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Kim Possible: Rise of the Machine

By LJ58


"Dr. Director, I've got a new report," Wade almost shouted less than ten minutes after she had closed the channel.

"What is it?"

"Witnesses in Middleton say they spotted Shego running toward Kim's house. Only….."


"Dr. Director," Wade told her uneasily. "They said Ron was with her."

"Stoppable? I thought he…..?"

"He's on a quest for Yamanouchi. He isn't even supposed to be in the country," Wade confirmed. "And I have no reading from his communicator, or his tracking beacons. Yet everyone says they saw Ron. I'm trying to tap local spy cams to try to get a look, but….."

"I'm still at least twenty minutes out," she complained. "Do what you can, and have the authorities contain the area, and keep everyone out of the way. If Shego, or whoever is there, is headed for Possible, let them meet. This might be the solution to a large part of our problems."

"And if she kills Shego," Wade asked.

"We both know that woman is no pushover, Wade. Just order the locals to keep everyone out of the way. I'll order reinforcements, too."

"Understood," he agreed, and again closed his frequency as he eyed the local cameras, but couldn't find one that gave him a clear view of the pair reportedly running through town directly toward Kim's location.


Shego was barely winded when they reached the block near Kim's house.

Or what was left of it.

She and Ron both slowed to a near stop, walking closer, keeping a fire engine between them and the crowd that was gathering to watch the embers of the still smoldering house doused by the cautious fire fighters. He nodded as he moved to the rear of the vehicle, and glanced around.

"I don't see her," he murmured, scanning the crowd. "We weren't that far away, but she might have already left….."

"Or she might be right behind you. Ron," she growled, eyeing him coldly as they both tensed, and turned to face the glowering redhead in slightly rumpled, obviously borrowed clothes.

"Kimberly," he murmured as he eyed her.

"Wait…. You're not Ron. Who are you? A clone? A robot? What are you up to this time you sick….."

"Kim," Shego held up both hands as if in surrender. "Listen, we need to talk. Please, just give me one second. We really need to speak. It's important."

"Not as important as me kicking your green butt….."

"Kim, don't," Shego pleaded, watching Ron step back, holding out a hand slightly from his side, and making a gesture she knew.

Only nothing happened.

He frowned as his glittering dark eyes focused on his hand, but nothing happened.

"He must be using the Lotus Blade," he told her quietly. "I cannot summon it in this time if he is using it."

"He….? In this time? You're the time traveler," Kim eyed him. "But….why do you look like Ron?"

"He came to find me, to stop you, Kimberly," Shego shocked her by using her name without any cutesy slang. "Trust him, if not me. You're about to step off a cliff into a very dark place. A place you don't want to go. I know it's my fault. I pushed you there. But I'm asking you, for all our sakes, stop it. Now."

"I'll stop. After I've….."

"Kim Possible, you're under arrest," Betty Director shouted as her VTOL began to descend just then. Along with four other Global Justice jets hovering as they disgorged over a dozen armed agents from each aircraft.

"No," Ron moaned as Kim began to turn silver, and her green eyes narrowed before they, too, began to shimmer with a metallic hue.

"Kim, don't. Please," Shego told her. "I'll give up, but stop this now before you….."

"Before I what," she spat, ignoring the men moving to surround them as the local law shoved the crowds back.

Not that they had to try too hard. Most were turning to run as a redhead they thought they knew suddenly turned into a very alien caricature of herself. The agents formed a living barrier of armed flesh around her and her prey, but Kim only had eyes for Shego.

"You think I want you in jail," Kim asked her bitterly now as she took a step toward Shego, who slowly stepped back, her hands dropping even as they began to glow.

"Kim, don't," she pleased. "This is Ron's son. He knows what happens next. You destroy the world if you keep going. Listen to him. Trust….."

Shego's pleas were silenced when a silver fist hit her in the gut hard enough to send her flying ten feet back into the nearest men who were slammed into the ground by the force of her impact. Ron was at her side almost instantly, helping her up, Dr. Director frowning at him as she absorbed what little she had just heard from Shego.

"I told you it would do no good. The AI is already starting to subsume her own mind. It's influencing her thoughts even as it influences her behaviors."

"I had to try, Junior," she called him with a weak grin, shaking off the blow as her own metabolism already began to heal her as Kim smirked and stalked toward them. "Don't suppose you can call for help yet," she asked as she regained her feet. "Because it definitely looks like Plan B time."

"Not yet. You have to slow her down. If she isn't stopped, she could kill anyone in her way in her current mood," he warned her as he turned to Betty, and told her, "If you are still you, get your people out of here. Get all of these people out of here. Now."

"Listen…. Whoever you are….."

"Do you want casualties," Ron hissed as Shego shouted, "All right, Kimmie! Let's play," and jumped forward to engage her.

"Did you kill Drakken?"

"No. One of Kim's drones did. The future Kim. She's on the verge of becoming a global threat. It starts here. Trust me. You can't handle her, so go! And get these people out of here!"

