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Ice Cream Man

Hancock didn't have any ideas her meeting with Luffy would end up with sweet revenge and bitter love.




Boa Hancock was driving her new white Porsche to her college when she passed a new ice cream stand which Monkey D. Luffy was working day and night for days. She didn't have any ideas that her small accident in front of the stand would be unforgettable enough for the whole of her life.

It was a hot day in the middle of March. Hancock was busily thinking about her next assignment in her one of her classes. She hadn't finished it yet, and the deadline was the next day. Taking social studies major in one of most prestigious colleges in Grand Line, Hancock had lots of assignment to do, even in the beginning of new semester. With that gloomy thought in her mind, Hancock kept on driving her favorite car with high speed.

That was her final year in One Piece College, and her ward, Mrs. Nyon had always warned her to focus on her studies. Lately Hancock showed her interest in modeling and got large sums of money in her account. Yet, Mrs. Nyon ignored that fact and pushed her to study, giving best samples for her younger sisters. What the hell, keep on study? I'm fucking rich and beautiful, I've got helluva amount of money and thousands ways to spend it, why should I keep on studying something I hate?


Hancock stopped her car abruptly, slamming her car to the right side with amazing driving skills. She felt that she had hit something, or perhaps someone. Oh, fuck… She saw someone was lying on the road from her rear glass. Several people were starting to gather at the spot, making noise. Hancock quickly jumped up from the car and rushed toward the crowd.

The little girl was crying. Her left knee was bleeding, but she was absolutely fine. The real victim was her cat, which accidentally passed the street and got crushed by Hancock's car. It was horrible. She had crushed so bad there were so many cat parts everywhere in the street. The smell of fresh blood spreading, making few of them close their noses.

"Gonbe! Gonbe my cat!" The cute little girl cried over her cat. She glanced at Hancock and stared at her cat once more, "Gonbe died…"

"Hey…" Hancock moved closer to the little girl. Many people were watching her. Some were looking at her, blaming her, Hancock knew that. However, majority of them were watching her. Hancock noticed her attractive outlook was irresistible for men. What a day!

The little girl was still crying, "Gonbe…"

"Yeah, it's dead and so what? Come on, we have to fix your knee in the nearest hospital," Hancock said coldly, looking away from the dead cat's body. "Let's go…"

"You killed her!" the little girl yelled angrily at her. Her eyes reflected all her feelings, anger and frustration. She continued, "it's already red but you kept on driving! You and your car killed my Gonbe!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Hancock snarled and opened her wide sunglasses. "The lamp was green when I passed! Nothing wrong with that and blaming me for killing your cat is such nonsense!"

"You! It's already red and you knew that!"

"Oh, this little freak is making me mad… I don't have time for this… I'm going!"

Hancock rolled her beautiful eyes and walked out; however, someone held her arm, stopping her. Hancock shifted her icy blue eyes and stared at the rude stranger. It was a boy, holding her arm with strong power. She asked him to let her go, giving him a killing look, "what are you doing? Let me go!"

Usually, no man could resist her requests and gave her anything she wanted. Nevertheless, she had no effect to the teenager who looked less than 17 years or so. He didn't listen to her words and said sulkily to Hancock, "You broke the law, killed someone's pet and ran away?"

Hancock felt a slight of guilt when those eyes stared directly to her. She replied arrogantly. "Fine! I broke the law, so what? That's only a fucking cat!"

The boy opened his mouth, looked irritated by her response, "don't you dare throwing curses in front of little girl!"

Many people shook their heads. They felt sorry for the young girl and her dead cat, yet they couldn't blame Hancock. She was too beautiful to be blamed. The quantity of the people was increasing. Many people were starting to take Hancock's picture, forcing Hancock to wear her sunglasses. On the top of that, the boy still held her arm tightly, making her uncomfortable.

"Release my arm or I'll scream, you bastard!" Hancock ordered him, paying no attention to his remark. He let he go, but he stayed there, still watching her. Hancock sighed heavily. She opened her purse, pulling out a check. "All your acts are meant for getting this, right? How much? Fill any numbers you like and never ever show your face again to me!"

The boy glared at her. He couldn't believe his hearing, "you are trying to—?"

"I knew you and that poor little girl are one syndicate, right? I give what you want so please, stop your acting and let me out of here. I don't want to make stay longer in this pathetic place."

"You! You're too much… you can't…"

"Oh, yes I can! I've seen thousands of your kind hanging around, doing anything for money. Why? You don't want to take that in front of those people? Just take it away! They won't remember your face anyway."

"You pissed me off you snob!" the boy yelled at Hancock, almost slapped her. Hancock screamed, closing her eyes.

Many people gasped. They didn't believe the boy wanted to hurt that woman, whose beauty had captured so many men heart in the street. Yet, the boy didn't do anything further. Realizing that, Hancock stepped backward. No one had done that to her, threatening her and making her scared.

No one.

It was her first time a man looked down to her.

