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This is my first attempt at a lemon. It's slightly inspired from the Naruto Lemon Chronicles, which I loved reading! It's basically Naruto X (Insert female kunoichi here). My favourite is Tsunade since I can identify the most to her, meaning I started with her. It's very hardcore, as I love going further than what reality imposes on our mortal shells. I have no idea at what pace I will post further chapters. Also, any review will be read with attention, just note that I'm both a beginner and that English is not my mother tongue.

The Great War was finally over, Madara's plan had been thwarted and he had been crushed. The bijuus had been sealed away with the giant demon doll. The only remaining one had been the nine-tails fox, who was crushed by Sasuke's sharingan in his last fight with Naruto. A part of the young hero had died that day, along with his best friend. He had managed to save Sasuke and helped him redeem, but the fury of the nine-tails had claimed the last of the Uchiha. Sasuke had sacrificed himself to seal the fox away with the other bijuus, freeing Naruto of both his lifelong burdens. Tsunade had announced her intention to step down from the position of Hokage and Naruto had been appointed as the future Hokage, after one last mission.

Konoha had been rebuilt and the villagers lived a good life, although there was still a lot of work and grief for the few survivors. Many friends had died in the recent war, Madara and Kabuto had both struck particularly hard on Konoha. Many of Naruto's young comrades had fallen and this called for an extraordinary decision. The gap left in the demography by the lack of young adults had to be filled, and the country's lords had decided that it was Naruto's duty to breed with every female kunoichi in order to create a generation of strong ninjas. Reluctant at first, mostly because he was inexperienced in such a field, Naruto had accepted training under Tsunade before setting out on his mission that would make him Hokage.

He had just finished moving in with her, because she insisted that it would take quite some time to train him properly. They had three months before the official beginning of his mission. She had insisted for him to call her "mommy" instead of "granny", since she cared for him like her own child and she hated how old he made her feel. She had aged like everyone else and even adapted her transformation technique. She was looking like a thirty something years old woman, a bit more complexion showing on her hands and face and a slightly more round figure. She was now sporting seductively thick thighs, wide hips, a big, jiggling ass and even larger breasts, about the size of Naruto's own head each.

He had been living in her vast loft for a few days already and they barely had time to train. Mostly, Tsunade had asked disturbing questions and forced Naruto to read books about sex, carefully picked from Sai's personal collection. He found them boring, but he really wanted to succeed in his mission and forced himself to read through them. Most of the information didn't permeate into his thick head however, as he was more of a field training guy. Tsunade knew that and insisted that Naruto needed to practice, but he was even more afraid of such training, focusing his attention back to the books.

On the first weekend, his real training began. He woke up to the smell of ramen and the itch of drool in his face. He wiped his watering mouth off, put some pants on and ran to the kitchen. A cup of hot ramen was on the table, next to chopsticks and he cheered. In front of him was a sitting Tsunade, sipping a cup of tea and wearing a white apron. "Itadakimasu!" the young man cheered before delving in his ramen. He didn't notice the mature woman standing up and turning to wash the dishes.

After raising his eyes from the empty bowl, he thanked Tsunade, who was standing with her back to him. His sentence was cut short by the fact that she was wearing only an apron. Her big, full ass was flexing at him as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, turning around to smile at him. With her body turned halfway, he could see the whole of her huge, delicious breast's side pushed up by the tightly tied apron. His mouth watered again as his eyes traveled on her bare legs, from her feet to her toned calves, then her seducing thighs and generous and curvy rear. "Wha- wha-" he stuttered as she let go of the plate she was cleaning to turn around and walk towards him. "Your training starts now, Naruto, and I'm going to be your training dummy."

"Yes, mommy, I will pour all my soul in this training!" he called out as he stood, his bulging erection stretching his pants. She blushed as he called her "mommy", and then sat down on a chair near him. "But first, I know you have never been with a woman, so let me take the lead for this time, I'll show you how it feels, just stand there." Naruto obeyed his master, gulping as he felt his heart beat faster, hoping he will be up to the challenge. He felt better knowing she would give him time, since he knew he always took some time to get the grasp on things. Meanwhile, she had grasped his thing, making him coo as he felt the tight grip around his half erect member. Tsunade examined the swelling cock, feeling his blood pump in it. "Naruto, release that transformation technique, you are not fooling anyone," she said with a smirk. "What technique, mommy?" he answered, looking down at the deceptively beautiful and curvaceous blonde. "The technique on your penis, it can't be that big." Naruto chuckled nervously before scratching the back of his head. "Well, I don't know if that is supposed to be big, but it's always been like that." Tsunade's eyes widened.

