Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles The Final Conflict

Chapter 5 Crossroad of Destiny

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A.D. 1998, the ultimate battle for defending Kyoto, the Capital of Japan Empire…

"First Lieutenant Zengyo of 5121 Squadron Command Post to all units, we have order from the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter. BETA had been broke through our first layer of defense line and is currently heading toward the Capital, all unit prepare to engage and remember, survive no matter what situation and come back alive to fight for another day; Good hunt for everyone!"

"Shikon 1 Second Lieutenant Kariya, the 5121 Squadron had received the mission objective from CP clearly. Don't worry, First Lieutenant Zengyo; although this is considered our first actual combat against BETA, it would never be our last one!"

"Shikon 2 Second Lieutenant Tasiro to everyone, let show the BETA what is the 5121 Squadron is made of!"

"Shikon 3 Second Lieutenant Setoguchi Takayuki have received the order clearly, since I still have more than enough date with girls to complete before being killed by those alien anyway…"

"That's Dirty!" As the eishi of Shikon 5, Second Lieutenant Mibuya Mio spoke to Takayuki from the public communication link before replied to CP. "Shikon 5 have received the order clearly."

"Shikon 4 Second Lieutenant Takigawa Youhei to the CP, always full of spirit! Let's go and kick the ass of those alien invaders!"

"Shikon 6 Second Lieutenant Wakamiya Yasumitsu to Tadataka. Don't worry because we are going to watch their back, right, Shikon 7?"

"Let's do what we have to do!" Shikon 7, the seldom to speak Second Lieutenant Kuruso Gingo spoke to his companions.

"Shikon 8 Second Lieutenant Shibamura Mai, ready for engagement!"

"Shikon 9 Second Lieutenant Hayami Atsushi, let's go everyone and return together, since it is our promise to Nonomi!"

After their statement and promise to each other, the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Squadron "Shikon" consisted of nine units of TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou armed and advanced towards the incoming BETA when the members of CP are silently blessing for their safety return.

"You are still worry about them?" Lieutenant Tosaka Keigo and the deputy commander spoke to Tadataka, his command officer and best friend as well as one of the few survivors from the original 5121 Squadron during BETA make landfall in Kyushu at A.D. 1998, "Since the fact clearly showed that the current condition at the forefront is even worse than Kyushu."

"It is the fact we are able to foresee and the reason for us to reestablish the 5121 Squadron in the beginning by using what even means we have to", Technical Lieutenant Hara Motoko and the Chief Engineer Officer spoke to Keigo on behalf of Tadataka. "Even it means being called an astray from the point of view in Imperial Army or Imperial Royal Guard!"

"Class Representative, Shikon 3 had reported that they have made contact with the BETA battle group consists of…what! That's impossible; Takayuki said that he had confirmed that Laser class BETA is present in the enemy formation!" Second Lieutenant Tashiro Kaori the CP Chief Communication Officer and the Squadron Supply Officer reported to Tadataka immediately. "I repeat, Laser class BETA had confirmed in the BETA formation!"

"Second Lieutenant Mori, please inform the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter that 5121 Squadron had been confirmed that Laser class BETA are presented in the BETA formation and requested the support of "Metallic Particle Cloud" immediately, since other friendly units out there would be nothing but a sitting duck once the Laser class begin to launch their assault to our companions out there!"

"Acknownledge", Second Lieutenant Mori Seika, member of CP as well as TSF maintenance team, replied and implemented her duties immediately.

"Second Lieutenant Tosaka, inform all the friendly TSF in the battlefield about our finding and warned them about the existence of Laser class BETA, especially the reinforcements from other bases that currently in the air! We can't let them being shot down by BETA before they carried out their duties!"

"Understand", after her reply, Second Lieutenant Tosaka Maki, also member of CP as well as TSF maintenance team immediately contact and warned all the friendly TSF units in the battlefield about the existence of Laser class BETA before the official warning is given out by the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter.

"Second Lieutenant Moe, is there any friendly TSF units close to the 5121 Squadron so that we can coordinate a battle plan to rebel and eliminate the threat of the Laser class BETA?" Tadataka asked the member of CP as well as the Squadron Medical Officer.

"Negative, the friendly units close to the position of 5121 Squadron are either had been eliminated by BETA or too busy to fight for their own survival!"

"Class Representative, Shikon 3 had reported that the Laser class BETA started to powered up their laser and a few number of Heavy Laser class BETA are presented in the BETA battle group and being shielded by the Fort class!" Kaori reported to Tadataka immediately. "Takayuki believe that it is only for the matter of time before the Heavy Laser class started to release its laser…Wait, Shikon 1 Kariya is requesting for further instruction!"

"It seemed that the nightmare finally occurred again", Keigo spoke to Tadataka seriously. "It is just like the situation in BETA make landfall in Kyushu…"

"Inform Shikon 1 the 5121 Squadron is going to take out the Heavy Laser class and Laser class BETA by using hit-and-run tactics", Tadataka harden his resolve as his fist from both hand held in tightly. "We can't let the nightmare from Kyushu from occurring again…"

"However, it is still too dangerous and impossible for the 5121 Squadron to carry out such mission alone when the fact clearly showed that our eishis out there is going to face the overwhelming number of BETA that protecting the Laser class and Heavy Laser class strains", Motoko countered. "Should we at least wait for the reinforcement from the United Nation Force, since it is impossible for them to do nothing when the Kyoto is siege by BETA."

"Unfortunately, it seemed that the government had no intention to let the United Nation Force to interfere no matter at what situation this time", Keigo replied. "Even the United States of America Naval Seventh Fleet closed to Kyoto is allowed for limited tactical support and assists the citizens to relocate to safety location only!"

"Those foolish politicians", Motoko replied in her seldom but extremely angry voice. "Do they realized that we need all the help we can get to handle our currently situation! It is not the time of talking about the proud…"

"Nevertheless, we still need to do what we have to…and it is most likely the mission that only can accomplish by Squadron 5121 at such twilight hours when others cannot. Moe, open the communication link directly to the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter and IWS Yamato ( Flagship of the Imperial United Naval ), I am going to talk to both sides at the same time in order to carry out the mission plan as soon as possible, since I would never allow the nightmare from Kyushu occurred again and as their commander, there is no way for me to allow them to follow the same ultimate fate as our past! Kaori, inform the eishis of 5121 Squadron that we are going to clean up the Laser class and Heavy Laser class BETA before they become a threat to our companions!"

"Acknowledge", as the members of CP had focused on their duties, Tadataka looked at the tactical view screens that showing the current position of Squadron 5121 and its opponents. As the communication link to the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter and IWS Yamato is available, he saluted to the command officers in the view screens and proposed his battle plan; it is the things that had to be done by a survivor in order to prevent others to spare the same ultimately fate…

Back to the forefront where the 5121 Squadron is currently assigned and fighting against the incoming wave of BETA; thanked to the better mobility of TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou over the TSF-TYPE-77 / F-4J Gekisin and the deployment of hybrid military doctrine from US Army, United Nation Force and Imperial Army instead of the regular military doctrine from the Imperial Army alone, so far the squadron remain in full number instead of the total destruction of the entire TSF combat unit liked a number of its misfortunate companions, although their supplies, include fuel and ammo, had reduced to half because of the multiple number of engagement against the BETA.

"First Lieutenant Zengyo of 5121 Squadron Command Post to all units, we are going to launch the last operation in the battlefield before returned to base for resupply. Under the support from the Imperial United Naval, the 5121 Squadron is going to eliminate the Laser class and Heavy Laser class BETA before they are going to shut down our air support. I know that it is an extremely dangerous mission but under the current situation, 5121 Squadron is the only one capable to do it in order to protect our companions during the battle for the defense of Kyoto. Furthermore, the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter and the Imperial United Naval had their fully support to us during this operation! So let us accomplish something that others cannot and make the impossible into possible! Good Luck to everyone!"

"Shikon 1 to CP on behalf of all eishis of 5121 Squadron, we have received the order clearly and we would carry out what we have to", Kariya spoke and saluted to Tadataka and the members of CP from the view screen when the CP members can see the eishis inside their TSFs. "For the never ending tomorrow of humanity, all TSFs from 5121 Squadron "Shikon", advance in Arrow Formation!"

"Acknowledge", all the eishis of 5121 Squadron replied in union.

"For the Never Ending Tomorrow of Humanity!"

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As the command officers silently witnessed the departure of 5121 Squadron, the CP members pray for their can return without harm. For Tadataka, he does hope that miracle can be happened again, since anyone being part of the ultimate battle of Kyoto would absolutely need it!

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"Out of my way, your monster!" Mio shouted in her war cry when her Kagerou used its TYPE-74 Long Blade to strike and cut a Grappler class BETA in half.

"Sorry, we are hurry so just lay down and death, alien invaders." Takayuki spoke to himself when he aimed the 120mm Assault Cannon to the joins of a Fort class legs and fired; resulted as it crushed on the ground due to its massive weight and eliminated a number of other strains located under it; included a number of Laser class BETA before they can fully charge and fire their laser in full power.

"Get out of my way!" Youhei shouted and released a storm of ammo from the 36mm Auto Cannon in both hands of his Kagerou towards a large group of Tank class BETA and as a result, his targets became nothing but red liquid state materials

For Wakamiya Yasumitsu and Kuruso Gingo, they are looking at the backs of their younger brothers and sisters in armed carefully and prevented them from ambushed by BETA, especially the Destroyer class and Grappler class from the underground. Both of their TSFs are armed with TYPE-74 Long Blade and 36mm Auto Cannon and they are the silence escorts to their companions during their engagement against BETA.

For Kariya and Tasiro, both of them are currently trying to break through the formation of BETA battle group in order to eliminate the well protected Laser class and Heavy Laser class after the promise fire support from the Imperial United Naval and ground force arrived on time. However, the BETA seemed to understand and realized the intention of 5121 Squadron and continued to deploy / sacrifice the Destroyer class and Grappler class strains as the expendable shields to slow down the speed and available space for the TSFs to maneuver. Due to this, so far there is still a distance between the 5121 Squadron and its primary targets before the effective firing range is available for them.

"Shikon 2 to Shikon 1, there is no way we can accomplish the mission objective if the situation continue", Tasiro spoke to Kariya when her Kagerou had eliminated three Grappler class BETA at once during contact. "We need to create a path for someone to force his or her way in to eliminate the primary targets, since we have little time left!"

"I know but there is no way for me to send someone inside the formation of BETA and the one being assigned such task never had the chance to return!" Kariya countered when his Kagerou released a storm of ammo from its 36mm Auto Cannon; effectively disabled and eliminated a number of Destroyer class and Grappler class BETA. "Like I told you before the mission, No one is going to leave behind!"

"Shikon 8 to Shikon 1, request the permission to act as an independence unit", Mai spoke to Kariya after she eliminated a Destroyer class BETA from its back with the TYPE-74 Long Blade. "According to our current situation, the action formal of BETA is clearly used to rebel group assault like our current size but would be less effective when their opponents are small units. Due to this, I suggested that we can created the path by own hand. Don't worry, there will be enough time for me to get out of there..."

"Negative, there is no way for you to survive from the inside the formation of BETA!"

"But we need to do something about that! If the situation continues there is nothing can be change…"

"Shikon 9 to Shikon 1, Shikon 8 is not the one that carries out the task alone, since the minimum operation size of TSF is an element consist of two TSFs", Atsushi spoke to his companions as well as Tadataka located at the CP. "If the path that we are going to choose and walk upon never existed in the first place, we created our own path by our own means. What do you think about it, Class Representative?"

Keigo and the others looked at Tadataka silently before he made the decision.

"First Lieutenant Zengyo of 5121 Squadron Command Post to all units, you have my permission and fully support to implement the plan from Shikon 8 but under one condition, come back alive no matter the cost. I leave the field command to you Kariya and I would further coordinate the support you need."

As the communication between the CP and TSFs is over, Motoko whispered to Tadataka. "It is still risky for them to implement such operation…"

"Compare to us in the past, they have chosen their own path in order to accomplish the best result when we don't have a chance and too late to alter the outcome", Tadataka finally put down his glasses from his face. "Let's us pray for the success of theirs!"

"Shikon 1 to all eishis of 5121 Squadron, we are going to force our way towards the formation of BETA after the firepower support from the Imperial United Naval and ground force, then create a path for Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 to eliminate the primary targets and defend it before they can finish their assignment as well as we are out of ammo and weapons. After that, we are going to run as fast as we can and return to base for resupply, any problem or opinion?"

"It seemed that it is actually too simple from your standard", Yasumitsu replied. "It is just too simple to implement and understand!"

"In fact, we don't have other option either; since time is never on our side!" Kariya replied. "If there is no more question, Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 would directly attack the primary targets so isolated the unnecessary targets and save the ammo for the right time to use. Furthermore, time is critical element for our plan to success so ensure you are watching the back of each other. So is everyone ready?"

Instead of saying anything to Kariya, the eishis of 5121 Squadron saluted to their field commander.

"I see, then 5121 Squadron "Shikon", Mission Started!"

In order to create the path for Mai and Atsushi to eliminate the Laser class and Heavy class BETA located at the well defense formation, the Flight led by Shikon 2 Tasiro, consist of Shikon 5 Mio, Shikon 6 Yasumitsu and Shikon 7 Gingo had cut and eliminated a number of Grappler class, Destroyer class and even Fort class strain that brave ( or foolish ) enough to stand in their way when the Flight led by Shikon 1 Kariya, consist of Shikon 3 Takayuki and Shikon 4 Youhei released the storm of ammo from their 36mm Auto Cannon and 120mm Assault Cannon to eliminate any possible threats at the path of Shikon 8 Mai and Shikon 9 Atsushi and covering every vector from Tasiro's Flight.

As the path is created, Mai and Atsushi advance and prevent any possible contact from the BETA until their reached their destination…where the Laser class and Heavy Laser class BETA is located.

"Hayami, let's do it!"

"I understand", followed by their statement to each other, the Kagerou aimed their weapons towards the targets and fire all the ammo they had; successfully eliminated the Laser class BETA with 36mm Auto Cannon and Heavy Laser class BETA with 120mm Assault Cannon. Once the dual maneuver like a dance of Death to BETA is completed, there is no more primary targets existed in the sight of Mai and Atsushi.

"Let's go, everyone is waiting for us!"

"Shikon 8 to Shikon 1 and CP, primary objective had been accomplished; I repeat, primary objective had been accomplished!" Mai spoke to Kariya when her Kagerou as well as Atsushi's TSF passed through their companions in full speed.

"Shikon 1 to all units of 5121 Squadron, we are moving out from the battlefield immediately."

"Acknowledge…" Followed by his order, the members of 5121 Squadron prepared to move out from the war zone. However, a destroyer class BETA suddenly appearance and Mio was caught off guard, thus suffered a direct hit from the Destroyer class and fell to the ground. Before her Kagerou could stand up by its own, a number of Grappler class advance to its position and intended to tear the TSF apart…

At that moment, everyone had prepared for the worst, since there was no one could rescue Mio in time instead of witnessed the loss of their friend's life in front of their eyes.

"Stop…", Atsushi shouted loudly from the Kagerou while he clearly knew that such behavior was useless for her rescue.

"I guess that's it…" Mio through to herself when silently expected her ultimate fate, since she clearly realized that it was too late for anyone to help her at that moment and prepared to activate the SD-11 Self Destruction Device…If she had to go down to the world of death, she never accept to go down alone…she would bring those alien invaders with her…

…suddenly, Mio remembered something that she seemed to be forgotten long time ago...

…the dual tale of famous Wind-Hime of House Aoki and the infamous Outcast of House Aoki…

….Moi wonders what is their currently lives are…

…too bad she doesn't have the chance to find out in this life...

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However, just before the Grappler class BETA could destroy Mio's Kagerou and killed her; a storm of crimson particles beam appeared from the sky and destroyed all the BETA strains that surrounded the fallen Tactical Surface Fighter. Shortly after the storm of particle beam, an unknown TSF in black armor advent from the sky; armed with long sword, released the misfortunate crimson light, in its both hands and the Black Knight of Absolute Destruction started to destroy any possible threats around the disable Kagerou until 5121 Squadron could break through the BETA formation and forced their way to Mio's location. As the first TSF to arrive the location of Mio's unit, Atsushi still held its guard to the unknown TSF when intended to find out Mio's condition immediately. On the other hand, Kariya and Mai believed that it is better to identify the unknown TSF before further action.

"I am Shikon 1 Second Lieutenant Kariya and field commander of 5121 Squadron "Shikon" of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force, thanks for the rescue of our companion from the BETA during the critical hours. May I ask which TSF units that you are belonged to?"

Kariya is final able to make communication to the unknown TSF after it finished its onslaught to the BETA around the Mio's Kagerou when the last BETA strain is being exterminated and no more BETA is in the world of living within its range of destruction!

"Operative Lieutenant Commander Bertram from United Nation Force Project Alternative IV, call sign Warlock", as the view screen showed no image but the letter of voice communication ONLY, Kariya clearly realized that the eishi from the United Nation Force is from some kinds of inexistence operation and from his rank of Operative Lieutenant Commander, it is better to ask nothing but to let him do whatever he sees fit under their current situation.

"I am quite impressive for the performance from the reestablishment of 5121 Squadron after its original counterpart is completely wipe out during BETA make landfall in Kyushu", the mysterious eishi spoke to Kariya again. "Since you can accomplish the total destruction of the entire Laser class and Heavy Laser class BETA in a well defense battle group formation with limit resources…I am looking forward to see all of you again…the Knights gathered by the path of Blue Destiny…I would like to advise you to leave the war zone from now and return later, since the status of 5121 Squadron is no longer capable to fight after the battle you have been through."

At the same time Kariya saw the unclassified TSF from United Nation Force turned around and advent to the sector that the incoming BETA battle groups existed, he found that several friendly IFF but unknown TSFs appeared and stood around the United Nation Force TSF. From their IFF and TSFs color, the members of 5121 Squadron realized that they are TSFs from Imperial Royal Guard. However, no one can realize their TSFs, since the fact clearly showed that they are never the regular TST-TYPE-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku.

"Lieutenant Tosaka from CP to Shikon 1, is everyone all right? Please response immediately!"

"Shikon 1 to CP, Shikon 5 had been a close call but everyone is all right thanked to the interfere of United Nation Force, over."

"First Lieutenant Zengyo to Shikon 1, it is good to hear that all of you are all right; return to base and for resupply immediately and again, good job to all of you."

"Acknowledge, Shikon 1 to all eishis of 5121 Squadron, let's go!"

"Acknowledge", as the members of 5121 Squadron replied in union and leaving the war zone for now, Mio still remember she did hear the voice of someone in her mind when she had given up the hope for survival and prepared to activate the SD-11 Self Destruction Device….

…Never Give Up The Hope Until Your Last Breathe….

After 5121 Squadron arrived to the forefront resupply base, its Kagerou are being supplied and maintenance by the members of maintenance teams. Meanwhile, Kariya and Tasiro are summoned to the CP and given their reports to Tadataka and Keigo during the last part of their operation. For the eishis, they are having medical inspection by the Chief Medical Officer; especially Mio since she is almost being killed during the battle. After the medical inspection, the eishis are currently having a rest before the maintenance of their TSFs is completed.

"Warlock from the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV, are you sure we are talking about the same eishi of the legendary Steel Messiah in here?" Keigo asked, "From what we known so far, the high command had no intention to request the military support from UN."

"However, even the unclassified TSF from the United Nation Force is in black armor instead of the regular blue and had no symbol to show its identity, the way it fight against the BETA is nothing but frightening and destruction", Tasiro replied. "It did match the rumor from eishis that able to survive and return from the Asia Continent forefront to tell the tales; the Black Knight of Absolute Destruction that left no BETA alive upon his path no matter where it appeared in the battlefield."

"Not to mention that he is not fighting alone like the tales we heard so far but actually supported by a number of unknown TSFs from the Imperial Royal Guard", Kariya supported. "I believe that those are the next generation TSFs designed for the Imperial Royal Guard that the rumors are talking about in the beginning of this year. Compare to the regular Zuikaku, those TSFs in Imperial Royal Guard color armor are completely in difference level to the point that it is questionable for the entire 5121 Squadron of Kagerou is able to fighting against one of them and survive; since their speed and mobility are clearly superior when compare to our TSFs."

"Compare to the Silver Savior that led the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force that commonly supported by the 01 Squadron "Valkyrie", Warlock is well known as a lone warrior and one-man-army that always fight against overwhelming BETA in the war zone, although rumors did mention that there are several TSF combat units that supporting his operation around the world", Tadataka made the statement to his subordinates as well as companions. "However, it is still beyond my imagination that the Warlock is actually working with the Imperial Royal Guard…"

"First Lieutenant Zengyo, we have received the news from Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter, it seemed that it had confirmed Warlock the legendary Steel Messiah is currently fighting against the BETA in Kyoto with the Imperial Royal Guard White Fang Squadron", as the operator that currently stationed at the CP, Kaori reported the newly update information to the commander of 5121 Squadron. "Furthermore, all the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force TSF units had been ordered to launch once they are ready, since the counter-offense would be spearheaded by First Tactical Armor Wing commanded by Brigadier General Shuukaku."

"So the high command finally willing to accept the military support from the United Nation Force", Motoko joined the conversation after she heard the report from Kaori. "Not to mention that the UN Force did dispatch one of its best eishis to us when the time we needed…Furthermore, the resupply and maintenance for our Kagerou had been completed and all of them is ready to launch as we speak. Our eishis are also ready to launch as well and they are currently inside their TSFs waiting for further order!"

As Motoki is reporting to Tadataka, Seika, Maki and Moe are returned to their position in CP after their duties of maintenance of TSFs and medical inspection of eishis. In less than a minute, Maki had received another update information from the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter and she reported Tadataka immediately. "Class Representative, we have confirmed that the United Nation Force A-01 Special Task Force had been deployed in the Kyoto and it's led by the Odin and the Valkyrie Squadron! It had taken over the defense sector of Defender Squadron and currently defending the sector from three incoming BETA battle groups!"

"So the Silver Savior is finally in here as we speak", Keigo replied. "It is just like the situation in Kyushu repeat itself again; since the Twin Swords of the Project Alternative IV is deployed at the same time!"

"At least this time we will have a fighting chance instead of just withdraw from the war zone", Tadataka spoke to Keigo and Motoko before he is given the order to Seika. "Inform the 5121 Squadron to launch immediately!"

"Acknowledge, this is 5121 Squadron CP to all eishis, prepare to launch immediately. I repeat, prepare to launch immediately!"

"Acknowledge, Shikon 1 to CP on behalf of all TSF of 5121 Squadron, we are ready to go as we speak!"

As everyone is waiting for the final order for launch from Tadataka, he gave out the order clearly. "Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron "Shikon", all TSFs launch!"

"Acknowledge", the eishis replied in union when the fully repair, maintenance and resupply TSFs advanced to the war zone of Battle of Kyoto once again

"Class Representative, we have another update report from the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter, an unknown but friendly flying battleship and her TSF squadron is currently supporting the Imperial Royal Guard 105th Tactical Armor Group "Zephyr" during its engagement with BETA battle group!", the used to calm and composed Moe reported to Tadataka in her unusual and the voice that clearly showed that it is being caught in surprised.

"Flying battleship?" What are you talking about?" Keigo replied. "There is no way for a naval battleship to be able to fly in the sky?"

"From the report from Zephyr 1, the unclassified flying battleship is able to wipe out the entire well defense BETA battle group consist of Laser class and Heavy Laser class strains from employed a simple "Alpha Strike" offense to her targets with all the weapons abroad", Moe replied as she continue looked at the view screen in front of her. "Furthermore, the fact clearly showed that the battleship and her TSFs are all armed with beam weapons!"

"Beam weapons, the same weapons that used by the TSFs of Odin and Warlock?" Motoko replied in her exciting voice. "So besides the Second Generation TSF weapons, it is possible and never a dream to mass production beam weapons for 3 rd Generation TSFs?"