"How could you? Don't you know who I am?" Hancock asked him, "I'm Hancock, the most beautiful woman in the Grand Line. I'm the next supermodel and actress! I could do anything I want!"

"Huh?" The boy mocked her, looking at her as if she were the filthiest thing in the universe. Those eyes made Hancock almost collapse from shock. Once again, no one had threatened her like him in the first place. "Tell that to them!"




Hancock didn't believe that she was inside the cell.

She. Was. Inside. The cell.

She didn't believe that the boy had brought her to the police office nearby and reported her. He reported her as a criminal for passing red lamp, insulting the little girl, which happened to be the boy's best friend, and trying to bribe him too. Hancock had called Mrs. Nyon and her lawyer, but they hadn't come yet. And there she was, inside the cell, alone and angry.

She paid attention to the bastard, who was filling the report paperwork and talking happily to the police officers there. The boy was wearing ice cream uniform, so he had to be the ice cream man by any chances. He might be senior high student, younger than her. She tried to remember that boy's face in order to take revenge on him later. How dare that boy to me, he must pay every single pain in my heart! Oh, what a humiliation… what a shame… if I had black record, my career would be…

Would be…

"Luffy!" a young blonde officer appeared, asking the boy curiously. "What are you doing in here?"

Ah, his name is Luffy. I'll carve his name in my heart with vengeance and won't forget it forever!

"I'm making report about someone who thinks she is superior." He glanced at Hancock, who stared back at him with fury in her eyes, "eh, do you know how to answer these questions? They're kinda hard to answer, Cody."

"Does your grandfather know what are you doing in here? You are supposed to…"

Luffy quickly covered Cody's mouth. His face turned pale, "stttt, keep this from my gramps! He will kill me knowing what I'm doing right now!"

"Hahaha, relax, Luff!"

Luffy said loudly, "just make sure that law breaker gets punishment."

What kind of punishment? That bastard's really irritating! He didn't even try to lower his voice! Everyone can hear him perfectly! Oh, what a shameee…

"Are you sure she is bad woman or something?" the young officer eyes turned into heart as he stared at Hancock. He felt his heart beat erratically like Indian drums. "She is so beautiful. No! She is so beautiful I couldn't stop looking at her…"


"Woohoo… I've never thought you could say something like that Luffy!"

"Hey, help me filling these, will you?"

"I can't believe you can't do that." Cody shook his head, taking the paperwork away. He looked at it carefully. Luffy had answered in the wrong columns and the answers were… incoherent with the questions after all. Cody knew he had to help Luffy. He spoke slowly, asking Luffy to follow him, "Luffy, let's go to my desk…"

Hancock bit her lips, clenched her teeth furiously. Luffy surely must pay for his assaults! Hancock was staring at Luffy who was heading to another room, when many officers came to her cell and gave her many services, starting from tea, cake, fans, and many more. Her face turned cold in seconds.

"Would you like some tea, miss?"

"Do you want me to put television in the cell, miss?"

"Do you mind if I take your lovely picture, miss?"

Hancock knew that would happen, sooner or later. She rejected all in no time, "I need no services! Get the fuck out or I'll sue all of you!"

"Man, she's even more beautiful when she's mad!"

"Miss, you're so sweet, so amazing! I even couldn't find suitable word for explaining your beauty!"

"Hurry, take her pictures!"

In Hancock mind, she kept on thinking that she would feed all of the police officers with poisonous potions, making them close their eyes and mouth forever. What a great sight!


"YES SIR!" all of the officers ran, sat in their posts. Some of them sought the exit door. They weren't local officers from that office for sure.

Hancock sighed, thinking she was out of trouble.

It was their leader, giving order to his men to leave Hancock's cell. He was a big man with big belly and sly face. He wore unique costume. His face blushed when he spoke to Hancock, "I'm Hanyabal, the next chief of this small office. No worries, I'll be the chief on August, if the chief…"

"Hmmm…" Hancock cleared her throat furiously. "Locking up like this is making me angry, Hanyabal."

I'm sorry for the inconvenient, Miss Boa, but I have to lock you here for your own safety. See, those officers couldn't take their eyes off and would disturb you. Ah, would you like some tea?"

Hancock sighed again, thinking she was getting bigger trouble.

Luffy had just finished his report paperwork when he saw Hancock was out there, outside the cell with her lawyer and her ward. She smirked at him, combing her long silky raven hair with her beautiful fingers. Luffy was mad. He bolted like lightning and rushed into Hanyabal's office, "what is happening here? She should be in jail at least one or two days for…"

"Young boy, don't be ridiculous! We couldn't keep her here!"

Luffy raised his eyebrows, yelling, "did she pay you? Did she—she bride you?"

"Bribe you mean?"

"Yes! Did she bribe you? You can't let her go! She's a killer!"

Hanyabal ignored Luffy and smiled sweetly toward Hancock, "take care miss, I'm sorry for the…"

"Don't say anything. I hate the way you treat me here."

