Effect of Jealousy

Summary:This story is a sequel to Jealousy. Wolfram and Yuuri both swapped their personalities because of Anissina's invention and caused the chaos around the castle. Yuuram. BETA-READ BY BLOOD MASKS AND REPOSTED.



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Day 8:

Morning in Shin Makoku.

The Royal Family had their breakfast like usual. The door burst open revealing the two boys with blond and black hair. The black haired boy dragged Wolfram by his ear and forced him to sit on the chair. All the people inside the dining hall were amused with this couple's antics.

"Yuuri! Let my ear go" Wolfram complained.

"No! That's what you get for flirting with the maids so early in the morning" Yuuri glared at his fiancé.

"But that was not what you think" Wolfram was still trying to escape from Yuuri.

"That's what you say, and remember it's you who propose to me for the second time" Yuuri glared.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Wolfram questioned without thinking. Yuuri fumed at Wolfram's ignorance and he clenched his fist.

"You ask what I mean?" Yuuri's voice dangerously low. Wolfram backed off, scared.

"What I mean?" He repeated it again. His eyebrow twitched dangerously. His face went red from anger. He stood up from his seat, knocking down the chair.

"You proposed to me and that means you're MINE!" Yuuri shouted over the table, thus, silencing all the room's occupants. Yuuri grabbed Wolfram's shoulders and gave him his special 'punishment'.

Wolfram received his special 'punishment' from Yuuri. The different was this time Yuuri did it in the middle of breakfast in the dining hall and not in their private bedroom.

He kissed Wolfram passionately and they broke apart after a few minutes. Yuuri opened his eyes and realized what he had done. He had KISSED Wolfram!

The effect of Change-Your-Personality-kun had officially worn off.

"Eh? What am I doing?" he blushed and stepped back.

"Yuu…Yuuri, you…" Wolfram's face got red from embarrassment.

"Ekk! W-Wolfram, it's not what you think!" Yuuri stuttered and almost stumbled on the floor.

"Then, what is it?" Wolfram voice was dangerously low and he glared.

"I…" Yuuri didn't know what to say.

"Don't you realize what you had done? You wimp!" Wolfram angrily stepped in front of Yuuri and grabbed his collar.

"What do you mean?" Yuuri asked, clueless.

Wolfram looked even angrier and his grab on his fiancé's collar tightened. "You wimp! You were asking to marry me by kissing me on the lips!"

"I… WHAT?" Yuuri eyes bulged out and his jaw dropped.

"Heika…in our country, if you kiss someone on the lips that means you're ready to marry them. This is a tradition that had been done among the noble's engagements to reach an agreement for marriage" Conrad explained and he smiled.

Meanwhile, Gunter was still in the infirmary. He just woke up and the first thing on his mind was His Majesty. He saw his daughter sitting beside his bed with a worried look.

"Gisela, I'm okay now" Gunter smiled at his daughter. Gisela was happy to see her father finally awake from his slumber. Who wouldn't be worried when he hadn't woken up for about a week! But, maybe Yuuri would had been happy if Gunter remained unconscious.

"Let me check on you first" Gisela performed her healing magic and nodded with satisfy. "It's okay, you can be discharged now, Father"

"Thank you, Gisela!" Gunter hugged his adopted child and went out of the infirmary. Looking for his Majesty.

"Hmm… I hope you don't make Heika angry again. I wonder what happened to Heika?" Gisela talked to herself. She sighed and continued with her job.

Gunter quickly went to the dining hall and found out, His Beautiful, Majestic Highness was kissing his fiancé. Gunter was speechless and he stood dumbstruck for about 10 minutes. Unable to comprehend what had happened.


He never ever thought his beautiful Heika will agree to marry Little Lord Brat. He then, crying and wailing like usual, snatched his Heika from Wolfram.

"Heika~ I… I didn't know you love him… I thought you love me~"

"Ehh? G-Gunter stop crying and clinging onto me" Yuuri tried to escape from Gunter's death hug.

"Gunter! Stop hugging my husband!" Wolfram shouted and tried to separate the young Maou from his lecherous teacher.

"Heika is not your husband!" Gunter was fighting with Wolfram on who will get a hold of His Highness.

"I'm still not your husband!" Yuuri retorted back between the four arms that grabbed him possessively.

"Not now, but soon!" Wolfram grabbed Yuuri's waist possessively from Gunter. The poor lavender haired man could only cry when Wolfram took his Heika.

"But still–" Yuuri stopped speaking when he heard a cough from Gwendal.

Gwendal grunted and his wrinkles multiplied. "So, now. His Majesty Shibuya Yuuri will officially set the date for his marriage with Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld"

"What? But Gwendal–" Yuuri tried to defend himself but was cut off.