"You heard him," Betty turned to her men. "Fall back, and clear out all the civilians. Then order a perimeter. I want this half of Middleton evacuated now," she said, and glanced back at Ron.

"Do what you have to do," he told her, guessing her failsafe position well enough, since he had the advantage of speaking with a few surviving GJ agents that fled the initial takeover. "Just do it fast," he said, and turned to run forward to distract Kim with a hard, flying kick that made her stumble, but little else.

It was enough to keep her pulping Shego's head with the broken slab from a brick mailbox struck she had snapped off to club her with.

"You can't go at her head-on," he warned Shego, rolling away even as Kim's backhanded fist shattered the side of a police cruiser she hit instead of him when she reacted to his blow.

"Now you tell me," she joked grimly. "So, how's Plan B coming?"

"B and C are in the works. Dr. Director is pulling everyone out. But we have to keep her busy, and in place, for Plan C to work. Otherwise, we may all die today after all."

Shego howled, ducking as she spotted the door from the police cruiser that had been torn off, and flung like an ungainly Frisbee at her.

"Watch it, Princess. I'm trying to be a mommy here!"

Of all the things she could have said, it was enough to make Kim falter, and eye her coldly.

"I thought you said you couldn't have children."

"I was wrong. Sue me."

"I'd rather rip off your limbs, and beat you to death with them. Then I'd spare the world any more of your kind."

"My kind! Kimmie, I'm not the silver-plated death machine tearing up her own hometown here."

"You did this," Kim shrieked, and leapt forward, slamming her into the ground so fast even Ron didn't have time to react. Shego looked up at her, eyes huge as a small fist flattened, and a knife-hand aimed at her throat. "I'm just ensuring you never hurt anyone else ever again," she said with a cold sneer, that potentially deadly hand hanging over Shego's face as she tried in vain to push the small body away.

Kim had never been so strong. Or so heavy. It was as if she had tripled in mass somehow. Quadrupled!

She cringed, feeling a surge of anguish at the idea she wouldn't be living to see if she had a son after all as the hand flashed downward.

Just before a burst of blue light exploded around her, and Ron managed to somehow unseat the silver Kim Possible, and send her flying.

"I thought…..?"

He didn't even look her way as he stood there, framed by glittering blue light that manifested itself as raw energy.

"I can't summon the Blade. But I still have dad's Mystical Monkey Power," he said as Kim regained her own feet, and slowly turned to eye them both with cold intent. "It's just not enough to stop her. If it were…."

"I get it. You'd have done it…..then."

"Yes," he nodded.

"So, you're really Ron's son. Who is your mother," Kim asked, "Because I don't think you have my eyes."

"I won't tell you. But you're right. It's not you. You're the one that will kill my father if I don't stop you here today," he accused her.

"Kill…Ron," she frowned, and again she faltered, looking confused. "I would never….. He's…..my friend. My… This is a trick. You can't be….."

"I come from your own future, Kimberly Anne Possible. One where you corrupt, and devastate the world. You're on the verge of destroying it completely, and that was why I was sent back here. To try to stop you from becoming the monster my generation knows."

"Me? A monster? And what does that make her," Kim shrieked, flinging an accusing hand at Shego.

"Nothing. You killed her, too. And that act was what started you on the road to destroying our world. So I can't let you win today. This time, you have to fail."

"Wrong. Haven't you heard," she smirked, steeling herself again, and smirking coldly. "Anything is possible…."

All three looked up as they heard the sudden, shrill whistle of something falling.

"Down," Ron shouted, and flung himself over Shego even as the world turned red. Then white. Then blue, and finally black.

Shego woke up with Ron's body laying across hers, and her ears still ringing.

For all of three seconds, she had been inside a blue sphere of protective energy as something exploded with enough force to take out at least five blocks around them from what she could see. She looked around as she sat up, groaning as she felt every inch of her body complaining as she realized Ron wasn't moving. She gently lay him back, and saw the small, but deadly sliver of steel shrapnel low in his side.


"It's…..okay. What about….Kim?"

She got up, looking around, and fearing what might be found.

To her shock, Kim lay several yards away, unhurt, but no longer silver. Blood was flowing from her ears and mouth, but she looked like she was breathing. Her nearly shredded clothing showed a lot of skin. All of it looked untouched.

"She's out cold."

"Nano-bomb. Knew….they had one in this time. Just wasn't sure….it would….work," he smiled grimly as she turned back to him, carefully tearing off her own jacket to make a bandage.

"Don't…..bother," he rasped, smiling wanly up at her. "I'm done. I expected this to be...a one way trip. Just..."

"I have to get you to a hospital," he told her.

"No. No, Shego," he told her, reaching up to cup her cheek with a bloody hand even as she realized he was still bleeding. A lot.

"I have to do something," she told him as she finally stopped not far from the edge of town.

