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Fool Exorcist

Episode 13


Back where we left off, Shura, the mysterious well-endowed woman, was standing before the goggling twins, Rin and Yukio, in the extravagantly gay Mepphy Land, an amusement park dedicated to Mephisto. The equally extravagantly gay teacher Mr. Tsubaki and Shiemi stood nearby as well, all staring at the newcomer in confusion.

"Shura?" Mr. Tsubaki repeated, eyeing the young woman warily, voice thick with suspicion. "And you say the Vatican sent you?"

"Yup." Shura nodded and handed over several papers. "Here's my license and certification." Mr. Tsubaki studied them for several moments before frowning.

"…I'm afraid these aren't enough-"

"…Ugh, FINE!" Shura sighed and rolled her eyes. "Here's my cup-size." She held out a large lacey bra, which Mr. Tsubaki took and held up to examine closely.

"Hmmm. Yup, she's definitely who she says she is!"

"Oh please like you even CARE-" Rin snorted off to the side.



"Rin stop it," Yukio snapped distractedly, then blinked. "Wait, detention means less time around me." He stared at his brother intensely and jabbed a finger at Mr. Tsubaki. "Attack him. Attack him with your stupid."

"Alrighty." Shura got to business, placing her hands on her hips and tipping her shaggy head toward Rin. "I'll be taking this kid to the Japanese Branch office so I can- WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT?"

Rin froze for a moment, one hand stuffed in his wallet, then threw another fistful of dollar bills into the woman's face.

"Start dancing, honey!" He cried impatiently. "Hurry, before I run outta singles and hafta pull a Mephisto and start chucking quarters!" He paused. "They sting." He paused again. "I know." There was another pause. "Are you gonna take your top off or what?"

Shura slugged him in the gut, then pocketed his wallet.

"Speaking of Mephisto," she continued over the sound of Rin's dry-heaving, "I need to talk to him, too. Bring him along. Use force if necessary." She paused, considering. "If unnecessary, as well."

"Will DO," Mr. Tsubaki replied with grim satisfaction, pulling out a tube of lip-stick and busily applying it.

"I KNEW it!" Rin choked out.

"It's CHAP-stick, Rin! I have dry lips!"

"Oh." Rin blinked. "Well then might I recommend Blistex-" He broke off as Shura suddenly loomed over him, glaring down with a sinister expression.

"Get up," she snapped. "I've got a shitload of stuff I wanna ask ya."

"Do whatever you want with me, talking breasts of my dreams," Rin whispered back, staring up at her with wide, glittering eyes. Shura stared at him for a quiet moment, then lunged forward and clothes-lined him. "Ow okay except that-"

"Later!" Shura waved a goodbye to the confounded group and began dragging Rin away, not unlike a slutty wolf hauling away a struggling, retarded deer.

"W-wait!" Shiemi finally found the courage to speak up, stepping in Shura's way and raising her hands. "Please, Rin is injured! Can't it wait until-"

"He'll be fine," Shura stated, absently aiming a kick at Rin's midsection.

"Ow I just peed a little and now my wounds buu~uuurn!"

"See?" Shiemi stood her ground, fists clenched. "He needs-"

"Get lost, flat-chest." Shura snorted and pushed past the girl, lugging her catch after her. Shiemi gasped aloud in outrage.

"I am NOT flat!" She cried after the woman. "My breasts are at least…" She paused for a long moment as she stared down at her chest, studying and measuring before continuing. "…one THIRD the size of yours!"

"Christ! That's gotta be a C cup at least!" Rin muttered in awe before his head hit a rock. It didn't do much to him but the rock was really hurt.

A short distance away, Yukio had returned to the group of worried cram-school students, who stood clustered together, muttering and waiting for any kind of news.

"Sensei!" Izumo barked impatiently, glaring at Yukio as he walked up. "What on earth is going ON?"

"Yeah, what was all that noise?" Suguro joined in, frowning. Beside him, Shima's eyes suddenly narrowed, and he sniffed at the air experimentally.

"I smell TITTIES." He hissed out in a suspicious voice.

