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America's Tentacle Adventure

By waterrain

America had Nutella & Go in his front pocket and knocked on Germany's door.

"What do you want America?" Germany asked calmly. America reached into his front pocket and pulled out the Nutella & Go.

"I got a few questions regarding this product." America told him.

"Ah! I gave this creature pasta and now it's trying to kill me! Save me, Germany!" Italy cried out. The tentacle monster hates pasta and plans to choke the life out of Italy, but that Nation is pretty fast. Italy hides behind Germany and clings to him. America blinked his eyes in confusion.

"Is that a tentacle monster? Seriously only thought those things were in anime and manga's." America stated and the tentacle monster suddenly stops.

"Get off of me, Italy." Germany stated firmly and Italy lets him go.

'Two blonds with blue eyes, perfect. This is my lucky day.' The tentacle monster thought, raced forward, and used it's tentacles to grab their ankles making them fall. 'And no one shall stop me from violating them!'

Italy stared with wide eyes and wondered what to do for normally he goes to Germany to help, but now Germany is in trouble. America and Germany struggled trying to get out of the tentacles grip. They try ripping off the tentacle, but it just grows two more tentacles.

"Italy! Get out of here I do not wish for you to see this..." Germany said to him and his clothing got ripped off.

'Not to mention he would tell everyone if pressed enough.' Germany thought recalling quite vividly on how quickly Italy told the others about him liking Bondage along with other stuff. 'This is the worst.'

"Yeah, Go! Don't want you getting hurt!" America yelled and his clothing is torn. He recalled how quickly Italy had told him along with the others about Germany's secrets.

"I'll call Switzerland although he is scary." Italy said while trembling and dialed his phone number.

"There is a tentacle monster! It has Germany and America! I think that monster loves blonds! It might go after Liechtenstein next! Tentacle monster is located at Germany's Home!" Italy said in a panicked tone of voice. Needless to say Switzerland swiftly made his way over with a fully loaded gun for what if such a creature got to his sister. A few tentacles were screwing Germany and America. Italy's back is turned from the sight.

'Ah a blond, yes. Green eyes not blue...Oh, well can't be picky. Heh, Then I shall have three blonds!' The tentacle monster thought gleefully, but then got hit by a bullet at the middle of it's body. 'Damnit...He has a gun.'

Switzerland was good at shooting, he fired several times, swiftly re-loaded, and in the end the tentacle monster released the two Nations. The monster ran away, but Switzerland followed after it and in the end the tentacle monster was one hundred percent dead. Switzerland decided to burn the body just in case.

"We won't speak about this to anyone." Germany said to America and Italy. They are inside the house, Germany changed into clean non-torn clothing, and allowed America to borrow one of his outfits.

"Agreed." America commented while rubbing his arms. "Being fucked by tentacles felt weird...kinda liked it."

Germany and America's faces are flushed. Italy blinked his eyes for he must have heard wrong.

"Doubt there are any more tentacle monsters." Germany muttered under his breath. America walked over and said quietly into Germany's ear 'I'm sure that Tony can make some...It would be our secret.'

"What are you two saying?" Italy asked curiously.

"That it was smart of you to call Switzerland." Germany replied and America nods his head in agreement. "Thank you, Italy."

"I'll be heading home." America commented cheerfully to them. He has plans to ask if Tony is able to make tentacle monsters. Later on America found out Tony is able to make a tentacle monster, asked him to make one, and the alien commented 'It will take me a week'.

"I'll let Germany know." America muttered to himself and then called him up on his cell phone. His call was answered right away. "Hey, Germany. The thing should be done by next week so you can come over next week and stuff."

Germany agreed and the call ended. It will be their little secret about enjoying the tentacles monster touching and what those tentacles do...

'If the world found out...man that would be really embarrassing.' America thought. 'Germany is really really good at keeping secrets...I'm sort of good at keeping secrets, but..yeah not really really good at it...'

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