She was holding his fully erect rod now, and her fingers didn't make it all the way around. Her expert eye estimated its length at 35 cm and the girth at 18. She couldn't believe just how big he was and she was both excited and turned off by the idea of being filled so much and by the pain it would cause. His balls were proportionate with his cock, each as big as her fist, dangling heavily between his legs. She stroked it slowly, pulling the skin off the dark pink head. She licked it, teasing the sensitive underskin, and then flicking her tongue all along his length. It took her a few minutes to cover the whole of his cock, her tongue lashing relentlessly at every bit of tasty cock skin she could fin. She kissed the side of his shaft, jerking it quickly as she ran her lips up and down in synch. Naruto moaned softly as she worked on him. He had never felt something like that before, and his virgin rod only twitched more and more in her naughty and experienced hands.

The mature woman then knelt down on the ground, pushing her chair back, before reaching under his cock for his cleanly shaved balls. She took them in her mouth, sucking on them before releasing them with loud popping sounds. She took the whole of his sack in, widening her maw in order to fit it in, then teasing it with her tongue. He grunted as precum flowed out of the bulbous head, which was throbbing in her hand. There was more of it than a normal man's load, forcing her to lick her fingers and his cock clean repeatedly before taking it in her mouth. He pulsed in her, his bulging and expanding shaft oozed more precum out. She sucked hard on his rod, taking it deeper as she bobbed her head up and down. He placed both of his hands on her head, without exercising any pressure, letting her work on him. She deepthroated a bit of his length in order to fit more of him in her, although she didn't know if she could handle the whole of his huge dick. She felt him about to cum, as he moaned and grunted loudly and his cock throbbed madly inside her mouth.

He gripped the back of her head and jammed her down roughly on his member, hilting himself inside her mouth and throat. Her drool dribbled down on his churning testicles, which soon released their load. He blasted his cum right inside her oesophagus, forcing her to eat it all. She gasped for air around the cock, choking on it as tears rolled out of her eyes. He gave her throat a few hard thrusts, forcing more of his own cum out of his balls. He had came a gallon inside of her before pulling back, quite spent. Many links of spit and cum remained attached between her mouth and his softening member, even after having pulled out. She gasped for air, sucking it in loudly as she placed a hand on her bulging stomach. Her belly had swelled from the amount of cum forced into her, and a pool of her juices had formed between her knees. After catching her breath, she broke the links of cum and ate them, before gripping his half hard cock and sucking it clean, slapping it against her face. "Naurto, fuck my throat again, please, fuck your mommy's dirty throat with your big fat cock!" she begged of him.

Naruto couldn't believe just how good it had felt. Her throat clenching down tightly on his cock had brought him to the nirvana and he had screamed his pleasure out. His mind had gone blank and he had stopped thinking and started simply feeling her vibrate around him. His body was still shaken from the brain wracking orgasm, yet his cock was swelling in excitation as the lewd Hokage begged for him to fuck her throat. "Are you sure, mommy? You cried and were choking so bad around my penis." She smiled warmly at him before answering. "Why else did you think I volunteered for this? I've been masturbating thinking about you for the last five years. Every time I fucked a man, I screamed your name when I came, it was quite awkward. I finally have you, so I want you to have me and I'll make sure to make you feel better than any of the other kunoichi you will fuck in your mission will make you feel. This way, you will come back to your mommy when you will be done."

She stood up, shaking slightly, her inner thighs drenched in her juices, then stepped outside on the balcony of her loft. She lay down in her long chair, although she pushed herself up a bit, making her head dangle upside down from the top of the chair. "Now come here, and fuck my throat. You see, in this position, you can enter a woman's throat with the most ease. It will provoke less of a gagging reflex and the angling of her body makes her throat like a nice, warm cock sleeve for you." Naruto's lips formed an "O" in amazement as he took his big, hard cock with both hands and offered it to her lips. It is only then that it occurred to him that her balcony was visible from the new main public place, although it was still early and it was almost empty. Her apron concealed most of her body, but he still stood exposed with his cock shoved inside her.