"Today's mission is over," Yukio declared to the group, attempting to calm them. "Go back to your dorms for the rest of the day. There is absolutely nothing here to see-"

"Heeeeelp meeeeee!" Rin screeched out, desperately clawing at the ground as he was dragged passed the group, Shura gripping him by an ankle. "This crazy chick with ENORMO boobs is dragging me off to her lair to RAPE me!" He quieted for a moment, scraping along the ground in silence. "…On second thought don't help me."

"Goddamn you, Rin!" Shima snarled under his breath, watching the pair with ill-disguised jealousy. "I'll get you for this! You AND your big titties too! EEEE-hee-hee-heee!"

"Dude, what is WRONG with you?" Suguro asked, frowning at his friend with a disturbed expression.

"It's not fair! That should be ME, Bon!"

Shiemi suddenly dashed into view, scrambling after the retreating pair.

"Hey! Shiemi!" Izumo snapped out, waving a hand and catching her attention. "What's going on? Who IS that-"

"That whore just said I was flat!" Shiemi cried, pointing at Shura's back.

"Oh, please!" Izumo snorted aloud. "Yours are…" There was another long pause as Izumo considered her own chest, frowning and cocking her head. "…twice as big as mine, which means she pretty much called me sunken chest. Let's get that bitch!" She cracked her knuckles with glee and lunged after her, only to be held back by the others.

"No, let her go! It'll be the cat-fight of the century!"

"Shut up and help me, Shima!"

"Where are you taking me?" Rin demanded, still being pulled across the grounds by Shura. "I'll have you know I prefer to be wined and dined before I'm EFFED!" He paused once more." Or you could just, you know, say 'please' or something."

"I'm taking you to the base," Shura explained, reaching a tall stone wall and dropping Rin's leg. "Yukio, open the door." Rin's twin brother appeared and stepped forward, holding a large ring of iron keys. Rin scowled at him.

"What is this, a three-way? Not that I mind, it's just the fanfics are bad enough as they are-"

"Don't make me shove this up your rectum," Yukio said dangerously, holding up a thick, rusted key.

"…You just gave a fangirl a PERFECT opener, I hope you know," Rin stated matter-of-factly. "And also, every time you say 'no', a fangirl dies."

"Sideways," Yukio added, glaring for measure. Rin's face paled and he fell silent. Satisfied, Yukio reached forward and unlocked the door before them. It creaked open to reveal an expansive stone room with a vaulted ceiling complete with many detailed arches and pillars. Shura caught Rin in a viscous head-lock before he could escape and hauled him into the strange chamber.

"This is the center of the Japanese Branch of the Order of True Cross," she explained, looking around and admiring the impressive room. "It was founded by-"

"…I'm sorry what was that?" Rin suddenly interrupted, face scrunched with confusion. "I couldn't hear anything due to a huge BOOB blocking my ear." He blinked. "Not that I mind, really."

"How would you like to be SMOTHERED to death?" Shura asked, glaring darkly at him. Rin stared up at her with an innocent expression.

"…Very much."

"Welcome, welcome!" A melodic voice casually intruded. The three turned to find Mephisto standing before them, dressed in a modest jacket and pants (I didn't even realize he owned any normal clothes!). He leered at Shura, grinning wickedly. "Long time no see, my dears!" Then he raised his gaze and blinked in surprise. "Oh, Shura, you're here too."

"Piss off, twinkle-toes." Shura snapped, in no mood for games.

"What's up, Mepphy?" Rin called, head still trapped in Shura's unbreakable grip. "All your tights dirty with glitter or something? Bwahahaha!"

"Ahahaha- SHUT UP!" Mephisto whipped a fistful of glitter into Rin's face, who sputtered and choked on the shimmering pixie dust.

"Mephisto, gimme a straight answer," Shura interrupted the charade, her tone serious. "Why did you hide the son of Satan?"

"…Have you seen him?" Mephisto replied shortly. Shura frowned and glanced down at Rin, who was busy picking his nose with relish.

"Whuzz up, honey bunches of oats?"

"…Yeah I kinda see what you mean," Shura sighed in defeat. "Can't say I really blame you." She gave her head a shake, her ponytail swinging to and fro. "But still! Why didn't you report it to the Vatican?"

"…The line…was busy?" Mephisto tried weakly. "All those people PRAYING-"

"Christ, forget it." Shura's eyes suddenly became dark and dangerous, expression solemn. "One last question, Mephisto. Did Fujimoto have anything to do with this case?"

