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Kim Possible: Dynasties

By LJ58


"Our daughter," Shego sputtered not for the first time as she paced the apartment where she and Kim were trying to relax after a long, and very trying debriefing with Dr. Director, and no less than twenty-three heads of states, and key ambassadors.

Not all of them human.

"Something to look forward to, isn't it," Kim smiled at her from the bed where she sat reading a holo-text that Vakaui had given her on the history of the known galaxies. Something he had felt she might benefit from knowing.

"I'm still trying to figure out how it can even happen. Especially since neither of us is….. You know!"

"Come on," Kim teased. "After all we've seen lately, you don't think a little spontaneous conception on our part is possible?"

"Princess, I swear to God, sometimes you are….."


Shego stopped to just stare at her.


"It doesn't bother you? Being told we're going to have a daughter?"

"No. Does it bother you?"

"Yes! No! I don't know," she fumed. "There are so many things in my head right now…."

"Calm down, and come over and explain it to me," she said, patting the space beside her as she set the holo-book aside.

Shego gave her a look that might melt hardened steel. Kim only smiled back, and patted the bed again.

Shaking her head, Shego realized the redhead was unphased by her ire, as usual, and walked over to sit heavily on the edge of the bed with an equally heavy sigh. "It's hard to explain," she muttered.

"Talking always helps. You know. Words strung together. Making sentences. Expressing…."

"Don't be a smart ass, Princess," she growled over her shoulder.

Kim only chuckled, and reached to pull her back into her embrace.

"Taking on those Lorwardians in that loopy arena didn't get you this wound up. Talk to me, Shego," Kim murmured, folding her arms around her as Shego fell back into her arms without much protest.

"All I had to do was step on a few of those dimwits in dragon form, and they pretty much gave up," she huffed. "This…. This is…. Kim," she sighed, glancing up at her. "All my life, I've lived with one fear."

"Only one," Kim asked, and gave a faint somber smile at her expression. "I'm serious. I've had dozens."


"I cope. So can you. What is it that's really bothering you? Come on, we are in this together. Remember?"

Shego sighed heavily again, closing her eyes for a moment, then looking up to see the redhead staring down into her eyes from overhead as she continued to hold her after Shego leaned back into her arms.

"After I realized what my powers did to me," she murmured. "I genuinely feared I could never have children. Or if I did, they might be…..defective," she admitted. "I mean, comet-power and normal do not go together."

"I see," Kim murmured, stroking her dark head. "And you just got handed the news you are going to have a child after all. Probably the most important child of all time."

"That's part of it. The having it part, anyway. The other part…. Damn it, Kim. What kind of mother would I be to any kid? If this daughter is going to be so important, what if I….screw her up. The way I….."

"Whoa," Kim stopped her, tightening her embrace. "Hold on right there. I don't know what you really think of yourself, but I'll tell you now, I think you're going to be a very good mother. We both will," she smiled. "After all, with us to teach her, who is going to mess with our little rugrat when she comes along. Uh, however she comes along."

"The Great Busybody didn't exactly explain that part either, did she," Shego grumbled.

"No. She didn't," Kim grinned at Shego's irreverent description of her 'mother' of sorts. "But does it matter? Whatever happens, however it happens, I'll tell you now that any child of yours is going to be as dear and special to me as you are," she told her.

"You honestly have no problem with that bomb she dropped on us," Shego fumed up at her, sounding more indignant now that worried.

"Let me tell you a secret, Emmie," she teased her with that little nickname as she stroked her dark head. "Every time anything starts to worry me about this new life we're living, I just have to remember one thing."


"That you were there, and cared enough to face death with me. I only have to remember that, and everything else pales."

Shego said nothing for a long time as she lay back on Kim, letting the younger woman stroke her hair as they lay together.

"You still think about that," Shego finally asked.

"It inspires me. We didn't know you could save us. You didn't know either of us would survive, but you still came back for me. To be with me. That's all I need to know, Shego. Remember what I said right before…..all that began?"

"Yes," she murmured.

"I meant it. Every word. My only regret then, or now, is that I wasted so much time once I realized who I really loved in this world. I can't do anything over, but I can do things right now. If we're going to have a child, a little girl, then I'm going to love her, and treasure her, and dare anyone on this, or any planet to so much as glare at her. Just like I love, and treasure you, Em," she smiled at her again.

"Do you have to call me that," she groaned.

"Ah, but it's so fitting. You're a perfect emerald. A jewel that never loses its shine. A…."

"Kimmie," Shego growled, and rolled over onto all fours. "I don't think being compared to a glorified rock is all that great."

"And being called a Pumpkin is somehow better," Kim teasingly quipped. "Or a cupcake? Or…."