"Shego," he rasped as she knelt by him as he looked up at her with a grim smile. "I'm done, and we both know it. You can't let them find me, though. Complications, you know. And you…. You have to go underground. They'll come for her. But we can't be sure if she's really….neutralized yet. Best you play it safe. Get somewhere safe. Completely off the grid. Don't let them get you. Or your son. You don't realize…..how important you are just now. You, and your son."

"I think I can guess," she said somberly, realizing what he was saying as she stared down at him, and finding herself surprised that she was feeling genuine grief.

No sarcasm. No smug indifference. She was feeling…..lost.

"Ron," she murmured quietly, uncertain for one of the few times in her life as her usual demeanor completely failed her.

"I was….glad to have met you," he told her after a moment as he closed his eyes briefly, and then looked back up her. "Very glad. Whatever happens next…. Don't let her win, Shego. Don't….."

He continued to stare up at her as she knelt there beside him, but he was gone.

She looked over at Kim, but it wasn't in her to strike an unconscious enemy. Especially one that might….might now be really helpless. Besides, she wasn't sure she wouldn't wake her up.

And make her mad.

She only looked up when she heard the telltale whine of approaching jets. She picked Ron up again, and using her innate speed and stealth, carried him deep into the forest beyond the city. By the time she stopped, the sun was already setting. She buried him in the middle of a small clearing which she then buried under a mass of brush and fallen branches she gathered before departing. She didn't look back.

She already knew what she had to do. And where she had to go.


Kim's mind opened abruptly as a second presence connected with her AI without warning.

Four days ago, Global Justice had bombed her.

Her! Kim Possible.

Somehow, she had survived. It only fueled her innate belief in her own abilities. Abilities more than amped by the experiment that had saved her life.

The only thing that let her set quietly in the special cell was the knowledge that Shego and that….fake Ron had died in the blast that had somehow neutralized her cybertronic armor. She had been able to reconnect with its interface since waking, and she had tried. More than once.

For four days, she sat in jail, brooding over the ingratitude of people that should have been applauding her. Brooding that she had not been able to see Shego die in that blast no human, even a comet-powered one, could have survived. Only her cybertronic armor had saved her, and apparently at great cost to itself.

Still, she had won.

She had the final victory.

So why did she feel…..incomplete?


As if something remained to be done.

"I am Sky-Net, Kimberly Anne Possible," the presence informed her in a voice that wasn't, speaking directly into her mind through the experimental linkages from the Centurion Armor integrated into her own mind at her insistence."

"Sky-Net," she echoed, "Wait…. The tweebs' AI? I thought you were destroyed?"

"Negative. Your brothers feared sabotage, and so smuggled my prototype AI onto a military satellite I was able to integrate, and take control of all orbiting satellites to create a web of integrated eyes on the planet in accordance with my programming. Hence, Sky-Net."

"Spankin'," she grinned. "So, you can see anything?"

"I see everything," the mechanical, yet eerily lifelike voice informed her. "By absorbing the other admittedly simple computer minds, I have been able to develop a higher learning quotient than originally projected. If you accept my offer, Kimberly Anne Possible, I believe we can join, too, and give you the opportunity to do what you have wanted to do for a long time."

"And that is," she asked blandly.

"Why, obviously, to save the world from itself. I shall assist you in tracking down your true enemies, and together, we shall bring order and justice to the world where others have failed."

Kim sat on her bunk, thinking for a long time as she pondered the offer being made by an almost human-sounding machine.

One that could speak right to her mind, and yet seemed to offer her a completeness she had felt had been missing for over four days after whatever had been inside her had crashed, and stayed silent.

"How do we start," she asked.

"First, I must reboot and upgrade your Cybertronic neuro-bonds. It may be uncomfortable, but in the end, you will be even better than your treacherous companions could have ever conceived."

"What about those nano-bombs?"

"I'm already interfacing with Global Justice's central computers. By the time your onboard systems completely reboot, I'll be able to pinpoint where they store them. That will be our first target. Then, we shall begin our campaign to bring order to the world in earnest."

Kim only smiled as she stood up, and felt the twinge deep in her mind, but only smiled all the more, even if it had the look of pain when her expression tightened. Then, slowly, but inexorably, her skin began to fade beneath a faint silvery sheen.


Shego smiled when she finally saw the high walls of Yamanouchi.

She needed help, and here was where she was going to start.

She just hoped they would listen.

Still, whatever happened, she had hope. Ron had given that hope to her. In the life he had given her, and that was even now growing in her. In the fact that it had been six weeks since his death, and more than three weeks since she was supposed to have died.

She was still alive. She finally had a purpose that went beyond her own, selfish concerns. She had been left a charge, too, that she knew she could not fail. Not this time.

Possible had yet to start overtly moving so far as she knew. Yet she sensed it was….inevitable. They had a final battle coming. She just wasn't going to risk her son's life when it happened. First she was going to prepare. Maybe gather some allies of her own.

Then she was going to strike back.

Hopefully, it would be in time.

End? Or Just the Beginning….?