"It seemed that hope is finally on our side", Keigo spoke to everyone in the CP. "It seemed that the Imperial Royal Guard decided to make its more as well, since I just received the news that all its remaining TSFs stationed around the Supreme Shogun Castle had been launched under the leadership of Supreme Shogun Koubuin herslf!"

"So even Supreme Shogun Koubuin decides to join the Battle of Kyoto herself, it is in fact beyond my imagination and I believe that most people would never expect her decision." Tadataka replied. "How about the current situation of our eishis out there?"

"Shikon 1 reported that they just intercepted and eliminated a group of BETA consist of Tank class, Grappler class and Destroyer class strains", Maki replied.

"Class Representative, new order from Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter, 5121 Squadron is going to coordinate the attack with the Defender Squadron to eliminate the BETA battle group at sector B101!" Kaori reported to Tadataka shortlt after the report from Maki.

"Report to the Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter, 5121 Squadron had received the order clearly and will coordinate our attack with Defender Squadron immediately!"

"Acknowledge", Kaori replied. "This is forefront CP of 5121 Squadron; we have received the order clearly and will coordinate our attack with Defender Squadron, Over!"

As the war for survival of mankind continued, the CP of 5121 Squadron had received the report of an unclassified large BETA strain appeared in the Battle of Kyoto and releasing large number of BETA reinforcement to the war zone where it is located. However, before the TSFs of 5121 Squadron is able to relocate themselves to the said sector and assisted the offense with their companions to the BETA, its eishis had witnessed the light that powerful enough to eliminate the entire unknown large BETA strain and turned the darkness night into day of brighten light; it is the brighten light represented either the beginning of hope live again or the final countdown of destruction.

"This is CP to all eishis of 5121 Squadron, Join CP ( Command Post ) of TSFs from Kyoto Defense Force General Headquarter had confirmed that the BETA is retreating", Kaori spoke to the eishis located at forefront. "I repeated, it is confirmed that the BETA is retreating!

"First Lieutenant Zengyo to all eishis of 5121 Squadron, mission accomplished and returns to base…Good Job to everyone and congratulation for the survival of all of you from the first actual combat against BETA."

"Great, it is finally over…" Takayuki spoke to himself after received the order from CP.

"See everyone, we did it! We did kick the ass of those alien invaders…." Youhei said in his exciting voice.

"Shikon 9 Hayami to CP, please informs Nonomi that we all have uphold our promise with her, since I believe that she would be very worry about us!"

"Shikon 1 to CP and Class Representative, order received clearly and we are now going home", Kariya made the statement for the communication between the eishis and the embers of CP. "Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron "Shikon", mission accomplished and is now returning to base. Let's go, everyone!"


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Two weeks after the Battle of Kyoto…

As one of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force TSF combat units that able to survive from the inferno during the Battle of Kyoto, squadron enhancement is implementing after the Imperial Capital is further relocated from Tokyo to Sendai.

Meanwhile, a Technical lieutenant is dispatch from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force General Headquarter to assist the process of enhancement to 5121 Squadron "Shikon"…

….Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron "Shikon", it is one of the re-establish TSF squadrons for the purpose of ultimate defense of Kyoto after the original squadron is completely wipe out during BETA make landfall in Kyushu at A.D. 1998; sparking the Invasion of Japan after the Korean peninsula falls, giving BETA full control of continental Asia aside from a small section of eastern Russia.

Established by a few number of the original squadron survivors and newly graduated eishis from the training facility, the 5121 Squadron is considered a misfit TSF combat unit; consist of inexperience eishis with problematic personnel and employed the hybrid military doctrine from US Army, United Nation Force and Imperial Army instead of the regular military doctrine from the Imperial Army alone. Furthermore, the squadron deployed the lesser number of TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou instead of TSF-TYPE-77 / F-4J Gekisin that deployed by regular TSF combat unit ( TSF- TYPE-94 Siranui is still only available for Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force elite TSF combat units like the First Tactical Armor Wing commanded by Brigadier General Shuukaku ) during the Battle of Kyoto…

"Good morning, everyone", Haruka, the general class Instructor of 5121 Squadron spoke to its members. "Today I would like to introduce a new member to all of you. His name is Colin Aoki and he is from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force. Colin, would you mind introduce yourself to the class?"

After the words from Haruka, the newly introduced instructor entered the classroom and stood in front of the class. He is wearing a pair of glasses and the official uniform of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force. He saluted to all the members of 5121 Squadron when he introduced himself.

"I am Technical Lieutenant Colin Aoki from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force Advance Tactical Surface Fighter Design Bureau. I am being assigned to 5121 Squadron for its enhancement in order to prepare for the incoming BETA invasion. It is nice to meet all of you and it is my honor to be assigned to 5121 Squadron as one of its members during my assignment. I am looking forward to work with all of you."

After Colin finished his introduction and put down his hand, he looked at the direction that one of his known eishis and childhood friends is currently sitting at her seat. Before she could stand up and reply, Youhei raised his hand from his seat and spoke to the supposing senior officer by directly addressed his name.

"Colin, what kind of enhancements are going to implement to our squadron…"

"Takigawa, I know that you are exciting but remember to know your place", Instructor Hisamoi Sakaue, the Tactical & Actual Combat class Instructor of 5121 Squadron, broke his silence. "Remember that Technical Lieutenant Bertram is still one rank above you so at least showed some respect as an eishi!"

"It is all right, Instructor Hisamoi. Because of the background of 5121 Squadron, I am okay to be addressed by others by name", Colin replied with a warm smile on his face. "For the question of yours, the enhancements for 5121 Squadron include the upgrade of your Kagerou in hardware and parts so that their performance can improve to the standard of F-15E Strike Eagle in terms of power, speed and mobility, since the current Kagerou is only equal to F-15C Eagle in terms of performance. Furthermore, you are going to be introduced and trained to use the XM3, a new general production TSF Operating System based on the prototype OS and computer processor upgrades developed by the project team led by Dr. Kouzuki Yuuko and Operative Lieutenant Commander Shirogane Takeru from the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV. It allows Eishi to perform movements and maneuvers that are usually impossible due to the restrictions placed on the TSF to prevent damage (by providing the option to circumvent automated posturing or reactions such as falling, boosting, or landing recovery; a technique referred to as "canceling"). Additionally, it records posturing commands the Eishi tends to favor, compares them against thought patterns normally recorded by the Eishi's armored suit, and automatically selects and executes statistically suitable commands from this data set (analogous to video game adaptive "combos"). This integrates with the standard TSF data link such that, in addition to sharing regular telemetry and communications, TSFs within a squad now sync their posturing analysis; effectively sharing combo's as well as individual Eishi mannerisms."

"In short, you are talking about the miracle OS which can make anyone into a skilled pilot from the rumor we have heard about", Seika replied.

"Unfortunately, it is just the misconception", Colin replied. "This is an exaggeration; all XM3 does is allow more freedom and ease of movement. It does however make TSFs much easier to operate, according to Professor Kouzuki (presumably referring to its accumulating and automating a library of posturing recorded by other users, while still managing to increase the sensitivity of the TSF's Pilot Systems for finer movement control). In short, it could be compared to a functional predictive text feature long sought after in word processing devices: analyzing a user's habits to speed up text entry, overwrite mistakes while maintaining the option for manual override, and syncing with other devices to expand its accumulated library of textual data. It will not however, automatically make the user an instant Shakespeare. Any more question about the enhancement so far?"


"Good, last by not least, we have the most update simulation training program provide by the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force so please expect that the incoming simulation training is never like what you have been through so far", Colin suddenly have a mysterious smile appeared on his face, although such smile disappeared almost immediately. "However, since all of you have been through and able to survive from the inferno during the Battle of Kyoto, I did believe that everything should be fine when the time comes. As I mentioned before, I am looking forward to work with all of you."

After his introduction, Colin walked to his seat at the back of the classroom and sat down when Haruka started the class. In fact, due to the emergency situation during its reestablishment before the Battle of Kyoto, most of its eishi are still high school students that required their education; although they had actually graduated from their eishi and military training. Due to this, its members still wear the squadron original white uniform with the emblem of Buta, the mysterious fat cat once lived in Shokei Female High School but currently living with the members of 5121 Squadron; instead of the regular uniform of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force. Similar the course is not necessary for him anyway, Colin opened his laptop and within its view screen, it displayed the data of the currently 5121 Squadron members:

First Lieutenant Tadataka Zengyo is the Squadron Commander and Class Leader / Representative of 5121 Squadron. Other than that, he is a number of mission commanders that actually entrusted the power to command and coordinate the make-up battalion formed by totally three squadrons after the permission from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force General Headquarter is given. Being a retired eishi and one of the few survivors from the former 5121 Squadron "Shikon" when it was wipe out by BETA during it make landfall in Kyushu at A.D. 1998; his new position for the reestablished squadron required him to remain calm in any situation and decisive action. In order to carry out the squadron's assignments effectively, he must always remember that his decisions will affect the precious lives of his subordinates. His personal connection with Countess, aka Commander that oversaw 5121 Squadron's stationed sector with a number of other newly formed squadrons in headquarter allowed him to requested and deployed 2nd Generation TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou in his squadron instead of regular 1st Generation TSF-TYPE-77 / F-4J Gekisin. Rumor suggested that Tadataka had broken off his personal relationship with Technical Lieutenant Motoko Hara so that he could focus to fulfill his duty. Although Tadataka and Motoko are still close friend and companion to each other, the fact clearly showed that it is not necessary to call off their relationship. In short, everyone within the squadron believes that Tadataka and Motoko is a couple to each other. If one day the threat of BETA is over and no longer existed at least to Earth, they should be together and married.

Lieutenant Keigo Tosaka is the Deputy Commander of 5121 Squadron. As the heir of Tosaka Corporation, Keigo is from a rich family and it's rumored that he was born with a bar of gold. However, he signed up himself for military duty because of personal reason and its one of the survivors from the Battle of Kyushu. Unlike Tadataka, Keigo is never an official eishi in the original squadron but a supply officer because of his family interferes. However, during the twilight hours at the Battle of Kyushu, Keigo piloted a repaired TSF-TYPE-77 / F-4J Gekisin in order to protect the base personnel from a group of Tank class BETA when its original eishi had suffered critical injure and could no longer performed her duties. He is Tadataka's talented right hand man and used his family connection and wealth to support the reestablishment of 5121 Squadron from the shadow. During the movie "The Wicked Witch and the Last Kingdom" which performed during the Eighteenth Shokei Female High School Cultural Festival before its currently relocation to Sendai from Kyushu, Keigo played the role of the Prince that aim to protect the princess that lost her kingdom to the power of evil and destruction; somehow became the prophesy for his action during the final moment during the Battle of Kyushu.

Technical Lieutenant Motoko Hara is the Chief Engineering Officer of 5121 Squadron and she is also a retired eishi from the original 5121 Squadron. Although it might sound rather weird, but if anyone thinks of 5121 Squadron as a group of apes, Class Leader Zengyo is the male boss and Chief Hara is the female ape that leads the female enclave. Basically, she is their beautiful leader. The female enclave simply means there's no guy in the maintenance group, although the fact clearly showed that her team is short-staffed and resulted as the entire team end up pulling all-nighters all the time. Her personal connection with quartermaster allowed her to install the parts from the TSF- TYPE-94 Siranui and F-15E Strike Eagle to the Kagerou; resulted as the highly modifications and performances for the TSFs when compare to their original counterpart. Everyone within the flight believes that Tadataka and Motoki is a couple and should be together. She played the role of the Queen in the movie. It is strongly suggested that never attempted to stand on her wrong side unless you actually have a death wish.

Technical Second Lieutenant Seika Mori is one of the engineering officers within the maintenance group. She followed Motoki around liked a little puppy. She liked machine, included TSF, and always believed that if you love your machines, they always return and give you results that you are wished for. Seika is a hard worker and an ideal person to work with.

Technical Second Lieutenant Maki Tanabe is another engineering officer from the maintenance group. Being born under the unlucky star, Maki's tram got into an accident, she was hospitalize and reported to reestablishment 5121 Squadron two months later than the original date. Maki had a hidden feeling toward Keigo after she met him before the accident. Furthermore, her affection to him had been strengthen after she realized that he is the nameless eishi that piloted the TSF-TYPE-77 / F-4J Gekisin when the original 5121 Squadron base of operation and Shokei Female High School was siege by the BETA during the Battle of Kyushu.

Although she was used to be an unlucky girl, Maki did have a few days of luck when she is somehow being chosen by fate when she played the role of the Princess in movie. Unfortunately, her luck disappeared and her bad luck returned to her after a few days. Nevertheless, Maki never depressed by her unlucky and always believe that tomorrow will be a better day.

Second Lieutenant Kariya, call sign Shikon 1, is one of the few eishis that able to survive from the inferno of Kyushu as his first actual combat against BETA after graduated from the training facility. He is considered an open mind person that able to adopt the irregular situation occurred at battlefield and such talent did save the lives of his as well as his companions. Being the field of commander of 5121 Squadron TSF units at the forefront, however, Kariya had no love of war and always considered the survival of his teammates to be his primary objectives. He is the Storm Vanguard of the 5121 Squadron.

Second Lieutenant Tasiro, call sign Shikon 2, is also one of the few eishis that able to survive from the inferno of Kyushu as her first actual combat against BETA after graduated from the training facility. Compare to the calm and composed Kariya, Tasiro is a person that always followed the guided of her heart and would disobey the order from her command officer as long as the result would serve for the greater good. Nevertheless, she is a few persons that Kariya can entrust his back in the battlefield and rumors had suggested that a triangle relationship is occurring between her, Kariya and Second Lieutenant Tashiro Kaori. She is the Strike Vanguard of the 5121 Squadron.

Second Lieutenant Takayuki Setoguchi, call sign Shikon 3, is a well-known playboy and always carried his notebook with girls' in formations. Although he tried to introduce himself with such imagine, it is believe that he is actually afraid of developed a personal relationship with someone seriously due to the war against BETA and the unknown dangerous of being an eishi. In fact, that's no way for us to know we will survive or not once we stepped into the battlefield. He also did not have long term planning for his future. He is the Impact Guard and sniper of 5121 Squadron. He played the role of the King in the movie. It is believe that Setoguchi is a former Raven before he joined the 5121 Squadron before the Battle of Kyoto.

Second Lieutenant Youhei Takigawa, call sign Shikon 4, is a hot-headed, straight forward person who showed his passion when the 5121 squadron is given the impossible mission that only its members could accomplish, although such mission is in fact, extremely dangerous. He always dreamed to become a hero and he served as the Rush Guard of the flight. However, it is questionable for Youhei still want to become a hero if he realized the price he had to pay for. In short, someone had to give up his / her own happiness for others happiness in order to become a hero. Although Youhei sometimes acted nothing but an idiot, he is someone that can be trusted in the battlefield.

Second Lieutenant Mio Mibuya, call sign Shikon 5, mastered in swordsmanship when her marksmanship is known as the worst among the eishis in 5121 Squadron. In fact, her independence action without considering of others always got herself into dangerous situation. So far as I know, she almost got herself killed two times since she join the squadron; the first time was left behind during the firepower support from the Imperial United Naval before Second Lieutenant Shibamura Mai officially transferred to 5121 Squadron and the second time during the Battle of Kyoto. In fact, it is better for her to learn how to co-operate with others before she got herself killed again.

Being a member of House Mibuya, she is a stubborn person and held the belief of traditional woman. Because Mio is also a priestess from the Mibuya Temple, her spiritual power allowed her to detect evil intentions that exist within range; such talent would allow her to keep herself as well as her companions. Although her personality is quite opposite to Takayuki and minor conflicts always occurred between them, Mio is able to see the true Takayuki instead of his false imagine. Mio is the Strike Vanguard and Rush Guard of the flight.

Second Lieutenant Yasumitsu Wakamiya , call sign Shikon 6, is originally a member of infantry regiment that guarded the 5121 Squadron's base of operation. After survived from the inferno at Kyushu, he joined the reestablish 5121 Squadron as an eishis under the request of Tadataka. He acted on duty as commando as well as physical training instructor for the other eishis. He is a great man who has passion and pride toward his duties.

Second Lieutenant Gingo Kuruso, call sign Shikon 7, is originally a member of infantry regiment that guarded the 5121 Squadron's base of operation. After survived from the inferno at Kyushu, he joined the reestablish 5121 Squadron as an eishis under the request of Tadataka. He acted on duty as commando as well as physical training instructor for the other eishis. He is a great man who has passion and pride toward his duties. Compare to Yasumitsu, Gingo is seldom to speak. It is because for unknown reason, taking too much would make Gingo felt sick. Gingo played the role of Evil Witch in the movie.

Second Lieutenant Mai Shibamura, call sign Shikon 8, as the transfer student who joined the 5121 Squadron, Mai is the most balance eishis among the forwards. Although she started to get along with the other members, sometimes she becomes depressed and moody. For unknown reason, there is a rival ship between her and Second Lieutenant Mibuya Mio. Mai is the daughter of Shibamura Group's Chairman but the relationship between father and daughter is not in good condition. When an underclass student approached and attempted to develop a relationship with Second Lieutenant Hayami Atsushi, Mai was somehow affected, although she claimed that Atsushi had nothing to do with her besides professional partnership as companion. Nevertheless, she was actually pleased that Atsushi's incident was eventually ended up as a misunderstanding.

Second Lieutenant Atsushi Hayami, call sign Shikon 9, is usually indecisive but when it comes to combat, he's quite proficient in the operation of his TSF. He's also making progress in cooperating with Mai Shibamura. However, lately he seems to be preoccupied with something else. In order to improve their condition, Tadataka and Motoko had given advises to Atsushi and Mai, although the result is not considered to be successful. It was eventually when Nonomi, the little angel who came into rescue. Seeing Atsushi and Mai together and Nonomi was holding both of their hands between them and the happy smile that appeared from the bottom of Nonomi's heart, such a family-like picture proved that the operation of 5121 Squadron is going relative well. Though we may have some problems, time will eventually heal them. Their relationship is somehow between close friend and love couple. In the movie, Atsushi and Mai played the role of servant and maid while their relationship was husband and wife.

However, it seemed that he is actually hiding something from the others; since he joined the 5121 Squadron shortly before the Battle of Kyoto slightly before Mai. Furthermore, his talent is never adapting to the situation of battlefield like Kariya but instead, change the situation of the battlefield into what he wanted…

Second Lieutenant Kaori ( Katau ) Tashiro is the Accounting, Supply and Chief Command Post Officer all-role-in-one of 5121 Squadron. She handles everything from accounting to running errands and claims that she's some kind of general purpose caretaker. Kaori is supposedly born in Kumamoto but speaks in the Kansai dialect, always with high spirit and full of energy.

Field, aka Acting Warrant Officer Nonomi Higashihara is the mysterious existence in the 5121 Squadron. Her truth purpose is unknown so far but it is believe that she actually assisting Technical Lieutenant Motoko Hara during her project to enhance the performance of TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou; especially the modification of the OS systems. In fact, a child in her age in the military seems rather strange but she reduces the friction in the squadron. Nomoni played the role of the fairy in the movie.

Instructor Hisamoi Sakaue is the Tactical & Actual Combat class Instructor of 5121 Squadron. Honestly, no one would think that he was in the military from his demeanor. However, he's probably an old fox despite his appearance. Further data for him is unfortunately, unavailable but it is believe that he is actually a retired eishi and one of the few survivors from the first generation eishis of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force that had the actual combat experience of fighting against the BETA.

Instructor Haruka Yoshino is a civilian and the General class Instructor of 5121 Squadron. Probably because of her personality, students called her Haruka. In fact, she doesn't look older than the members of 5121 Squadron at all and she is the mother figure of Nonomi.

Buta is the mysterious fat cat lived in the relocated Shokei Female High School as well as the base of 5121 Squadron He is always calm and showed others a smile of mysterious and wisdom from his face. I just wonder what the meaning of that is.

At the same time when Colin finished review of members from 5121 Squadron, the course is over when Haruka called off the class. Kaori immediately introduced herself and spoke to Colin about the arrangement of his quarter. However…

"Mio, you are going to escort Colin to his assigned quarter!"

"But, why me? It is suppose your job and if you are not available, just ask Hayami to do it!" Being suddenly appointed for such assignment, Moi immediately stands yp from her seat and countered.

"Class Representative had entrusted the task to me and I need all the boys for the arrangement of Colin's welcome party at dinner time", Kaori replied forcefully. "Since everyone have been assigned for difference tasks, you are going to do it whatever you like it or not!"

As a result, the Priestess of Mibuya Temple found herself leading the newly introduced Technical Lieutenant to his assigned quarter.



"What long do you want to remain the silence treatment like we never know each other, Aoki?"

"It had been a while for us to see each other and congratulation for your survival from the Battle of Kyoto."

"How about Olivia, I heard that she had been assigned to your father's tactical armor group before the Battle of Kyoto?"

"Second Lieutenant Aoki is fine and able to survive from the Eight Minutes of Death during the inferno in Kyoto, although Colonel Aoki did advise her to transfer to other TSF units in order to develop her skills and gained more experience for her career as an eishi."

"Still address the family members of yours from a third person's point of view? You haven't changed since you have moved out from your family."

"Change is necessary for anyone as long as we desired for survival."

"Then enlighten me, what the hell for you to act as an outsider to those who deeply care the wellbeing about you?!'

"It is the way I have chosen to protect the wellbeing of them from any possible harm!"

"Are you saying get yourself harm when shielding Olivia from possible harm with yourself like long time ago? You clearly realized that it is never something she wanted from the beginning?"

"It is the path I have chosen to walk upon and I would never regret it no matter the outcome!"

"I see…if this is actually what you wanted", Mio replied angrily to him and tightened her fists when they arrived to Colin's assigned quarter. "You are a fool Colin Aoki…" After her statement, Mio left Colin alone but she never realized that the members of CP led by Kaori is listening the entire conversations between herself and the Technical Lieutenant.

At the dinner time welcome party, members of 5121 Squadron introduced themselves to Colin; especially the maintenance team led by Technical Lieutenant Motoko Hara when he is going to work with during his assignment to 5121 Squadron. However, during the introduction of eishis from the squadron, the introduction of Mio to him is too formal to the point that everyone could realize that the aura around her is never friendly.

After the welcome party, Colin returned to his assigned quarter and opened his laptop on his desk. He found that he had an email from the Euro Front and when he decoded, opened and read the email, he found that the email is actually send by Operative Colonel Reila Malkal; Commander of European Union Force W-0 Tactical Surface Fighter Special Operation Combat Unit; Code Name: Athena.

…since the war with BETA began, the Executive Council of European Union started to recruit a unit of non-EU citizens to fight in the front line, to prevent more casualties and deaths being inflicted on their troops. The population that lost their homeland to the hand of BETA was recruited by the EU with the condition that they and their families would be granted EU citizenship if they join the military…

…The existence of this unit is unknown to the public and EU members and scientists are tasked at supervising them, while they participate in suicide missions that often send pilots to their deaths in the beginning. However…

Looking at the photo from the view screen when Reila Malkal is sitting in the middle when her Knight of One Operative Major Akito Hyuga standing behind her followed other eishis included Operative First Lieutenant Ryo Sayama, Operative Second Lieutenant Ayano Kosaka, Operative Second Lieutenant Yukiya Naruse etc but also included Colonel Oscar Hamel, Captain of the W-0 Mobile Base of Operation "Castle of Wyvern" and Operative Major Klaus Warwick the chief of staff of "W-0" Athena.

On the other hand, besides her in the front included:

Dr. Sophie Randall is a civilian brain science expert who was recruited from the private sector to work with the military group, "W-0" Athena.

