I am starting to think that I'm going to start every chapter with an apology for the update time so again I say I'm sorry. This chapter has taken so long because I just couldn't get it right so I hope its ok. Now I am also sorry to say that this is the last chapter of this story, I know I should have warned you but I hadn't decided myself but I decided that another chapter at Hogwarts would probably ruin the story so an Epilogue it is!


The barrier between platforms 9 and 10 at Kings Cross station never failed to make me smile; it brought back so many memories. My first year where a kindly witch helped me get onto the platform with my parents, to the many years I had arrived with the Weasleys. It hadn't changed in 19 years despite how drastically my life had changed. I looked across at Draco who smiled back at me, putting on a brave face like we had agreed, then down at the two children stood in between us. Scorpius looked exactly like his father, blonde hair and silver eyes along with the seekers build, while Georgiana favoured me more with her brown curly hair and brain (she already corrected her father) except she also had the molten silver orbs that made so many people melt. Draco had barely changed, he had filled out more but so far wasn't losing his hair and refused point blank to believe that he had put on any weight, it was one of the many things I liked to tease him with.

I took Georgiana's hand while Draco took our son's and we walked through the barrier to the platform where my life had truly begun. The Hogwarts express stood billowing smoke which obscured many of the faces surrounding us. We dodged and weaved between people, greeting anybody who recognised us.

"Mummy why can't I go to Hogwarts now?" Georgie asked, again.

"Because darling you're not old enough, in two years' time you'll go" I replied. On hearing this Draco smiled at me again sending his eyes highwards,

"Where are they dad?" Scorpius asked peering down the platform and through the crowds before letting out a whoop and running to meet the person he had just recognised. We followed to find him talking excitedly to his best friend, Albus Potter.

"Hermione" Ginny said and gave me a huge hug while Draco and Harry greeted each other with a warm handshake and then started talking quietly about something.

"Sweetheart what are you doing?" I asked

"Nothing dear" he replied, looking up too quickly with a look I recognised far too well.

"Draco…" I growled at my darling husband causing him to smile sheepishly at me.

"Well honey, Harry and I were just discussing about the boys at Hogwarts and who they are going to take after" he said innocently, shuffling his feet. I obviously didn't look convinced because he mumbled something underneath his breath,


"and maybe taking bets on which house they are going to be in" he tailed off quietly while taking great interest in the floor.

"WHAT!" Ginny burst out from beside me; Draco caught my eye and gave me a small grin,

"Harry Potter I cannot believe you would stoop so low as to take bets on our Childs future at Hogwarts, how dare you!" It was hard to believe how like Mrs Weasley Ginny had grown up to be.

"Gin I was just a joke, I don't care which house he's in" Harry said, trying to placate his wife whose face was now going up nicely in the scale of anger,

"Besides it was only 100 galleons" Draco piped up, winking at me cheekily,


"MALFOY!" Harry shouted at the same time causing my dearly beloved to burst out laughing. It didn't matter that he was no longer a teenager, Draco still acts younger than our children at times, but that's just one of the many reasons I love him. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a small hand pulling gently but insistently on my arm. Looking down I saw Scorpius with a look on him face I recognised far too well, the look his father gave when he was scared.

"Mum can I talk to you please" he said in a small voice and I looked briefly at Draco, conveying in one look what it would take other couples sentences to explain. I turned and crouched down to our sons height, taking in his expression and the tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

"Whats wrong sweetheart?"

"I'm scared" he whispered, his voice barely any louder than a whisper of wind,

"Why?" I whispered back, taking his hand in mine

"What if I'm in the wrong house?" his fingers gripped mine tightly in an almost convulsive grip, one tear did spill from his eyes and it was then I knew what I had to say,

"Scorpius Abraxious Malfoy, I was Gryffindor you know that don't you?" he nodded slowly, "your father was a Slytherin, your godmother was a Ravenclaw and Tonks was a Hufflepuff." He tilted his head up and looked at me,

"It doesn't matter what house you're in, Tonks was one of the bravest people I ever met, Luna isone of the nicest and you father well, what can I say? No matter what people say about each house, for each bad point I can give you a good, for each bad person I can name you a better one" I stared at him intently watching the words sink in,

"Tonks was a hufflepuff?"


"And she was cool?" I laughed,

"She was the coolest, she used to have her hair pink and turn her nose into a snout for fun" I smiled, I had told the children about all of my old friends, and they loved the stories I told. Scorpius smiled at me,

"Thanks" he whispered, wiping the tear away from his cheek,

"now was that it?"

"no..." he trailed off and immediately I knew what was wrong,

"I will write to you every day if you want, Hagrid is always there and Professor Longbottom will always listen to you. You're not alone Scorpius" He looked at me for a moment before throwing his arms around my neck,

"I love you mum" he whispered into my ear,

"I love you too" I whispered back before standing up and giving him a secret wink. We turned back towards the Potters and saw that Harry had just had a very similar conversation with Albus. Both of the boys looked at each other and smiled, I pitied any teacher who had to deal with them, I remember many occasions where they had been to blame for 'issues' around the house including a rather amusing incident involving a bucket of water, ice cubes, paint and Draco. At least I found it funny.

The train gave a warning sound and we headed towards the train. All of my confidence had apparated away leaving a horrible feeling. Draco grabbed my hand and I could tell he felt exactly the same, Scorpius was the oldest and this was the first time I had seen my son off to school. Harry and Ginny had already sent James and no matter how reassuring Ginny had been, I felt sick to my stomach. We found an empty compartment and the boys settled down, leaning out the window to say goodbye. The train gave a final shriek and a look of panic crossed my sons face,

I gave him a hug, "Don't panic you'll be fine" he smiled at me weakly; Draco gave him another hug and whispered something in his ear which caused Scorpius to grin. The train started moving and I followed it to the end of the platform, watching my son disappear towards the school that had changed my life. I felt an arm snake around my waist and I leant into Draco, letting a small tear escape my eye.

"He'll be fine Hermione, he's just like you that way" he said comfortingly,

"What did you say to him?"

"I just told him that he would meet someone and love them just the way I love you" I turned and kissed him,

"Thank you". He took my hand and we walked towards The Potters, where Georgiana was talking to Lily about when they went to Hogwarts. I was so happy, I had two beautiful children, wonderful friends and a husband who I loved and who loved me unconditionally, then a thought made me giggle,

"Whats wrong love?" Draco asked

"Just think, this all started because of a Boggart".

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