"Ah, but I really like the thought of eating you, because you're sooooo sweet," Shego grinned in feral fashion, and launched herself at her.

Kim squealed, but made no attempt to get away.


"You actually like doing this," Betty Director asked Gyrzza a few days later as the silver dragoness made short work of catching up, and sifting the backlog on the desk they shared.

Shego, it seemed, was stubbornly refused to come in as yet, declaring herself on indefinite leave for reasons best left undisclosed.

Betty knew better.

The bitch was shirking. Again.

"I enjoy having a purpose again," Gyrzza told her blandly as ever. "I have not had one for a long time."

"But…. All right, now I'm confused."

"It is no secret my world was destroyed, Elizabeth," the female told her. "Consider your own role. Suppose your agency simply ceased to be? What would your role be then? That, essentially, is my dilemma. I was a dragon without a world to champion. I had hoped to find a place in the Great Lady's own court, but…. It is a very crowded place. Curiously enough, Shego and her mate chose to welcome me, and grant me a place at their side. That is a very great honor. Even if they do not yet realize what that means to me. Or to them."

"So, you feel you owe them," Betty asked.

Gyrzza allowed a rare smile.

"Despite losing my world, I was also strong enough that I was rarely if ever beaten in genuine combat. Shego defeated me even before she realized her own worth. That, too, has meaning. Ironically, I find I do enjoy being with her and her curious mate."

"Curious? Kimberly suggested gender wasn't an issue with a lot of races."

"It isn't. It's just that most dragon-spawn do not take true mates. They take p'n'ch'ssa. Which is translated roughly as a pet. You could consider them a consort without choice of master. Or mistress."

"So, the Coalition practices slavery," Betty frowned, not having heard this one.

"Not as you understand it. Those that serve in such roles come to it as a result of either civil debt for crimes committed against others, or they sometimes volunteer if work, or other placements are scarce in their regions. It is deemed an honorable status for those who seek new starts."

"It still sounds like slavery," Betty murmured.

"Yet it is not. And it is more….humane….than what I have seen of your judicial system that crowds your lawbreakers into small cells, and tries to ignore them without offering rehabilitation or other service opportunities that might redeem such transgressors."

"We aren't perfect," Betty growled at her, feeling a bit scolded for one of the few times in her life. "But we are working on it. We were even before we realized we were….not alone."

"Indeed. And do you not find it peculiar that a female I now realize you had condemned as such a transgressor, and of little value, has proven to be your world's greatest treasure?"

Dr. Director cleared her throat as she looked up from one of the few files left before her, and told her, "I'd be the first to admit Shego has been…..a handful. She's fought on both sides of the law long before this issue came up. I hoped more than once she might be redeemed, but I don't discount that Kimberly was and is instrumental in guiding that woman. Frankly, I don't doubt she would have been far worse even now without that truly remarkable young woman's influence."

"Indeed? I have been curious about her. How is it that a female of no true power or ability was able to even draw the Grat Ba'auu's devotion?"

Betty grinned now. "You obviously don't know anything about Kim Possible if you think her ordinary. Let me tell you about her, Lady Gyrzza," she smiled smugly now. "Because I can honestly say that if Shego became anything, it was because Kim helped her find her way back from the monster she was fast becoming."

"Truly? Tell me of her. Tell me of how they met. I wish to understand this matter."

Betty grinned, and began to talk. They talked a very long time.


"I was hoping they were kidding," Bonnie murmured as she sat next to Ron in the headquarters of Team Possible.

AKA, his living room.

Across the room, a burly, green giant sat cross-legged in front of the television, watching old reruns of the Fearless Ferret.

"Kim…..? Maybe. Shego? Never," Ron sighed when he was told Warwuff was going to be training with him to fit into Team Possible, and be the Lorwardian liaison on Earth after the Lorwardian emperor left to impress upon his former allies the need to leave Earth, and most especially Shego, alone. "She never had the whole joking vibe that the Ron-Man did. She was always either, 'My way, or…..' Hmmmm. Yep, it was always her way," Ron nodded to himself as Bonnie sighed, and rolled her eyes.

"But why does he have to stay with us," she demanded.

"Something about learning about 'real' human beings, and stuff like that," Ron sighed, wanting to hug the woman in his life, but not quite comfortable with trying with a nearly ten foot alien sitting in the middle of his living room watching television, surrouned by what was left of his available snackage.

"In other words, they didn't want him to stay with them," Bonnie muttered sourly as she glared at that huge, broad back.

"Well, you know how it is. Since they defeated him, he feels bound to follow them. So when Shego told him to 'help us,' well….."