Hanyabal's face was white as ghost when Hancock gave rude reply. He walked soullessly to his couch. Meanwhile Hancock walked closer to Luffy. She pulled out her handphone and took his picture. Luffy was quite surprised with Hancock's act.


Hancock moved closer, whispered besides his ears, "you should take the money when you could, Luffy. Well, I'll make you pay for this. See you again."

Luffy was really, really shocked when Hancock kissed his cheek lightly. He startled as if she had given him whip or snakebite.

"What are you…?"

Hancock wore her sunglasses. She and her staffs went outside and got into white Porsche. Luffy stared at her blankly. Damn! He should give her punch or kick when he could. He realized that rich people wouldn't get fair punishments. Yeah right, rich people always win.

The white car moved toward Calm Belt area. It kept passing some buildings and the large exotic garden until it reached the huge white mansion in the middle of the place. Hancock quickly entered the mansion, ignoring Mrs. Nyon's anger.

"What are you doing there, Miss Hancock? I've told you many times to study, avoiding problems yet I found you there, inside the cell…. I'm ashamed to your late parents, they believed you and your sisters to me, but…"

"Would you forgive me, Mrs. Nyon? I really didn't do anything yet they accused me for breaking red lights and bribing victims." Hancock showed her sweet and innocent face, trying to soften Mrs. Nyon's heart. "You believe me, don't you?"

For a while Mrs. Nyon believed Hancock's words. A young woman as sweet as Hancock wouldn't let her down. Hancock would… Hancock would break the law anytime she wants!


Hancock quickly rushed to her room, locking it as fast as she could. She smiled mischievously when she heard Mrs. Nyon knocking it with all of her power.


"I'm tired, Mrs. Nyon! I want to sleep earlier!" Hancock replied. "Go away!"

"Okay! Make sure you sleep well!"

"I will."

Ughh, that old woman really annoying!

Hancock smiled as an idea appeared in her head. That man might solve her problem. She couldn't wait until dark came. Luffy, you'll pay all right.




In another place in the Sunny Dormitory in the Grand Line area, Luffy was eating his lunch eagerly. It was a common place for freshmen in One Piece College, located not far from the college and had many accesses to another place. In front of him, his roommate Sanji was looking at him curiously. He puffed his cigarette's smoke, asking Luffy, "I received another call from One Piece College. You had to be there tomorrow otherwise they called your old gramps and rejected your entrance this year."

"Boring! I like working in the ice cream shop!"

Sanji dropped his body in the bed, inhaled his cigarette deeply. "Are you planning to follow your brother's path? Your gramps will kill you. Talking about your brother, he would participate in the White Beard Concert in the next two days."

"Ace? Where?"

Ace was Luffy's older brother. He had run away from his college and started living as hired pianist in different places. Apparently, Luffy also had same interest with him in music. In the other hand, their grandfather wanted them to follow his career in the police department. He put both of his grandsons in Law School, but so far both of them refused.

Sanji turned his head, taking another cigarette from red pack on the desk. "I heard you have beautiful partner in shop, auburn haired young woman…."

"Nami?" Luffy knew Sanji had major crush on Nami, his friend in the ice cream stand. She was lovely and kind, and sometimes her all-for-money behavior made Luffy laughing many times.

"Well, Luffy, you want to know where Ace's next concert located, don't you?"

"Fine! I tell her you love her!" Luffy took his cellphone and pushed Nami's number.

Sanji's eyes widened in horror as he took Luffy's cellphone away, "Damn you! I only want you to give Nami this ticket to Sunday's Parade in Thriller Bark!"

Luffy raised his brows. "Good choice! I like Thriller Bark land, last time I ate so many cheese burgers there. They were good I want to try them again…. Hey, make me roasted beef for my dinner."

"If I'm not mistaken, you're eating your lunch, Luffy," Sanji calmly replied. "Your appetite is monstrous, do you realize that?"

Luffy laughed.




At midnight, Hancock woke up and changed her clothes. She had to go to that man's place. She would make Luffy paying for what he had done to her. Hancock wore her favorite black satin dress, black shawl, and black boots. She opened her windows and jumped down. Slowly Hancock ran toward the car parking lot and drove her red BMW.

In the next twenty minutes, Hancock arrived in a bar in the corner of Marine Bay. Many men were drinking, singing, and playing cards. Hancock kept on walking until she met a sleeping man in front of the bartender. He was sober and scent of beer was strong around him.

"Roronoa Zoro, I have a job for you. I want you to finish a young man for me."

The man gave no response. Hancock gave blank check to him. "Up to you, feel free with the numbers."

The man called Zoro finally opened his eyes. He tilted his face on his hand, "what now, Hancock?"

Hancock showed him Luffy's picture from her handphone, "I want you to finish this young man. He works in ice cream stand around Grand Line street."

"Your command is my pleasure, princess," Zoro smirked, looking at the photo carefully. "Shall I order special menu in the list? You'd like spinning 69, Hancock."

"Nah, I prefer red missionary."



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