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It was another hour before Sam – or whoever it was - returned. Cas had used a small amount of his angelic power to cloak them in the darkness. Dean had made some crack about Harry Potter as they watched the Sam-a-like, as Dean had not so fondly named the thing posing as his brother, stroll through the silent, dark motel room.

"That's not Sam." Cas whispered.

"No shit Sherlock."

Cas glared at him scornfully for a moment before continuing. "I mean, that's Sam's body Dean, but not his soul."


"Was my explanation not adequate Dean?" Cas remarked with frustration. When it came to Dean Winchester, Castiel always had to explain things twice, unless Sam was there to do it for him.

"No. - If that's Sam's body but not Sam, then who the hell is it?"

Cas shrugged clumsily. "Why do you not just ask him?" It was a failed attempt at sarcasm.

"Excellent idea."

They watched for a few more moments as Sam-a-like took Dean's hand gun and raised it at the sheets and blanket Dean had formed into the shape of a body beneath the covers in the far bed. Before the thing in his brothers' body could fire, Dean stepped out of the shadows and punches him.

Cas remained hidden.

"You're not Sam. – Who are you?"

The Sam-a-likes only reply was a shocked cry of pain.

After Dean had tied the thing to a chair, he left the room to have a private talk with Cas.

"Any idea who that is?" Dean asked angrily, mainly at himself.

"No. – But it's human, I know that much."

Dean scratched the back of his head. "Can you find Sam? – His soul I mean."

"I do not know Dean. – He may not even be…." Cas closed his mouth pretty quick at the glare he received from Dean.

"Can you find him!" he demanded.

Cas sighed. "I may be able to locate the body that belongs to that soul. Maybe. But I need to have a moment to…. Connect with it, so I can recognize the bond between body and soul."

Dean turned back to the room. "Two birds… you hang out try to tag the soul, I'll find out if Sam's alright and who the hell that is riding around in his body."


Dean gave him a look that Cas hadn't seen in a long time, and had hoped never to see again. A shiver passed through the angel.

Luckily for all concerned Dean wasn't forced to resort to water-boarding. The Sam-a-like, whose name was Gary as it turned out, was just your average screwed up teenager. Sam was apparently in this kid's body, in his friends' basement, though Cas didn't need to know this. He'd already been able to 'tag' Gary's soul after only a few moments but hadn't left straight away out of concern for Dean. He wanted to be sure the hunter didn't do anything any of them would regret. Once he was sure Gary was not under any physical threat he left.

It had taken Castiel longer than necessary to locate Gary's body, probably because of his slowly draining power. He finally found Sam tied to a beam in said basement, a heartless corpse a few feet away.

"Cas? – Cas, Lord am I glad you see you." Sam sighed with relief.

Castiel stared at what he knew was Sam and found himself thinking that Dean would find this scene highly amusing.

"Cas, it's me Sam…. Cas, you need to get me out of here. – They summoned some demon, he's gone after my body."

Nothing more needed to be said. The angel made quick work of the ropes before transporting himself and Sam back to the motel, where they found Gary and Dean staring down at the unconscious body of a teenage girl.

"Well, your timing is impeccable as always Cas." Dean taunted, holding a hand to his ribs.

Cass instincts made him want to go to Dean and see if he was alright, but he knew that would lead to an awkward moment and questions from Sam. As long as Sam didn't have questions, Cas wouldn't be forced to lie. So he simply scanned Dean from a distance.

The hunter must have felt his worried gaze caused he met it, a secret reply in his eyes and a sight nod of his head that no-one but Cas would notice. Dean saw the angel breathe a silent sigh of relief and his heart tightened, causing him to smile. Thankfully he was able to cover it up by turning his smug attention to his brother.


The younger Winchester shifted on under-sized feet. "Don't Dean. – I'm not in the mood." He snapped.

"Those hormones huh… puberty's a bitch, as are you." Dean laughed.

"Shut it jerk. – Took you long enough to figure out something was wrong." Sam replied before marching over to Gary with murder in his eyes.

"I'm sorry. – I'm sorry. – I'll fix it."

"Damn right you will." Sam growled in a completely unthreatening tone.

"Yeah about that…" Dean said anxiously. "Sorry. – I guess I should have known this…. Nerd wasn't my nerd." He laughed to cover up his guilt.

Sam glared at him and nodded. "Well, just be warned…. Paybacks gunna be a bitch."

"I have to go." Cas announced matter-of-factly.

The two Winchesters turned to Cas at the same moments.

"Thanks Cas." Sam smiled sincerely. "I hate to think how long I would have been there if you hadn't come for me."

"Of course, Sam." Cas nodded stiffly.

"Yeah, thanks." Dean added meeting his angels' gaze intensely.

Cas didn't need to read Dean's mind to know what that look meant. Thank you.

'Call you later.' Dean mouthed before turning back to Sam.

Cas smiled to himself as he left to continue his search for his father, all the while looking forward to Dean's promised phone call and the next chance they had to be together.


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