"You boys, and your honor," she grumbled, glaring all the more at Ron.

Ron predicted a very cold winter. And it was not even summer yet.


Kim woke up to find Shego already awake.

"Hey," she murmured, not moving as she found it very comfortable folded up in her lover's arms.

"Hey, yourself."

Kim murmured softly, purring as she wriggled a little closer, and let her eyes close as she relaxed. "I could stay here forever."

"You'd get hungry."

"Is that a hint?"

"I was thinking room service," Shego remarked quietly. "Just didn't want to wake you."

"What time is it?"

"Not quite five."

Kim didn't reply to that.

"I promised to go see the folks this week after we got back," she finally told her. "Mom was a little freaked that we disappeared into space for a few weeks again."

"You think," Shego chuckled. "Hego is swearing he is never going anywhere near a spacecraft again. He still hasn't adjusted to an entire planet of Lorwardians swearing to serve me if I only call them."

"Those guys are a bit extreme. It does seem all or nothing with them."

"Let's just hope they can get those nonaligned planets off our back so we can relax for a change," Shego told her. "Which was the idea in the first place."

"You think the Great Lady told us everything? You know, about the baby?"

"Where did that one come from," Shego sputtered, looking a bit uneasy again.



"I can't be absolutely certain, but….. I think I am. You know."

"You know wha….? Wait. You're saying….? You are….? Now?"

"I felt something….last night," she smiled at Shego, snuggling closer. "But I wasn't sure until after I woke up. I just….feel it. We're going to have a baby," she smiled at the gren-skinned woman.

"Okay, this is….beyond weird."

"You mean, weirder than you saving us from a nuclear explosion in space, and turning out to be a dragon-in-training?"

Shego groaned, and rolled over, sighing as she stared at the ceiling.

"There is no way I'm going back to that office right now. No way."

"Betty won't like you playing hooky again," he predicted.

"Who is playing hooky," Shego smiled as she rolled over, propped up her head on a hand, and looked down at the redhead. "I'm going to take care of my number one priority, and until we know for certain what is up with….the whole baby thingy, you are going on indefinite leave, too."

"So, no more impromptu vacations," Kim teased.

"Watch it, Kimmie. Or I'll lock you in a cell even you can't get out for the next nine months."

"Is that a challenge," Kim purred, reaching up for her, and pulling her down into her arms.

"I just want you to be okay," Shego murmured against her lips. "After all we have gone through, I couldn't stand it if anything happened to you now."

Kim chortled. "We're heroes. What could happen?"

Shego sputtered, shoving her back to gape at her.

"What did you call me? What was that?"

Kim rolled out of bed, laughing so hard she almost fell when she stumbled to the bathroom.

"Dibs on the bathroom!"

"Hey! Get back here!"

"Face it, Shego," she laughed, the door slamming behind her. "You saved the world. Maybe the galaxy! My Great Blue Shego is a heeeeeeee-rooooooooo," she laughed from behind the door.

Shego's wordless howl of disgust was far more incomprehensible.


"You misled them," Vakaui frowned at the now slender vixen that lounged beside him on board the Etheral, the Great Lady's personal ship.

"Not….completely," the seemingly fragile anthro told her mate. "Consider, I know my daughters more than you, or they realize. Young Kimberly is still far too impulsive, and prone to taking unnecessary chances. Shego is yet an indolent, and often indifferent creature at her best."

"Yet they are….?"

"Now charged with raising the life-spark I helped them create with their own love for one another. Being so charged with an allegedly important offspring will temper, and eventually hone the more honorable aspects of their personalities if they believe they are raising the next leader of the united worlds they now unknowingly guide."

"Still, my Lady," the silver fox sighed. "I don't understand. Why not tell them that Lady Shego is the true leader of the M'Kandii worlds rather than…..?"

"I have my reasons. Chief of which is that Shego as she is now might well flee that obligation placed upon her. By preparing her daughter for that role, which she will take over in due time, she will become the very leader that her galaxy requires. Especially with her very remarkable mate's aid."

"I see. You remain far more clever than I, Lady," the fox admitted.

"I don't think you are so slow, my dear friend," the apparent fox smiled. "I believe you were the one that detected the new Lady's rise in the first place, and directed my gaze to her in time for us to send a ship to aid her when she required it."

"As you say," he murmured, and stroked the soft fur of the female before him.

"Now, my love. Enough talk. Show me the affection I know you hide behind that dour mask. It is going to be a long trip using this old vessel, and for once I am in no hurry."

Vakaui gave a purely masculine chortle as he pulled his lover into his arms, and reminded her of a time when she was but a young vixen on a world very far from where she now ruled. It was, she decided, a very nice memory.

Never the End…