"Don't be silly!" Mephisto scoffed, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. "Of COURSE not, he'd NEVER-"

"What are you guys talking about DAD for?" Rin butted in, still busy mining for brain gold.

"Oh Godammit Rin."

"By 'dad,', I mean 'Reverend Fujimoto'-"


"Okay, that's it. I'm gonna interrogate this little shit." Shura tightened her hold on Rin's windpipe and turned away. "I'm gonna use the Great Cell."

"Interrogate me?" Rin perked up. "Like whips n' chains and kinky shit?"

"Wait, Shura-" Yukio began, stepping forward.


"This is official business, Yukio. Don't interfere." Shura pulled Rin away and began hauling him toward one of the large cell doors in the nearby wall. Rin flashed Yukio a thumbs-up and grinned. His brother simply groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"God help him that's a new pairing right there."

The huge door ground open and Rin was roughly shoved inside the cell, Shura following close behind. Gears churned as the door closed behind the woman, who stalked close, glaring at the boy. Rin stared back, face blank.

"…Be gentle."

"I am NOT having sex with you."

"…Be gentle."

"Shut up and listen!" Shura burst out, crossing her arms (which really didn't help any). "This might come as a surprise, but I was Reverend Fujimoto's apprentice! I grew up in a horrible place outside the range of reason, where I had to fight every day to survive…" She shuddered at the memory before continuing. "But then Fujimoto came. He saved me from-"

"…Is your left breast slightly larger than your right?" Rin suddenly asked aloud, cocking his head as he considered her chest. "Because I keep studying them and it seems that way-"



"Okay, fine! FINE! Wanna touch them? Here you go!" Shura threw her arms into the air and jiggled invitingly.

"Wheeee!" Rin squealed with delight and rushed over, hands outstretched. Shura immediately spun away, snatching Rin's sword from his shoulder and hopping back several steps. "HEY!"

"Come on!" She taunted, waving the sword in the air and smirking. "Was this shit so cheap you'd let anyone take it?"

"No!" Rin shot back, incensed. "Not unless they asked REALLY nicely!" He paused. "Or let me touch their boobs."

"Not gonna happen, dipshit."

"That's not FAIR!" Blue flames burst free, cocooning Rin in their fury. Shura backed off and scowled, suddenly hit with an old memory of past days…


"What?" A younger Shura cried, sputtering in outrage. "You want me to take that little four-eyes as my pupil? No way! He's a brat!" She quieted for a moment. "Plus I'm pretty sure he stole a pair of my heels."

"No, no! Not him!" Reverend Fujimoto pressed, pointing to the other small boy in the photo he held. "The OTHER one!"

"…You mean the one playing with dog poop?"

"I made him wash his hands right after."

"You can't be serious."

"Of course I am. Up to the elbows with anti-bacterial soap-"

"No! I mean about him becoming my pupil!"

"Oh." Fujimoto blinked. "Come on, he'll grow on you. He's a loveable idiot."

"Why me?" Shura demanded, pushing the photo of Yukio and Rin away and glaring at the Reverend. "Why should I become his teacher?"

"Because, Shura!" Fujimoto begged, eyes imploring over his dark glasses. "You're skilled with Demon Blades! You're the only one who can do this! The only one I can count on!"

"…Okay what's the REAL reason, old man?"

"I'm too cheap to hire a real teacher."

"You're not even gonna PAY me?" Shura whirled about on her heel and made to move away. "No freaking way!"

"No, wait! Please! I…I can pay you!" Fujimoto scrambled for his wallet, yanking it out of his back pocket and rummaging inside. "Here, I'll pay you in singles-"

"UGH! FORGET IT!" She stormed off down the hall, fuming.

Fujimoto slumped in defeat, sighing deeply and snapping his wallet closed. Suddenly Shura sidled back beside him, eyeing the wallet with a dark scowl.

"…How many singles?"

-End of Flashbaaaaack!-

Back in the Great Cell, Shura ground her teeth at the memory. Chanting softly under her breath, she raised a hand and pulled a gleaming sword from the strange symbol between her breasts.

"Holy SHIT you've got magic titties!" Rin gasped out, eyes wide with wonder. "Can you make a rabbit or some doves appear?"

