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Ice Cream Man Part 5

Helping Hancock, Luffy realizes something important.




The white Porsche flashed through the God Enel Street, passing many oh-so-delicious food stands. It was known for years that God Enel Street had the best spaghetti with cheese and meat sauce, let aside the award winning giant-sized pizza. Sanji once told Luffy if he had Nami as his girlfriend, he would take him there. Talking about food fact, Luffy still remembered what Sanji said, glued forever in his mind. What's more, he hadn't eaten anything that day. His stomach was crawling crazily.


Luffy suddenly held Hancock's hand, and wrapped it tightly. Of course, it made Hancock's heart leap. So sudden, she thought, did Luffy finally notice what I did in his bedroom? Did he realize I help changing his clothes while kept staring at his delicate body? Did he also know that I kissed his hospital uniform and stole it? God, I am so hopeless, am I not?

"Uhmm, Luffy…" Hancock was so nervous, yet she tried her best to keep driving. "What—"

Luffy stared at her, moaning. "I'm so hungry I could die…"

The next second, people in the street were so amazed to see white Porche stopped so abruptly, and then moved in freaking speed to the Skypea Restaurant. Skypea Restaurant was still half-opened, since the workers and chefs had just come at that time. They had been selecting the ingredients when they heard wild knocking on the door.

"It's still 7 o'clock, I'm afraid we can't—" suddenly Loki the waitress stopped talking, glazing at gorgeous Hancock who was looking down on her. Her eyes turned into lovey-dovey shapes in no time, after that she opened the restaurant widely, giving her precious guests the best seats with best view. "Please sit down, my honorable guests, I believe your orders would—I'm so sorry, what's your order?"

"Bring me everything from the menu, double the portions please…" Hancock quickly retorted, and then she faced Luffy shyly, "would it be better if we, ah, we triple the food? I bet you are very hungry…"

Luffy wished he could nod many times, but he couldn't. Instead, he just gave weak thumbs up. He was so drained, having no energy left. The weak boy put his head on the table, mumbling. "I'm so hungry I could die anytime…"

That was just overstatement, but Hancock took it seriously. "Wait here, I'll ask them to cook faster, perhaps they will give us salad or pudding first for you."

Then, she was gone, leaving Luffy alone. The young man kept on thinking why that snob very concerned about his health, or his wishes. All these years, Luffy was always alone, and independent. He seldom asked someone else's help, except his brother Ace. Of course, Luffy didn't remember he often made Cody, Sanji, Nami, and his other friends in trouble because of his selfishness. Well, in his mind, he considered himself as helpful, independent nice young man. That was why he felt little awkward with Hancock's companion.

Hancock returned with so many waiters followed behind her with food and cellphone in their hands. Still, she could maintain her demeanor and asked them to put the appetizer on the table. "Eat this congee porridge, Luffy. It's good for your health. Ehmm, if you don't like it, you may try this crushed garlic bread… or mushroom soup with barney leaves. Or ahhh, just take whatever you want but please consider your health."

"Nyaamm…" Luffy was so busy chewing his food he barely could focus on what the beautiful woman said. He loved the food, and swallowed them all in supreme seconds. Waiting for another meal to come, Luffy finally face his lovely companion.

"What's your name?"


None of the waiters and waiteress behind them could hide their shocking expressions. They were all curious, how could that silly looking boy in the wheelchair was accompanied by that most breathtaking lady, and how could he didn't even know her name! That was awfully weird! That was impossible! That was—why that lady acted so cute in front of that boy after all?

Life. Was. So. Unfair.

"Uhmm…" Hancock blushed madly. She hoped her heart won't burst into zillion pieces. Oh, why should Luffy ask such question… She found it hard to breathe, nor say any words.

"What's your name?" this time Luffy asked with half-full mouth, smiling. "I'm so thankful."

Hancock bit her lips, her eyes widened in disbelief. Luffy wanted to know about her. He felt grateful. Was she still on earth or heaven?

"It's… it's Hancock…"

Luffy smiled widely at her, "thanks for the food, Hammock!"




That morning Silvers Rayleigh was still in deep sleeping. He had been waiting for Luffy all night, and that boy stood up on him. That was why he was very, very irritated when he heard his doorbell knocked dozen times. His wife had told him that she was busy in the bar for a week or so, so that couldn't be her. Walking like a drunkard—he was drunkard actually—Rayleigh opened the door.

He wanted to yell at Luffy, screaming, shouting, but there's something wrong. Luffy was in wheelchair with pale-looking face. What the hell was that? Did he was still dreaming?

Rayleigh saw the most beautiful raven-haired lady with perfect leg and wonderful breast size behind Luffy, smiled crimson at the boy. There was something familiar when he looked at her, yet he couldn't recall. There were tears and blood, rains dropping all the night…

"Old man!" Luffy grinned widely. "I'm here!"

