Effect of Jealousy

Summary: This story is a sequel to Jealousy. Wolfram and Yuuri both swapped their personalities because of Anissina's invention and caused the chaos around the castle. Yuuram. BETA-READ BY BLOOD MASKS AND REPOSTED.

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Genre: Romance/Humor

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Day 1:

"Yuuri! Stop this!" Wolfram was running around the castle, avoiding his now-jealous fiancé.

"No! I'm not going to let you go!" Yuuri was still chasing after his now-cheater fiancé.

"I already told you, I wasn't hugging Anissina!" Wolfram ran faster and turned to the left to avoid the water dragon. It only missed him by an inch. 'Whew… I'm just an inch away from death'.

"It's what you said! But I can saw clearly that you hugged her in front of my eyes! You cheater!" Yuuri's eyes narrowed dangerously and he ran much faster than before.

"I'm not a cheater!" Wolfram was ahead of Yuuri. He found a closet at the wall and it was pretty huge. It could even manage to fit two people in it. Wolfram grinned and he got into the closet. He closed it and sat quietly. Yuuri was turning to the left where Wolfram had gone. He then stopped; he couldn't even see a shadow of his cheater fiancé.

"Wolfram? Where are you?" Yuuri called his wimpy cheater fiancé. His voices sounded annoyed.

Wolfram became stiffed and he bit his lips, feared on producing any sound. Wolfram stayed in the closet for what it seemed like an hour or so. After he cleared that there were none of his irritated fiancé's voice yelling his name and calling him 'Cheater', he decided to get out from the closet. His legs were cramped and he stumbled on the floor. A maid saw him and he just laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. The maid was wondering if she was looking at her king but he has blond hair. Before she could open her mouth, Wolfram quickly went to the training ground and found that his troops were already waiting for him.

"Ah! Sorry! I was late" Wolfram apologized and bowed his head at his troops.

All his men gasped, shocked by the sudden reaction from their superior. Well, the Lord von Bielefeld that they knew had never bowed his head to anyone, especially low ranking officers.

"Your Excellency… umm… is something wrong?" His lieutenant looked at him worriedly.

"Wrong? What could be wrong?" Wolfram asked not understanding.

"Hmm… you're different from usual" he continued and all the men just nodded their heads, not wanting to voice their thoughts. Fearing being burnt by their superior's fireballs.

"What's different? I don't feel like anything about me has changed" he looked with innocent and confused eyes.

His huge eyes made all his men adored him. They all thought he was so cute, just like when Heika was giving them puppy eyes to shut their mouth from spilling the location to his fierce fiancé. 'Aww~ His Excellency is just so cute!'

Wolfram stared at his troops and saw them all in a dreamy state.

"Umm.. What's the matter?" he asked.

"N-N-Nothing!" All of them said in unison, embarrassed for being caught looking by their superior. Wolfram just shrugged it off and moved to their usual place of sword practice.

"Then, we should begin our training" Wolfram unsheathed his sword and called one of his men to come forward. Wolfram was unskilled dodging the soldier's sword and he almost got cut on his cheek.

"Whoa! W-What are you doing? You could have killed me" he fell on his butt on the ground and his sword flung to his left side.

"OH! Your Excellency, I'm so sorry!" the soldier helped him stood up. Wolfram brushed the dirt from his trouser.

"Nah, it's okay. You didn't mean to do that. But I need to rest and you all may continue with your training." Wolfram smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. Yuuri's usual trademark before they exchanged personalities. Their jaws dropped and their eyes bulged out when the proud ex-prince doing the exact wimpy impression of their king.

"Ah! Lieutenant! Could you please watch over them? I've got something to do" without waiting for the answer, Wolfram had already sprinted off from there, leaving his troops dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Yuuri was in his office after he failed to find his cheater fiancé. 'Grrr… where is that wimpy cheater fiancé of mine? If I find him, I will surely let my water dragon drown him!' he fisted on the table caused the ink to spill.

Gwendal looked at his king with a weird expression and a frown marred his forehead. He had been staring at the king since said king had stomped into the office, looking annoyed and pissed off. He just let the king sat down and sign the paperwork without asking him anything. The unusual behaviour of the king, even managed to silent Gwendal, when Yuuri just signed the paperwork diligently without being forced or warned with death glares from him.

Yup! Yuuri was taking the Little Lord Brat seriousness about his work. He managed to finish the four mountain piles of papers in just THREE HOURS! when usually it would take him about the whole day and he wouldn't even finish. Gwendal was truly thankful with whatever had changed the king. He let the king go to his next task, studying with Gunter.

"Thank you, Heika" Gwendal smiled his rare smile. Yuuri was stunned and just nodded his head.

Yuuri was occupied by his thoughts on Gwendal when he saw a person that he had been searching for since the morning. That said person didn't even came to lunch, being afraid of him. He stealthily and quietly walked to him and grabbed his shoulder.


"Waahhh!" Wolfram was shocked by the sudden hand placed on his shoulder, he jumped and fell on the floor. When he saw Yuuri, his eyes went wide and his body stiffened. He tried to run but Yuuri was faster than him, grabbing in by the shoulders.

"You cheater! Don't you try to run away from me again!" Yuuri hit Wolfram on the head and dragged him to the Royal Chamber to punish him.

"Arghh! Yuuri! Let me go!" Wolfram was kicking and trying to hold on to anything.

"No! You need to be punished. To make you remember that I'm your fiancé!" Yuuri concluded and dragged the still reluctant Wolfram to their bedroom.

Yuuri opened the door of their bedroom, while, Wolfram, being dragged by his fiancé, was yelling and begging him not to drown him with his water dragon. The moment the door closed, Wolfram's scared cries and Yuuri's annoyed scolding fell into silent.

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