"Oh yeah sure hold on lemme reach in and- ARE YOU AN IDIOT!"

"Yes. Yes I am."

"Oh yeah right." Shura cleared her throat and leveled her sword at Rin's head. He tensed, confusion flickering over his features. "I was sent here from the Vatican with secret orders," she explained quietly. "I am authorized to kill-"

"The President?" Rin burst out, aghast.

"No! You!"

"…I'm the President?"

"Oh Jesus Christ."

"Holy shit I'm Jesus CHRIST?"

"No," Shura replied, her voice calm and flat. "You're DEAD."

She struck like a viper.

Meanwhile, outside the Great Cell, Yukio stood with Mephisto, the two sitting in chair and enjoying a rather nice pot of tea and some tasty biscuits.

"So you're sure you don't want to save him?" Mephisto asked, dunking a biscuit into his steaming tea-cup.

"Oh heaven's NO." Yukio sat back and took a sip from his own cup. "I'm enjoying my tea too much. Plus he's kind of an asshole."

"Gwaaagh!" Rin's cries echoed from within the cell, followed by multiple loud crashes and thuds. "Ow! Ow! OWWWW!"

"Would you like cream or sugar?" Mephisto asked pleasantly, reaching over to the small table in front of them.

"Yukio! Oh God! Oh God! Help meeee!"

"Oh, sugar, please." Yukio replied, extending his cup.

"No! No not that! Please don't- AUUUUGH!"

"Here you go."

Rin's desperate cries had dissolved into forlorn sobbing.


Back in the Great Cell, Rin was rolling on the floor in the unbearable agony, sobs wracking his body. Shura stood before him, resting her sword on her shoulder and scowling impatiently.

"Okay seriously you stubbed your toe," she stated with disgust. "Grow a pair."

"I am in critical condition here!" Rin shot back through his tears, clutching his injured foot. "I require mouth-to-mouth."

"How about sword-to-face?"

"How about penis-to-"

"Oh GOD Shiro what have you created?" Shura sighed and rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand. "You stupid old fool…"

"HEY!" Rin suddenly sat up, face indignant, pain forgotten. "Don't you DARE talk bad about MY dad! Only I can do that!" He took a deep breath and shouted aloud. "Eff you, dad! You're a horrible monster and I'm glad you're trapped in the fiery pits of hell for all eternity! Oh and by the way I'm talking to Shiro not my other asshole of a father." He paused for a long moment, blinking several times. "I'm sorry, dad, that one went a little too far."

"You…" Shura's expression softened, and she lowered her blade. "You loved Shiro…didn't you?"

"Fuck NO!" Rin spat, scowling at her. "I hated that stupid old geezer! He made fun of me, he beat me up, he even played pranks on me! He made my life a living hell! YES I loved him! Gotta problem with that?" He crossed his arms and bunched his shoulders, waiting.

Shura simply threw her head back and laughed long and loud, shaking with mirth. She snapped her fingers, the huge cell door popping open and creaking wide.

"Shiro was right," she chuckled. "You ARE a loveable idiot."

"Yukio!" Rin cried, dashing out the exit. "Calm down, everything's alright! I know you were worried about me, but-" There was a short pause from outside. "Is that a fucking PICNIC?"


"OH GOD THAT HURTS!" Rin screeched, twisting away from Yukio's grasp.

"Hold still!" Yukio snapped, snatching for him again. The two brothers were back in the True Cross Academy's medical ward, the younger attempting to treat the older's injuries from Amaimon with a small squirt-bottle filled with iodine.

"Why are your hands so cold?"

"Shut up! They are not!" Yukio huffed, shoving Rin back down onto the cot. "Now lift your arms or I'll get you in your eyes. By accident this time."

"I thought you said last time was-"



The room fell silent as Rin sulked, Yukio spraying his wounds with the stinging medicine. Finally he glanced at his brother's pouting face and spoke up.

"So…what the hell happened in there? In the Great Cell? I heard a lot of screaming but didn't really care."

"I'm not quite sure what happened myself," Rin answered, frowning in confusion. "Either I DIDN'T score, or I have been grossly misled as to what sex is."

