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Kim Possible: Dynasties

By LJ58


"The rumors are true," the grim, gray slab of walking stone asked.

The glittering, more silicate blob of animate crystal managed a faint nod. "I saw the creature myself. I saw what she could do. What her Maker-cursed spawn could do. What her infernal, thrice-damned verminous primates could do."

"Enough! The point is, my uneasy comrades, is that what we have all feared may have come to pass in spite of all we could do," the writhing mass of tentacles around a quadrupedal body rasped. "The Great Dragon-bitch has finally spawned a potential heir. Solutions?"

The Elsarqian withdrew from the loud, boisterous arguing as the representatives from over thirty of the nonaligned worlds all shouted, and made foolish suggestions even they deemed witless.

"Listen, you morons," the still regenerating S'S'Vevkani assassin shouted, his body still not even a quarter of the way restored since that glowing bitch had let them do something to him that interfered with his usual efficient crystalline replicators. "Listen to me!"

The mostly shrill shriek finally stopped most of the arguing.

All eyes turned to him as the Elsarqian, still outraged at his brethren's incarceration in a fish blow for the Great Dragon-bitch's amusement. A bowl she would not relinquish despite the fact that loathsome reptile knew their kind were a communal species. Or perhaps, because of it.

"I don't doubt the dragon-spawn is tough. No doubt of it. Look at me if you doubt," he demanded. "But….she's an idiot. As dim as most Lorwardians!"

"Warwuff does not like your insults, little gemstone," a green giant snarled down at him with bunched fists. "Perhaps Warwuff will crush you to powder, and use you to adorn his battle-mate's tovichiis!"

"My point," the silicate being cut in, glaring as potently as a faceless rock could, "Is that the Lady's companion is the brains behind her success. Take her, and you take her effectiveness from her. She'll be easily crushed."

"She had a veritable host of companions," the Elsarquian made a sniffling sound. "Which did you mean?"

"The red-haired bitch that helped shatter me, of course," the S'S'Vevkani shrieked. "Were it not for her sonic technology, even that accursed dragon-spawned ape she hurled at me would not have shattered my body so easily!"

A vaguely humanoid amphibian gave a hissing sigh, and growled, "It was the flame-hair that devised the cruel trap that sent our fellow huntsmen to their deaths. By the time we learned of her vile deceit, our brothers were lost, their poqu-hounds sacrificed to the dragon-spawn."

All eyes went to the lone Pylsian survivor who had said little until then.

"Even the U'Utaaquan never had a chance," the Lorwardian finally murmured. "And you all know that Lorwardia's best and greatest were already defeated by those…..primates even before the dragon-spawn ascended."

"Which brings us to the core of this matter," the gray stone slab grated, turning to the Elsarqian. "Was that seedling not to have been long-since destroyed? Was it not terminated by your agents, squid? Yet not only is there a dragon-spawn on the Mkandii word that half the cosmos now knows is fated to change the galaxies if the prophecy is true, there are three dragon-spawned warriors siding her. Three!"

"There is a fallen dragon-spawn there, too," the Elsarqian admitted. "The last kwaa-quu is also in the green dragon's court."

Someone cursed. Fluently.

"So the M'kandii world is championed by two dragon-spawn, and a veritable host of warriors? I thought you squids claimed these soft-bellied monkeys were weak? Helpless? Easy prey," a bipedal feline almost eight foot in height snarled.

"Take the flame-hair, and you will have the dragoness by her veekarhs," the Pylsian hissed. "Just as I said."

"Warwuff recalls the last reports from Warhok. When the flame-hair was taken by the late Warkok, the dragoness and her champions all flocked to her side. She must be more than is seen."

"I have heard some call her a princess. She must be heir to some great house," another suggested. "A woman of power and import."

"Then it is agreed," the gray stone drawled, slapping a massive hand down, making the S'S'Vevkani bounce on the table where he rested, not yet whole enough to stand on his rudimentary limbs. "We shall take the red-hair, and force the M'Kandii dragoness to her knees."

"Before we crush the prophecy in our gauntlets," Warwuff growled, clenching both fists, "Allowing the Great Blue to finally rise..…"

"Enough with the Great Blue," someone moaned.

"Indeed," the Elsaqian said in what seemed a less than pleasant hiss.

The gathering fell silent before someone finally asked, "How?"

"How what?"

"How do we take the dragon's princess-companion?"

The arguing began anew.


Kim walked into the office that had been added to their refurbished suite in the luxury hotel across from the U.N. building where 'Lady Shego' now did much of her business with the visiting dignitaries and envoys that might insist on a personal visit with the Great Lady's daughter.

There were, not surprisingly, quite a few.

Just as there were almost as many human representatives from governments and corporations from all over the world wanting Shego to favor them when the intergalactic merchants came calling.