Operative Lieutenant Klaus Warwick is Reila Malkal's aide-de-camp,

Operative Technical First Lieutenant Anna Clement is a genius scientist and one of the developers of "Alexander.", the enhance variant of EF-2000 Typhoon for melee and close quarter combat that specially designed and deployed by "W-0" Athena. She is also childhood friend of Reila Malkal.

Operative Second Lieutenant Hilda Fagan is an assistant to Anna Clement. She calls Anna "boss" during their conversations.

Operative Second Lieutenant Chloe Winkel is an assistant to Anna Clement. She accompanies for the military operation of "W-0" Athena.

Operative Second Lieutenant Sarah Danes is an Operator working with "W-0" Athena. She has a businesslike attitude towards her work.

Operative Second Lieutenant Ferilli Paltrow is one of Sophie Randall's subordinates and co-workers from the Private Sector.

Operative Second Lieutenant Olivia Lowell is an Operator who works for "W-0" Athena. Unlike Chloe Winkel and Hilda Fagan, she was originally in the European Union Army.

Operative Second Lieutenant Kate Novak is a medical subordinate trained under Sophie Randall.

Looking at the photo, Colin started to recall his memories from the past when the first time he met the newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Reila Malkal and Lieutenant Akito Hyuga…

…Back to the time of A.D.1995 Paris, Capital of European Union…

After the unpleased incident occurred at the party for the celebration of Narva operation, Lieutenant Colonel Reila Malkal and Lieutenant Akito Hyuga are currently located outside when both of them are sitting at the same table. After Reila explained her relationship of being adopted into the Family Malkal when she lost her parents and with the intention to marry her off to their youngest son Johann Malkal; the same person that offense her publicly during the party when he publicly addressed Reila as his mistress without any respect at all until Akito stepped in and threat to kill him with a blade.

"So he is your brother, and your fiancée?" Akito replied with a mysterious smile on his face. "What a happy-go-lucky bunch, since they have time to compare bloodlines and wealth."

"Lieutenant Hyuga…"

"But if you don't like it", Akito took a glass of wine from the waiter that he summoned and raised the glass towards the moon in the sky. "…Should I erase it for you…That whole world…" He then drink the wine when a more mysterious and dangerous smile on his face that totally caught the attention of Reila.

"I am totally agree with your idea…Lieutenant Hyuga…the Knight of "Hannibal's Ghost", a new voice suddenly appeared in front of Reila and Akito when both of them found that a young man in United Nation Force black uniform instead of regular grey appeared in front of them and sitting at the same table. "In order to create a new and more important; a better world, it is necessary to destroy the old world in order to accomplish such objective!"

In front of him, a battle of red wine is being placed on the table from nowhere as well as a glass of red wind is presented for each of them. Being military personnel Reila and Akito immediately stood up from their seats and entered defense position themselves.

"Relax, if I am your enemy, what's the point of sitting in front of both of you so openly without any defense", the newcomer pick up the glass of wine in front of him and drink it when Reila and Akito sat down on their seats.

"Good, so both of you understand that I have no hostile intention and I believe that it's time for business. However, I have to congratulate for your promotion and being appointed as the commander of W-0 Unit, Lieutenant Colonel Reila Malkal as well as the survival of yours, Lieutenant Akito Hyuga. In fact, thanked to the incapable of Commander Anou, the military operation of yours known as Operation Alpha with the objective of rescuing the surrounded 132nd Regiment in Narva by BETA ultimate resulted as disaster…You have done what you can, since you did confronted Anou over his last minute decision to use the members of W-0 for suicide attacks and finally removed Anou from his command position. Besides, you are not the only one that has the feeling to take the responsibilities…"

"Enough talk, what do you want?" Akito countered and prepared to engaged the unknown person if he had the intention to do something foolish.

"As I have expected, Lieutenant Hyuga", the person in front of them replied. "All I have to say that due to the personal loss of W-0 from Operation Alpha, its size for actual combat had been reduced to Flight from Battalion even with the hardware is readied for action, since it would take times to recruit and trained the required eishis for the task."

After his statement, the unknown person put down a letter in front of Reila. "Give this letter to General Smilas and he will transfer the supplies under my name to W-0, you can seem them as gifts of good will but there is nothing I can do about the matter of manpower…"

Before the unknown person can finish his words, a group of bodyguards in black suits advanced to them under the leadership of no one but Johann Malkal.

"I come to return what you did to me in the party", Johann spoke to Akito angrily. "You have to pay for it!"

"Johann, you are going too far", Reila stands up from her seat and spoke to Johann in her cold voice. "You clearly realized that causing trouble in here would create negative imagine for Family Malkal!"

"Shut up Relia and know your place, since someone being adopted by Family Malkal and a plaything of mine had no right to speak under the current situation", Johann countered. "Or maybe you are interest in this lowly Japanese?"

"Johann, you…"

Before Reila could implement any further actions, Akito stands up from his seat and the same smile of mysterious and dangerous appeared on his face again. "You said that I have to pay for my action earlier, how about we resolve this incident once and for all?"

"Your lowly creature…Get…"

( Background Music: Stoning from The Big O OST )

However, before Johann could finish his words, it is intercepted by the laughing voice of the unknown person sitting at the table; it is the voice of an extremely evil laughing that could rival the one from Akito…

"Oh! It seemed that I have actually done nothing but wasting my time in this party", the unknown person stands up from his seat and spoke to Johann with the mysterious smile on face. "Under the recommendation from General Smilas, I come here to see if the Family Malkal can be a valuable ally of mine in European Union for my future plan…I originally believe that his recommendation is correct after I saw Lieutenant Colonel Reila Malkal in action. However, after I had witnessed the incident in the party and realized what her actual connection with Family Malkal is, I believe that the conclusion of mine is below the mean of disappointment."

"So who are you actually, another lowly creature that Reila is interested? Fine, I can take care both of you once and for all!"

"Can I seem the offense from yours as declaration of war to me", the stranger replied with an even more aggressive smile on his face. "I accept such declaration of war and from now on…"

"What is happening in here, Johann and Relia", one of their elder brothers arrived and spoke to both of them before the stranger could finish his statement.

"It is good to see you at this moment, Mr. Malkal", the stranger replied in the place of Johann and Relia. "Please inform your father that our conversation for further cooperation in the further is no longer existed, since I have just accepting the declaration of war from Family Malkal. As my respect to my opponents, I will use whatever means within my power to defeat them and erase their existence from the world." The stranger held out his right arm in front of him and closed his hand tightly when he finished his words.

"Mr…But the opinion of Johann never represented the will of Family Malkal", the elder brother of Johann and Relia intended to explain, reasoned and resolved the crisis caused by his foolish younger brother before too late. However...

"As a member of Family Malkal, his statement carries more than enough weight for such declaration", the stranger clearly showed that he refused to accept the explanation from the Family Malkal when suddenly a large object appeared in the sky and touched down on the ground behind him. Akito immediately stands in front of Reila and shielded her from possible dangerous and escaped with her if necessary when the bodyguards of Family Malkal surrounded Johann and his elder brothers. It is because what they saw is nothing but an unknown Tactical Surface Fighter with auto cannon in its both hand and they are aimed to nowhere but Johann and his men.

"It is always the one with a bigger gun can talk louder, no matter the time and no matter the place", the stranger spoke to the members of Family Malkal in his extremely cold voice. "I believe that I have sent too much time in here and I have seen more than enough, please excuse my leave tonight and continue to enjoy your party; have a nice evening Gentlemen of Family Malkal because the next time we meet each other, the ultimate result would never be pleasure!"

Reila listened to the stranger's statement carefully, since it is impossible for a lone TSF suddenly appeared at the capital without any interception from the locate defense force. In short, there are two possibilities: the first one is that the stranger had the self-confidence to defeat all the interceptors from the capital defense TSF units by his own and forced his way out or he had the permission from the ruling council as well as the high command of military so that he can travel his way directly into the capital by his TSF legally. In fact, the second possibility is more worry to Reila when compare to the first one; since the unknown person clearly showed that he had the connection with General Smilas as well as enough political interfere power to direct and openly challenge the position of Family Malkal and its allies!

"Wait a moment", Reila asked when the stranger finished his statement to the Family Malkal and turned around; prepare to abroad his unknown TSF when Johann and his men are being gunpoint by the TSF's auto cannons. "Just who are you?"

"Just address me as Warlock for now, Lieutenant Colonel Reila Malkal", the stranger turned around and replied. "Lieutenant Hyuga…the Knight of "Hannibal's Ghost", I am looking forward to meet you again in the battlefield!"

After his words, the stranger entered his TSF and it flew to the night sky before it completely disappeared within the thin air.

Since then, the Family of Malkal began to lose its ground to its opponents from political and military fields; started from the ECTSF ( European Combat Tactical Surface Fighter ) Program that resulted as the development of EF-2000 Typhoon as the 3rd Generation and main host TSF of European Union Force besides the Rafale. Although its members remained their wealthy lives when their incomes are not affected in the surface, it is slowly losing its interfere power to both field to the point that when people still showed their respect to the family in the surface, no one in the society of nobles really care about having any business partnership with it. It is because for those allied themselves with Family Malkal in their quests for power would face the ultimately fate of destruction but the Malkal would somehow remain unharmed. Due to this, the name of Malkals became a forbidden word and is being isolated from society of nobles. In short, no one really wants anything to do with the Malkals and rumors had suggested that the family is somehow cursed by the devil.

However, there is an exception when Reila Malkal continued to promote to higher rank and position in the European Union Force and able to enlarge the "W-0" Athena from the original Flight size to the Wing size TSF combat unit under the support of General Smilas and the mysterious associates hidden within her shadow.

In fact, "W-0" Athena is considered the counterpart of United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force, Japan Empire Imperial Royal Guard 77th Tactical Armor Wing "Kamui" or Raven Network Order of the Mirage Knight in European Union Force. It is an extremely elite TSF special force capable to accomplish mission objectives that regular force never had a single change to success and is known as one of the top five TSF combat units of European Union Force besides the Federal Republic of Germany Army's ( United Nations Force European Region Army ) 44th Tactical Armor Battalion "Cerberus" and the French Army 13th Regiment "Dragoons".

After several numbers of conflicts, either on the surface or hidden in the shadow, Reila had secured her position ( thanks to the show of force from"W-0" Athena and rumor among the noble society had actually believe that the "W-0" Athena became her personal guards after she is appointed as its commander ), made her name and stood her own ground for enough interfere power for political and military to the point that her arrange marriage to Family Malkal had been called off by its head of family.

Nevertheless, rumor had suggested that such arrangement is the price for Family Malkal to pay for and in exchange for its return to the society of nobles…

Return to the time of a week after the Japan Empire's Capital is relocated from Tokyo to Sendai:

Not far away from the newly constructed supreme shotgun castle, there are two persons standing under a tree and watched the castle silently. Although both of them had been there for almost an hour, one of them still decided to leave when a voice appeared in the air.

"After an hour of consideration and you only decide to leave? Why are you here at the first place?"

As the girl turned around to face the voice when her protector immediately stood in front of her, they only found that someone they known too well ( or maybe not ) is standing right in front of them.

"I cannot do that, since it would be a political problem for elder sister if someone sees my present…"

"I can understand the reason for your choice to withdraw even it is actually the best chance to meet your twin elder sister face to face since both of you are forced to separate from each other because of some foolish believes of tradition…in fact, personally I don't believe that there are curse that worse than the mankind face the absolute extinction by BETA. However, what's the point for you to agree with her decision, Shirogane?" It is not the first time for you to meet the Supreme Shogun Koubuin personally and you clearly realized that what the true wish for your hime is!"

"Hime…what are you talking about…"

Being completely isolated the complaint from the girl in blue hair, the third newly appearance person continued to ask the famous Silver Savior to do something extremely non-sense and illegal.

"Look at the fact, the castle is possible for us to break-in and then leave before anyone could realize what had actually happened only because it is not completed yet! Since the castle is going to serve as the General Headquarter of the Imperial Royal Guard, it would be guarded and protected by TSFs besides regular security personnel. In short, no one would be interested to hunt down by the wrathful members of Imperial Royal Guard after being discovered within its restriction zone. Furthermore, it is the oath of yours to fulfill the wish of those you hold dear…or you are going to eat your own words after all…"

"Stop it and please don't put such weight and responsible to the shoulder of Takeru", the girl stepped forward in front of her knight and spoke to the said person. "It is my own decision and has nothing to do with anyone…"

Continue to isolate the girl's statement; he continued to speak to Shirogane.

"You have two options in here; you can either carry the hime of yours in the "Princess Carry" style and escort her to the destination that she wished for", the said person had the intention to finish the conversation once and for all. "Or I would just take and throw her inside the bedroom of Supreme Shogun Koubuin; short and simple."

Instead of replying his statement in words, the Silver Savior gently held his beloved hime with his both arm in"Princess Carry" style before she could complaint.

"Let's go and lead the way", the Silver Savior replied seriously to the said person but gently to his hime in his arms. "Please hold me tight, Meiya; since we are going to our destination through the rooftop!"

( Background Music: Dragon Fight from Legend of the Dragon Kings )

"Rooftop but how…."

Before Meiya could finish her question, she found that Shirogane and the said person had jumped up to the rooftops from the ground and continued to advance to their destination in the sky; when she could see the members of Imperial Royal Guard are located in their position for guard or patrol duties.

""Do you know the location of our destination?" The Silver Savior asked.

"Of course", the said person known as Warlock and Colin to Takeru and Meiya replied proudly. "Since the Supreme Shotgun Castle is one of my creations after all!"

Inside the shogun's private quarter, a young girl is reading a book on the wooden table. She stood up from her chair and spoke to the open windows.

"Who are you? Identify yourself!"

A young girl was being pushed forward and spoke to the other girl within the shogun's quarter.

"Elder sister, it's me, Meiya."

"Meiya, what are you… can you get in here from the first place without the alert of security?"

However, before Meiya could continue her words to her beloved twin elder sister, someone is being kicked into the room and when the said person got up from the floor immediately, he kneed in front of Yuuhi, lowed his head and spoke to her respectfully.

"Please forgive my action of interfere, your highness; since I am going to leave immediately…"

"Please raise and stay, Sir Shirogane; it is my honor to see you again in a more personal situation after what had you done for the empire and our people and so far", Yuuhi held both of the hands from Meiya with her own tightly and is smiling gently to the Silver Savior. "Furthermore, thank you for bringing Meiya to me again…Sir Takeru!"


Both Takeru and Meiya are caught in total surprised when their heard the words from Yuuhi, since she supposed not to address Takeru in such way unless…

"It is good to see both of you again and I would like to say, Meiya is not the only one to have the memory from the last loop", Yuuhi offered a place for Takeru to sit ( or kneed actually ) when Meiya is sitting beside her around the table. "I believe that we had a lot to talk about, both official and private. However, I believe that there is another person with you during your journey to here?"

"If you are talking about Coin, he jumped down and left after he kicked me into the room", Takeru replied calm but still a little bit angry for his ally's childish action when answered the question from Yuuhi. At the same time, he looked at the almost identity twin carefully.

In fact, Yuuhi and Meiya were twin sisters from House Koubuin. However, since the elder council of House Koubuin believes that the appearance of two heiresses would only result as internal conflict and ultimate destruction to the Five Grand Noble House systems which secretly governed the country since the beginning of empire history, Meiya was forced to separate from Yuuhi and raised by House Hitsurugi, the sub-house of House Koubuin. Suddenly, five shadows appeared behind the twin sisters and kneed down respectfully, although the fact clearly showed that they are also surprised for the present of Silver Savior.


"Yes your highness. We have to apology because the intruder that entered the restriction zone had escaped. We have awakened any punishment given by yours." First Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Maya replied on behalf of her twin young sister Lieutenant Tsukuyomi Mana and her three subordinates Second Lieutenant Kamiyo Tatsumi, Second Lieutenant Tomoe Yukino and Second Lieutenant Ebisu Minagi; although the three of them are also known as three idiots to Takeru in the parallel world without the invasion of BETA.

"You don't need to say something like that. If someone could arrival here with my younger sister without alerting the security from Imperial Royal Guard and escape from you, the current leader of shotakon ninja, and the members of 19th Independence Guard Flight when all of you are fighting together, he is either a messenger from Heaven or devil from Hell. If he really wants to harm me or Meiya at the first place, no one could stop him in time."

"We will find out the intruder and make him paid for his action."

"Not necessary, since the one you are looking for is no one but a one-man-army that capable to hold the entire battle group of BETA alone on the line", Yuuhi replied in the voice of supreme shogun Koubuin. "You can leave and I required some primary time with my younger sister and Sir Takeru. Please contact House Hitsurugi that my younger sister and Sir Takeru would be guests of mine tonight!"

"Your Highness, but…" Maya intended to reason with Yuuhi for what is going to happen about such arrangement became public when Mana and her three subordinates somehow did not feel surprised by instead; felt happy and welcome as well as support the decision from her highness!

"You have my words as an order from Supreme Shogun Koubuin acting on behalf of the emperor", the voice from Yuuhi became cold and dangerous. "I am not asking for your opinion about it; instead I am ordering you to follow it, is that clear?!"

"As your wish, your highness!"

"Good to hear that from you, First Lieutenant Tsukuyomi. Now please excuse us, since I need some private moment for myself and to my guests."

After the ninja leader and the members of 19th Imdepedence Guard Fight disappeared from air, Yuuhi spoke to Meiya and Takeru again. "Let's we begin, since we will have more than enough conversation for tonight…"

Meanwhile, Colin wondered the reason for his totally illogical action earlier. Originally, he just wanted to create a chance of twin sisters' reunion and introduction of Odin the Silver Savior to Yuuhi in a more personal level by kicked him inside her quarter but leaving without his identity discovered by others. Unfortunately, Colin ended up ran into an engagement with the present leader of shotakon ninja as well as the members of 19th Independence Guard Flight at the same time! Although he did end up in similar situation in his former loops during this incident, it is still a surprise to him when he found that he had to fight against five of them in melee combat at the same time in order to escape in a single piece. Being women for their young age, they did give Colin quite a bit trouble but still a challenge fight for their skills and group tactics against a single opponent ( Unlike the White Angel of Freedom, Colin did have hardship for disarm or disable his opponents instead of eliminate them ); since there is no reason for him to eliminate their existence under the current situation. In fact, Colin would like to enjoy the fight more in normal situation but as long as he is still in the dressed uniform of United Nation Force, it would be troublesome if his identity was being found…

"Who are you?" Just after Colin had landed on the ground from the top of a tree, he heard a voice in front of him. The owner of the voice was a young girl in traditional Japanese clothing which means she was either related to the Five Grand Noble Houses or Imperial Royal Guard. In fact, she showed no fear to him, although Colin should be a stranger to her, especially at the mid-night.

Instead of answered her question, Colin jumped up and hidden himself behind the tree when another two person approached to their location. Both of them wore the orange uniform of Imperial Royal Guard when the male eishi had the rank of major and the female eishi had the rank of lieutenant.

"It's good that you are safe, Kaguya. It's dangerous to walk around in the mid-night, although the area is secured and restricted by the Imperial Royal Guard. It's someone here with you?"

"No, I am alone", the young girl who was being addressed as Kaguya replied. "I am apology to let both of you worry, Subaru and Hokuto. Please escort me to my quarter and may I ask, something had happened?"

"It seemed that someone is either brave or foolish enough to have enough courage to break-in the Supreme Shogun Castle for unknown intention and the members of Imperial Royal Guard that safeguard the castle is searching for the intruder as we speak", Hokuto replied before her younger brother, the head of House Sumeragi in military service, could reply. "However…it seems that you are happy for something, Kaguya. Care to talk about it?"

"Do you believe in fateful encounter, Subaru and Hokuto?" Kaguya replied with a mysterious smile on her face that suppose never appeared her age and physique.

After they left, Colin left the Imperial Royal Guard restriction zone immediately. Fortunately, for someone liked the Kaguya, the mistress of House Sumeragi and representative of Sumeragi Concern; a large conglomerate founded by the Sumeragi House, she would only focus her attention at elite members of Imperial Royal Guard and Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force…Despite her age and physique, she possesses a strong will and is highly influential amongst the Five Grand Noble Houses and Supreme Shogun Koubuin. She is named after Kaguya, the main character of what is considered to be the oldest Japanese folktale.

Colin originally believe that she is going to forget a nameless officer from United Nation Force in the next day…but the fact had proved that it is absolutely a mistakes afterward.

A few days after the incident occurred at the Supreme Shogun Castle and the establishment of Imperial Royal Guard Special External Operation Squadron "White Fang", Yui had been invited by Kaguya for a personal visit as a friend, since both of them known each other since their childhood. Being led and followed the maid, Yui entered the room where Kaguya is presented and sitting next to the round wooden table on her chair. She asked the servant to offer a seat for Yui to sit down when Yui bowed to Kaguya respectfully.

"It had been a while for us to see each other and it is my honor to being invited, mistress Sumeragi", Yui spoke to Kaguya before she sat down on the chair when the maid offered her a cup of green tea and placed the cup on the table.

"First of all I seem and invited you as a friend so no formal address in here", Kaguya replied with a gentle smile on her face. "In fact, congratulation for your survival during the Battle of Kyoto and being appointed as the squadron commander of newly formed White Fang. I have to apologize that I cannot present during the establishment because of my duty on behalf of the emperor."

"You don't have to mistress…."



"…Kaguya…" x 2

Under the aura of unseen pressure from the mistress of House Sumeragi, Yui finally decided to give up and addressed her friend by her name even in her a strict character.

"Kaguya, you don't have to; since anyone would realize that nothing is more important to carry out the duty on behalf of the emperor from anything as long as we are members from Imperial Royal Guard and the Five Grand Noble Houses."

"I see, so Yui have you received the truth mission of White Fang from her highness?"

"I have."

"Care to tell me what is the mission objective is about…as a friend?"


"Anyone besides you know about the truth mission from her highness?"

"Second Lieutenant Iwami Aki, Second Lieutenant Noto Izumi, Second Lieutenant Kai Shimako and Second Lieutenant Yamashiro Kazusa know about the mission as well", Yui replied. "However, I never agreed their decision…."

"However, it is their decision after all", Kaguya replied happily after Yui is addressing her name like her friends in the White Fang Squadron. "Under such situation, you have no right to against their decision, although you are the squadron commander. Furthermore, care to tell me more about the legendary eishi, Warlock the Steel Messiah? It is because after the Battle of Kyoto, I can only see him from far away before he left with the Archangel."

During their conversation, Yui explained how their encounter Colin at the first time inside the Imperial Royal Guard Academy and only realized that he is the instructor of their class on the next day. Furthermore, how his shocking education during his first class and then followed by his extremely abnormal methods of training that resulted as the most fear and infamous devil instructor in the academy, although he did provide them with materials, consist of all the skills, techniques and knowledge for them to be more effective to fight against BETA and how to survive from the battle, that beyond the provision from the academy regular training. However, the most shocking discovery for them about him is when the time he revealed parts of his plan to them which included the development and production of the 3rd Generation TSF TYPE-00 Takemikaduti Series to the Imperial Royal Guard in order to replace the aged TYPE-82 / F-4J Kai Zuikaku and the development and production of the 3rd Generation TSF TYPE-04 Shiranui Second to his allies; later known as the United Nation Force A-01 Special Task Force Valkyrie Squadron of Alternative Four Project. Furthermore, he had already foreseen the Battle of Kyoto and its result one year ago even before the Korean peninsula falls. From this point, Yui and her friends clearly realized that he is no longer a regular lieutenant from the United Nation Force. However, after the encounter with the unknown TSFs known as ZGMF-X09A Justice and ZGMF-X10A Freedom from the flying battleship Archangel, Yui and her friends had no idea about the identity of Colin anymore; since he actually held the rank and authority for Operative Lieutenant Commander from Alternative Four Project, his knowledge about the unknown reinforcement from the Archangel and eventually, his truth character of Warlock, the legend Steel Messiah from the Asia Continent forefront. Last but not least, he is related to House Aoki, one of the noble houses from the Imperial Royal Guard.

