This idea came to me while reading POA and it provided a good outlet while I struggled with writers block on some Dramione stories I'm writing. It's very short because I wanted it to be, I think this idea would only work with a short story, it's actually more an explanation. I hope you like it.

Many people wondered why I loathed Professor Lupin, but they all came up with answers like "the Gryffindors like him,", "he's shabby" or "he's nice to Potter". I let them all believe it, even throwing in some snide remarks along these lines to throw them off the scent. The truth was it was none of these, not even close actually.

It all started in our first Defence against the dark arts lesson. This was one of the only lessons we didn't share with the Gryffindors, so I got a break from the terrible trio and their permanent whining. Contrary to common belief I was actually looking forward to this lesson, anything was better than that stuttering fool Quirrell or the pompous idiot Lockhart. Sure Lupin looked terrible but everybody else had been raving about his lessons so I had high hopes for this one. It wasn't until he came into the classroom and announced that we would be going to the dungeons to tackle a boggart that the hate started.

I knew what a boggart was; the manor was so large we usually had at least 3 or 4 in residence at one time so I knew how to tackle one. I knew that all it took was laughter and a small simple charm, it wasn't rocket science (a muggle saying I had heard Granger using on Weasley about charms homework), but I was scared stiff. The thing I feared the most would appear in that dungeon, the thing which I never wanted to see or confront and the thing that nobody could ever know about.

So when Lupin called for a line to tackle the boggart I went straight to the back, followed by my "cronies" as everyone called them. Of course I made some shit excuse about how "Any first year can handle a boggart, how sad he thinks this is challenging" giving my signature smirk for good measure to try and prove that I was not bothered about a stupid boggart when really I was shaking inside. What if it doesn't go before my turn? What if everyone saw my boggart? What am I going to do?

I don't believe in luck, I believe in strategic planning and intelligence to get me through all situations. But that lesson I was damn lucky. This boggart seemed particularly strong, lasting almost the whole way through the line until Blaise who was only 2 people in front of me. He stood there proud and tall while the boggart transformed into a man I immediately recognised as Blaise's father. Blaise didn't have any obvious fears, his father was showing his fear of his mother being hurt again, and I had never felt so prouder of my friend until he calmly spoke "Riddikulus" and the tall figure shrunk down, small enough so that Blaise could have crushed him with one finger. Then he started laughing at it. A loud, proud, if slightly maniacal laugh that caused the Boggart to explode into wisps of smoke.

"Excellent 5 points to anybody who handled the Boggart" Lupin said and left the dungeon. The room descended into chatter as Blaise stood facing his long disappeared opponent.

"You alright mate?" I asked,

"Bastard had it coming" he said smiling and left. I smiled at thin air, partly because of Blaise, mostly because I didn't have to face the boggart.

The hate became fully fledged loathing when the end of year exams started. I was doing brilliantly, only being beaten by Granger when the Defence against the Dark arts exam came. Of course it was easy until the end, everything bad always happens at the end. I knew when I climbed into the old trunk with a boggart that things were going to go wrong. I didn't realise how wrong until I collapsed on the floor of the trunk sobbing in front of it. All reasonable thoughts had left my head; I couldn't remember my own name so how the hell I would be able to remember the spell was beyond me.

After 10 minutes Lupin jumped into the trunk to see what the hell had happened to me. What he found would stay with him forever, and was what made me loath him so deeply.

What Professor Lupin found was the proud pureblood Draco Malfoy sobbing on the floor in front of his worst fear, the dead figure of the muggle born Hermione Granger.

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