All of them with their own ideas. Their own schemes. Their own favors. Including Jack Hench, unlikely as it seemed. Or perhaps not.

She paused in the door, seeing Shego banging her head on the desk in front of her, hands clenched as her arms were spread across the surface, having shoved mounds of paperwork across the desk and to the floor.

"That bad?"

Shego looked up at her, looking genuinely miserable.

"I'm starting to wish we stayed with the Great Lady, and screw all this," she grumbled.

"That bad," she echoed, but it wasn't a question as she came over, hugged the green-skinned woman from behind, and kissed her cheek.

"Remind me to never, ever, under any circumstances to agree to see an Andoriian mining guild representative again in this century," she sputtered.

"You mean the A'Ador'n?"

"That's what I said," Shego growled, though she leaned back into Kim's strong fingers as she massaged her neck and shoulders.

"I think you need another vacation."


"Gyrzza could manage for a while again. She has done quite well so far. Even Dr. Director seems to be managing under her tutelage. And Ron and his new team pretty much has the usual threats held at bay."

Shego sighed, then looked over her shoulder at her.

"You ever miss that? Running around saving the day, I mean?"

"I have everything I need right here," Kim assured her, leaning down to hug her.

"You're kidding? You actually like…..?"

"Here," Kim said, pointedly hugging her again.

"Oooooooooh," Shego murmured, and smiled. "You know, Kim…. A vacation does sound nice. Seven months of smooth-talking shysters is…"

"Lady Shego, Sigseetz appeared just then, holding a tray covered with a silver dome. "I have brought your midday meal as you requested."

"And then there's him," Shego grumbled as the D'qlomite came over to put the tray down, pulling the cover off with a flourish.

"Siggy, it smells wonderful," Kim assured him, eyeing the unrecognizable mass of steaming tubers.

"What is it now," Shego demanded.

"As Lady Shego might recall," the insectoid chittered happily. "The delegates from…" Whatever he said was lost even in translation, but he went on, adding, "So I requested some of their viper-root, which as you know, is quite a delicacy. Please, enjoy your meal."

"I'm sure we will," Kim told him. "We'd like some privacy now, please, Siggy."

"Sigseetz understands. Meals are intimate times for my Lady, and her…."

"Go," Shego thundered, and pounded a fist on the desk.

"Sigseetz goes," he assured her, not quite jumping and running as he would have at the start when they first met.

"He's getting braver," Kim chuckled.

"He's getting annoying. That overgrown lizard gave him to me on purpose. I'm sure of it."

"He has helped us as much as Gyrzza has, and you have to admit, his own story is kind of sad, too."

Shego's expression was not that sympathetic.

"He probably annoyed his queen, too. That's why they really booted him."

Kim sighed. "Definitely need a vacation. Island?"

"Are you kidding? Last time we went there, half the freaking galaxy showed up uninvited. It's like they're just waiting for me to make a move so they could follow me without security stopping them."

"I did warn you to let Wade reschedule your appointments before we left," Kim teased.

Shego only grumbled more.

"Some days, I really miss Dr. D."

"You are kidding now," Kim asked, her tone hurt.

"No. No, not like you think, Princess," she sighed, and lifted a hand to the hand that had stilled on her shoulder. "Things were just…..simpler then."

"Don't I know it. Most ridiculous plan ever? Cue the fight. We had fun, didn't we?"

"Yeah," Shego sighed. "Fun. I miss that."

"Me, too. Definitely vacation. Hey, I have an idea. Let's get Wade to reschedule everything with Gyrzza, and take an extended vacation to Toivvaku."

"Isn't that the jungle planet your folks visited last month?"

"Yep," Kim grinned. "I've heard the people that tried their tourist package are really raving over the amenities. The folks sure loved it. It'd be fun. And if we aren't here to be found…"

"They couldn't find us," Shego grinned.

"No shysters," Kim smiled.

"No union reps."

"No nothing."

"Can we leave Siggy," Shego sighed, eyeing the tray that looked like it was filled with steaming worms.

"You are kidding? Besides….. He's a great cook," Kim told her, and reached out, lifted one of the 'worms,' and sucked it down. "Say, that is good."

Shego paled, and fled for the restroom.

"Lightweight," Kim teased her, knowing it wasn't the dish. It was likely the reminder that Siggy had tried to serve her real worms, still living, in a very spicy sauce a few nights ago.


"Ron, we have an unauthorized flight coming in from the fourth quadrant."

"A non-allied ship," he realized as Bonnie turned from the communications panel that was now linked with the augmented and technologically enhanced satellite system that now ringed the entire solar system thanks to Wade, and some of their more generous guests who were eager to show their favor for the new Lady of M'Kandii, as Shego was now called.