Nevertheless, Yui did keep part of her connection with Colin as a secret to anyone, since it is an offer from Colin that Yui agreed to accept and kept it as a secret for her life as long as she lived.

"Do you know what the people in Five Grand Noble Houses and Imperial Royal Guard are now thinking of you, Yui?" After hearing the more personally story of the legendary Warlock, Kaguya replied in her mysterious smile that made Yui sweat drop. "It seemed that you never realized the value of yours after the Battle of Kyoto."

"The value of mine…what are you talking about Kaguya?"

"It seemed that you are so native after all", Kaguya put her hand on her forehead. "Look, being a newly graduated Second Lieutenant from the Imperial Royal Guard Academy is never something strange and has enough weight to catch the attention from people in position like mine. However, being appointed as the commander by her highness personally on behalf of the emperor as the newly established squadron at the same time is never something normal; not to mention the said squadron is given the honor to fight beside the Warlock during the Battle of Kyoto and being entrusted the most advanced and powerful Tactical Surface Fighters from her highness on behalf of the emperor."

"The honor should be ours, since it is the offer from Colin…Operative Lieutenant Commander Bertram to us so that we can fight beside him during the Battle of Kyoto!"

"Colin…I see; so this is the actually situation", Kaguya used her hand to cover her mouth when she heard the reply from Yui. In fact, for unknown reason, her action made Yui quite uncomfortable. "However, we all known that among the students that personally instructed and trained by the Legendary Warlock, Second Lieutenant Takamura Yui is the leader of the group and its considered the second person that had a close connection with the Steel Messiah besides her highness than anyone from the empire; a much closer connection than those who hold more power in the Five Grand Noble Houses and Imperial Royal Guard!"

"But that's never the case, Colin did value his connection with his family members beyond anything…or I should say, the same value to her high highness but never mine!" Yui still remember she turned down the offer from him with her friends to join his organization in order to service their royalty to the empire and the Imperial Royal Guard. Nevertheless, Colin still seemed them as his companions during the war for mankind survival against the extinction from BETA. In fact, Colin didn't care where their royalty laid as long as they had the common goal to fight for the Never Ending Tomorrow of Humanity!

"Colin…again, it is the second time you have addressed the legendary Steel Messiah in so personal level, I wonder what is going to happen and people will talk about it if they know such situation", Kaguya put down her cup of tea after she drank it. "No matter what you are going to explain, people still looked at the fact that the members of White Fang Squadron did fight besides the legendary Steel Messiah during the Battle of Kyoto. Unlike the other Twin Swords from the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force, Odin the Silver Savior, that always fight besides the 01 Valkyrie Squadron in the battlefield; Warlock is always fight alone even in the worst and completely outnumber situation. Nevertheless, rumor did suggested that there are several TSF combat units that actually supporting his operations around the world. Furthermore, I would like to remind you that the person known as Colin Z Bertram never had any relative family members in the official record in our world! For all the reasons mentioned about, rumor suggested that besides her highness, Second Lieutenant Takamura Yui is actually another liaison from the empire to the Warlock that he is willing to accept personally but no one else! In fact, rumors had suggested that some people in higher positions started to worry and fear for your existence because of your possible interfere to the ultimate decision of Warlock! For other rumors that are less serious but more interesting to me…are you one of his harems like the other members of White Fang, Yui? Please answer my question honestly as a friend!"

"What…what are you talking about, Kaguya?" Yui fell down from her seat when the color of her face turned red and replied. "Like what you have mentioned, it is just rumor and never be truth! Besides, Colin is too focusing on his path and accomplished his ultimate objective for the survival of mankind to the point that he had no intention for any romantic relationship with anyone!"

"It is the third time for you the address the name of Warlock in personal level", Kaguya spoke to herself silently and enjoyed the view in front of her when Yui fell to the ground. She spoke to her again after Yui sat down on her seat again. "Is it the truth, Yui? For my knowledge, men always had their physical need from women; especially for the true hero that enjoys physical pleasures like Warlock and it is actually surprised to me that he doesn't have a harem for him to release his stress. It is because it is imaginable and expectable that he is one of the persons that carried the heaviest weight on his shoulder in our world. Or are you saying he had no interest to women but…"

"No way… Colin said that he is actually a normal man!"

"Then I would recommend you to secure your own position in his harem, Yui", after toying the mind of her childhood friend with strict character enough, Kaguya spoke to Yui in her serious and business voice as the mistress of House Sumeragi. "Because of him being one of the most powerful men in our world, Colin…please excuses and allows me to address the name of Warlock in a more personal level, more than enough people would like to create collection with him once he revealed himself to public; since it is impossible to fight against the BETA in planetary scale without the interfere of political business in our world. Although personally I never agree to use a person as a tool to accomplish the mission objective for greater good; it is still one of the most effective way and I am no surprised that some people are planning something like that as we speak…Not to mention that the people had such idea is not restricted to the empire!"

Yui is freeze and speechless after hearing the statement from Kaguya, since her never thought about such situation even after she received the hidden or truth mission of the White Fang Squadron from Supreme Shogun Koubuin. In fact, although Kaguya and Yui are in the same age, their mindset is totally difference and the mindset of Kaguya is actually similar to Kei Shimako. For Yui, she had no intention for any personal gain besides serving her best for the wellbeing of the empire and its people by following the path of a member of the Imperial Royal Guard.

Looking at the action from her friends, Kaguya believe that their conversation should be concluded in here, since it is quite late in the day when she summoned one of the maids in the house. "I believe that you have to take your time to reconsidered your position from now on, Yui; since your current position besides Colin can be either considered a blessing or a curse, depend how the view of yourself and the view from other people. As a friend, it is my advice and I hope that you are well prepared for the incoming challenge as an adult; since being a member from Five Grand Noble Houses and Imperial Royal Guard in our age means that we never have the chance to experience the life of a normal girl from the beginning! However, it is important for us to find our own happiness if possible so that we never feel regret for our lives!"

As Kaguya saw her Yui got into the vehicle that arranged by her to take her friend home, she spoke to herself when the vehicle left in her view. "You still never realize the weight of your shoulder when the time comes, Yui; the responsible and the choice of yours can alter the incoming future of empire…no, the entire world during the incoming future when everything has to be started…"

Back to the present timeline of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Squadron:

Looking at the totally nine units of TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou that had just completed their upgrade operation in front of her, Motoko had to admit that it is a wonder in her point of view. It is because even with her connection to the quartermaster, it is still impossible for her to get all the require spare parts and supplies to complete all the TSFs upgrade at the same and short period of time thanked to the connection from Colin's hidden associates. Furthermore, the bonus supplies currently located at the base are able to support the 5121 Squadron for enhance operations for three years! Combine the combat abilities for the TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou that completely equal to the F-15E Strike Eagle in term of speed, mobility and power, Motoko had the self-confidence that their newly upgrade TSFs would be more than enough to handle regular BETA battle group as well as any TSF opponents as long as they are not 3rd Generation TSF like those advanced TSFs deployed by the Imperial Royal Guard or United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force 01 Valkyrie Squadron.

Meanwhile, the eishis from the 5121 Squadron had suffered the inferno training from the newly introduced simulation training provided by United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force as well as the new OS known as XM-3. Similar to those eishis that used the newly introduced OS instead of the one they used to, the eishis from 5121 Squadron either fell down and their TSFs hit the ground hard or their TSFs being torn apart during the simulation training to the point that it would became nothing but a worst night for the maintenance team to repair and get the damage TSFs to be operational again and again. Fortunately, in his point of view, there is no drawback to anyone as long as the eishis only torn apart their TSFs in the simulators. In fact, the performance of 5121 Squadron's eishis are much better than several cadets from Imperial Royal Guard Academy during their training. Furthermore, no one had the strength left to complain anything because they have to master and got used to the extremely high mobility and abnormal maneuver introduced by the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force!

After almost two month of suffering in the inferno, the eishis eventually could master all the skills introduced by the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force and able to accomplish even the seem-to-be most extreme combat situation against multiple waves of BETA invasion. However…

"Playtime is over", Colin spoke to the members of Command Post and the Command Officers of 5121 Squadron when he changed the simulation program without informed the eishis inside the simulators. "Let the truth war for survival and no rules of engagement begin!"

After the program had been changed by Colin, the eishis inside the simulator found themselves facing the situation when the unknown large strain that once appeared at the last stage in Battle of Kyoto appeared and released a large number of BETA reinforcement. As being surrounded by overwhelming hostile forces, the formation of 5121 Squadron had been torn apart followed the destruction of its eishis; even Kariya known as Shikon 1 had tried his best and did what he had to, he is eventually killed by a Fort class strains after his Kagerou is destroyed. In conclusion, Mai is the last one for being destroyed by BETA before the simulation ended; it is because Atsushi had shielded and protected her with his own TSF. Furthermore, Colin discovered that Atsushi is the eishi that able to adept the suddenly change of situation occurred in the war zone and his performance is considered the best one among the 5121 Squadron after he changed the program.

"What the hell had happen?" Once came out from the simulator, Tasiro asked the members of CO that responsible for the training program in the simulators. "We never expect such situation is part of the training…"

"Always expect the unexpected in the battlefield, especially when your opponents are the BETA strains that never considered the loss of its own kind as long as they can tear us apart", Colin replied in the place of the members of CP. "Learn to adept the situation in the reality is always the key for survival during the war against BETA and I would recommend all of you to return to your simulators; since this is only the beginning for the enhanced training!"

"You are enjoying it, don't you", Youhei spoke to Colin in his extremely angry voice. "You are enjoying to see us how we are suffering from the training arranged by yours…just because you cannot become an eishi for yourself, the Outcast of…"

However, before Youhei could finish his words, someone hit his face extremely hard in order to stop his nothing but foolish actions. For everyone surprised, even to Colin, the one that took such an extremely action is no one other than the always calm and composed Mio.

"Behave and respect yourself as an eishi of 5121 Squadron and a member of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force", it is the only words that Mio is willing to speak to Youhei in her extreme aggressive voice. "I know that you are an idiot but still…at least showed some respect to your senior officer and there is something that you supposed never say about it; especially you have no idea about the story behind!"

"Both of you stand down immediate and it is an order", Tadataka spoke to Mio and Youhei in order to call off their actions. "It seemed that everyone had done enough today so I would like to call off the remaining training today and as the commander of 5121 Squadron, I would like to rearrange the training tomorrow, do you have any opinion about it, Technical Lieutenant Aoki?"

"I have no problem with it."

"Good, then dismiss everyone but Mio and Youhei, come to my office after you get yourself clean up; since there is something that I would like to ask both of you personally!"

At the rooftop of the 5121 Squadron base, Colin is looking at the dawn in the sky when someone walked towards him from behind.

"According from our finding, it seemed that someone had email the information of your background and your relationship with the House Aoki to Youhei a few days ago", Mio replied. "Class Representative had ordered a background check to all the personnel might relate to the incident after the arrival of yours but so far nothing irregular had been discovered."

"I believe that First Lieutenant Zengyo should call off the investigation, since it is a waste of time and manpower because it is never a secret for my assignment to 5121 Squadron. However, I did feel surprised that someone is willing to waste the time for causing me trouble during my assignment here."

"Any idea for the one that used Takigawa as the pawn for his or her own gain?"

"Who knows, since there are more than enough people that believe me do not have the right to carry the surname of House Aoki."

"And you are still feeling alright with it?"

"As long as it would ensure no harm would come to my family, I am okay with it before the time comes. However, although I have to say thank you for your action earlier; you really don't have to do it anyway."

"Listen, Colin Aoki, I do what I did because I would like to hit the face of that idiot hard a long time ago; it is not for your sake in any means so don't misunderstand my intention!"

"I see…"

"I am Instructor Sakaue to all members of 5121 Squadron; we have order from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force General Headquarter that multiple number of BETA battle groups appeared and 5121 Squadron is given order to launch! I repeat, all members of 5121 Squadron, prepare to launch!"

"Let's go, Mio, we talk about the rest after the operation is over!"

…Above the sky of the battlefield…

"This is CV Alpha 5 and CV Alpha 6. T minus sixty seconds until we pass above the target."

"This is General Headquarter, Acknowledged."

"Weather of destination is snowing. Visibility level….two. Starting enemy scanner."

"All units do a final check on the situation. Only small targets have been confirmed in mission area D-50 so far." As the deputy commander, Keigo gave out the order to all the eishis inside their Tactical Surface Fighters.

"Storm Vanguard will be Shikon 1 Kariya."

"Strike Vanguard will be Shikon 2 Tasiro and Shikon 8 Shibamura"

"Gun Sweeper will by Shikon 4 Takigawa"

"Gun Interceptor will be Shikon 6 Wakamiya"

"Rush Guard will be Shikon 5 Mibyura and Shikon 9 Hayami."

"Impact Guard will be Shikon 3 Setoguchi and Shikon 7 Kuruso."

"Please wait for a moment", Mio spoke to Keigo through the communicator. "Shikon 5 requests to be position of Strike Vanguard!"

"Request denied", Tadataka replied. If you wish to be the Strike Vanguard, work on your marksmanship."

"This is CV Alpha 5 and CV Alpha 6! Beginning descent."


In the battlefield, TYPE-90 Main Battle Tank and mobile missile platforms fired their main guns and missiles from long range until the new order was update from general headquarter.

"All infiltration units close in. Engineer corps, cease cover fire."

After received the new order, the tanks and mobile missile platforms began to fall back from their offense positions.

"Release the TSFs" Tadataka gave out the order.

"Roger", Keigo replied. "Locked disarmed. Shikon 1 Green, Shikon 2 Green, Shikon 3 Green, Shikon 4 Green, Shikon 5 Green, Shikon 6 Green, Shikon 7, Green, Shikon 8 Green, Shikon 9 Green. All Unit are Green. Five, Four, Three, Two One…Launch!" After his words, totally nine units of fully armed TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou were launched from CV Alpha 5 and CV Alpha 6 and landed on the ground which covered by snow in white. At the moment of launch, Colin's voice somehow appeared in Mio's mind before leaving the rooftop, "Make sure you come back alive, no matter what happen during the battle!"

"So this is the only words that you would like to say to me after all these years?", Mio spoke to herself silently but chose to focus and threw herself to the incoming battle.

After all the TSFs were launched from their Carrier Vessel, the giant air carrier relocated its position above the"Metallic Particle Cloud" in order to prevent the possible threat from Laser class and Heavt Laser class BETA.

"The snow is just horrible. This suck!" Youhei spoke to the other eishis of 5121 Squadron.

"The scanners aren't working well because of the heavy snow. Maximum setting is about seventy to eighty." Followed by Youhei, Setoguchi spoke to the others.

"Everyone, let's move." Kariya replied.

"Okay" Youhei replied.

As the 5121 Squadron was moving forwards, explosion could be heard within the battlefield. Mio's Kagerou turned its direction and armed its TYPE-87 36mm Auto Cannon. In fact, the nightmare from her last battle still somehow affected her performance.

"Mibuya-san, calm down. It's just the other Flights or Squadrons attacking." Atsushi spoke to Mio again in order to calm her down. In fact, Colin secretly asked Atsushi to keep an eye on Mio if possible. It was because it is impossible for her close to die experience could not recover immediately.

"I know that!" Mio replied.

"Hey now, get a grip of yourself!" Youhei spoke to Mio, although his originally intention was to reduce the friction at this moment. "Getting shot by an ally won't be fully."

"If you don't like bullets…", Mio spoke to Youhei while unfold the TYPE 74 Long Blade at the Mount Pylon. "How about my blade instead?" Although Mio never spoke out the follow sentence, her silent threat is good enough for Youhei and made his Kagerou to step backward.

"Help me, Setoguchi!"

Although Youhei was calling for help, Setoguchi was instead, more willing to see how the hot-headed idiot being "took care" by the ice maiden. However, it seemed that before they could search and destroyed the BETA, their opponents came to search for them instead.

"Here they come! 3 o'clock!" Setoguchi warned his teammates when the alert was on; radar showed that a group of Tank class BETA was moving towards their direction.

Mio was the first one to fire her rifle but she missed. At the same time, a large number of Tank class strains and a number of Grappler class stains had the intention to surround the 5121 Squadron.

"I missed"

"They moved to 8 o'clock!" Tasiro gave out her warning while Atsushi, Mai and Youhei's Kagerou are moved to the counter position and attacked the incoming Grappler class BETA strains.

"Hayami, Shibamura, above you!" A small group of Tank class BETA attempted to jump from a nearby building towards the two Kagerou when Setoguchi were giving out his warning. Mai responded in firing both rifle of her TSF's 36mm Auto Cannon in both hand; resulted as the total elimination of hostile forces. When the TSFs of 5121 Squadron were fighting the overwhelming number of BETA strains, a single Tank class strain silently approached Setoguchi's Kagerou. It jumped over and intended to assault the said TSF from the sky but is unfortunately; shot down by the sniper of 5121 Squadron but its blood still covered the said TSF. During the impact, Setoguchi upgraded their present situation to the command post as well as general headquarter from the forefront.

"This is Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121Squadron; we have made contact to the enemy. I repeated! This is 5121Squadron; we have made contact to the enemy."

Back to the battlefield which the 5121 Squadron was fighting for their lives, Mio had suffered a direct hit from a Destroyer class strain and it attempted to finish its job by crushing the said TSF with its front armor.

"Dodge it, Mibuya-san", shouted Atsushi.

Mio's Kagerou barely escaped the assault from her opponent and the Destroyer class strain crushed inside the building of her former position. Atsushi's Kagerou armed its 36mm Auto Cannon at the back of the Destroyer class strain and fire a number of ammo towards its back and killed it.

"First wave has been destroyed. Corresponding units will begin refueling."

As the order was given out, a number of ground vehicles which carried the Type 87 mobile support cargo arrived to the refuel points and began to refuel the TSFs with the supplies after their engagement with the BETA, included weapons, ammo, missiles etc. from their cargoes.

"Enemy main force has split up into two and has gathered behind 5121Squadron", Followed by the words of a female combat control operator in the Command Centre, the other female combat control operator reported to their commander that oversaw the operation, aka Countess and she finally ordered the employment of the newly introduced secret weapon from the Imperial United Naval Sixth Fleet.

"Confirmed the launch of S-11 Special Tactical Shells from the Imperial United Naval Sixth Fleet.", Keigo spoke to Tadataka immediately once he was updated by Command Centre of General Headquarter.

"All TSFs will break through the enemy's detachment corps. After that, please evacuate from the city immediately."

"We can't do that so easily", Setoguchi complained to Tadataka when he was fighting for his lives with Mio and Youhei as a group. Atsushi and Mai had broken off the formation in order to assistance allies that called for immediately reinforcement. Before their separation, Atsushi asked Setoguchi and Takigawa to keep an eye on Mio without her knowledge.

Flash-Back before the employment of S-11 Special Tactical Shells from the Imperial United Naval Sixth Fleet is given by the General Headquarter.

"So, the boring Colin asked you to keep Mibuya out of trouble, right? Never expected such a poker face liked him would interest in ice maiden", Setoguchi spoke to Atsushi before he and Mai's Kagerou are separated from the squadron.

"Just keep an eye on her without her knowledge", Mai spoke to Setoguchi. "Colin actually told me he would absolutely put Mibuya into reserve assignment if he was in Tadataka's place."

"Get it", Takigawa replied. "Don't worry, we take care the rest! In fact, I never expected that she would hit my face so hard…it seemed that I have said something very foolish…"

"What are you talking about?" Mio asked.

"Nothing important", Atsushi replied. "Shibamura-san, let go."

…End of Flash-Back…

"You don't have time to complain", Tadataka replied. "There is a river two thousand meters to the east. Please use it as trench."

So, the war between the TSFs and the BETA continued while the Imperial United Naval Sixth Fleet prepared to release its secret weapons. Everyone within the war zone was fighting for their lives so that they could live for another day.

Inside the cafeteria of 5121Squadron, the cook, Haruka and Nonomi was baring a cake for the incoming Christmas party.

"This one's barked perfectly", the cook said. "How are you doing, Nonomi?"

Nonomi only replied in smile while doing her job.

"That looks great, Good Job!"

"Why don't you taste it?" Nonomi asked.

"Let's see", the cook said.

"Yummy ( Taste Good ) ?"

"This is really good, you did great!"

"So, both of them…I understand. All right." Hisamoi put down the phone while a shadow disappeared outside his office.

Meanwhile, abroad the CV Alpha Five, Youhei hit the control panel of his TSF angrily while Takayuki and Mio remain in silence.

Flash-Back Part 01.

"5121 Squadron has defeated seventy percent of Tank class BETA strains." One of the combat control operators reported to her commander, aka Countess within the command center.

"Incoming message from the IWS Ikaruga ( Yamato class Battleship and the Flagship of Sixth Fleet ), the SD-11 Special Tactical Shells are ready to be fire as we speak and they can fire the new weapons once they have our order!"

"All flights and squadrons in deployment begin withdrawing." Countess gave out her order. "I repeat, all flights and squadron in deployment begin withdrawing."

"Roger", Tadataka replied. "5121 Squadron will now begin to pull out. All TSF units, operation completed and immediately withdraws from the area."

"Roger" After its forefront eishis responded in union, 5121 Squadron began to withdraw from war zone.

"Mibuya, hurry, we have to go!" Youhei spoke to Mio when he eliminated a number of Grappler class BETA strains with his TSF's 36mm Auto cannon.

"I know that", Mio replied after she cut another Grappler class strain in half with the TYPE-74 Long Blade

"All TSF units of 5121 Squadron have begun to pull out." Keigo said.

"SD-11 Special Tactical Shells reached their targets in five, four, three, two, one…"

At the moment when the said weapons hit the ground, they destroyed all the BETA strains, even the giant Fort class, in a second and continued to wipe out all the remaining strains in the war zone. However, something is not normal occurred after the BETA is supposed to be wiping out by the SD-11 Special Tactical Shells…

"Communication has been restored. Here's the visual."

After witnessed what had actually happened within the war zone, only fear could be found from the face of Countess as well as those who saw the unbelievable fact inside the command center.

Meanwhile, 5121 Squadron was readied to leave the war zone and returned to base while the TSFs were locked into the transport cargo. After the heat of battle, none of the TSFs were in good condition for combat readiness.

"Hey, do you think Hayami and Shibamura are okay?" Youhei asked, since there was still no sign for the arrival of their Kagerou.

"I don't think there's anything to worry about", Takayuki laid back and said. "Besides, the BETA is all wipe out by the said SD-11 Special Tactical Shells already from the Sixth Fleet."

"You're right…"

"Something is wrong", Mio spoke to herself. As a priestess from House / Temple Mibuya, Mio still felt the existence of evil aura within the war zone. "It can't be…"

"What do you mean?" Tadataka was questioning Countess seriously. "The BETA is not extinct?"

"We have just confirmed the existence of an unknown large strain that started to release the BETA reinforcement to the war zone; we believe that it is the same strain that appeared at the final stage in Battle of Kyoto. As for now, 8313 Squadron is fighting back. However, we've determined that currently engaging the enemy is impossible before the Sixth Fleet is able to get the supply of next shipment of SD-11 Special Tactical Shells as we speak. So, all flights and squadrons are withdrawing temporarily. After the Sixth Fleet reloading the SD-11 Special Tactical Shells, we will attack them again. 5121 Squadron must leave the area immediately." After her final words, the communication from Countess was over, leaving an empty view screen for Tadataka.

Although both Tadataka and Keigo were unwilling to follow such order, they had to follow as long as they are soldiers from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force.

"Have we been able to communicate with Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 yet?"

"Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 please responded", Kaori attempted to contact Mai and Atsushi. "Can you hear me, Shibamura and Hayami?"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't dodge fast enough."

"Don't worry about it."