Knowing people could notice them fucking only turned Tsunade on more as she reached up for his legs and pulled him down on her. He inched his way inside her throat, stretching it and forcing her to open her mouth wide for his thick member. She gurgled once around it as he hilted himself in. When he pulled back, she sucked him thoroughly, as if she didn't want him escaping her mouth. He thrust in and out of her throat repeatedly, his balls slapping her face each time. She caressed her own body, writhing in her chair as her legs brushed each other. Her throat had expanded to let him in and he reached down to caress it. He could feel his cock retreat out of her abused gullet. Barely able to endure such a treatment, he came in a matter of minutes. Tsunade pushed him out this time, gripping his cock and jerking him in order to spray his cum all over her body. Like a fountain, his streaks of thick sperm flew down on her apron, face and legs. He came a copious amount, enough to shame even a stallion. He stumbled backward and retrieved his balance as he hit the wall behind him. He panted and groaned, coughing to clear his throat as the orgasm waned away.

"Mommy Tsunade... does a mouth feel like a pussy?" he then asked, curious about the woman's attractive body. "From what I know, they are both warm, tight and wet, but a pussy can get much tighter if you make the woman cum. Also, a pussy is smaller; I don't think you can shove all your big cock in a normal woman, although that also works for the mouth..." "Well, you could suck it all, are you not a normal woman?" he replied. "Let's say I have special tricks up my sleeves." she smirked as she stood and put her hands on the metal fence of the balcony. Her drenched entrance and big ass were both exposed to Naruto's fondling hands, which immediately glued themselves on. The Hokage looked around at the village of Konoha, smiling as her ass and legs were being smothered by the young man. "Alright, for today we'll stick to the simple motion of fucking. I'll let you explore the pleasure a man can give a woman through other means another day."

She shook her ass for him to witness its jiggling. Her whole thighs and butt cheeks danced in front of him, reviving his erection. She braced herself as he walked behind her, gripping her wide hips. Reaching between her legs, she helped him angle his thick rod with her wet entrance. He wasn't as big and hard as when she sucked him, but he was still more than enjoyable. He tried to push in, but he found her pussy to be tightly shut. "It won't go in, what should I do?" he asked at a loss. "Well, it's true that it is quite massive for me, you can use your fingers to ease the way, or simply be patient and push again and again, it will slip inside eventually, you'll see." He preferred the second method, smiling at himself as the longer it took, the more people could see him screw the Hokage. Most of her body was still hidden by her cum covered apron, but still, her legs were almost bare and her cleavage was spilling out of her top.

He managed to get his big bulb inside of her, making him moan at the warm tightness of his master. She spread her legs a bit further, making it easier for him to inch his pussy splintering cock inside of her. She gasped as she felt him fill her up. "Aah... aaah... fuck you're going to break me in two!" She screamed as he pushed another inch in her. Her lips were stretched and her walls had expanded to welcome the manhood, but they were clenching down hard on it. Naruto kept working in silence, sliding himself in and out repeatedly, until half his cock was inside her. "Alright Naruto... know this: a pussy isn't limitless, if you keep going you'll hit my cervix, which is the entrance to my womb, which is where the baby grows," she explained to him. "Yeah, I know, I've read it all. I've read one of Jirayia's books which described how a woman was fucked silly by a man. I think I'm gonna try that, you ready?" he asked her, making her chuckle as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

Without any other warning, he thrust himself fully him, pulling on her hips to make her stumble down on his pelvis. Her big breasts bounced while her fat ass slapped against his body, sending a ripple through it. She groaned loudly as he hilted himself in her, piercing her cervix and filling her womb with his massive cock. He was just as hard as earlier, except this time his whole appendage was filling her. She came. Her juices sprayed around his member and on his crotch and balls. She howled her climax as her face distorted in pleasure, catching the attention of a few civilians, who stopped to look at the couple. Naruto felt her pussy clamp down on his shaft, which only made him thrust in and out as quick as he could, slapping his body again and again against her thick thighs and ass. Tsunade panted and gasped for air as she rode on her orgasm, a bulge outlining the blonde's big cock forming and disappearing in her belly as Naurto thrust in and out. She put one hand on it, feeling him fuck her even through her belly, while she felt the cum in her stomach bounce in synch with her massive tits.

The skin of her ass had turned red from the never-ending slapping. She had lost track of time as her beautiful, loving "son" fucked her thoroughly. Her breasts had jumped out of her apron, which was getting loose around her body. Her massive tits were slapping her face each time Naruto rammed his massive rod back in her womb. She had been cumming this whole time, losing her mind to the pleasure his cock brought her. He let go of her hips and gripped her wrists, pulling them back to force her to arch her back and put more of her weight down unto his shaft, pressing himself even deeper. She came violently once again, her tongue prodding out of her mouth and twitching as she drooled on herself, while her eyes rolled in their sockets. He had fucked her brains out, making her squirt like a fountain on the balcony under them. Her apron fell down from her delicious body, for everyone in the square to witness. Her fleshful globes were still bouncing as he kept fucking her relentlessly.