"Definitely. It's cloaked, but the sensors still picked it up inbound from ion-flow exhaust."

"I take it Wade has it identified?"

"No. Not yet. Ion-flow is indicative of technology shared by at least nineteen major civilizations," she told him. "Five of them troublemakers. We won't know who it is until they show their ship, or themselves."

"Where are they headed."

"New York, of course."

"Another assassin? Don't these guys learn," Ron frowned.

"You could say that about half the nut jobs on this planet," Bonnie told him. "Do we call in the tweebs?"

Ron eyed his watch.

"They'll still be in school. Maybe we won't need them. Put Team Go on alert, though. Just in case."

"You do recall Wego went with Kim and Shego. Lady Gyrzza insisted they take them at the least to watch their backs if they were leaving Earth for any amount of time."

"I'll bet she liked that."

"Actually….. Oh. Right. Although, I think Kim argued the most. I don't think she liked it when Dr. Director insisted she forego missions to stay with Shego at all times."

"Oh, I know she didn't like it," Ron chuckled as they headed for New York even though they had technically been off-duty, and on their way home from putting a crimp in Professor Dementor's latest schemes. "She was looking forward to facing down some of the usual baddies for a change."

He actually thought enhancing his giant Dachshund's with alien genes from some unidentifiable predator would make him unstoppable.

"We do meet the strangest people," Bonnie agreed as Ron put in their new course.

"Don't I know it. You should have been around for Monkey-Fist."

"Not going to ask," the brunette told him bluntly as she shook her head at that one.

"Smart girl. Call Hego and be sure he's on standby. Just in case. Then tell Wade to give us an intercept course for the inbound ship. Whatever it is, we'll teach them Earth isn't their private preserve any longer, and still get home in time for our date," he assured her.

"That'd be a nice change," Bonnie smiled at him through he didn't see it as he was focused on the flight controls before him.

"Piece of cake," he assured her with a grin he flashed over his shoulder.


"Remind me why we brought them again," Shego growled, getting dangerously close to losing her temper as the Wegos instructed Sigseetz on the fine art of cheating at Poker. Loud cheating.

"Because it was the only way we could get off the planet without Betty or Gyrzza sending a squadron of Marines with us," Kim suggested.

"Platoon. Squadrons are aircraft."

"Whatever," Kim waved dismissively. "Just be glad Gyrzza got us on this very nice, very private ship that smuggled us off the planet before anyone knew we were leaving. With luck, no one will know where we've gone until we're already back."

Shego sighed, and leaned back in her seat, trying very hard to ignore the arguing behind them. "I just really wanted some alone time for a change."

"Don't worry. Once we get there, we'll put the boys on guard duty, and have no one to talk to except room service, and ourselves," Kim assured her.

"Promise," Shego asked archly. "Because, I'll be honest, I'm real close to stuffing someone in an airlock. An open one," she muttered as one of the boys howled their victory over the others even as complaints began anew.

"Lady Shego," the pudgy, multi-limbed creature that called itself Squetch for convenience's sake addressed her a few minutes later as he left the cockpit. "My pilot tells me we are approaching Toivvaku, and should be landing in thirty standard ticks."

Shego smiled.

"Thank you, Squetch," Kim replied for her. "You've made Lady Shego very happy, and I can assure you, she will not forget your kindness, or your hospitality."

"We of the Coalition are ever happy to serve the Great Lady, or her kindred," the pudgy sentient still managed to affect a very graceful bobbing bow in spite of his bulk. "Shall I send Xarxa to serve you refreshments? Unfortunately, the pilot anticipates a slight holdover as we are arriving incognito, as your species says."

"That's fine," Shego waved him off. "We can wait," she informed him, still made a little uneasy by the Jaadhi, as the four foot, vaguely rabbit-like flight attendant called Xarxa tended to gush over her.

"Still not used to your new importance," Kim grinned.

"Well, I think you are too used to it," she grumbled as Squetch waddled toward the cockpit again. Honored beyond measure, the friendly sentient did not feel he had the right to occupy the luxury cabin of his own ship while Lady Shego was present.

"Well, I am used to the accolades I used to get from being a hero. You learn to ignore most of it, and just go your own way. I thought you would have figured that out from your own hero days."

"Not even close, Kimberly," she grumbled.

Kim could tell her mood by the fact she used her name, too.

"Not even a little?"

"Are you kidding? Back in Team Go's heyday, Hego was the…"

"That didn't seem right," Kim frowned as the entire ship suddenly shook violently.

"You think," Shego complained as she started to get up as Kim jumped up to head for the cockpit herself even as the ship rocked again.

Just before the overhead emergency sign flashed in a universal display, and a bright burst of light near the stern preceded the crazy spin of the entire cabin as one of the Wegos shouted, "We're going down!"

To Be Continued…..