"…8313 Squadron…in battle…with the BETA…Dawn it…They're multiply in…This is endless…request emergency reinforcement…"

"Something's wrong", Atsushi spoke to Mai. "Our allies are still fighting. We have to help them!"

"Yes." After Mai made her decision, the element of Kagerou entered the war zone again without the knowledge of withdrawing order.

From the tactical view screen, Tadataka discovered that Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 are moving forward in order to rescue the friendly forces which fighting the newly appeared BETA reinforcement.

"Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 had changed its course."

"Shikon 8 and Shikon 9, comes back. Shikon 8 and Shikon 9…Shikon 8 and Shikon 9" Unfortunately, it seemed that the communication system of both Kagerou had somehow suffered damage from the battle and there was no way to contact them at this moment.

"Class Leader", Youhei said. "Hayami and Shibamura aren't returned yet."

"Are they out cruising or what?" Setoguchi followed.

"Our flight will end the operation as of now."

"What does that mean…" Setoguchi asked.

"5121 Squadron is returning to base."

"What are you talking about? Hayami and Shibamura are not back yet!"

"Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 had changed its course and are moving towards the enemy group."

"What enemy group you are talking about?" Tasiro asked. "The operation was successful, wasn't it?"

"Class Leader", Mio asked carefully and she wished from the bottom of her heart that her answer would never become a reality. "BETA is still existed within the war zone. Am I right?"

"Mibuya, you've correct. Just a few minutes ago, the appearance of an unknown large strain was confirmed like the one that appeared during the final stage in the Battle of Kyoto and released a large number of BETA reinforcement to the war zone as we speak."


"Do they know about this?"

"We have no communication with Shikon 8 and Shikon 9 at this moment."

"Then we go get them ourselves!"

"That is not allowed. With the appearance of the unknown large strain, the BETA is creating a second formation. Taking into the account the damage to our TSFs, the remaining ammunition on board and the relation of our offensive power in comparison to the enemy's, I can't allow you to return to the front line. As order, 5121 Squadron will withdraw immediately."

"Your serious…" Mio spoke to Tadataka in her coldest voice even existed. "Aren't you?"

"At this point, that's the best thing to do. We can't afford to lose anyone else.

"How can I possibly accept that", even the always calm and composed Kariya said in a deep voice with extremely anger. Mio was almost lost her life just a few weeks ago and now they had to leave Hayami and Shibamura behind? "I have made an oath that I would never leave anyone behind no matter what is the situation when I accepted the position of forefront commander of 5121 Squadron and take the responsible for the lives of all my subordinates. Are you telling me to eat my own words, First Lieutenant Tadataka Zengyo?!"

"Tosaka, please release the lock! Release it!"

"Class Leader…"

"5121 Squadron is pulling out."

"5121 Squadron will now withdraw."

After the final words of Keigo, CV Alpha 5 and 6 took off from the ground with its unwilling to leave TSF eishis. Inside his Kagerou, Youhei hit the view screen that showed the image of Tadataka hardly before it's disappeared. "No" was the only word he could speak while Setoguchi and Mibuya remained silence.

End of Flash-Back Part 01.

Meanwhile, two Kagerou are located at the dark forest in the war zone. Inside, Mai slowly awoke and realized that Atsushi was looking at her.

"What happened?" was the first words and through from her mind and soon she realized that her leg was hurt.

"You don't remember?" Atsushi asked.

Flash-Back Part 02.

Mai and Atsushi attempted to rescue the 8313 Squadron from the BETA. Unfortunately, their Kagerou resulted as surrounded by a large number of BETA instead.

"Hayami, two o'clock!"


Although their Kagerou attempted to intercept the large number of incoming Tank class and Grappler class BETA with their weapons, a few number of Destroyer class strains are about to survive thanked to their extremely hard forward armor and once their crushed to their target, and successfully created enough damage to overwhelm the protection offer to the two TSFs.

End of Flash-Back Part 02.

"How long was I pass out?" Mai asked.

"A little over an hour."

"Why are you whispering? Are there BETA, around?"

"Yes. I explain the situation later. First, we need to get you some medication. Try not to move for now. It might taste funny since there's medication mixed into it. I think you'll feel a little better after you drink it."

Mai drank the mixed liquid and from her reaction, anyone knew that it was taste very bad except someone with an empty-headed.


"Can't you tell from face!?"

"We're alone in the crowd of BETA. The unknown large strain is probably nearby."

"How can you tell without looking?"

"Here… It looks like the unknown large strain expels a special high density gas."

"How many hours will the filter of our eishi armor suit last?"

"About twelve hours."

Don't be optimistic…I want to hear a realistic number."

"With this gas density…probably four hours at the most. In actuality, a little over three hours."

"It's impossible to send out an SOS signal." Mai laid back and said. "It's taking at least six hours to reorganize the next offense and the reload of SD-11 Special Tactical Shells for the Sixth Fleet. That's zero chance of survival. Don't look so down. Why don't you tell me a funny story or something, poyayan, aka empty-headed?"

"Shibamura-san…This situation maybe really bad…but there's still hope for survival."

"Can you do magic?"

"We're going to get out and run through the army of Soldier class and Warrior class BETA", Atsushi spoke to Mai seriously.

"What a surprise to hear your joke…A real surprise….I'm a little sleepy…"

After Mai felt asleep peacefully, Atsushi gathered the first aid kit and the tape from Nonomi before he left their Kagerou with Mai on his back. "If we could survive, we would recover both of you later", Atsushi spoke to the silence giant knight in snow before leaving.

Back to the cafeteria where most of the members of 5121 Squadron were presented after CV Alpha 5 and CV Alpha 6 returned to base. Shortly after some of the plates were broken, Youhei hit Tadataka's face so hard to the point that not only Tadataka's glasses were flew away and broke, his face also hunt from the same hit.

"Stop it, you idiot!" Takayuki and Mio managed to stop Youhei's anger by holding him from further attack to Tadataka. "Calm down!"

"Let's me go, Setoguchi and Mibuya!" Touhei said angrily. "I'm going to slug him one more time! Let go of me! Let go of me!"

Eventually, the chaos situation ended when Nonomi began to cry out loudly.

"That's enough, your idiot", Mio spoke to Youhei when Nomoni began to cry. "Everyone feel the same way when it happened. You are not the only who feel anger and worry about that! If Colin is here right now, he would tell you to shut up, stop your meaningless berserk that does nothing more than making Nonomi's cry!"

After her words, everyone remain silence within the kitchen. Where the hell is Colin when everyone was gathered in the same place?

Shortly after Atsushi and Mai departure from their disable TSF, they met a few number of Soldier class and Warrior class strains on their ways. They opened their fearsome eyes and approached their targets with sound of horror.

"You will let us pass through…" a strange and mysterious voice came from Atsushi when his hair and eyes color changed from original black to blue. Meanwhile, all the BETA strains around them had been freeze and did not move in inch and allowed Atsushi to walk pass them without any harm. Everything seemed to be okay and they were safe until…

"It can't be true…It can't be…"

Flash-Back Part 03.

Mai's memories before she enlisted in military service.

"…I will repeat this again…What follows are the names of those killed in combat against the BETA…in the Tsushima-Izuhara district. 7784 Flight, Masami Urushihara, age eighteen…"

"That's not true…" A much younger Mai spoke to herself in horror.

"Shunichi Miyai…"

"It can't be true…It can't be…"

At the Academic Advisor's Officer:

"You want to be in the military?"

"I've passed the necessary tests."

"I'm aware of that, Shibamura, but…with your family background; you don't have to enlist the military service. You don't have to go…"

"I want to fight", said a determination Mai. "I want to become a TSF pilot and fight the BETA!"

End of Flash-Back 03.

At the end of Mai's memories, the said BETA began to awake and attacked their targets again. Atsushi ran as fast as he could until he reached the Secondary Dam Centre Control Office. Entered it and shut the door. He continued his way after locked the door while one of the Warrior class strains hit the door hardly but could not enter. After they reach the control office where a heater was presented, Atsushi attempted to contact outside with the telephone. Unfortunately, due to the warfare earlier, the phone line and relate facilities were destroyed, thus contact was not available. He finally expected the fact and put down the phone.

"Damn it." Atsushi spoke to himself while Mai still asleep, was lying peacefully on the ground.

Back to Instructor Sakaue's office.

Haruka had made a cup of green tea for Hisamoi. "You shouldn't have such a dark expression on your face. You have to look brave in front of the kids."

"I know…"

"We have to go fight again soon, right?"

"Our Squadron has been released from duty…because we're two machines short now. I've already notified everybody."

"I see…"

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to bring down your spirits."

Back to the Secondary Dam Centre Control Office, Atsushi was collecting material for heater when the BETA surrounded the building. However, they are freeze again and did not realize the existence of Atsushi at all.

Mai woke up when Atsushi returned to the Secondary Dam Centre Control Office and his hair and eyes are returned to normal color in black.

"Would you cold? I wish we had a blanket or something…I couldn't find any."

"Where are we?"

"It looks like a control facility for the dam."

"Control facility?"

"Yeah…I guessing that they control the floodgates from here."

"What happen to the BETA?"

"There are plenty of them roaming just outside."

"We got here on foot?"


"My Dad…My father once told me a long time ago…There are many people who survived with nothing more than a single gas mask, even though they were surrounded by BETA."

"That story about a monk surviving, right? It's probably an urban legend."

"All the survivors said the same thing. BETA attack humans in response to their fear and hate; they all say they survived because they removed fear and hate from the bottom of their hearts. Everybody did it differently… Some tried to empty their minds, and some repeated their prayers to God. The only one who survived aside from monks was sleeping children."

"Is that why you drugged me and put me to sleep?"

"I apologize about that."

"I'm simply amazed. So, what kind of prayer did you chant?"

"Not a prayer, but a fairy tale." Atsushi opened the heater's door and put some of the books he found inside as material for burning as his words continued.

"Fairy Tale?"

"Yeah. One of the ones I heard when I was little. Is that weird?"

"No, that sounds like you. A fairy tale…I don't think I could…" Mai continued her words as the materials continued to burn inside the heater. "It'd be impossible to take my fear and hate towards BETA away from me. I dreamt about the past when I was on your back. Did the BETA react?"


"I'm not surprised. I must've been full of hate."

"Someone you knew got killed by BETA? I'm sorry for asking something private. I mean…I don't mean to…I'm sorry. Forget I said that."

"He was an upper classman in the middle school I went to", Mai wasn't mind the words from Atsushi. "He was two years older than me. I'm not saying I had a crush on him or anything like that. I just respected him a lot. He was killed in combat in Tsushima three years ago."

"He was also an eishi?"

"Isn't it ironic? The person I trusted the most died in a machine developed by my father's company. You probably suspected it, right? About my family…The chairman of Shibamura Group is my father."

"It sounds like you don't like your Dad." Atsushi put more materials inside the heater in order to keep it remain functional.

"You might even say I hate him. He's the scum of the Earth."

"However, the population of Japan is still able to exist instead of wipe out by the BETA because the Shibamura Group developed…"

"…New weapons?" The voice's Mai changed from level to extremely aggressive. "A weapon that sacrificed kids like Nonomi and never put in actual combat because of technical matter and they have to live with it, their entire lives! You don't know about Nonomi Higashihara?"

Atsushi closed his eyes and replied. "The PBE, also known as Gravity Bomb or Dimensional Bomb, requires a person with a special ability in order to activate. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of those people normally. So they decided to use genetic engineering to create more of them. They gathered orphans from around the world and had operation done on them at the Shibamura Group's research facility. Those children gained the special power but the side effects halted their growth permanently. The children were existed for such purpose but their bodies and souls have remained as immature as a child's. However, as the project never put in actual combat when something terrible wrong had happened during the development and result as the completely elimination of the research facility from its existence. Due to this, the project is abandoned since it is something that cannot be controlled by mankind's current technologies…"

"After the said project is abandoned, Nonomi is fortunately enough to end up in 5121 Squadron while the other less fortunate…Thanks to the Shibamura Group's crime of saving the future of humanity all these miserable children are going to be eight years old forever."

"I know what you're saying, but…Nomoni didn't think she's miserable. I'm sure she sometimes cries because she's sad but I don't think she considers herself to be unhappy. I really mean it. Shibamura-san, there's no need for you to feel responsible towards Nomoni or the other children."

Back to the female quarters living room where Nomoni was asleep in Motoko's arms. Tashiro and Seika were sitting while Maki was standing and looking outside the window.

"No dispatch signal means the TSF is damage, right?" Seika said.

"I am afraid so", Motoko replied.

"I wonder how long their purification filters will last." Maki spoke to the others.

"Stop it, already", Tashiro said loudly. "Think about things like that will only drives you crazy."

Takayuki was walking by himself along in the playground. It was already at night, thus no one was there.

"That's suck", he spoke to himself. "First, that poker face asked Hayami to keep an eye on the ice maiden. Then, I was asked to keep an eye on her. Instead of her, Shibamura and Hayami ended up missing in action. Furthermore, I had to prevent that berserk hot-headed idiot from killing the Class Leader and the poker face was not where to be found. What a bad day for me!"

If there was something could be worse than that, it was Takayuki's words were heard by someone else.

"What do you means to keep an eye on me, Setoguchi?"

"That's suck", Takayuki turned around and found that Mibuya appeared from nowhere but a shadow behind him.

"Nothing important", Takayuki attempted to put his best mask of playboy looks on his face. "It nothing related to you, Mibuya."

"That doesn't work on me", Mio replied coldly without any smile from her face. "I give you one more chance to tell me what actually you are talking about or else…" Mio continued her words when held her wooden blade tightly and stepped forwards.

"That's it", Takayuki spoke to himself and decided to tell anything her knew to Mio; instead of face the wrath from fearsome ice maiden. "Look, the poker face, aka Colin asked Hayami to keep an eye on you so that you don't get yourself kill in the battle. Before we separated, they asked me and Takigawa to do the same thing. That's all I know. You can try to ask Colin personally but he was nowhere to be founded at this moment."

Mio put down her blade after Takayuki's explanation. She was going to have a very long conversation with Colin. "What are you doing in here?"

"Just walking. How about you? Self-Practice again?"

"None of your business."

"As expect from the ice maiden."

"What did you say?" Mio held up her blade and pointed to Takayuki again.

"Nothing, really nothing. How about has a walk together?"

Surprised to Takayuki, Mio agreed his suggestion and they walked together. Both of them remained silence until they met Youhei who was throwing a baseball to the wall which a picture of BETA is drawn on it. After several caught, he could not caught the baseball and it ended up in Mio's position. She picked up the baseball when Takayuki spoke to Youhei. "I don't care about the guy. But it's against my philosophy to desert a lady. I'm going to pick up a girl, want to come? We take the TSFs." Meanwhile, Mio remained silence but eventually, she threw the baseball back to its owner.

"Volunteering for more combat duty?" Youhei said when he caught the baseball.

"Of course not", Takayuki said. "We're just going to pick up a girl."

After his words, the three eishis left the playground together.

Meanwhile, inside Instructor Sakaue's office, Haruka was presented there when Tadataka, Keigo and Kariya requested to meet the combat instructor together.

"It's impossible to be in charge of an offense operation against BETA with a single squadron never in full its full size."

"If we request a join operation with another flights and squadrons I believe that it'd work."

"If we're going to put in for double combat duty we have to clear it with everyone."

"Of course."

"Instructor Sakaue", followed Haruka's words, Tasiro, Youhei, Takayuki, Moi, Yasumitsu and Gingo entered the office together.

"We've come here to have a request!" Youhei saluted and spoke to Hisamoi.

"I understand."

"?!" Without any word, it was the only thing appeared from the face of the eishis.

"It's written all over your face. Call the maintenance group, ASAP!"

"Maintenance for all TSFs completed!" Hara's voice occurred from the speaker.

"No problems defected on all Kagerou", Seika followed.

"We're ready for deployment at any time." Maki said.

"Nonomi is ready for an outing, too."

"So, that how it is", Kaori said. "You're a bunch of big idiots, volunteering to work on Christmas Day! Fall in!"

Back to the screen of Atsushi and Mai.

"That's all I found. They're for civilians. We have to use one at a time and throw them away afterward."

"The filter of our eishi armor suit is only good for another hour. Even if we used all these gas masks, they'd only sustain us until morning.

"If the reinforcement doesn't come", Atsushi found a book from the cupboard and looked into it. "I believe that we should try getting out of here ourselves."

"Okay. I'll leave it up to you."


"Thanks to you, I'm still alive. With this leg, I'll get in your way. Please, just leave me behind."

"Shibamura-san!" Atsushi spoke to her seriously. "You're not getting in my way. Besides, I really don't want to leave you."

"I'm sorry!"

"It's seemed that what Colin told me earlier was true", Atsushi spoke to Mai in a caring and gentle voice. "No matter is you or Mibuya-san was someone to keep an eye on."

"What is the meaning of that?"

"You should ask him directly."

Above the war zone, the carrier aircrafts which belonged to 5121, 8331 and 8337 Squadron etc were arrived and was going to begin the counter offense operation against the BETA in the war zone.

"Attention, 5121, 8331 and 8337 Squdron. We are currently flying over Tomochi Township", Tadataka spoke to the make-up battalion as its mission commander. "Thirty minutes to the target area."

"Hey, Class Leader", Youhei spoke to Tadataka. "I'm sorry I lost my temper at the cafeteria. Sorry I hit you."

"Save the apologies until after you've done your duty and gotten back alive."

"I take it back, then! I hit you because I really wanted to! And besides, it makes me feel really good!"

"Its pitch dark, we can't see anything!" Being held up by Motoko to the windows abroad CV Alpha 6, Nomoni said.

"I know."

"I wish we could see where Atsushi and Mai are."

"Yean, I know."

Back to the battlefield where the BETA and mankind entered the second phase of their conflict, the 8331 and 8337 Squadron had made contact with the BETA vanguard. Unlike 5121 Squadron, they are deployed the TSF-TYPE-77 / F-4J Gekisin instead of TSF-TYPE-89 / F-15J Kagerou. As the 8331 and 8337 Squadron acted as decoys and led the BETA to the open area where the Imperial United Naval Sixth Fleet and the newly arrival Fifth Fleet ( served as the escort of Transports carried the S-11 Special Tactical Shells ) can aim and fired the weapon of mass destruction that capable to wipe out a number of BETA at the same time, even being intercepted by the infamous Laser class and Heavy Laser class strains as long as its location is above the target in range when it had proved its effectiveness during the preview battle.; 5121 Squadron force its way into the BETA occupation territory in order to rescue its companions that forced to leave behind enemy line from the preview engagement.

Back to the path towards the most possible location of Mai and Atsushi, Moi had already cut a number of Grappler class BTEA that brave ( or foolish ) enough to stand in her way with the long blade and when Takayuki and Youhei fired a storm of ammo from their 36mm Auto Cannon and 120mm Assault Cannon at the BETA formation; eliminated every strains of BETA on their ways.

As the Imperial United Naval Fifth and Sixth Fleet finally released their hell of fire to the BETA located at open area, the firestorm destroyed at the targets in its range of destruction; even the best defense Fort class strains cannot escape the fate of destruction until the extinction of all BETA in the war zone is confirmed. For those strains that capable to survive from the fire storm are eliminated by TSFs one after another.

"We have confirmed the extinction of all BETA in the war zone", Keigo reported to the commander of 5121 Squadron sitting next to him.

"This is Setoguchi, we've found the Kagerou of Hayami and Shibamura!"

"How about Hayami and Shibamura?" Tadataka asked when Youhei was checking inside their Kagerou.

"The two appear to have escaped. There are footprints heading towards the dam."

On their way of search and rescue, Yasumitsu and Gingo were traveling on their TSFs.

"The water level is way up, what's going on?"

"We are looking for Hayami and Shibamura."

"You don't have to remind me."

Suddenly, the sound of "Jingle Bells" could be heard around the area.

"Go where "Jingle Bells" is coming from!" Nomoni said, "Their probably there!"

When Yasumitsu and Gingo arrived to the location where the tape of "Jingle Bells" was playing, they found a note left by their friends. It wrote: Headed downstream. Hayami and Shibamura. 4 A.M.

"They're the ones who opened the floodgate of the dam."

Abroad the escape boat, Hayami and Shibamura took off their gas masks after the realized that the gas density is rapidly decreasing and eventually the air was suitable for human to breathe with the masks.

"Hayami…" Mai spoke to Atsushi with a friendly and native smile. "Thanks."

Finally, the long night was over. As darkness was replaced by sun light, Hayami and Shibamura exchanged their smile to each other. Hayami stood up from his position when they were discovered by their friends.

"Attention, all members of 5121 Squadron", Keigo informed others abroad the CV Alpha 5. "We have located both Hayami and Shibamura. Both of them seemed to be in good spirits."

"We will now rescue them with the TSF, Tadataka give out his order. "Kariya, gather the 5121 Squadron at the location of Hayami and Shibamura. Two of the TSFs are going to use as the transport for eishis and the other four TSFs are going to transport the two disable TSFs to safety location before the CV Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 can transport all of you back to the base. Be caution for any remaining BETA in the war, since we still receive small scale engagement between friendly force and BETA."

"Shikon 1 to the CP of 5121 Squadron, order had been received clearly and please waits for our arrival at the gathering point!"

However, something extremely wrong is going to happen when the eishis of 5121 Squadron reached the location of Hayami and Shibamura. Among them, Mio seemed to the first and only one that realized the aura around the war zone is no longer the same after the supposed total destruction of BETA. In fact, the aura around them is actually the same to her when the unknown large BETA stain appeared from the underground and released extremely large number of BETA reinforcement to the battlefield. Being led and followed by her basis reaction as a priestess from the Temple of Mibuya and an eishi from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force, the TYPE-74 Long Blade originally attached at the Mount Pylon located at the back of her Kagerou is in its armed while it is held by the TSF's both hand.

"Mibuya, what are you doing? Sensor showed that there is no sign of BETA in range." Youhei asked but his question is immediately countered by the Priestess of Temple Mibuya.

"It's coming…"

Before Mio could finish her words, an extremely strong earthquake occurred the terra is shaking to the point that it had been torn apart when the unknown large strain appeared from the underground again. Although it's still have a distance from the location of 5121 Squadron, its eishis could see it extremely massive size that showed them the truth meaning of depress of reality. After realized the extremely large but unknown strain appeared again, the Imperial United Naval Fifth and Sixth Fleet deployed whatever they got, consisted of remaining SD-11 Special Tactical Shells, regular main gun shells and sea-to-ground missiles, to hit the said BETA strain in full force. However, even without the laser interception from Laser class and Heavy Laser class strain…

"Confirm of all offense from the Fifth and Sixth Fleet had been hit the target…however, target still exist!"

"It seemed that even the secret weapon from the Imperial United Naval is not even powerful enough to create any damage to the unknown BETA strains." Motoko spoke to herself abroad the CV Alpha 6 when Nonomi is holding her tightly, since she is worrying about the safety of the eishis from 5121 Squadron in the war zone that closed to the giant beast.

"This is First Lieutenant Zengyo, Mission Commander of the combine battalion of 5121, 8331 and 8337 Squadron, withdraw from the war zone immediately", Tadataka had hardened his decision when he gave out his order. "Our current situation is no longer capable to counter the offense for the newly appearance BETA reinforcement; as the mission commander, I am announced a total retreat for all force at the frontline before the arrival of our reinforcement. Tosaka, order the 5121 Squadron to move out from their location immediately, since they are going to surround by BETA once its vanguard is able to reach its location in less than ten minutes…"

"Class Representative, are you saying we are going to run away even those alien invaders are right in full of us?" Youhei asked angrily. "It is never something that we are supposed to do…"

"Then what are you suggest we are going to do next, launch an offense to the unknown large strain under the current situation of ours and then sacrificed ourselves for accomplish nothing!", Tadataka shouted to the said idiot in his extremely angrily voice that caught the attention of everyone in the newly established forefront Join Command Post of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force after the CV Alpha 5 and CV Alpha 6 had touched down to the down. "Second Lieutenant Kariya, get the 5121 Squadron out there immediately even without the disable TSFs, since I value the survival of our eishis over the military hardware! No more further explanation and carry out the order at once…"

However, before Tadataka could finish his order, the situation in the war zone started to change when the balance of war is no longer existed and fell to the side of BETA…

"Class Representative, the unknown strain started to release some kind of gas to the war zone and somehow had enhanced the speed of BETA offense", Seika reported to Tadataka immediately when the view screen showed that a large number of BETA is advancing to the location of 5121 Squadron and is going to almost surrounding them if its eishis cannot get out of there in five minutes.