Yukio paused for a moment, staring at his brother, then sprayed him in the eyes. Amidst Rin's pterodactyl-like screeches and flailing, the door banged open, and Shura sauntered in, tossing a long wooden training sword at Rin. He barely managed to catch it and stared at the object, greatly displeased.

"The hell is this? This ain't food!" He glowered at Shura. "I can't eat this!" He paused, considering the weapon, eyebrow raised. "…Or CAN I?"

"That's for you to train with for now," Shura explained, adjusting Kurikara, which was slung over her shoulder. "I'll be keeping yours for a while."

"What?" Rin snarled, chewing at the wooden sword. "The hell are you gonna use mine for? A new STRIPPER pole?"

"Of course not." Shura snorted and tossed her hair. "I'm gonna shave my legs with it."

"NOOOO! You witch!"

"Keep complaining and I'll shave yours, too."

"Waaay ahead of you." Rin raised a foot and pulled up his pant-leg, revealing silky smooth skin below. He glanced over at Yukio. "You can touch it if you want. I know you do."

Yukio sprayed him in the eyes again.

-Late That Night…-

Night had fallen over True Cross Academy. Shura sat in Mephisto's cluttered office, reclining in a plush chair across from the man's wide wooden desk. The two were deep in conversation.

"I'll continue watching over Rin Okumura," Shura was saying, relaxing in her seat. "So I'll be staying here for a while. Find a job for me." Mephisto leaned forward, leering at the woman over his interlocked fingers.

"Oh, but of course! I'm delighted to welcome such a renowned Exorcist! It's a pleasure to have you work for me!" Mephisto grinned at her, then raised his eyes and blinked. "Oh. And you too, Shura."

"OKAY FUCK YOU." Shura stood up to leave, pausing to glare over her shoulder at the offending man. "Don't forget. You're a Demon. The higher-ups don't trust you." Her eyes narrowed with sudden suspicion. "Just what are you up to, hmmm?" She slowly began backing out of the room, eyes locked on Mephisto. Nearing the exit, she stumbled over the rug, bumped into a table, and slid out the door, taking one final peek before closing it behind her. Mephisto sat at his desk, a frown marring his features as he mulled over the comments, wondering what-

"Brother!" Amaimon suddenly called from the other room. "Glee is on!"

"What? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Mephisto leapt from his desk, knocking his chair over and scrambling for the door. "I almost missed Mercedes putting her STANK on it!"

Meanwhile, Rin sat atop the True Cross Academy, perched on one of the high steeples of the school building. He stared out at the dark night sky, brooding or just on screensaver, it's kinda hard to tell. Kuro scrabbled up beside him, tails swishing, and climbed up his shoulder, mewling plaintively.

Rin! What are you doing so late at night?

"Eh, nothing much." Rin shrugged at his familiar, then grinned wickedly. "Hey, watch this." He leaned forward over the roof's edge, snorted deep, and hawked a loogie, spitting it into the darkness below. A long silence followed until…



"Target destroyed." Rin winked at the small two-tailed cat.

You really need a better hobby.

"Yeah probably." Rin sat back, breathing deep and letting it out in a long sigh. As the night's calm returned once more, long-lost memories were recalled…of him and his father…

-Another Flashbaaaaack!-

"RAAAAAAAAAGGGH!" Rin was having a tantrum at day-care, screaming wildly, throwing toys and books. Reverend Fujimoto stood before his son, attempting to calm his inner hell-fire whilst the other workers cowered in fear. Scattered dolls and broken toys littered the floor, victims of Rin's rage.

"Rin! Calm down!" Fujimoto barked, dodging a copy of Mary Had a Little Lamb. "If you do, I will take you to McDonalds! What happened? Why did you beat up the other kids?"

"It's their fault! Not mine!" Rin shouted back, stomping his feet. "They called me a Demon and made fun of me! I'm not! I'm NOT a Demon!"

"…What's that on your hands?" Fujimoto asked, pointing. Rin frowned and looked down at them.


"No. The red stuff."

"Oh. Blood."
"What's that on the carpet?"

"More poop?"


"Blood." Rin paused. "And teeth."

"What's that smell?"

"Urine." Rin frowned. "Wait isn't that normal for me?"

"It's not yours, Rin."

"Oh." Rin slumped. "Okay maybe I'm a LITTLE bit of a Demon."