"What had happened?" Rayleigh furrowed his brows. His handsome face wrinkled a bit. Yes, he was old enough to retire, but the old luthier knew he was still needed, and he also needed more jobs to do besides gambled in the bars or drank his favorite spirits. The old man knew Luffy had been through serious something. The boy was very strong at his age, possessing various self-defense arts. "Are you fighting lately?"

"Wild greenish attacker stabbed me with sword, Japanese one." Luffy explained briefly. He didn't remember the attacker face, and he didn't have any ideas why that man attacked him. Who cared anyway, he had survived. That was okay.

"How's Merry?"

"Who's Merry?" Hancock stumbled onto the floor. Her hoarse voice seemed so depressed. "Are we coming here so… so you could meet yo-your lover? Does she have prettier face than me?"

"What are you talking about, Merry is my violin." Luffy said matter-of-fact, "push me in, I want to meet her."

Hancock had never felt so relieved in her life. She smiled so sweet, pushing Luffy inside. Yes, she might die anytime and that would be just fine. "Anything for you, Luffy."

"Okay." Luffy answered shortly, digging his nose. "Rayleigh, how much should I pay for her maintenance?"

"Usual price, but did you still have enough money after—well, the surgery must take hundreds berry, Luffy…" Rayleigh stopped talking as he saw Hancock's beautiful legs entered his apartment. He truly regretted the way he kept his apartment unclean and screwed up. If only he had known a goddess would have come over to his place, he would…

Wait a minute, he remembered her completely. It was on a raining night near the harbor, almost ten years ago. The girl's stern face reflected death, despite the blood all over her body was rinsed by the rain. Sometimes, Rayleigh wondered what the little girl might become, hoping she had overcome her trauma.

"Here's Merry!" Luffy's voice dragged him back to reality. "Couldn't wait playing her all the time, right old man, can I play here?"

His tenacity and eagerness could beat any king, Rayleigh sighed. "Go on, maybe your lady will be pleased by your performance. Take it easy, anyway, I think your wound is serious."

"Ughhh…" suddenly Luffy almost collapsed from his chair. His eyes were all white, and his face was totally pale. He stopped breathing. Yes, he stopped breathing. Both Rayleigh and Hancock screamed, calling his name many times.

"LUFFFYYYYYY! LUFFFYYY!" Hancock bit her lips, didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes and cried by Luffy's side. "LUFFYYY!"

"LUFFYY! OH SHIT, WHERE'S THE FUCKING PHONE!" Rayleigh rushed to the phone, and pushed the buttons without thinking. Hell, he called the bar's numbers. "GODDAMNIT!"

He pushed it again, "please connect me to the emergen—hey!"

Luffy slowly moved in the wheelchair, laughed loudly. "Shishishi… I faked death, why you acted so surprised?"

Rayleigh shrugged his head. "That's very funny, boy. You totally got me."

"Ehhh…" Luffy stared at Hancock, looked a bit guilty. "Rayleigh, she didn't move, guess she collapsed or something…"




Hancock heard very comforting sounds, passing her ears. It was different with music she used to hear, but she enjoyed that anyway. Flashed of her memories appeared one by one, laughter of her parents, together with Sonia and Mari, and then pictures of them spending quality time in the family room. They were so happy back then, until those masked people took everything away.

"You're lovely, what unfortunate day." She couldn't look them clearly, and they forced her to see her parents died, bleeding to death. Mari or Sonia were nowhere to find. She was all alone. "It wasn't your fault, blame your fate."

"No!" she screamed many times, but no one came to help her. Those vicious masked people came closer and closer, knives in their hands. Yet, she didn't want to give up. She refused to give up. Yelling as hard as she could, she jumped over the window, hitting the glass into pieces. Glasses pierced her body, but she couldn't care less.

There must be someone who could help her, saving Mari and Sonia. Yes, there must be…

"What are you doing here?" the soft voice comforting her. "We must go inside."

"But uncle, there are many…" Hancock saw dead bodies of her guards and helpers behind the man. She hardly spoke. It was the friend of her family, taking her back inside. He was the backstabber, he was the one that should be blamed.

"We must go inside."

Luffy stopped playing when he realized Hancock struggled in her dreams, crying. She looked so hopeless he wanted to help her, badly. Luffy moved closer, wiped her tears. He was wondering, why she looked that sad, so emotional. Hammock should be more annoying, more powerful, not—

Then, Hancock suddenly opened her teary eyes. She bit her lips, as if the nightmare still burdened her. She couldn't help crying. That was so awful, her repressed memories. And Luffy… what had happened with Luffy? Didn't she was the one responsible for what he suffered?

"Shhh…" she heard Luffy's voice next to her. "Everything would be okay."

"No, I killed yo-you, and that's not okay…" Hancock solemnly replied, still crying. Luffy pouted his mouth, confused. Rayleigh was behind him, giving such signs. Luffy nodded, giving replied signal. That was positive.