"So instead of a simple large in size and for transport purpose as a too well defense carrier, it is a tactical support unit to BETA as well", Motori arrived to the CP with Nonomi. "Had the General Headquarter finally realized that the currently situation is out of control and called for the reinforcement from United Nation Force stationed at Japan soil and the Imperial Royal Guard?"

Back to the location of 5121Squadron, its eishis can see the incoming BETA is advancing towards them faster than everyone could expect from all direction. Mai had been assigned to Moi's Kagerou when Atsushi is assigned to Youhei's TSF so that all the eishis can retreat from the forefront when the two units of disable Kagerou are forced to leave behind.

"…too close and too many…"

"What are you doing, Hayami? Hurry, we have to go!"

"…even with the two units of Kagerou to use as decay and aimed with the activated S-11 Self Destruction Device, it is still never enough time for the 5121 Squadron to retreat unharmed under its currently situation…."

"Hayami, are you listening? We have to go now?"

"…Eventually, more have to stay behind and sacrificed themselves in order to let a few to leave and being saved…if nothing can be done at all…"

As the 5121 Squadron is really to leave the war zone as soon as possible, suddenly a lonely Re-entry Shell is being dropped from the Earth orbit and appeared in the sky above them. As the said Re-entry Shell broke apart in the sky and revealed a TSF in blue armor when it is touched down in front of Atsushi. Before the eishis of 5121 Squadron can realized what had actually happened for the unknown TSF appeared at this time and at this place, Atsushi turned around from Youhei's Kagerou after he looked at his friends around him for one more time before walked towards the newly appeared TSF in blue armor.

"…Dream is never something of eternality, there is time dream would be over and it's time to awake to face the reality…

"Shikon 1 to Shikon 9, what are you doing, come back!"

Kariya spoke to Atsushi immediately when he saw him entered the unknown TSF and the TSF turned around to face the direction of incoming BETA after it is fully activated by its eishi.

"Shikon…Blue Death of Raven Network to Shikon 1 of 5121 Squadron", Atsushi spoke to Kariya in a deep voices that no one can realize when their conversation can be heard through the public communication link of 5121 Squadron when the members in CP can hear as well. "In order to ensure the survival of all the eishis from 5121 Squadron, I am going to act as the decay so that all of you can escape before being surrounded and overwhelmed by the BETA!"

"Wait a minutes, Hayami; what are you talking about? Mai spoke to Atsushi immediately after she heard his conversation with Kariya; to Mai, the Atsushi presented in front of her is never the empty-headed but gentle person that she used to know. Instead, it is a voice that showed nothing but emptiness and someone that live through the life as a faker that both of his hand never able to hold or gain anything.

"It is the time for you to go before too late", Atsushi…spoke to his friends and companions when the TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star turned its back toward to the Kagerou of 5121 Squadron and prepared to launch itself towards the incoming BETA battle group. However, his action is intercepted by Mai again.

"Answer my question, Hayami! Are you saying the time you have spared with all of us so far is just nothing more than lies? How can you done something like that to us?"

"Atsushi Hayami is a researcher from a secret research facility who had been killed almost ten years ago when the said facility is attacked and destroyed by the project opponents", the current Atsushi replied calmly. "I took his identity and live in a life of a faker after I escape from the facility. Since then, I lived as a freelance mercenary until I joined the Raven Network and became one of its Ravens. However, throughout the life of mine, I never have a place to call home until First Lieutenant Zengyo Tadataka recruited me to join the 5121 Squadron during its reestablishment and offered me a place to stay; a place for me to call home when I meet all of you…it is in fact, like a dream to me…"

( Background Music: Flame of Life From Muv Luv Alternative OST )

A smile showed nothing but sadness appeared from the faker's face when he talked about his hidden past to all his friends and companions, "However, such dream never last forever and it is the time for me to face the reality and if it is within my power to ensure the survival for all of you under our current situation, I believe that it is the ultimate fate that I would chose to accept…"

"First Lieutenant Zengyo, thank you again for offering a stranger like me for a place that I can truly called home…"

"Shibamura, you are going to grow up and become a fine woman…so Never let the anger or hate from the past to cloud your judgment; find out the meaning for you to living for instead of dying for during the war for the survival of mankind…"

"Kariya, please ensure the eishis of 5121 Squadron would be able to survive from this battle and fight for another day; don't waste the final defiant of mine for nothing…."

Inside the Command Post, tears are falling out from the eyes of its operators when Tadataka clearly realized that the words from Atsushi is nothing but the final farewell for those he had held dear and value beyond his own life…it is a journey that once Atsushi…the nameless Raven known as Death Death departure, there would be no turning back and it is nothing more than a simple ticket towards the inferno with none of the hope of survival!

"For all the members of 5121 Squadron, thank you for allowing a faker like me to experience what is life supposed to be for a human and please forgive that I never shared my past with all of you when you are sharing yours to me; since the past of mine never had anything that I am going to feel being proud of when compare to yours…"

"For Nonomi, I am sorry that I can no longer uphold my promise to spend the Christmas Eve with you and the others together…"

As the conclusion of his statement, Atsushi…the Blue Death advanced towards the incoming and overwhelming BETA forces in full speed before anyone from the 5121 Squadron could interfere him again.

"…Please Come Back, Hayami! Don't do it…I beg you…"

Inside the Command Centre, the only sound can be heard is the crying voice from Nonomi when no one can say anything.

As the TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star in blue armor made contact with the vanguard of BETA, all members from the 5121 Squadron, either the eishis in the forefront can see the engagement between Hayami, or the nameless Raven that introduced himself as Blue Death, and the BETA through the monitor of their Kagerou or the command officers as well as the operators in the command post can see through the situation in the war zone from the tactical view screen that that the vanguard of BETA had been eliminated at an unbelievable speed as the TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star piloted by its eishi had no intention to stand back no matter how many strains are deployed against it! During the extremely violence engagement between the lone Blue Knight and the countless of BETA that aimed to tear it apart, the TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star continued to fight against the incoming and countless wave of BETA when its moved around the battlefield like a blue comet; showing the skills that far beyond the imagination of 5121 Squadron's members.

…what is the reason for you to fight…

As the hopeless battle continued, the nameless Raven recalled his fallen comrades during his life as a mercenary…

…unlike us, you don't have a place to call home…

…you don't have any family…

…you do not have anyone to protect….

….then why are you still fighting for….

….and what actually you are fighting for….

…even you are alone….


( Background Music: Oath From Soukyuu no Fafner OST 2 )

"…I fight for those I hold dear and teach me the truth meaning of living as a human instead of a weapon", the faker made his declaration as he answered the questions from the ghosts of his fallen comrades that no longer within the world of living. "I fight for a better future for their wellbeing and survival…it is because it is something I wanted and desired instead of I have to by following any orders from anyone! It is the path that I would choose to walk upon and I have no regret about the decision of mine no matter what is the ultimate outcome…because I am existed in here in this moment!"

Followed by his ultimate declaration, the Blue Death completely employed his strength of curse to the finest when the members of 5121 Squadron realized that something strange had been happened to the BETA…"

"Class Representative, all BETA in the war zone had changed its course and are advancing towards the location of Hayami", Maki reported to Tadataka immediately when the tactical view screen showed that the BETA had stopped their advanced to the newly formed defense line of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force. "Instead, the BETA is gathering around Hayami as we speak!"

"Shikon 1 to CP, the BETA had changed its course and gathering around Hayami instead of continued advancing to our position! We are moving out from the war zone immediately…."

"What are you saying Kariya, are you saying that we are leaving Hayami behind?" Tasiro replied angrily before Kariya could finish his words.

"I have my promise with Hayami that I would ensure the survival of all of you during this battle and I have no intention to break my promise with him no matter you are willing or not!" Kariya countered in his extremely anger voice that everyone can clearly realized that he is actually being angered to himself; angered to himself because of his powerless to rescue one of his companions and friends. Instead, he had to watch for the sacrificed from his friend and companion personally when it is the only way to ensure the survival of other eishis from 5121 Squadron from a hopeless battle with no chance of survival under their current situation. "You can feel anger or hate me if it is all you want. However, as the field commander of 5121 Squadron, I am giving the order of retreat from the battlefield immediately and have NO intention to waste what Hayami had done so far to us so that we can live on and fight for another day like what he is wished for!"

After his statement, all of the Kagerou of 5121 Squadron had been activated and forced their way out of the inferno that created by BETA. Because of Hayami acted as the decay and somehow able to gather the attention of the BETA in the war zone, 5121 Squadron had encountered far less resistance when their broke through the interception from BETA and in conclusion, able to reach the newly established forefront base before friendly reinforcement can be arrived.


Mai shouted the name of Atsushi loudly to the point that everyone can be heard clearly from the public communication link before the view of the battle between the lonely Blue Knight and overwhelming number of BETA disappearance from her view.

After reached the newly established forefront base when the reinforcements from Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force, United Nation Force and Imperial Royal Guard are gathering in order to begin the counter-offense, the eishis of 5121 Squadron had been released from its duty for the incoming operation; since their status are no longer suitable for operation even after their TSFs are able to implement the minor field maintenance. However, there is no way for its members to accept such decision from the General Headquarter as a fact and prepared to bring back their being left behind friend and companion alive; as long as they known that he is still fighting and would carried out the operation themselves even means it is going to disobey the order! Under the leadership of Motoko, the maintenance team had tried their best to ensure the Kagerou can be readied for actual combat again with the help of the eishis; even the fact clearly showed that there is never enough ammo and fuel to all the TSFs at the same time because the 5121 Squadron is never considered being part of the incoming operation.

"You know, it is very foolish for those who sacrificed their own happiness and wellbeing to others", a voice appeared in the air and spoke to Mai when she is assisting the maintenance team to repair the damage Kagerou so that they are ready to deploy as soon as possible. "Especially living in a life that never belonged to himself from the beginning!"

"The time we are sparing with Hayami is never fake or just a dream, it is something that we all hold dear in our heart", Mai replied to the owner of his words in an extremely cold voice. "I will never…let me repeat once more…never forget you if you have any intention to offense his name again, Colin Aoki!"

"What I want to say is that what you are going to do is pointless, since you are going to disobey order to rescue someone who is going to die anyway; it is impossible for you to reach his location on time before too late", Colin replied in his logic and calm voice. "Is it worthy for all of you to give up everything all of you have accomplished so far just to do something so emotional and meaningless…"

"I can feel it…Atsushi is still alive and fighting as we speak", Mai put both of her hands in front of her body like a prayer. "I…no, we are going to get him back alive and then kick some common sense in to his empty-headed…it is something that we have to do under the guided of our heart and there would be no regret from all of us…"

As the words of Mai continued, members of 5121 Squadron started to gather around her and Colin position and one after another, they stood next or behind Mai to support her decision.

"I guess it is something that you can never understand as the Outcast of House Aoki, isn't it", Youhei spoke to Colin loudly. "For someone like you never willing to face the fact and do you're finest to overcome the hardship of yours; it is something that you would never able to understand at all!"

"Takigawa, do you realized what you are talking about?" Mio immediately spoke to the said idiot because it is something that never should be mentioned in the public, although it is her point of view to Colin as well. However, the reaction of Colin and his following actions are totally caught the surprise of members from 5121 Squadron.

( Background Music: Alternative Opening Theme of Asura Cryin' Second Season )

"Something that I never able to understand at all?!" Colin challenged when the aura around him suddenly changed from gentle to the tempest of destruction from the darkness abyss that beyond anyone could imagine;

"Personally I have nothing to against such believe and I do not dislike such a fool either; it is because I am actually such a fool since long time ago…"

Following his statement, his shadow on the ground behind him started to enlarge and an objective had been materialized and raised from the shadow and among the members of 5121 Squadron, Mio is the one that being caught in the most surprised when she is completely speechless at that moment. It is because the objective is nothing more than a Tactical Surface Fighter in darker than black armor and the one that rescued her life during the Battle of Kyoto! At the same time, the green particles appeared from nowhere in the thin air surrounded the newly appeared TSF and Colin joined together and resulted as the appearance of a young girl in long crimson hair behind Colin. However, Colin is caught in surprise that his change of uniform is never the United Nation Force that he had been expected from the uniform of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force as well as the one wore by Melody. Instead, he found that Melody is in a black and golden uniform similar to the one worn by members of Imperial Royal Guard and for himself, he is in a newly design black and golden uniform that represented him as the supreme commander of his hidden dimensional forces that never revealed to public yet with an extra black overcoat above his uniform. However, the most shocking situation to the members of 5121 Squadron is that after the fully appeared of the TSF behind them, Melody had kneed down to the ground like a knight being summoned by her king and awaiting for his absolute order:

"I am honor to be summoned by your highness at this moment at this place", Melody spoke to Colin when her face is still towards the ground but her voice with strong resolve can be heard by the members of 5121 Squadron clearly. "Let us followed the path that chosen by and only your highness can walk upon so that your ultimate wish can become reality!"

"If my memory serves me correctly, I never ask you to address me in such title, especially in the public under the current situation!" Colin never looked back and replied to Melody when he still looking at the members of 5121 Squadron in front of them.

"However, the fact clearly showed that even Knight Blue Destiny, one of the few knight candidates that handpicked from yours, valued the lives and wellbeing of his friends and companions, beyond his own and at the same time, they are ready to do whatever they have to in order to repay his kindness. Such determination and the strong will to fight for protection is always what you are looking for, isn't it, your highness?"

Mai and the other members of 5121 Squadron can see a mysterious smile that they never saw before appeared on Colin's face after he heard the words from the girl that kneed behind him. He held out his right hand in front of him and then closed his fist tightly. "For those who desired to fight for protection and a better tomorrow should be rewards for the means to fight as long as the will is always existed!"

Followed by his declaration, totally eight Re-entry Shells appeared in the sky from Earth orbit and once they are separated in the air, they revealed the cargo that they are carrying are totally eight units of TSFs and the members of 5121 Squadron found that these TSFs are actually the same model that piloted by their friend and companion that still currently fighting behind the enemy line at this moment after all of them touched down to the ground; although all of them are in grey armor instead of blue.

"These..." Mai is completely speechless when she saw these newly arrived TSFs advert from the sky when her thought is intercepted by Colin's voice.

"TSF-TYPE-96 LPM Shooting Star Limited Production Model, it is based on the enhanced experimental model that currently piloted by Second Lieutenant Hayami at this moment", Colin further explain to the eishis of 5121 Squadron about their new swords. "Being equipped with Advanced Mount Pylon and Second Generation TSF weapons that you have been trained to use during simulation training, each of the Shooting Star carried enough firepower and its strength would allow all of you to accomplish what you are desired; they are yours to command, thus showed your determination to me through your action during the incoming battle!"

"But how and where can you get these TSFs?" Youhei replied in his shocking voice. "It is impossible for…"

"…someone that able to provide such resources at this moment as the Outcast of House Aoki", Colin replied in his voice of proud and supreme, the voice that so used to for command position and his status beyond anyone, "Colin Aoki is one of my front but there are many fronts that people known about me; you may know one of my other front as Warlock, the so-called legendary eishis of yours as the Steel Messiah!"

Followed by Colin's words, another twelve re-entry shells broke apart in the sky and revealed twelve units of EF-2000 II Typhoon II before they touched down on the ground at the same time behind Colin's TSF in black armor. Followed by its command unit, the TSFs kneed down on the ground like Melody one-by-one and such actions had caught the attention of those close to 5121 Squadron position, no matter the military personnel are from which organization in the base!

"Tempest 1 on behalf of all TSF from Tempest Squadron, we are here to answer your summon to us under the Oath of Tempest, My Lord", as the members of 5121 Squadron are totally being caught in even more surprised by the words from Tempest 1. "Guide us towards the path you have chosen to walk upon yourself but no others are able for Victory, Glory, Honor and Never Ending Tomorrow that you are desired!"

"All for the Steel Conqueror!" Behind Tempest 1, the rest of the Tempest Squadron TSFs replied in union and their oath in voice of thunder had caught the attention of everyone at the forefront base.

"How about the unknown large strain that currently supporting the BETA invasion as we speak", Tadataka stepped forward and spoke to the Colin before Mio could have a chance to question what had happened to the once infamous Outcast of House Aoki since the last time they see each other. As the commander of 5121 Squadron, Tadataka clearly realized that the gentle Technical Lieutenant from the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force is actually nothing more than an encounter suit for Colin to hide its truth character; the legendary Warlock Steel Messiah that had the strength to enforce his will of steel!

"Are you going to eliminate it just like the same way you did back to the time in Kyoto?"

"It is one of the options, however this time I would like to use another mean to accomplish the objective. Instead of depend on the strength of others, I believe that it is better to try and depend on the strength from your own; since I have already entrusted the mean for victory to Second Lieutenant Hayami when he received his TSF", Colin spoke to Tadataka when he walked past him and stopped in front of Higashihara. Melody is no long kneed down on the ground when Colin is looking at the eternal child when Motoki stepped forward and is guarding her like a lioness to her child.

"What do you want from Nonomi", even she had lost her ability as a eishi after the BETA make landfall in Kyushu at A.D. 1998, Colin could still see the fire from the eyes of Motoki and her strong will to protect those she hold dear; no matter the opponent is him or BETA.

"Nonomi, you once told me that although you cannot fight like the others, you are willing to do whatever you can to help your friends and companions; since you never want to see the sadness from their faces again", Colin spoke to the eternal child in a voice of determination and then out of everyone expected, kneed in front of her. "Are you willing to use the curse power that you are entrusted since you are born; the misfortune power from the view of others that you never want or choice to have from the beginning in order to make a difference at this twilight hour; to create a miracle that no one but yourself can accomplish for the sake of those you hold dear and willing to protect at all cost, the fairy that holds the key to unlock the final miracle of victory?"

The faker had no idea how long the time had passed since he engaged the overwhelming BETA in the battlefield; when he is completely surrounded by all kinds of BETA strains in the inferno with no way to escape!

He had no intention to count how many BETA strains he had eliminated during the hopeless fight against the alien invaders, since it is meaningless to count anyway.

For the faker, the longer he can fight and gather the attention of BETA in the war zone, his friends and companions would have a better chance to escape with less resistance from the alien invader. It is the reason for him to continue to fight in a hopeless battle with no change of survival. However, he chose this place as he final place to rest for eternal as long as the friends and companions that he holds dear and valued beyond his own survival can be saved.

In fact, when he saw from the sensors that the 5121 Squadron had been successfully retreated to the newly established forefront base of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force without losing one of its TSFs, the faker known that he had accomplished his ultimate mission objective and he no longer had anything to loss! Due to this, the objective remains for the faker is simple: to eliminate as many BETA strain as possible before his death.

Standing at the mountain created by the lifeless body from countless of BETA; the lone Blue Knight had no sense of fear or hate but to fight for his last breathe before he met his ultimate fate of total destruction!

The faker had to thank for the one that arranged for the orbital drop and delivery of its personal TSF when the time he need its present. However, he had no intention to let his friends and companions behind to exchange his own survival like the planning from the one who arranged the delivery of his TSF. Instead, he would be the one to be sacrificed so that many can be saved!

Back to the reality, even being armed to the teeth with the Second Generation TSF weapons and abilities of TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star, the fact clearly the BETA is still at the upper hand with its overwhelming number when the Blue Knight had no more ammo in its auto canons, his swords are broken and there is no weapon left for it but two High-Frequency PE Knight that their offense strength had been reduced to regular PE Knight after the internal batteries used up all their power available. However, there is no fear from the faker even when four Fort class strains advancing to him at the same time from all directions….

Unlike the Silver Savior or the Steel Messiah, the faker had no intention to secure or ensure the survival of the entire human race; he only desired the survival for those he holds dear; secure a place for them to live for a better tomorrow…such little and simple wish had enough reason for him to fight for…even such cost is the existence of himself!

However, before the faker either could recklessly launched his offense to the incoming Fort class strains or activated the S-11 Device of his TSF to wipe out a good number of BETA that currently located around him, the Fort class strain in front of him is shot by a number of ammo from the 120mm Railgun and fell to the ground; eliminated the strains that located under its giant body at the same time. For the one behind him had been hit directly and eliminated by three long range missiles. For the on his right, its right legs had been cut off and separated by its body when a storm of ammo from the 36mm Advanced Auto cannon covered its entire body; killed it and the strains carried by the Fort class at the same time and finally, the one on his left is beheaded by a High-Frequency Long Blade when its head is completely separated from its body before fell to the ground.

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"Sorry for the waiting, Shikon 9", Setoguchi spoke to Atsushi when other Shooting Star in grey armor surround the Blue Knight that its original blue armor had been colored by the blood from BETA. "But the chevaliers are arrived to save the day!"

Followed by the words from Shikon 3, the faker can see that totally eight units of TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star appeared in the battlefield and started to eliminate all the strains surrounding him in less than a few minutes by employing the organized tactics under the command of Shikon 1.

"Shikon 1 to all eishis of 5121 Squadron, formation circle 1 and protect Shikon 9 at all cost! Never let any BETA get close to him!"

"Acknowledge!" Followed by their replied in union, the faker can only see that that his friends and companions fighting against the incoming sworn of BETA bravely and aggressively in their new TSFs that replaced their Kagerou when the view screen appeared and showed the face of no one but Shibamura in her extremely angry mood.

"…why is everyone here…" the faker spoke to himself when his thought is intercepted by the voice of Mai.

"Atsushi, Your Idiot! What the hell do you think you are doing? Trying to be a hero by sacrificed the lives of yours for our sake?! What a joke you are trying to make in here? Do you believe that we are going to live with the result after your sacrifice for all of us…" The faker continued to face the bombardment from Shibamura until the next view screen appeared and showed the face of Higashihara as well as her figure of wearing in a pocket size eishi armor suit.

"Nonomi, what are you doing in here! It is dangerous and what are you thinking about, Mai? To bring Nonomi to the war zone…"

"Nonomi want to help, Nonomi want to protect everyone by coming to here", the eternal child replied in her childish but a voice of strong resolve. "If Atsushi cannot come back by his own, then Nonomi is going to bring back Atsushi to uphold our promise with everyone!"


"Shikon 7 to Shikon 9, take this from me so that we can continue to fight and end this battle together", the seldom to speak Gingo handover one of his TSF auto cannons to Hayami. Due to the additional weapons that capable to be carried by the Advanced Mount Pylon, the eishis of 5121 Squadron is able to resupply the weapons of their friend and companions in the war zone; even the Jump Units full of fuels for the next round of battle for the Blue Knight.

"Shikon 5 to Shikon 9, take my auto cannons as well, since my skill of melee combat with blade is better than my marksmanship", Mio spoke to Hayami when Setoguchi offered his blade to his former companion in the Raven Network. "Here you go, pretender, since a blade is less useful for a sniper when compare to a gun. In fact, you had fooled us all by your encounter suit just like Colin!"

Being accepted by the offer from his friends and companions of 5121 Squadron, the faker…Hayami found that it is never something he could understand after his TSF is capable to fight again…all because of the powers from his friend and companions after they wipe out the BETA battle group that surrounding them.

"Shikon 1 to Shikon 9, we may not be as skillful and experience as you during the actual combat as an individual", Kariya made his statement before the final operation to end this seemed-to-be-endless battle once and for all. "But together, we are going to make impossible into possible not by fighting to our own death but for survival in order to create a better future….it is also the prime directive as well as the squadron No. 1 rule for the 5121 Squadron during its reestablishment by First Lieutenant Zengyo: to live and fight for a better tomorrow for ourselves as well as those we hold dear!"