The crowd cheered on their hero as he came in her, which brought yet another wracking orgasm to the Hokage. Her whole body shook and convulsed around his rod as her belly inflated from the quantity of cum her was gushing into her. He grunted loudly, still hilted balls deep in her pussy and climaxed for a few minutes. He pulled himself out after being done, letting the busty blonde fall down on her knees, barely able to breath and even less able to think. She had blacked out during her latest orgasm and felt like she could pass out anytime, her nerves overwhelmed by the pleasure he had granted her with. His semen poured out of her stretched pussy and it dripped down the balcony. A group of young groupies danced in the cum rain, chanting his name and trying to eat it.

"Na... Naruto..." Tsunade managed as she cleared her throat. "What is it, mommy Tsunade?" he answered. She managed to stand up, her legs wobbling from the good fuck, her pussy still gaping. "You are the best fuck I've ever had. I want more, all that only made me even hornier for your cock. Get on the chair." Whistles and cheers came up from the square below as the beloved Hokage stood and flashed her naked divine body. Naruto obeyed her and lay down in the long chair. Tsunade put a foot down each side of the chair, standing over his crotch. She could squat and rest her crotch on his with her knees bent at a right angle, her legs and ass flexing as she did. The next time, however, she gripped his cock, semi-hard but still plenty for her, and forced it inside of her. Her vagina took it all in with ease, as he hadn't fully recovered yet.

She gyrated her hips, making his rod spin inside of her, her hands on her hips as she began squatting up and down, forcing the swelling member up inside her. He reached up and groped her massive globes, twirling his fingers around the hardening nipples, pinching and making her coo. She forced herself down on his now fully hard cock, making her juices splatter his balls as she felt her womb be penetrated once more. She came instantly, putting both hands on her belly, gripping the bulge formed by his cock inside her. She kept bouncing faster and faster, making her tits fly around, slapping her chin and her chest as she smacked herself down on his prick, impaling her abuse pussy. Naruto put his hands on her big thighs and thrust back up against her, making her ride him like a bull.

She leaned down on his, pressing her tits against his torso and whipping his face with her hair damp with sweat. She rocked her hips to force him in her, taking him less deep in such a position. He kneaded her big ass with both hands, parting her butt cheeks and slapping them roughly. He reached down her legs to find the back of her knees, which he gripped tightly before straightening himself. He then stood up, holding her against him by her legs. She wrapped them around him, allowing the blonde teen to put his hands on her big butt instead. He fucked her while standing; penetrating her womb every time he pushed her down on his big shaft. She hugged him tightly, biting down on his shoulders and panting her warm breath on it. His muscles flexed from carrying the curvy woman, fingers digging into the flesh of her ass.

He spun her around, holding her legs up each side of her torso, exposing her expanded pussy for everyone to see. Looking at all those eyes staring at her voluptuous body made her cum, her juices squirting down into the crowd. Naruto moved next to the fence, placing the back of her knees on it, letting her feet dangle outside while he rammed himself up inside of her. Her huge boobs jiggled for everyone to see while he teased and worked on them, twisting and pulling her nipples into a mix of pleasure and pain. Her pussy made lewd noises for the crowd to cheer on as the huge cock pumped in and out. Her juices dripped down and mixed with Naruto's drying cum on the ground far below. Naruto's thrust became hectic as he grunted, closing in on his orgasm. The Hokage felt the cock inside her grow and throb, its every veiny features rubbing her very tight walls and forcing her into an even more intense, mind wracking orgasm. They came together, his cum forcing her womb to expand, while more gushed out around his shaft, jammed balls deep inside her. She rubbed his cock through her belly, feeling her insides abused by him.

Lifting her so she sits on the fence, he also pulled out of her. Her vagina was gaping lewdly while a gallon of cum flowed out, trickling on her legs and falling on a slutty woman below. Catching her breath, the busty blonde waved at the crowd. "Thank you everyone... that will be all for today!" she shouted to them before leaping off the fence and limping back inside her loft. Her pussy ached from the repeated abuse of Naruto's huge cock and she could barely walk. Her whole body felt numb after such excitation, her nervous system overloaded with pleasurable shocks. She let herself fall on her bed. Laying on her stomach, she prodded her butt up, spreading her legs enough for her pussy to be seen. "Naruto, my love, my son, do me again please."

He trained hard for the whole weekend.