I came up with this idea after seeing the lack of any Scribblenauts poetry. It's about the block- an item I personally rarely use. And yes, I really do use the line and wings a lot! :)

A Block

I am but a block,
A block I am but.
When will I be written, when will I be born?
I beg of you, Maxwell, please write "block"!
I wish to be created, I wish to be used!

Even if you wind up destroying me,
Or throwing me,
I don't care!
I only want to exist!

I hate the line,
He's always being pulled out,
Wings are also an enemy,
For the same reason,
They never appreciate me,
They always ignore me!
And there isn't one thing I can do about it!

But I am but a block,
A block I am but.
I doubt my creation,
Will ever come.
Please, all you gamers,
Please prove me wrong!

Hope you liked it! Please R&R!