Normal: narration and speech

Italic: thinking

Chapter 4.

Despite the return, the girls tried to get used to the situation. Sakura and Hinata shopping ninja clothes, the look strange to anyone of the bodies of Ami and Yumi.

Ami: You are so cute!

Yumi: I agree with Ami this time!

Sakura and Hinata: *embarrassed* Thanks!

What suffered most from the trade body was Yumi. It was only to see Kiba and hide in the nearest place. She had nothing against him, but she liked Shikamaru, and wouldn't be forced to kiss Kiba. The last hiding place was a garbage can.

Ami: *seeing Yumi into the trash* Just to warn you, Yumi, this is a bad place to hide!

Sakura: I agree with Ami! This place is very smelly!

Yumi left the trash can, plugging her nose.

Yumi: *with banana peel on head* Okay, you won!

Hinata: Why was hiding after all, Yumi-san?

Yumi: Hinata, I'll be honest with you: I CAN'T FACE YOUR BOYFRIEND BEING IN YOUR BODY!

Sakura: Just for being in love with Shikamaru? If the problem is that, Yumi, I have an idea for you to have a chance with him!

Yumi: What?

Sakura: Hinata kiss Shikamaru, and you kiss Kiba!

Hinata and Yumi widened eyes.

Ami: I like this idea!

Hinata: You... you want I kiss Shikamaru?

Sakura: Exactly!


Ami: You are problematic!

Sakura: Seems Shikamaru talking! Well, girls, if you don't want to do this, it only remains to wait patiently until switch bodies!

Mysterious Ninja: *watching it behind a tree* If they are going to switch bodies!

Before the girls out there, Sakura seemed to feel a strange chakra, but said nothing.

Sakura: It's just me or I felt the chakra of Orochimaru?

The next day, Sakura went to Tsunade's office tell their suspicions.

Tsunade: Orochimaru... Hum... I didn't expect he's come back here so soon! Just in case, I'll send a squad AMBU look for it and, if possible, hold it!

Sakura: Thank you, Tsunade-sama! Oh way, managed to find a way to bring us back to normal?

Tsunade: Yeah, thanks for reminding me! I found a jutsu can change you, just need to all be here! Oh, has 80% chance of succeeding! If you want we can do it now!

Sakura: Thanks again, Tsunade-sama! I'll get the girls!

Training in the woods, were Ami, Yumi and Hinata. Hinata is trying to teach Yumi how to use the Byakugan, but the girl was not getting it.

Yumi: Hinata, I give up! I'm a guitarist, not a ninja!

Hinata: Make force, Yumi-san! It's only the third time you try!

Ami: Yeah, you will get!

Voice: I don't think you need!

The girls turned and saw Sakura going to them.

Hinata: Good morning, Sakura-san! Where have you been?

Sakura: At the office of Tsunade-sama, resolving some issues! Oh, I got news: she has found a jutsu to the exchange, and has 80% chance of succeeding!

Yumi: So let's go! The quicker we wreck, I can quickly grab Shikamaru! *All look at her* What? That's what I want to do, okay?

Sakura: So come on! *looking Ami* I want to recover soon my reputation!

But they were not far behind. When they were on the way, were attacked by a giant snake. There was someone on top of it: Orochimaru.

Orochimaru: Ku ku ku ku! Long time!

Sakura and Hinata: *amazed* OROCHIMARU!

Ami and Yumi: *confused* Who?

Orochimaru looked at each of the girls.

Orochimaru: From what I see, my body swap jutsu worked!

Sakura: *angry* I knew it! You are responsible for it! What do you want from us?

Orochimaru: It's not what I want from you, is what I want from Konoha! Let me explain: I was in the show's Puffy AmiYumi, when I heard the four of you talking about wanting to know what life was like the other! So I thought: what better way to weaken the village to replace the powerful ninja with people with no talent?


Orochimaru: I just didn't expect that Sakura and Hinata returned to the village and reunited with their bodies! It is a shame because I have to destroy all!

Ami: *preparing the fist* IT'S NOT!

Recalling that Sakura had great strength, Ami took the strength of her body and opened a huge crater in the ground, holding the snake and Orochimaru on it.

Orochimaru: This won't hold me forever!

Sakura: *pointing the team approaching AMBU* This won't be necessary!

Hinata: *whispering to Ami* This was the battle easier than we had!

In Tsunade's office, the squad AMBU leader was warn that Orochimaru was caught.

Tsunade: Well done! Keep him on extreme vigilance!

AMBU Leader: Yes, Hokage-sama!

The leader of the AMBU left office, before the girls arrive.

Tsunade: It's good to see them, girls! Just to know, Sakura, Orochimaru has just been arrested!

Sakura: I'm very happy to know, Tsunade-sama!

Tsunade: Well, girls are ready to crush the bodies?

Girls: *excited* Yes!

Tsunade: So let's begin! Sakura and Ami, you first!

Sakura and Ami approached. Tsunade-sama made some hand signs and placed both hands on the heads of Ami and Sakura. Soon after, did the same with Hinata and Yumi. The jutsu worked: each one returned to your body.

Yumi: *kissing her wrists* Me again! How wonderful!

Ami: *ran through the door* Naruto, can wait!

Yumi: *chasing Ami* You too, Shikamaru!

Tsunade: *surprised by the action of two girls* It seems that everything is back to normal!

Hinata: Yeah!

Tsunade: * looking at Sakura and Hinata * What do you plan to do now?

Sakura: I'll join as long as the fangirls chasing after Sasuke-kun!

Hinata: I'll have a meeting with Kiba-kun! For some time now we don't!

Everything returned to normal in the lives of four girls. Ami and Yumi decided to spend the holidays in Konoha, a village to be quiet and not many fans. Naruto was a little upset about the behavior of "Sakura", but not for long: met Ami and started dating shortly before her return to the show. The same happened with Yumi, although she had to compete for Shikamaru with Temari.

Sakura turned to Sasuke's fangirl, and Hinata went on to hold meetings with Kiba. But even after the vacation of Ami and Yumi are finished, the four girls kept in touch, promising to be friends forever.