"Rin, it's okay…" Shiro knelt toward his small son, arms spread wide. "Come here, it's gonna be okay…" Rin's eyes widened, and he trembled, sniffling.



"GWAAAAUGH!" Rin choked, thrashing in his father's deadly grip. "I'll never trust you again, you asshole!" He balled up a tiny fist and slugged his father in the stomach.

"Oh, please!" Fujimoto laughed. "You seriously think you can hurt-"


"Okay that one hurt a little." Fujimoto slumped onto Rin, who gasped and froze, realizing what he'd done.

"D…dad? Are you…?"

"Listen, Rin," Fujimoto coughed out, struggling to remain conscious. He weakly lifted his head and stared into his son's eyes. "If you keep this up, you'll be all alone and-"

"Uh, Dad, you're bleeding a little," Rin stated, pointing at the blood leaking out of Fujimoto's mouth. The man frowned and plowed ahead.

"Shut up and listen to me, Rin. You gotta change so that-"

"Seriously, dad, it's, like, GUSHING-"


And then he fainted.

Several minutes and one awkward phone call later, the ambulance arrived and began loading the battered Reverend into the back. Fujimoto grimaced in pain, reclining on a gurney.

"Dad!" Rin called, standing to the side. Tears gleamed is his eyes as guilt threatened to drown him.

"Don't worry about it!" Fujimoto called back, waving back at him. "I'm fine, Rin!"

"B-but Dad, I hit you and-"

"-broke three of your ribs." A paramedic stated, scribbling down notes beside the injured man. "And he ruptured your spleen too. This is your new stomach." He held up a small plastic bag.

"OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?" Rin wailed aloud, tearing at his hair. Fujimoto leaned up on one elbow and punched the paramedic out.

-End of Flashbaaaaack!-

Rin lifted his head into the cool night breeze, smiling at the warm memory. Kuro looked up at him, purring with delight. Rin laughed.

"I'll definitely become a cool adult like dad! Come on, Kuro! Let's play!" He cried, standing up and brandishing his wooden blade. Kuro meowed in agreement, bouncing up and down excitedly.

Yeah! Let's play! With a puff of smoke, he transformed into his natural Cat Sith form, a larger version of himself with twin horns. Together, the pair leapt off the building into the empty space beyond, crowing aloud in exaltation.


-The Next Morning-

The students all sat in class, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their teacher, chatting and muttering amongst themselves. Several long minutes passed until finally the door smashed open, Shura striding in, clad in her patented revealing clothes. Reaching the front of the classroom, she hopped atop the desk and lay seductively amongst the papers and pencils.

Shima raised his hand.

"Yes?" Shura asked in a bored voice. Shima stood up.

"Thank you. Thank you for that."

Then he sat back down.

"You're welcome." Shura replied, then looked out amongst the students. "Let's see. Is everyone-" Suddenly the door creaked open and Rin stumbled in, covered in scrapes and bruises.

"Sorry. Sorry I'm late," he mumbled, rubbing his eyes and wincing. "I had to wash my pants- I mean…yeah, I had to wash my pants. They were full of pee again." He shrugged and sat down. All the other students rolled their eyes and accepted it as perfectly normal.

"Sensei?" Izumo's hand shot up, and she narrowed her eyes at Shura lounging on the tabletop. "Why isn't Professor Nehaus here? Why was he sent away?"

"Maternity leave," Shura promptly stated. "He's due in, like, a week."

"Nehaus is a MAN!" Izumo protested.

"So? He didn't use protection." Shura gazed at the students, face serious. "Let this be a lesson to you all."

"Ma'am?" Rin meekly raised his hand. "I think I might be pregnant." He paused for a moment. "It's Suguro's."

"NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" Suguro roared, flinging a chair at him.

"Okay, okay, settle down," Shura chided, sitting up. "Look, Nehaus won't be here for a while, so I'm filling in for him. Rin, take out your homework and read what you had for question two." Rin climbed to his feet, smirking with confidence as he pulled back his unruly fringe with a hair clip.

"I'll do it…" He thought to himself, eyes burning, brimming with determination. "I'll do it to become a Paladin…I'll do anything!"

He glanced down at his book and froze.

"Oh shit I didn't do my homework."

-Episode 13 End-

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