"No buts! You can't back off after you kissed Wolfram. Both of you will choose the date for your marriage or I will do it!" Gwendal rubbed his forehead, while frowning.

"Didn't you two agree to marry each other during yesterday's dinner?" Lady Celi asked, confused.

"Yes. But it happened because of Anissina's invention!" Yuuri argued back.

"Anissina's inventition?" the trio, Lady Celi, Gunter and Gwendal chorused.

They looked at Yuuri, then Wolfram and lastly to Anissina. They all gave a what-is-going-on look. Anissina just sipped her tea and enjoyed the chaos. While, Conrad just smiled because he already knew what was the cause for this week madness.

"You wimp! Weren't you the one who wanted to marry me in the first place?" Wolfram's anger rose.

"B-But... it's because of Anissina's invention!" Yuuri stuttered and he backed off.

"Maybe it was the invention fault but I could tell you were enjoying kissing me." Wolfram smirked.

"No! I wasn't!" Yuuri shouted and looked away to hide his blushed cheeks.

"So you two remember everything you did this week uh?" Anissina said calmly, interrupting the couple's antics and sipping her tea, while looking at the two with interest.

"Of course I remember!" Wolfram answered loosing his patience.

"Yeah... I remember..." Yuuri blushed and he gave puppy eyes to Gunter for the lavender haired man to help him.


Gunter, still shocked from the earlier 'kissing event', was crying and wailing on the floor about 'his Heika lost his chastity to Little Lord Brat'. He looked up to Yuuri and answered.

"I'm sorry Heika. This tradition is old and sacred. We cannot do anything about it." Gunter was still crying and answered between sobs.

"What! Then, you're saying I'm really going to marry at my 16 years of life?" Yuuri's eyes widened and he started to feel dizzy.

"Well, you're my fiancé! That will happen now or later!" Wolfram snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. A light pink tinted on his cheeks.

"Good! First, slapping an opponent's left cheek means proposing and NOW, kissing on the lips means setting the date! What the heck is going on with the traditions in this world!" Yuuri was already shouting like crazy and he did a little dance around the table.

"You wimp! Are you saying you don't want to marry me?" Wolfram glared dangerously. Yuuri stopped from his little dance. Both of his hands were on his hair.

"I…I… Gahhh! I can't take this anymore!" Yuuri screamed and he started to run away.

"Wait! You wimp!" Wolfram chased after his soon-to-be-husband.

All the room occupants smiled. Except for two people, one who growled in frustration and frowned all the way during the chaos in the dining hall and the other was crying and wailing on the floor.

Still in dining hall.

After the two people who caused the chaos were out, all of the room's occupants looked towards Anissina. Demanding an explanation. Conrad who knew about it already, smiled on his seat. He was also quite interested on hearing the details of the incident.

"So, Anissina... care to explain?" Gwendal said with his stern face.

"What's with the whole invention thing?" Lady Celi asked, curiosity was etched on her face.

"What have you done to my Heika?" Gunter said between his crying and sniffing.

"My, my... Everyone, please calm down and sit down first" Conrad smiled and signalled everybody to take their seats.

The door to the dining hall opened and showed the bright orange haired spy with a grin plastered on his face.

"Don't forget me!" Yozak winked and he headed to the window sill. He stood there, waiting for the entertainment, he smiled amusedly.

Everyone in the room took their respective seats.

"Okay, let me explain. My invention Change-Your-Personality-kun that I tested on Heika and Wolfram should had turned them into calmer people but as you can see it was a failure." Anissina said proudly.

"And that was the cause of the change of their personalities?" Gwendal growled at the fact that Anissina seemed proud of herself.

"Correct!" Anissina smiled widely and ignoring Gwendal's irritated voice.

"Then, why when I asked Wolfram about his past jealous habit, he seemed to have forgotten about it?" The blond woman asked, confused.

"Well, that happened because my invention swapped their personalities and during the change, their memories also some sort of changed. Not all of them but only some, to match with their new personalities." Anissina answered and she shrugged her shoulders like it was nothing important.

Lady Cheri nodded in understanding and just ignored Anissina's carelessness.

"I'm sorry… but why were they different from their normal selves. I mean, Wolfram is not so jealous but Heika's jealousy was quite dangerous." Conrad asked silently. He still remembered when his godson gave him 'Justice'. Conrad shuddered on his thought.

"Hmm... you all just can't understand, do you? That's why I said men are so useless" Anissina rolled her eyes.

