunting as they faced one another yet again. "You honestly think you have a chance against moi," Shego shouted, wiping her split lip as she rose from the floor, looking far from beat.

She spat blood, and smiled. Coldly.

Kim said nothing as she stood her ground, fists raised, ready to meet any attack head-on.

"Maybe it's time I remind you of something, Kimmie," she growled.

Just that quickly, the green-skinned woman was behind her, slamming a hard palm into the center of her back, sending her sprawling.

"I'm faster," she hissed, even as Kim went sprawling.

"I'm stronger," she shouted, lifting a large chunk of massive concrete knocked loose earlier by Drakken's powerful ray.

Kim knew Shego noticed when she didn't immediately recover.

"And I'm just better than you."

When she rolled away from that makeshift club tossed at her, she had been unable to move her left leg that well. She couldn't even get to her feet. She was feeling….numb. Her body almost unresponsive. Shego had really hurt her with that last strike.

That palm strike's force had not been held back. Not by much.

She felt real fear as Shego somersaulted forward, and was suddenly kneeling over her, eyeing her with coldly glittering eyes.

"Starting to get the picture, Princess," she sneered. "Because I have one more point to make. Or maybe," she said, holding up two forefingers wreathed in green fire. "Two," she mocked sardonically, and drove both fingers down into her shoulders, tearing an agonizing scream from Kim as the plasma-encased digits were driven as much by flame as by strength right into her flesh.

"Get the picture yet," Shego growled down at her as she rose to her feet, staring down at her in contempt.

Kim, one leg, and both arms useless, and her body filled with pain, could only stare.

"Now, I'm not stupid. You'll probably shake this off. Might take a little bit longer this time," she laughed mockingly. "But you'll probably be back. You're that stupid. So let me make a point, Kimmie," she all but spat her name sneeringly.

Leaning down, she whispered into her ear as Kim lay there, bleeding, in pain, and unable to move. Shego smirked as coldly as ever, but the rage was gone now as she pat her cheek, winked, and turned and walked away as she headed out the way Drakken had already gone.

Kim felt her own anger just then, but it was nothing compared to the genuine misery that filled her at the moment. The humiliation. The…..fear.

Shego had almost killed her.

She could feel the cold pressure inside that suggested internal bleeding. She could feel the numbness in her body that materialized in a blunt pressure that made moving even a finger all but impossible. Still, she was experienced enough to know that if she didn't move, if she didn't try, there wouldn't be a next time. She was going to die here.

Not next time.

Here, and now.

She fought the agony that filled her body as she forced her left hand to her right, tears flowing copiously at the sheer effort, and finally brushed a finger against the side of her Kimmunicator. There was no way to lift it to her face. No way she could even try to conjure comprehensible words just then. She pressed the emergency beacon she had only used once in all the time since Wade had built in that feature. And even then it had only been a field test to assure the young genius that it worked.

Now she prayed he was paying attention, because even as her hand slid away, dropping heavily at her side again, she felt her head spinning, and darkness rushing up to claim her. She just prayed it wasn't for the final time.


Kim woke inside a pristine, white chamber that reeked of antiseptic.

It was familiar enough that she knew she was not dead.

She gave a faint sigh of relief, knowing that Wade had got the message. She was about to lower her lids again when she saw a faint movement just to her right. She turned her head slowly, and saw a lean, saturnine woman with an eye patch over her left eye.

"Didn't know you cared," she rasped, trying to joke as she saw Dr. Director almost jump to her feet at the sound of her throat clearing.

"Kimberly," she exclaimed, then visibly regained her composure, and schooled her usual expressionless mask firmly back in place. "You had us worried this time around, Agent Possible. Looking for a vacation already?"

"Drakken," she asked, ignoring the heavy-handed attempt at humor.

"Got away. Again. I take it Shego finally stopped playing."

"I think I…..caught her on….a bad day," Kim tried to smile. "So, how bad is it this time?"

She didn't miss Dr. Director's lips when they compressed, or the way her good eye shifted off to one side.

"Just spill it," Kim said, still feeling sluggish, and her body not quite responding as expected despite her awareness of her injuries.

"Kimberly….. She may have paralyzed you this time. And that is the good news."


"You've been out over seven weeks," the senior agent, and head of Global Justice told her.

"Just tell me how bad it is," she said quietly, refusing to yield to despair.

"We managed to repair your shoulders. Both of them. However…. You had four cracked disks that had to be removed, and honestly…..ceramic replacements may be state of the art, but they aren't going to hold up to the demands of your…..former lifestyle. Then there's the obvious nerve damage, and the ruptured organs we managed to repair, but….. Well, they still left you…..very fragile."


"And, Kimberly, the combined affects left you far more traumatized than what even you can manage, and the initial diagnosis suggests….."

"Dr. Director," she frowned when the woman actually fell silent, and looked away again.

"At the least, you're paralyzed from mid-torso down. Dr. Stein, however, also warned us that you could be….."

"What," she sputtered.

"That the cumulative affects of your combined injuries could have you….literally dying by degrees."

"What," she echoed in horror.

"Kim, the last time we saw Shego use her plasma on anyone the way she did you, they barely lasted two weeks before a very excruciating death. That you're still alive, or even awake, is nothing short of….miraculous just now."

Kim stared hard.



"I thought…. I mean, I knew Drakken's plots…..hurt a lot of people. But….Shego?….purposely killed?"

"She is evil," Dr. Director told her quietly.

"Yes," Kim said grimly, remembering those whispered final words in her ear. "She is."

"I'm sorry, Kim. We've got our best people watching your family and friends. Just in case."

"Where am I?"

"Where…? Kim, you…"

"If you put guards on my family, then you think something is up. That means you have me stashed, too. Don't you?"

"You're in one of our top secret medical clinics, so don't worry….."

"I'm not. I need three things, though."


"You think I'm done," she demanded of the woman in a burst of indignation. "That this is over? Let me guess, seven weeks, and Shego is running wild?"

"She's telling everyone you're through. That she…..broke you."

"Not even close," Kim growled, and the look in those green eyes told Betty a lot.

"What do you need?"

"Wade," she said, really wanting to scratch her nose. "Dad, and the tweebs. Oh, actually there is a fourth thing I really need now, too."

"And that is?"

"Scratch my nose," she almost wailed. "It's driving me nuts!"

Dr. Director almost smiled as she stepped forward, and using a closely trimmed nail, lightly scratched the pert nose on that pale face.

"So, give? Wade I can almost understand. But your father and brothers? What are you planning?"

"It's just a rough draft. Something that's been floating around in the back of my mind for a while. Only I think this sitch kind of makes it my one real chance just now."

"Do I get to ask," the woman asked her blandly, knowing Kim had a penchant for playing things close to her chest since Stoppable had walked away one day, and left her a solo act.

"Wade first. Then we'll confab. I need to know if my initial idea is viable before I put the rest into motion."

"I'll call him myself at once."

"Thanks, Dr. Director," she sighed. "Don't suppose I could get some coffee in here? And, maybe, these straps loosened. They feel pretty tight."

"Kimberly," she said, following the green gaze to where the sheet covered her body. "You aren't strapped down."

Kim said nothing to that as she just looked stunned, fearful, and angry all at once.

Then she glanced up at her, simply remarking, "That green bitch is going to pay for this one," in a quiet tone.

To Be Continued….