"I'd better kill myself—" Hancock couldn't finish her words. Luffy's mouth was on hers, wet and steamy. He tasted like—like something she had never imagined. Still, he was there, making her comfort with his kisses. Hancock had been kissed before for professional reasons. She kissed her partners, mostly actors for ads and clips. However, she had never been kissed for personal reason.

She kissed him back, slowly moistened his lower lips with her tongue, then sucked it. She licked his tongue, and he returned her affection. Hancock didn't realize anything but having Luffy there and—

"Well, well, it's been ten minutes already." Rayleigh entered the room. He looked at Luffy closely, "good job, son."

"EHHHHHHHH?" Hancock was stunned. "It's… it's real?"

Luffy was looking at her dumbfolded. He licked the stain of pink lipsticks over his mouth, "frankly, the color of your real lips is much better…"

Hancock stuttered, "I meant… Luffy was really Luffy?"

Luffy smiled, "you've stopped crying."

The beautiful lady covered her mouth happily. She flashed cute, sweet smile over Luffy. Out of blue, she noticed something, something more important than her life. "you're alive… you're alive… I'm so happy you're alive…"




Zoro barely closed his eyes with all bruises over his body. He still remembered that night all right, when the blond man kicked him repeatedly, made him suffer. Those curly eyebrows, and the cigarette—that damned blond would pay for everything. The green-haired swore, kept cursing furiously.

He looked at the pretty ceiling, after that he focused his eyes to the raven-haired woman with lovely curves who was making drink for him. "Is it okay if I add coffee to your milk?"

"Fuck it, Robin! I want my drink!"

"Look at you," the beautiful tanned-skin woman called Robin walked toward him, smiling. "You couldn't even do anything, yet you want alcohol? Give more attention for your own health."

"Fuck it, woman. I want my drink."

Robin sighed, "please do it for me? For our baby?"

That left Zoro no choice. Every time Robin reminded him their baby inside her womb, he always obeyed her. Motherfucker, he had worked very hard for giving his lover everything he could. He even received any tasks without Robin's permission. "Fine, our baby's sake."

Both Zoro and Robin worked in nightlife, as assassins. They didn't know exactly when their lusts turned to be love, all they knew was they were having baby. Robin said she had collected enough money for their new lives, but Zoro thought he needed more. Fuck it, everything was expensive these days, and changing jobs wasn't as easy as making origami.

"Crocodile asked me to sing in his club, wouldn't it okay?" Robin stated, kissed Zoro lovingly. "The money is good, and he let me take all tips."

"He wants your body, I'll kill him." Zoro retorted sarcastically. "Or do you still want him? Do you—auch!"

Robin pinched his waist real hard, Zoro cursed her for that. She smiled, saying, "I love you, only you."


"Now, will you stop taking jobs behind me?" Robin's smile was still on her face. "One more time you do this, I'll tie you in the basement forever. Do you hear me?"

Pregnant woman was fucking crazy, Zoro muttered. "Fine…"




Rayleigh sipped his red wine, looking at the photo album with Hancock in the kitchen. Luffy was asleep in the bed while holding Merry, tired. He definitely needed more time to rest. Hancock lovingly gazed at the photo album, Luffy and his brother Ace looked so cute when they were little kids.

"Ace is Luffy's big brother. He had concert last week." Rayleigh explained. "He had great talent, but he's too emotional. Sometimes emotional could be fatal in music, let aside the performance."

"I didn't know Luffy is such music player, I meant, he is so rough and…"

"He's natural, takes after his gramps. Look here, you could see him, we're enemies in the past, fighting for anything, you could mention, we studied in one class in Law School… one thing leads to another, I prefer becoming luthier to detective or lawyer."

"You went to Law faculties, too?" Hancock was surprised. Somehow, she felt strange feeling when she looked at Rayleigh. Perhaps they had met before? "Did you ever work as detective or—"

"Look, Luffy is naked here without clothes! Don't you think he's funny?"

"Ohhhh, he's so adorable~!" Hancock moaned, touching the photo. She wished she could have that album.

"You could have this album, but show me your bosom." Rayleigh laughed, almost ran when Hancock held the carving knife. "We must prepare lunch for Luffy, right? Hey, you could kill me! Be careful with that one!"

"Oh, yes, lunch for Luffy…" Hancock bit her lips, placing the knife on the table. "Is barbecue good for Luffy? He's just—"

"I'm hungry…" Luffy appeared from the door. His face was rather drowsy, half-awake. He slowly scratched the wounds. "This feels itchy too…"

Hancock was so worried, and then she came closer to her beloved. "How about going to hospital after lunch? Ehmmm, what do you think about barbecue, or meat soup?"

Luffy couldn't help grinning, while Hancock was afraid. Well, if only he knew who was behind his attack, probably he would stop smiling. She would prefer dead when that happened.



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