"The machine's effects go even further. Even myself, as the inventor, didn't realized it at first. But I later found out that the enhance on their personalities was due to their bodies not being able to handle the change. They became more emotional and intensified their partner's characteristics"

All the room's occupants just nodded understanding and Yozak smiled amusedly.

"Well, that's quite an interesting invention!" Yozak winked.

Conrad, Gunter and Gwendal glared at him.

Outside, the yelling and shouting of both members of the Royal couple could be heard.

"Yuuri! Stop right there!" Wolfram yelled.

"No! I'm not going to let you fry me!" Yuuri increased his pace.

"Why? You little wimp! You're going to marry me whether you like it or not!" Wolfram fumed and he started to increase his pace, chasing after his wimpy cheater fiancé.

"I'm not a wimp! And I'm still too young to marry you!" Yuuri yelled back.

Wolfram's troops were practicing their sword skills when the Royal Couple passed running in front of them. They all looked at the scene and sighed in relieve because their superior was back to normal. They preferred this Lord von Bielefeld who was full of passion and energy.

"His Excellency is back to normal. Guess after this we will need to practice hard and no more slacking around"

All the men nodded their heads and continued watching their king being chased by his fiery fiancé. Unfortunately, Wolfram sensed their eyes on him and he looked back.

"What are you doing? Do you want me to burn all of you with my fireball! Or do you want to continue training!" Wolfram yelled at his elite squad. They all scrambled and started their sword practice.

"Looks like we are back to 'normal'" one of the soldiers said. His partner just laughed nervously. Well, they were going to experience the harsh training, again. No more cute, wimpy commander. All Wolfram's men sighed. They were going to miss him.

Yuuri was running and avoiding the fireballs that were being thrown at him. He thanked his baseball skills, for helping him when situation like this arose.

"Wahh! Don't come this way!" Yuuri shouted at a group of maids. The maids were squealing when they saw that Lord von Bielefeld was chasing after Yuuri Heika.

"Ah! A lover's quarrel again!"

"They're so cute!"

"Now, it's Lord von Bielefeld who's chasing after Heika. But that is the way they show their love!"

Yuuri just barely heard what they said and he didn't understand why the maids were squealing, looking at Wolfram trying to burn him.

'Do they enjoy the idea of their Maou getting fried by his soon-to-be-husband?' Yuuri shook his head and he was almost hit by the fireball when he stopped on his track.

"Gahh! Wolfram, do you want to kill me?" Yuuri shouted.

"Maybe, yes!" Wolfram replied angrily.

"Then, you will be married to a coffin and only a picture of me!" Yuuri retorted back.

"Better those than you running away from our marriage!" Wolfram increasing his pace.

Darcascos was commanded by Gisela to get some bandages for the infirmary. He almost collided with Yuuri Heika.

"Heika! I'm so sorry! Sir!" Darcascos bowed down.

"It's okay and I'm sorry Darcascos but I need to excuse my self!" Yuuri ran faster, with Wolfram on his behind.

"Yuuri! You cheater! You're cheating on me with Darcascos!" Wolfram yelled.

"I'm not! Darcascos is bald. Not my taste!" Yuuri shouted back.

Darcascos just stared wide eyed at both the king and his fiancé. His face showed a hurt expression but at least the Maou and his fiery fiancé were back to normal.

"Ah… both of them called me bald. It's not like I had choice. Lord von Christ forced me on this" Poor Darcascos sighed and scratched his bald head.

Back to the room.

"Well, at least Heika didn't say that he didn't wanted to marry a boy or didn't want to marry Wolfram at all." Conrad smiled his infamous smile.

"I knew it. Heika actually loves Wolfram" Lady Celi smiled and then she started to grin.

Gwendal growled in frustration and he frowned more.

"These two always manage to entertain me" Yozak laughed, but stopped when Gwendal and Conrad glared at him.

"Uh… okay, okay… relax"

"Well, Heika loves Wolfram but he hasn't come to terms with it, yet" said Anissina and she looked through the window at the outside. Wolfram was attacking Yuuri using his fireball. The young Maou screamed and tried to dodge it, it almost burn his hair.

"Ahh~! I can't wait to organize the wedding! They're so cute together!" Lady Celi squealed loudly.

"Oh, Heika~! I don't want you to marry Little Lord brat~~! Why can't you kiss me–" Blood spurted out from Gunter's nose and he fainted.

"Ugh... I'm going to the office." The tall older man stood up from his chair while massaging his temples. His wrinkles multiplied.

"So, according to tradition, the wedding will take place in one week from now" Conrad looked at the occupants in the room and he smiled softly.

"The wedding is surely going to be a war zone between our favourite Royal Couple" Yozak winked and he left the room with a laugh.

Well, that was what happened a week after the change.


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