"…everyone…" the faker is speechless when the view screen from someone else besides the members of 5121 Squadron showed up. It is the face of Colin in his custom eishi armor suit that unlike the regular design from Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force; its design it's totally difference when it does not seemed to have the protection of regular eishi armor suit. However, once the person in the view screen spoke to him, he realized the truth character of Colin immediately…

"It seemed that the replies from your companions are never the one that you would expect", Colin spoke to the faker in his mysterious smile. Instead of accept yourself sacrifice so they can be saved, they return in full force and never care if they would be punished or losing their lives during the process; just in order to bring you home alive. You should be honored, Knight Blue Destiny…or should I addressed you as Second Lieutenant Hayami Atsushi from the Japan Empire Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Squadron?"

"Warlock…the Steel Messiah, the King of Mercenary Soldier and the Lord of Landless", the faker countered angrily. "Is it all according to the plan of yours?"

"Let's say that it is the stubborn and the will of steel of your companions that had impressed me to the point that I am pleased to offer the means to fight to them as long as they have the will to fight; no matter what hardship would be encountered during the incoming future!" Colin replied in his voice of domination. "We are going to eliminate the Carrier class BETA, the so-called unknown large strain being named by Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force so far, and you are going to accomplish such objective instead of me this time. It is because the Knight had the mean and the Fairy had to key to unlock it so that the situation can be resolve!"

"…You are talking about the PBE, the forbidden abandon project from the past…" Hayami replied when he inspected the S-11 Self Destruction Device from his TSF and found that it is a pocket variant of PBE compare to its original design. "So it is the reason for Nonomi to be here as well…"

"An enhanced and modified PBE that capable to be used as missile warhead, an ammo from heavy assault cannon or used as grenade for TSF once it is activating", Colin replied. "Our plan is simple, throw the PBE inside the Carrier class BETA and retreat as fast as possible, since compare to its thick and well defense outer layer of armor that capable to rebel even the direct hit of multiple S-11 Special Tactical Shells, that based on the design of enhanced the regular S-11 Self Destruction Device from the TSF for greater power and range for destruction, the Carrier class BETA's inter armor is too thin to the point that even a simple S-11 Self Destruction Device can destroyed it from within; not to mention the result from the far more powerful PBE even in its current size. I have to admit that it is never a mistake to develop the S-11 Special Tactical Shells in the first place; the only problem is how do you going to use it and from the current situation so far, someone had used it…unwisely to adopt the situation."

At the same time Colin had concluded his statement, the 5121 Squadron located at the forefront saw the arrival of Colin's TSF, the GN-23 PAV-0 E Knight of Chaos Enhanced in darker than black armor and powered by unknown power sources that released unknown green light particles from its back its escort squadron; the Tempest Squadron consists of twelve units EF-2000 II Typhoon II that besides armed in regular Second Generation TSF weapons, they are armed with TYPE-02 RG Squadron Support Railgun and even EML-99M Electromagnetic Induction Launchers!

"First Lieutenant Zengyo to all eishis of 5121 Squadron, the General Headquarter had agreed the mission to destroy the Carrier class BETA and under the support of Operative Lieutenant Commander Bertram from United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special task Force and the special tactical support squadron Tempest, we are going to implement the said operation when the friendly forces would draw the BETA away from the Carrier class BETA so that we can destroy it! Tadataka spoke to its friends and companions before the final operation in this battle is going to start. "Le's us end the battle once and for all this time!"

"Shikon 1 to Shikon 8, you are going to pair with Shikon 9 as the flight to implement the PBE battle plan when the rest of us would escort both of you to the destination", Kariya given his final order to all the eishis of the 5121 squadron as well after the statement from Tadataka. "Let's do it…, let's accomplished what we had to do together! 5121 Squadron, Final Mission Start!"

"Acknowledge!" ( all eishis of 5121 Squadron morale increased to Maximum! )

Followed by the replies from its eishis, the 5121 Squadron advanced towards its destination where the Carrier class BETA is located when Colin…Warlock and his Knights of Tempest followed their path in order to end this battle in this hour in this place!

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Ayamine Shuukaku, Lieutenant General of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force is supposed to be a happy man. As the commander of First Tactical Armor Wing, one of the most elite and strongest TSF combat units among the Imperial Army and Imperial Royal Guard in Japan Empire, since his promotion from Brigadier General to his current rank after the Battle of Kyoto as someone had been foreseen. For the members of Imperial Army, he is an ideal soldier that always served for the best interest of the empire and when came to personal lives, he had a gentle and caring wife to care his home and daughter when he is serving the empire during its war against BETA.

However, he did worry for his daughter, Ayamine Kei, is growing up as a tomboy instead of a traditional Nadesico. In fact, he did feel regret to change her way of living at the time Kei is old enough to ask for his father for military training as a soldier and Shuukaku had never awaken the ultimate result and agreed to it. Furthermore, after Korean peninsula falls at the year of A.D 1998, he had discovered that Kei had hardened her resolve to become an eishi for her future career to the point that instead of joining the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force ( since Shuukaku would absolutely disagree with her decision when she is still too young for her decision ); she had secretly enrolled the United Nation Force stationed at the empire soil as a volunteer and being accepted as one of the eishi candidates to the A-01 Special Task Force; the special TSF force that given the mission to implement United Nation Top Secret Project Alternative IV and the most elite and powerful TSF combat unit for the United Nation Force to offer!

In fact, Shuukaku and his wife found that their daughter seemed to be looked upon someone when she chose the path that she would walked upon in her future; the future that aimed to protect the survival of mankind from the extinction of BETA!

For his career to serve and safeguard the wellbeing of the Japan Empire being the commander of First Tactical Armor Wing is considered the greatest honor that someone could accept from the emperor and the supreme shotgun in the position of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force. It is because the First Tactical Armor Wing is also considered the flag TSF combat unit to the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force and its commander is entrusted far more authority than other armor tactical wing commanders even in the same rank. In fact, being entrusted the command of the First Tactical Armor Wing before and during the Battle of Kyoto under the fully support of Supreme Shogun Koubuin; even after his actions during Korean peninsula falls had showed to the public that Ayamine Shuukaku is one of most trustworthy allies to House Koubuin, the currently leader of the Five Grand Noble Houses that assisted the emperor to rule the Japan Empire!

However, it is never something that Shuukaku would have expected when he realized that he is actually fighting at the same front with not only for the wellbeing of Japan Empire; not only for the survival of people from the empire soil but ultimately the people known as the same species around the world with some of the most resourceful and powerful people even existed;

Started from the Imperial Prime Minister Sakaki; long time of friends and ally of Shuukaku in his life to serve the wellbeing of the Japan Empire.

Section Chief Yoroi Sakon the competent spy for the Intelligence Bureau of the Imperial Ministry of Home Affairs and always did the dirtiest works for the wellbeing of the Japan Empire.

Professor Kouzuki Yuuko, better known as the Female Fox of Eastern Region, the mastermind and former of the Project Alternative IV.

Operative Major Iwaya Eiji the famous and well known legendary eishi oversees the operation of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force Zero Tactical Armor Squadron and actually has a sense of humor and doesn't take everything with YAMATO DAMASHII or serious business; could almost qualify as a miracle, given the typical makeup of the Imperial Army and Imperial Royal Guard.

Countess, one of his closet and most trustworthy allies in the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force and one its senior command officers.

Brigadier General Seiichirō Aoki, the Wind General and commander of Imperial Royal Guard 105th Tactical Armor Group "Zephyr".

General Scarlet, the Crimson Grand Shogun and commander of Imperial Royal Guard 1st Tactical Armor Wing "Rising Sun".

Shimako Aoki, wife of Seiichirō Aoki the well-known respected and feared Female Fox of the Empire.

Tamase Genjousai, the Undersecretary General of the United Nation.

Brigadier General Paul Radhabinod the commander responsible for all the operation for United Nation Force stationed at the Japan Empire soil except the A-01 Special Task Force.

Koubuin Yuuhi, the Supreme Shogun of Japan Empire and the mistress of House Yuuhi among the Five Grand Noble Houses.

General Smilas, from the European Union Force at Euro Front.

Operative Colonel Reila Malkal the commander of Special TSF Operation Force "W-0" Athena.

The mysterious Golden Witch, commander of the "Order of the Mirage Knight", the largest and most elite TSF combat unit from the Raven Network.

Princess Marina Ismail the Monarch of United Kingdom of Flaim at the Middle East forefront.

Lacus Clyne the mysterious Songstress of Hope and representative of Clyne Foundation.

Cagalli Yula Athha the Golden Goddess of Victory and CEO of Morgenroete Incorporated.

Captain Murrue Ramius the Mistress of Indestructible Air Fortress and the command officer of Archangel class General-Purpose Assault Battleship Archangel, flagship of Terminal Armed Force.

Colonel Andrew "Andy" Waltfeld the Desert Tiger and commander of all Terminal Armed Force except the special operation force known as Faith.

Captain Mu La Flaga the man that make impossible into possible and the executive officer of all Terminal Armed Force Mobile Suit and Tactical Surface Fighter Combat Unit except Faith.

Colonel Ledonir Kisaka the commander of Terminal Armed Force Internal Security Force that responsible for the protection of Clyne Foundation and Morgenroete Incorporated.

Technical Colonel Erica Simmons responsible for the development of advanced Mobile Suit, Personal Armor Trooper, Tactical Surface Fighter and next generations TSF weapons for the Terminal Armed Force.

Operative First Lieutenant Athrun Zala the Crimson Knight of Justice and member of Terminal Armed Force Special Operation Force Faith, also known as Faith 1.

Operative First Lieutenant Kira Yamato the White Angel of Freedom, member of Faith, known as Faith 2 when the existence of his and Athrun is considered one of the few eishis that capable to rival the legendary Odin the Silver Savior and Warlock the Steel Messiah in terms of personal skills of an eishi and their experience for fighting against the seemed-to-be unstoppable alien invasion around the world.

Sister Margaret, a nun after retired from her career as an eishi and also the Principal of West Genetics academy, one of the international civilian eishis and other related personnel for the war of Mankind survival against the BETA invasion training facilities besides the East Genetics located at Japan soil, the primary training facilities for the candidates of United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special task Force Pandara Squadron and Templar Squadron.

Operative First Lieutenant Kazuha Aoi, commander of United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special task Force Pandara Squadron and rumor had suggested that she is one of the handpicked students personally instructed and trained by the legendary Warlock and is currently considered one of the strongest eishis in the world.

Tabane Shinonono Technical Colonel from United Nation Force and one of the masterminds for the development of next generation Tactical Surface Fighter and advanced weapons at the incoming Project GalaRay

First Lieutenant Chifuyu Orimura, Imperial Royal Guard White Coat Eishi and one of the strongest TSF eishis in active service in Japan Empire as well as around the world.

Operative Second Lieutenant Laura Bodewig commander of European Union Force Schwarzer Hase (German for "Black Rabbit") Special Tactical Surface Fighter Operation Squadron

( Background Music: Born of Hero From Record of Loddess War, the Chronicles of Heroic Knight )

Instead of under the relation of leader and follower, all these people worked together as companions in order to accomplish their ultimate common goal: to fight for the Never Ending Tomorrow of Mankind under the same flag; the flag of the war council that established by two young but mysterious legendary heroes that being entrusted for the ultimate fate of mankind in their hands; the Twin Swords from the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-00, Command and Executive Special Operation Unit of A-01 Special Operation Task Force, they are known as Odin the Silver Savor as the knight in shining armor for ultimate salvation and Warlock the Steel Messiah as the knight in darker than black armor from the deepest abyss for total destruction!

In fact, the beginning of their legends is actually related to the German Democratic Republic's 666th TSF Squadron Schwarzesmarken (Black Marks), a special-forces unit of the NVA's ( Nationale Volksarmee/People's National Army ) Special Composite Air Group Hannibal stationed at Cottbus Base, deployed in the defense of the Oder-Neisse line. Operating mostly MiG-21s and a MiG-21PF assigned to their commander, Captain Irisdina Bernhard, they are often deployed as Lux and Magnus Lux interdictors; their mission is laserjagd in German, the "Laser Hunter".

Since the eradication of the BETA's laser strains is important to the NVA as a whole; the loss of Laser class and Heavy Laser class strains cover means that the BETA can be easily eradicated with artillery and aerial bomber cover, and the 666th often has to race against time even as the fortifications of the Oder-Neisse line wear down with every assault. For every second the BETA retain their anti-air capabilities, artillery and bombers cannot deploy without wasting manpower, resources, and ammunition, and the infantry and armor units on the frontlines are forced to weather relentless waves of BETA without crucial fire support. As such, the 666th give their main orders the topmost priority; it is common practice for them to ignore allied distress calls that will result in deviation from their original mission, even if only for a short moment. Nevertheless, the squadron's infamous track record of ignoring assistance requests has earned them many unflattering nicknames amongst the NVA.

During one of its missions, the 666th is being surrounded by overwhelming number of BETA strains and its eishis had no change of escape after its members forced their way inside a well defense formation at an enhanced BETA battle Group that consist not only Laser class but Heavy Laser class strains as well! As all hope seemed-to-be-lost for its eishis for survival when it is impossible to dispatch reinforcement to the 666th location…

( Background Music: ( Background Music: Fight! From Super Robot War Z2 World Reborn OST )

…two unknown TSFs adverted from the sky from nowhere and started to eliminate the BETA enhanced battle group that surrounded the 666th from the center of its formation. Among both TSF that powered by unknown sources when released green light particles from their backs, the TSF in white and silver armor fought like a white knight in shining armor and protect the members of 666th from any possible harm from BETA in the war zone when it is armed with an auto cannon that released storm of red particle beam instead of regular 36mm ammo on its right hand and the blade that released the shining light of itself and capable to beheaded the Fort class and cut the Destroyer class strain from its front armor in a single strike on its left hand. On the other hand, the TSF in darker than black armor from the deepest abyss holding the long sword that released the misfortune light of destruction from itself in its both hand and aggressively attacked and eliminated the most dangerous strain in the war zone started from the Heavy Laser class, then the Laser class and finally the Fort class strain when the fact clearly showed that he never seemed and considered other strain like Grappler class Destroyer class and the Tank class strains are a threat to him. Instead, the eishi piloted the black TSF seemed those BETA strains as nothing but an insect to be stepped on and killed as long as he liked! Although the BETA strains tried to torn the two newly appeared unknown TSFs apart with their overwhelming number when the Laser class and Heavy Laser class released their lasers to shoot at their targets even never in full power, the lasers only hit their images and in returned, the two TSFs just appeared in front of, next or behind them and eliminated all of them in a flash before move to another targets.

During the battle, besides the members of 666th, members from the West Germany Army 51st Tactical Armored Battalion "Huckebein" like Second Lieutenant Kirke Steinhoff, later promoted to the rank of Commander at A.D. 1998, had witnessed the unbelievable fact that only an element of two TSF is capable to wipe out the entire BETA offense force when the locate defense force never had a chance to accomplish such objective. At the final hour of the battle, all the survivors from the said engagement to BETA could see both mysterious TSF released large number of light particles around the war zone when the armor of them changed from their original color to crimson as their speed were enhanced to the point that their movement were like a flash when they continued their extermination to the BETA until there is no a simple BETA strain left alive in the war zone! Furthermore, the survivors had reported that they seemed to be able to hear the thought of others as well as their declaration for the protection of mankind not by races or the need of individual country from the two mysterious eishis in their TSF developed by extremely advanced technologies far beyond the imagination of anyone! As the battle is final over, the two TSFs faced to each other when held their blade and long sword in front of them like to declare their oath to each other in the sky. After that, they left the battlefield at opposite direction and since then, reports had been confirmed that the unknown classified TSF in while and silver armor continued to appear at the forefront of Asia Continent, Russia Continent and Southern East's forefront when the its counterpart in darker than black armor continued its war to the Euro Front ( both Eastern and Western ) and Middle East's forefront as a one-man-army during the major battles occurred at the said war zones.

Both of their identities remained secret until the greatest battle occurred at the Asia Continent forefront occurred when the defense force of mankind stationed there faced the total extinction from the BETA offense. During the twilight hours, the Black Knight appeared in the battlefield and introduced himself public as Warlock, Operative Lieutenant from the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV. In fact, instead of any beautiful but useless speech, the mysterious eishi used his action to encourage the survivors to follow the path that he is walked upon by holding the offense of BETA by himself alone during the battle! In conclusion, the survivors from the defense force is able to force the BETA to retreat under the command from him because of the supplies directly arrived to the war zone by orbital drop from Earth orbit and the reinforcement arrived to the inferno under the command of Warlock; thus started the legendary of Steel Messiah.

Later, when Korean peninsula falls at the year of A.D 1998 and the United Nation Force Defense General Headquarter located at the region is going to meet its ultimate fate of destruction because of what Shuukaku believed to be the right thing to do for never abandoning the civilians and let them being left behind; the TSF in while and silver armor appeared again to save the day but not only as an one-man-army; instead, it is the commander unit of United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force, the ace and most elite and powerful TSF combat unit from the United Nation Force can offer, the full wing size tactical armor unit that consist of 2.5 Generation TSF like F-15E Strike Eagle or F-2 Guardian and 3rd Generation Tactical Surface Fighter TYPE-04 Shiranui Second from the 01 Valkyrie and 02 Paladin Squadron that armed with 2nd Generation TSF weapons. As the mission commander during the battle at Korean peninsula, the mysterious eishi introduced himself as Odin, later known as Operative Lieutenant Commander Shirogane Takeru, and under his leadership and his action, countless of lives of military or non-military personnel had been saved and relocated to safety locations even there is no way to prevent the fall of Korean peninsula; thus stared the legendary of Silver Savior and the Blue Valkyries.

By the time BETA make landfall in Kyushu at A.D. 1998, as the imperial government refuses to authorize the use of nukes or G-bombs, the forefront of Japan Empire would suffer unnecessary personnel loss in great number during the invasion of BETA when the imperial government refused the official military support the United Nation Force and the US Army stationed at the empire soil. In fact, Undersecretary General of the United Nation Tamase Genjousai recalled his conversation to Odin at that time and informed him the final decision for the imperial government. However…"

"Undersecretary General Tamase, please inform the imperial government", the member of A-00 besides Odin and the Iron Maiden spoke to him with the mysterious smile on his face that Genjousai would never forget in his entire life. "A-01 Special Task Force is going to interfere and assist the defense for the Battle of Kyushu, no matter the imperial government had the permission for our operation or not; since we are going to do it anyway when the foundation of A-01 is to special handle and resolve these kinds of situation. In short, irregular situation had to handle and resolved by irregular means….Have a Good Day, Undersecretary General, since we are looking forwards for your negotiation with the imperial government!"

In conclusion, no matter how much complaint from the imperial government afterwards, the fact clearly showed that again, more people had been saved because of the interfere of A-01 during the Battle of Kyushu and a much stronger defense can be able to establish during the ultimate defense of Kyoto.

Eventually, the A-01 that being supported by the United Nation Force Orbital Diver Corp. during the Battle of Kyoto interfere the battle again with its ally; the Terminal Armed Force that deployed extremely advanced technologies and weapons like an actually flying battleship in the sky and 3rd Generation TSFs, aka Mobile Suits, that armed with mass production beam weapons similar to those used by Odin and Warlock's personal TSFs. During the final moment of the battle, the unknown large strains that appeared from the underground and released large number of BETA reinforcement to the war zone is destroyed by the combine force of United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-00, Terminal Armed Force and Imperial Royal Guard White Fang Squadron.

It is the reason for Shuukaku is in extremely bad mood when he received the news from Countess, one of his closet and most trustworthy allies in the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force that someone from the high command is willing to hidden the truth for the unknown large BETA strain's appearance not only once but twice during the battle just because the over self-confident from the so-called secret weapon and never requested any reinforcements until the situation is out of control! In fact, he clearly realized that the longer for the BETA to solid its formation for offense, the more difficult and is going to take far more and longer time to defeat them as well as far more personal loss than necessary; it is the lesson he had learnt through the loss of his companions during the time he assigned to Korean peninsula! Not to mention the so-called secret weapon had no effect to the unknown large strain that somehow capable to enhanced the performance of other BETA strains in the war zone by released unknown gas!

Under his order, his most trustworthy subordinates, Lieutenant Colonel Sagiri Naoya and his aide First Lieutenant Komaki Sayoko had been launched as the deputy commander of First Tactical Armor Wing on his behave; since the only thing for Shuukaku to regret after his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General is stay behind and took over the command of the newly established forefront base from First Lieutenant Zengyo Tadataka of 5121 Squadron, the mission commander from the preview battle until the unknown large BETA strain appeared for the second time during the battle. At the time he stepped down from his transport, the only words he could hear afar is…

"…All for the Steel Conqueror!" From the direction of the oath that can be heard by everyone in the forefront base, Shuukaku could see the TSF that it is never possible for him to forget since the time of Korean peninsula; the Black Knight in its darker than black armor followed by twelve units of EF-2000 II Typhoon II that kneed behind it. In front of them are totally eight units of TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star in their grey armor. As the commander of First Tactical Armor Wing, Shuukaku had heard from Operative Major Iwaya Eiji that because of its mission required, the Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force Zero Tactical Armor Squadron would deployed either Test Type-02/F-15SEJ Gekkou or TSF-TYPE-96 Shooting Star as its TSF instead of regular TSF-TYPE-04 Shiranui Second in order to support the incoming operation to A-01 as well as other more convert operations that value the purpose of stealth and anti-TSF capacities over the regular need of a TSF.

Due to this, Shuukaku is not surprised that when First Lieutenant Zengyo and the supposed released from actual duties 5121 Squadron because of their status is no longer capable to fight after the preview battle requested to join the incoming offense to BETA not only to recruit their companions that chose to leave behind to hold off the BETA in order to let the other eishis to escape; but also proposed the plan for 5121 Squadron to act as a special operation squadron to eliminate the existence of the unknown large strain in the war zone in order to weaken the BETA capabilities when the main host of the newly formed combine force under his command at the base can eliminate the rest of BETA; thus ended this battle as soon as possible. Under normal conduction, the plan purposed by Tadataka is nothing more than reckless and crazy, thus never would be agree by Shuukaku or his staffs but when Operative Lieutenant Commander Colin Z Bertram, also known as Warlock the Steel Messiah from the United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force arrived to the command center in his uniform of United Nation Force with Tadataka, he clearly realized that the Black Knight is going to take the matter into his own hand even Shuukaku is supposed to be the overall commander for this operation! In fact, Colin showed his fully support to the plan of Tadataka and is going to personally support the operation of 5121 Squadron in its new TSFs as well as the Tempest Squadron directly under his command! Furthermore, although the A-01 is officially known as a full wing of TSF unit; rumor had suggested that there are more than one tactical armor wing besides the Tempest Squadron ( when the Tempest Squadron is NEVER officially existed in the structure of A-01 ) that provided the required tactical support to Warlock during its war to BETA as an one-many-army around the world!

Shuukaku known that either Tadataka or Colin is going to do something that had little chance to success. However, if someone did had the means required to make the most reckless and impossible task into the reality, then someone to implement for such action is never a fool but someone able to accomplish what he or she desired in the will of steel! Unfortunately, the Warlock smiling in front of him is never considered to be a fool and for those foolish enough to laugh at him had been sending to the grave as their ultimate fate! He still remember his conversation with Brigadier General Paul Radhabinod that because of the interfere of Warlock, the United Nation Force Orbit Diver Corp is able to enlarge its size to three times over its original and all its TSFs had been replaced by 2.5th Generation Strike Eagle in Blue Armor. In return, the Warlock asked for the support from the Orbit Diver Corp to A-01 if the operation is required when the commanders of the Orbit Diver Corp and its eishis are more than happy to accept such requests, since the technologies provided by Warlock like the enhanced Re-entry Shells and TSF armor with beam-coating layer had greatly improved the survival rate of its eishis during the orbital drop operations around the world! As a result, Tadataka had become one of the staffs to Shuukaku during the operation when the combine force started to implement its counter-offense to the invasion from BETA in the formation double wing 5.

