WWE Love Story: Chapter One

I own nothing.

All people belong to WWE.

The story will be in third POV.

In School..

"Hey Kelly! What's up?" Eve asked Kelly, politely. Their school was an academy for wrestling.

"Not much! We got our match against Maryse and Melina. I hate them." Kelly smiled.

"Who is Melina?" Questioned Eve.

"Maryse's cousin, she's here for one day." Kelly told her.

"Hey." Justin smiled, he walked over and kissed his girlfriend, Kelly. "Good luck in your match, babe." He smiled.

Kelly pulled away. "Thanks! Eve, we better go." They ran off and went against Melina and Maryse. Kelly slapped Melina's butt and Eve did her moonsault, and pinned, and then she won.

Let's go to Maryse..

"Bye, Mel! Thanks for your help." Maryse waved her cousin off. "Eurgh, Kelly and Eve beat me." Maryse sighed.

"You know, Ryse, they may have beat you, but you looked so much more flawless then anyone else in that ring." Michelle smiled.

"So true! So, Chelle, do you like any of the cute guys?" Layla asked Michelle.

"I like Randy." Michelle said, blushing. She felt her cheeks go bright red.

"Randy? He isn't that flawless, Chelle! He has a reputation." Layla said, a little shocked.

"He is more flawless than Cody!" Michelle cheekily said, knowing Layla liked Cody.

"Harsh, Chelle, harsh." Layla chuckled.

"Ted is the most flawless." Maryse smiled, proud of her rich boyfriend.

With John Cena..

"Look at them." John was looking at the "popular" guys, disgustingly. "They think they own this place, yet we're older than them." He carried on.

"I know, right! We're in the highest year, so technically, we own them." Brie smiled, agreeing with John.

"Hey, hey, hey! Make an exception for my Dolphie!" Nikki said, with a smile plastered on her face.

"Hey, babe." Dolph smiled and then started kissing Nikki. Dolph heard Randy call his name. "Gotta go, Randy's calling me." Dolph walked off.

"Damn, you date annoying people, Nikki." John told Nikki after Dolph walked off.

"Thanks, John!" Nikki smiled, sarcastically.

Let's go to the popular guys..

"Hey guys, can I tell you something? I like Eve." Alex told his friends.

Mike raised his eyebrows. "You like Eve? She isn't popular, man! I like Michelle." Mike smiled.

"Shame she flirts with Randy and not you." Alex chuckled.

With the other popular guys..

"I'm obviously the most good-looking guy here, considering I'm the only one out of everyone to actually have a girlfriend." Ted smiled.

"Being conceited my friend, is bad. I am the most dashing one here, get it right, Layla will soon be my girl." Cody smiled back. He even carried a little pocket mirror.

"Whatever. And by the way, TED, I like Michelle, she'll soon be mine." Randy chuckled to himself, he could wrap any girl around his little finger.

"Michelle? She probably doesn't even like you." Cody scoffed.

"Hello boys, having girl troubles? Ted, the only one with a girlfriend!" Dolph smiled and high-fived Ted.

Back to Kelly..

"Hey, Kelly! Saw your match with Eve, you guys did amazing, no wonder you beat Maryse and Melina." Mickie said, ever so sweetly.

"Thanks, Mickz! You're so sweet." Eve smiled.

"Eurgh, 2 more hours and I get to go home and hear my brother talk about you." Kelly then covered her mouth, realizing what she said.

"John talks about me?" Mickie smiled. She liked John.

"Ooh." Justin laughed.

What will Kelly say?

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!