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Naruto walked home after his encounter with Tsunade and Kakashi. He had enjoyed it, alright, but Tsunade seemed to have enjoyed it even further. He made himself some ramen and sat down, staring at the hot noodles. He didn't eat for several minutes, his mind racing about all the beautiful women he had had the chance to have sex with. Yet, despite all this, he didn't felt the satisfaction which should be righteously his. Especially since Tsunade, Shizune and Kurenai will all live with him. "Itadakimasu," he said before taking a first mouthful of noodles. He had the remaining of the day to write his report and Tsunade told him they would check it together before sending it to the Daimyo. The young man knew that once he became Hokage, he would inherit Tsunade's loft. At the same time, he would move in with three mature, sexy women. He didn't feel happy about it. Hell, he didn't even feel content. Something was bothering the romantically inexperienced boy.

He half-heartedly wrote his report, which took him most of the day despite being a relatively simple matter. He was both bad at this and not in the mood to write. He was feeling blue. Once he was done, he decided that some Ichiraku's ramen might cheer him up and he left his apartment, maybe for one of the last times. He sat in the ramen shop, wondering why he didn't think he'd go to Tsunade's flat that night. "A ramen with pork chops please, mister," he ordered, feeling a bit better when the familiar scent reached his flaring nostrils. "So Naruto? How is you mission going? Are you going to become Hokage soon?" the old man bombarded him with questions. "It's going okay, I hope I'll be Hokage soon," he replied dismissively. The old man cocked his head and stopped working, looking truly concerned for one of his best clients. "Naruto, something's wrong with you. What is it?" he asked. And Naruto told him his plea. Ichiraku was quite surprised by the kind of problem the young man faced, but then again he was a hero and the most powerful ninja he knew. "Although you don't seem like the type to share your love with many women, I'd say it's pretty normal for some your calibre to have three women. Pretty gorgeous ones too, if I might add," he said, blushing slightly at the revelation of his admiration for the Hokage and how she filled his lonely evenings.

Naruto ate in silence as Ichiraku kept talking. The blonde sometimes replied with short answers: "Yeah, mhm, okay." The ninja didn't even eat his whole ramen before paying and leaving. He wandered in the village, waving and smiling back at children running up to him and praising him. Even this acknowledgement he had sought all his life didn't cheer him up. He woke up from a tumultuous night, leaving him just as tired as he was the day before. He showered and drank some milk, brushed his teeth and read his report one last time before heading to the Hokage's office. "Good morning, Naruto," Tsunade said with a cheering tone. The ring of her soft, yet confident voice was enough to make him feel better. "Good morning," he replied as he stood on the other side of the desk. She smirked before talking: "Pull a chair over here," she pointed next to her own chair "we'll review this report of yours." He obeyed her like always and sat next to her. Her warmth and energy radiated on him, making him more dynamic as they reviewed what he had written. Her hands wandered on his body and her lips met his skin once in a while, enough to keep him going.

"We're meeting the Daimyo tomorrow Naruto. Would you like to come at my place tonight?" she then met his gaze and swallowed with difficulty before adding: "for one last night together, only the two of us." Naruto smiled broadly and kissed her, pushing his lips against her own full ones. "Sure, I'd love to," he answered, placing a hand on her thigh. "You look tired, my love," she said, examining his eyes, red with blood. "Yeah, I'm pretty stressed," he replied. "I understand, it's the dream of your life about to become reality!" she exclaimed. "Yeah…" he said, shifting his gaze. He wasn't thinking about becoming Hokage. He was thinking about her. He thought about Kakashi and how it didn't feel… right when he joined him and Tsunade. "Say, did you enjoy yourself yesterday, with Kakashi?" he asked the busty woman. She blushed slightly as she recalled the moment of pleasure: "Of course I did."

He left her office: she still had work to do. Once more he was left to wander the village. He should have been training; after all he would not maintain his status only by fucking around, but he really didn't have the heart for it. What was the difference of sharing Tsunade with Kurenai or Shizune and the difference of sharing Tsunade with Kakashi? He thought hard about that question. He knew Kurenai and Shizune could both please him and Kakashi couldn't: he was heterosexual. It made him wonder if the women didn't agree to it only because of him. Although Tsunade clearly was bisexual and maybe more with that special futa technique of hers, he knew it was bothering her to share him with them. He thought the same was true of Kurenai and that she was probably even less interested in the other women. At that very moment, he walked past Shizune and Tonton. She smiled at him and stopped. "Heya Naruto, how are you?" "I'm okay, and you Shizune?" he replied. She winked at him before answering: "Well, I could really use a… fix, but otherwise I'm fine." "What do you think about living with me, Tsunade and Kurenai?" Naruto asked directly. She stared back at him and hesitated, her mouth open in an O. "I don't really mind it, as long as I get some… action," she finally said. "Action?" "Yeah well, get my ass fucked you know," she whispered while evading his gaze. "Okay, have a good day," Naruto said just as he started walking again. Yeah, Shizune is just a big anal whore, he thought for himself.

The sun set and coloured the sky in orange hues. The young man knocked on Tsunade's loft's door, from which her seducing voice came: "it's open!" Naruto walked inside, finding his beloved lighting candles on the table. It smelled like curry. The voluptuous lady wore a sexy, tight blue dress, which revealed much skin and a lot of cleavage. He liked it, as long as he had her for himself. He took her in his arms, hugging her, escaping her lips by placing his head over her shoulder and nuzzling her neck. He hesitated before whispering in her hear, feeling his whole body shaking against her curves. "Tsunade, I want you for myself and I want you to have me for yourself." He fell to one knee and held up the small box in which shone the ring he had bought earlier. Tsunade's eyes filled with water and tears of joy ran down her cheek. "Would you marry me?" he proposed. "Yes, I want to," she said, covering her face with both hands, as if ashamed to cry her happiness. Naruto straightened and held her hand, then pushed the ring on her ring finger. She stared at it: it was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. They kissed. Tsunade broke from the kiss and asked with a shaky voice: "What about all of your children? And… Kurenai and Shizune?" "I chose you, Tsunade. Kurenai and Shizune are still young, there's someone else for them out there. As for my children, I'll care about all of them like a real father and you can be the grandmother," he said, perking his tongue out as he nagged her about her age. "Then… there's something you need to know. Anko had a powerful genjutsu placed on her by Kabuto before his death. His chakra and essence were infused into her womb and she needed to find a man with powerful chakra in order to bear a child, who would be Kabuto's reincarnation. She is pregnant and you are the father of this evil child," she said, brushing her wet cheeks. "Then I'll love him like all the others and right a wrong Konoha did during times of war. If it comes to it, I will bear his hatred, but I won't let him stray in the darkness, not again."

He kissed her again.


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