As the spearhead of the said operation, the First Tactical Armor Wing from Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force is advancing to the incoming BETA battle groups in the formation double wing 5 followed by other friendly TSF units from the combine force. It is also entrusted the mission objective to support the 5121 Squadron and the Tempest Squadron during their mission to eliminate the primary threat of the unknown large strain…currently being update and named as Carrier class BETA from Operative Lieutenant Bertram during the briefing to all eishis involved for the said mission. However, when the eishis of First Tactical Armor Wing arrived to the said war zone, they only saw the totally onslaught to the BETA from their companions when they witnessed the Rush Guard and Blast Guard from the Tempest Squadron had released the firestorm to the BETA formation with their EML-99M Electromagnetic Induction Launchers; resulted as the total destruction of the well defense formation of BETA when the light of misfortunate and destruction torn the formation apart in front of the Carrier class BETA. After the EML-99M Electromagnetic Induction Launchers are run out of ammo, they never stopped but replaced the tactical weapon of mass destruction with their TYPE-02 RG Squadron Support Railgun in order to hurt down more valuable targets started from Heavy Laser class, followed by Laser class and then the Fort class. For the Grappler class, Destroyer class and even the weakest Tank class in their point of view, their let the EF-2000 II Typhoon II in the position of Gun Sweeper or Gun Interceptor armed with 36mm Advanced Auto Cannons or 120mm Railgun to handle those less valuable targets in order to reduce the usage of their weapons ammo!

"….I feel great, since Maximum Power, Maximum Destruction is always the truth and absolute rule from the battlefield…" Tempest 10 spoke to the members of the Third Flight in Tempest Squadron consist of Tempest 9, Tempest 11 and Tempest 12.

"…I wonder when will our lord allow us to deploy the pocket size "Lohengrin" Positron Blaster Cannon originally from the Archangel class Battleship that instead of the EML-99M Electromagnetic Induction Launchers", Tempest 12 replied. "Honestly, I would like to equipped the GN-Mega Launcher as the replacement, since it is actually more impressive when it showed its power of total destruction when dominate the entire battlefield!"

"I would like to get my hand on those beam weapons used by our allies from the Terminal Armed Force", Tempest 11 replied in her more calmly voice. "It is because the regular beam weapons like their beam rifle are more easily and faster to produce in meaningful number for us to equip and use in actual combat."

"Well, I believe that ladies' talk is enough in here", Tempest 9 replied. "Let's do what we have to and showed our lord that what we are made of as his highness royal guards when compare to those war-himes from the Imperial royal Guard White Fang Squadron!"

"Acknowledge, Elder Sister!" As the three TSFs replied in union, they followed the lead of Tempest 9 and hunt down whatever dangerous targets available in the war zone.

Meanwhile, the EF-2000 II Typhoon II in the position of Gun Sweeper or Gun Interceptor eliminated the Grappler class ( welcome them with storm of ammo from 36mm Advanced Auto Cannons ) and the Destroyer class ( quick kill and finish them by using 120mm Railgun to shot at them from their front ) like sweeping the dust from the floor. For Tank class strain? Well, they are considered targets that nothing but a waste of ammo in the point of view from the EF-2000 II Typhoon II. It is because during the high speed maneuver from their movement around the battle, the High-Frequency Blade Sheath at their forehands and legs are more than enough to turn the Tank class strains into nothing but red liquid after the TSF of Tempest Squadron torn them apart alive by simply crushed on them!

For the position of Storm Vanguard and Strike Vanguard in the Tempest Squadron included Tempest 1, Tempest 2, Tempest 3 and Tempest 4, they had replaced their auto cannons or railgun with melee weapons like CIWS-2B-HF High-Frequency Long Blade for Tempest 1, the High-Frequency Falcate Sword for Tempest 2, BWS-8-HF Flugelberte (Blade Weapon System TYPE 8) High-Frequency Combat Ax and the massive BWS-3-HF High-Frequency Great Sword (Blade Weapon System TYPE 3), also known as Fort Slayer when it displayed its skill by beheaded a Fort class in a single strike in front of Sayoko and then, continued to hunt down its next prey like a berserker when Tempest 3 torn apart any strain that unfortunately enough that stood on its path of destruction by the High-Frequency Combat Ax in its both hand. For Tempest 1 and Tempest 2, their combine tactics as an element can be considered a beautiful but deadly dance to the BETA that witnessed their performance and the tickets being paid by the BETA strains are nothing but their own lives. As the Dance of Death is over, the number of BETA around the 5121 Squadron had been greatly reduced to the point that the PBE operation could be implementing with far less resistance.

Meanwhile, the Black Knight of Total Destruction continued its onslaught to the BETA strains located around him. Even being enhanced by the gas released from the Carrier class strain, the BETA being hunt down by the Knight of Chaos alone never stand a change and lived long enough for a fight; instead, they are being hurt down one-by-one until no more living strain is existed within the range of destruction before Colin decided to move to next war zone…only realized that the Tempest Squadron had finished the cleanup operation when he saw the last existing Fort class BETA being beheaded and torn apart alive by Tempest 3 and Tempest 4 together,

"Is it only me or do you believe that the Knights of Tempest are fighting a little bit too aggressive that they suppose to", the Warlock asked the Witch with crimson long hair that currently sitting on his knees on top of his body. "Furthermore, I do want to question the intention of yours under the current situation, Melody; although I have no problem with your action after all."

"I believe that the knights of your highness out there is tried to make up their disappointment for being absented at the Battle of Kyoto and their opponents are misfortunate enough in the wrong place at the wrong time and presented themselves in front of the wrong people", Melody replied with a gentle smile on her face. "For your second question your highness, it is something more personal. It is because I can foresee that eventually there is going to be a person that you are going to value beyond everyone, including us, under our same situation so I would like to do this before the appearance of that person; or maybe persons. It is a little and selfish wish of mine that resulted for my currently action. Please forgive me if it causes you any discomfort or trouble, your highness."

In fact, Colin could feel the sadness from her voice at the end of their conversation.

"It would never happen, since I have no intention to…"

"Please don't say something like that", Melody replied when put one of her fingers to the month of her beloved master and his highness no matter what is the path he is going to choose and walk upon. "Future never set in stone, it is the words from you remember and when the time comes, you should find the happiness for yourself and everyone, including me, Reinforce as well as all the knights that served their loyalty to you but no one else as their only lord, would stand and support you for your decision no matter what is the outcome. Please let us stay besides you and leave a position for us even the time comes!"

"Melody…we talk about this later after the battle is over", Colin replied seriously in his voice. "Is the GN-Mega Launcher Full Burst Mode ready to launch? I am going to create a path so that our companions can accomplish their ultimate objective if they cannot!"

"Everything is ready as we speak", Melody replied and even put her face closer to Colin and kissed his forehead. "Everything is under the will of yours!"

After her words, the armor of Colin's TSF, the GN-F-23 PAV-0 E Knight of Chaos, changed from black to crimson and released the extremely powerful GN-Particle Burst that wipe out all the BETA strain existed in front of the Carrier class BETA from the sky after it entered Trans-AM mode.

"Let's do it, Nonomi!"

"I will do it…in order to protect those I hold dear…it is the only way for me to repay their kindness..."

Followed by the declaration from the eternal child in her strong resolve, the PBE at the right hand of Blue Knight started to activate as the final lock can be only unlocked by those who had the special DNA structure like Nonomi and her kinds. In her mind, she could see the device had been released from its final seal and awaken; thus ready to release its forbidden power to the world!

"PBE had been activate successfully", Atsushi spoke to Mai as the Blue Knight had received the curse but also blessing gift to defeat the great evil. "Let's go!"

After his words, the Blue Knight advanced to the Carrier class BETA within any weapon besides the PBE device and he entrusted his life to the hand of Mai that acted as his escort as well as his companions from the 5121 Squadron. As the Blue Knight reached his ultimate destination, he threw the PBE inside the Carrier class BETA from its mouth when the Carrier class BETA somehow could realize the incoming dangerous; thus closed its mouth and prepared to retreat from the war zone.

"Want to go back to the underground like the last time", Atsushi shouted from the deepest part from his soul when he released the safely limiter and further enhanced the speed of the Shooting Star. "Too Late….because I will never allow you to come back and harm those I hold dear again!"

In conclusion, the Carrier class BETA bites the arm of Blue Knight when the PBE is located inside its month and it had no intention to open its month again.

"So you want the arm of mine so much?" Atsushi shouted as he forcefully pull out the arm of his TSF and resulted as broken it apart. "I have no intention to stay with you anyway, since I have promised to return to those willing to entrust their lives to me as well as I hold dear and value upon my life!"

After the Blue Knight had been free from the Carrier class BETA and confirmed that the PBE is able to relocate inside the Carrier class BETA, the Join CP at the forefront base immediately recalled all its forces at the war zone. At the same time the combine force is able to retreat from the war zone, the PBE activated inside the Carrier class BETA and created a micro black hole inside it; not only torn apart and destroyed itself from inside but also destroying anything within its range of destruction before the artifact black hole lost its function and disappeared in the thin air, leaving absolutely nothing but the silence world without a single life in the war zone where the Carrier class BETA met its ultimate fate of destruction!

"Youe Excellency, we have confirmed that the primary target had been destroyed as well as other BETA strains as well as no more further reinforcement from the BETA. Mission objective had been accomplished" Keigo reported to Shuukaku as well Tadataka. "All the friendly forces are returning to base as we speak!"

"Good Job, everyone", Shuukaku spoke to everyone in the command post. "I leave the afterwards to your command, First Lieutenant Zengyo. It is the honor of mine to be able to fight beside you and your squadron as companion. Congratulation for the success of your plan and I am looking forward to work with you for the incoming future!"

"The honor are yours and I am to thank for your fully support during the operation", Tadataka bowed to Shuukaku and his action is followed by all the members of 5121 Squadron inside the command center.

"First Lieutenant Zengyo, the fact clearly showed that you have companions that willing to support you even in the most extreme situation", Shuukaku replied after he saw the action taken by the members of 5121 Squadron. "I have a feeling that we will meet each other very soon."

After his words, Shuukaku left the command center with his staffs when Keigo spoke to Tadataka "Class leader, Merry Christmas"

"Merry Christmas to you as well, Tosaka", Tadataka replied. "Please take care the rest in here on my behalf and Hara, let go and it is the time for us to welcome our hero home!"

After the Blue Knight had kneed on the ground when its eishi met his friends and companions, the first thing of Atsushi who no longer had the blue hair and blue eyes to encounter is to hit by Mai in his face Very hard and the sound could be heard by the members of 5121 Squadron around them clearly.

"You're Idiot! What is the reason for you to throw any your life so easily? Have you thought after the feeling of mine and do you believe that I can forgive myself after you sacrifice your life for us? I never want to lose someone that it's important to me anymore!"

Being held by Mai tightly, Atsushi is willing to listen to Mai's words as long as she wished. Furthermore, he replied silently as he held the body of Mai gentle in his arms. Such situation is going to become eternal until Nonomi somehow felt jealous and spoke to Atsushi.

"Hayami, Nonomi want to be holding Hayami above the ground!"

After separate by Mai, Atsushi held up Nonomi from the ground like her request.

"Welcome back, Hayami", after her words, Nonomi kissed the forehead of Atsushi and spoke to him gently when her action had caught everyone totally out of surprise. "Thank you for keeping our promise."

"Welcome back, Shikon 9", Kariya put his hand on his friend and companion's shoulder. "However, the truth is I want to hit you from the face in order to kick some common sense into your empty-head, Hayami."

"Why don't you just simply say Welcome Back to Hayami", Tasiro countered. "It is good to see you again, Hayami!"

"Welcome Back, Hayami!"

"Welcome Back, Hayami! Please don't let us worry anymore!"

"Welcome back! Second Lieutenant Hayami", after allowing the eishis and CP members of 5121 Squadron to express their welcome to Atsushi in their own ways, Tadataka spoke to him gently when he held out his right hand. "I would like to ask for your enrollment to 5121 Squadron again; not as an order from a commander but a request from a friend and companion!"

"I am Hayami Atsushi and I am honor to accept your offer", after returned Nonomi to the ground, Atsushi held out his right hand and shake hands with Tadataka.

"Then once again, welcome to Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron "Shikon", Second Lieutenant Hayami Atsushi."

"It seemed that you have chosen the path that you are going to walk upon with your friends and companions", Colin's voice appeared in the thin area when the members of 5121 Squadron turned around, they found that Colin's TSF is standing at the end when the EF-2000 II Typhoon II stands in two lines when raised their long swords towards the sky and crossed to each other; resulted as a make-shift hallway when Colin walked towards them in his irregular black and golden uniform when Melody followed him slightly from behind.

"Is it the ultimate choice that guided by your heart?"

"Start from today, the Raven known as B.D. is no longer existed", the once but no longer faker counter to the question from the hidden but actually leader of Raven Network. "I am Second Lieutenant Hayami Atsushi, Shikon 9 from Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron Shikon!"

"I see, as long as we are fighting for the same ultimate goal, I really don't care where your royalty lay is", Colin replied as her turned around and prepared to leave. "However, I have a feeling that we are going to meet each other again in the battlefield…Second Lieutenant Hayami Atsushi!"

"Wait a minute, Colin A….Operative Lieutenant Commander Bertram", Mio spoke to Colin before he turned around from the members of 5121 Squadron. "Are you really the Colin that I used to know since the last time we see each other? How about Olivia? Does she know about the truth character of yours as well?"

"Olivia and my father known the truth after the Battle of Kyoto when my mother somehow know about this before; as long as you know her actual character you should be awaken that such result is expectable", Colin turned around and walked to Mio when spoke to her. "Long time ago when an elder brother tried to protect her younger sister from being possible harmed by other children by using its body as a shield; a girl taught him the best way to protect those he holds dear is to beat up those children so that they would never foolish enough to have any intention to try again by her own action. In fact, I just followed the teaching of her nowadays in order to protect those I hold dear…although it means to be overkill to the view of others when the situation is required."

Mio remained silence when Colin continued their conversation.

"In conclusion, I am glad that I am able to make it on time during the Battle of Kyoto…Oh, I almost forget", Colin spoke to Mio when Melody approached them with a brunch of flowers in her hand. Colin picked up the flower and handover it to his childhood friend. "It seemed that I cannot uphold the promise for enroll the Christmas Party with you and other members of 5121 Squadron. However, as Colin Aoki, I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you, Mio!"

Before Mio could reply, Colin turned around and walked to his TSF with Melody; then take off to the sky followed by the Tempest Squadron.

During the Christmas and New Year's holidays, Tadataka, Keigo, Yasumitsu and Gingo remained in the base of 5121 Squadron for something they called "Advance Training". Kariya and Tasiro chose to leave the base and visited their friends and former companions separately. Motoko, Seika and Kaori sent their holidays in snow maintain and started in the local hotel. Mio returned to Mibuya Temple because she was one of its priestesses and is required to help as family service during the New Year period. Youhei and Maki returned to their home and sent the holidays with their families. Takayuki was dating his more than one girl-friend during the finest hours; at least that was what he called. Nonomi sent her holidays in Haruka's home while Hisamoi had visited the grave of Akane. Buta was, as always, doing what he used to and gave the others its same look. For Atsushi and Mai, they decided to stay and share their time together during the New Year.

For Colin, he put down his pen and walked to the window at his quarter located at the Avalon Base. He wonders what will happen during the incoming year. Is it a year of hope, a year of sadness or a year that fill with blood and tears? However, one thing is clear to the point that he would allow those he held dear and aimed to protect to suffer any sadness again; since it is the only reason for his existence in this moment in this world!

( Background Music: Gunparade March ED Masumi Harada - In Beyond Darkness )

"This is CV Alpha 5, lead TSF air carrier of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron to the Avalon Base Air Control, request permission for touch down. Repeat, this is CV Alpha 5 of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron to the Avalon Base Air Control, request permission for touch down."

"Copy that, CV Alpha 5; this is Avalon Base Air Control. You have permission to touch down and please follow our instruction…"

"Finally, it is the date that we are waiting for, Class Leader", Keigo spoke to Tadataka next to him.

"After landing, load out the TSF and let the maintenance group to check all TSFs today. Tomorrow will be the big day for all of us."

"Motoko-san, I see a lot of TSFs", Nomoni spoke to Motori excitingly. Besides her, Youhei was in his so-called excitement mode when he discovered that a group of thirty-six TSF-TYPE-94 Siranui was moving in high speed in double wing 5 formations.

Kariya said to Youhei and Nonomi after he looked out of the window. "I see, even the Imperial Army Fuji Tactical Surface Fighter Training Group is being enrolled for the Project GalaRay."

Abroad the CV Alpha 5 and other three TSF air carriers, all the members of 5121 Flight were presented in their dressed uniform of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force.

Shortly after the CV Alpha 5 and other TSF air carriers landed on the ground, the TSFs were loaded out and is going to install at 5121 Squadron's assigned sector in the Avalon Base.

As the members of 5121 Squadron arrived to the ground from the air carriers and currently gathered around its commander, Tadataka found that someone had been expected their arrival and walked towards them. Immediately, he stepped forward and saluted to the said United Nation Force officer.

"I am Operative Major Tadataka Zengyo of Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron. It is our honor to being enrolled to the Project GalaRay, Your Excellency!"

Followed by his action, the members of 5121 Squadron saluted to someone they seemed to know but may be not formally; since the fact clearly showed that he held the rank to be addressed as Your Excellency!

"Commodore Colin Z Bertram of United Nation Force, one of the Operation Directors of Project GalaRay and welcome to Avalon Base, Operative Major Zengyo and everyone from 5121 Squadron", Colin replied and saluted to him formally. "It seemed that I have to thank Lieutenant General Ayamine for his recommendation so that 5121 Squadron is able to enroll the Project GalaRay on time and it is actually the honor of mine for your enrollment in here."

After Colin and Tadataka shake hands with each other, the members of 5121 Squadron saw two young girls with silver and white hair in United Nation Uniform approached to their location and both of them stopped slightly behind Colin for his further instruction. Nevertheless, the elder girl did narrow her eyes when the eye contact between her and Setoguchi occurred.

"I would like to introduce Operative Ensign Crysta Barchenowa and Operative Ensign Inia Sestina; they are coordinators of Project GalaRay."

"I am Operative Ensign Crysta Barchenowa, it is my honor to meet the members of 5121 Squadron that able to value the lives of their friends and companions beyond their own!" However, the fact never changed she did narrow her eyes again when looked at Atsushi; it is not the same meaning to the sniper of 5121 Squadron but something more personal…

Furthermore, when Crysta looked at Nonomi without any hostile intention, the eternal child still somehow feel the aura of cold temperature of the northern terra is released from her and immediately shielded herself behind Hayami. In fact, her reaction immediately caused the hostile aura between Mai and Crysta…

"Hello, my name is Inia Sestina and this my friend Misha", Trista kneed down in front of Nonomi before anyone can realize and holding a teddy bear in front of the eternal child. "Hello, my name is Misha and what is your name? You know the elder sister of Inia seemed to be cold at first but she is actually a gentle and caring person once you know each other better. Can I be friend with you like Inia?"

In conclusion, Nonomi is able to smile again as Inia continue to speak on behalf of Misha in her childish voice. Both parties are able to return to their original conversation before separated for their own path. Before leaving, Crysta did give a mysterious look to Mio before she left with Colin and Inia.

All the chess pieces are finally gathered at the same place at the same time in order to implement what had to be done at no matter the cost!

It is the truth beginning of everything as well as the end of everything.

It is only the beginning of Hope Lives Again or the Ultimate Countdown of Destruction

What is the ultimate fate awaiting for Humanity?

Is it the Blessing of Hope?

Or the Curse known as Sadness?

Or the result of nothing but fill with blood and tears?

( Ending Theme: Sayonara no Toki Kurai Hohoen de of Angela from Soukyuu no Fafner The Movie - Heaven and Earth )

Next Chapter: PHASE 06 Project GalaRay Part I the Gathering

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As the Project GalaRay is officially implemented and announced to the public, eishis from around the world are being summoned and gathered at the Avalon Base in order to prepare and to ensure the combine force would be readied for the incoming siege of BETA Yokohama Hive, also known A-22 Target…

( Never forever... You know it's true... )

( Never forever... You know it's true... )

United Nation Force Project Alternative IV A-01 Special Task Force

( Believe my minds... You know it's true... )

( I guess you know... Welcome to my world )

( Never forever... You know it's true...)

United Nation Force Project GalaRay Infinite Stratos Experiment Flight

United Nation Force Project GalaRay Argos Test Flight

United Nation Force Project GalaRay Tactical Support Squadron "Tempest"

( tooku kasunda kaerubeki basho )

( kokoro ni dakishime chikau sono ai de )

Japan Empire Imperial Royal Guard 77th Tactical Armor Wing "Kamui"

Japan Empire Imperial Royal Guard Special Eternal Operation Squadron "White Fang"

Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force Zero Tactical Armor Squadron

Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force 5121 Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron "Shikon"

Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force Fuji Tactical Surface Fighter Training Group

Imperial Japan Mainland Defense Force Autonomous Operation Squadron "Wardog"

( moeru kuchibiru ni fureteru kakera wo te ni shita hitomi no naka )

( kirisaita yami no hate ni anata wo nokoshite )

( tatoeba kono mi ga uchite mo nigirishimeta saigo no unmei )

( awaku hakanaku kurikaesu shinjitsu motomete )

United States of America Army 65th Combat Training Battalion "Infinities"

United States of America Army 66th Tactical Armored Battalion "Hunter"

United States of America Marine Corps' VMF-318 Squadron "Black Knives"

( tadayou koe otozureta toki de ima )

( chirabaru tameiki iroaseru )

Far East Soviet Army's 3rd Army, 18th Division, 211th Tactical Armored Battalion "Zhar"

( kanashimi ni kieru kizuato kakusenai namida no yokogao )

( sagashiteta kotae no arika itsuwari no yakusoku )

( yasashikute mune ni kuzureru tashika na utsukushii kizuna ni )

( anata ga iu ikusen no shinjitsu ga kono te ni )

Unified Front of China Bao-Feng Test Flight

( Never forever... You know it's true... )

( Never forever... You know it's true... )

Federal Republic of Germany Army's Special TSF Operation Squadron "Schwarzer" Hase (German for "Black Rabbit")

European Union Force 2512 Tactical Armor Squadron "Excalibur" ( Golden Sword of Promised Victory )

European Union Force 8972nd Tactical Armor Wing "Glory Knights"

( tooku kasunda kaerubeki basho )

( kokoro ni dakishime chikau sono ai de )

United Kingdom of Flaim First Royal Armor Wing "Desert Eagle" 9th Squadron

( hoho ni furete anata no yubi de )

( koboreru namida ni kuchizukete mo )

( mugen ni hibiku setsunasa wa kese wa shinai to )

Terminal Armed Force Experimental Squadron "Stargazer"

( moeru kuchibiru ni fureteru kakera wo te ni shita hitomi no naka )

( kirisaita yami no hate ni anata wo nokoshite )

( tatoeba kono mi ga uchite mo nigirishimeta saigo no unmei )

( awaku hakanaku kurikaesu shinjitsu motomete )

Raven Network Tactical Armor Wing "Order of the Mirage Knight"

( anata ga iu ikusen no shinjitsu ga kono te ni )

As the path of countless individual crossed to each other, what is going to be the final outcome? Who is going to be the ally and who is going to be enemy? Only time can make the decision…

( Never forever... You know it's true... )

( Never forever... You know it's true... )