V.B. Rose Fan fiction

Catch me while I'm Sleeping

Author's Notes

Ok so I've been going over all of the past volumes of V. and I've noticed there seems to be a pattern of Ageha walking in to V.B.R to find Yukari sleeping. Well I just wondered about what would happen if for once it was Yukari who walked in to find his one and only part timer snoozing on the job.

Lol I thought it might make an interesting scenario ^_^ so lets see what happens shall we?

Disclaimer: Just for the record I do not own V. or any of its characters. As much as I would love to come up with something that good and have it published I didn't lol so V. = Not mine! all good? Cool! ^_^ lets get started then

Chapter 1

It was exam time again and Ageha was sat behind her desk in her classroom as she endured the last exam for that semester. After answering the last question, Ageha glanced at the clock and noticing she still had time to spare before the end of her test, she checked over her answers again. Whilst she flipped through her answer booklet checking her answers, Ageha's thoughts drifted to the one place she had missed for a whole fortnight. Once again Kuromine-san had unwittingly mentioned her exam period out loud, meaning Arisaka-san slapped an instant ban from V. on her head and sent her home. She visibly winced as the ever familiar stern, commanding tone rang through her head at the memory of her swift expulsion from her dream part time job

A strict frown marred his gorgeous face as Arisaka-san said "You know you're not allowed to set foot in the store when you have exams! Now go home and study Ageha!"

Ageha wouldn't stay away for long without trying to sneak back in temporarily.

Flash back

Just three days after her ban from V.B.R Arisaka-san was taking a brief nap in the early afternoon and Kuromine was just tidying up the atelier when Ageha stuck her head around the door. Looking up from the sewing table, Kuromine looked up to see Ageha hiding behind the door. Covering his smiling lips with his hand a small chuckle escaped him as he approached the door and pulled out his cell phone and started texting:

Kuromine: Hey Ageha-chan shouldn't you be studying

Ageha: I'm taking a little break, where's Arisaka-san?

Kuromine-san pointed to the couch by the back window and Ageha looked over to see Arisaka san in all his blonde splendour snoozing away on the couch holding the finance notebook close to his chest as he slept.

Kuromine: He had another rush order to finish so it was a pretty late night last night, what are you doing here?

Ageha: I just need to stretch my legs after staying at my desk for the last few nights; I had a few people asking me to a bag make for them so I made a new bag for myself too, wanna see?"

Receiving a nod of the head in response, Ageha handed the bag to Kuromine as he looked over it with amazement. It was a shoulder bag made with soft red, pink and purple leather. The shoulder strap consisted of plaited strands of the same coloured leather with small beaded flowers woven in amongst the strands. Roses were embroidered onto the front of the bag in baby pink crystallized beads with the every famous 'Ageha series' trademark of a butterfly made into a decorative clasp made out of small pink crystals with the lilac silken fabric of the interior lining the wings. Opening the bag, Kuromine could see that Ageha had designed it in order to use it throughout her exam period. The interior of the bag was lined with small pockets for her calculator, pen, pencil, and ruler. It also of course had a cell phone pocket in it with a zipped pocket for anything else. The bag was big enough to carry up to five A4 notebooks it was very impressive and that was putting it lightly.

Coaxing her out of her hiding place behind the door, Kuromine beckoned Ageha further into the room as he started texting again.

Kuromine: Ageha-chan you just keep getting better!

Just then he looked up to see Ageha seemed a little more spaced out and more quiet than usual. He looked up at Ageha and saw that looked kind of worn out, her skin was somewhat paler then usual and there were small shadows under her eyes. Waving a hand in front of her eyes her text again:

Kuromine: Earth to Ageha-chan are you ok? You don't look so good kiddo

Ageha shook her head and smile as she text back: Don't mind me I'm fine just stayed up late a few nights getting everything done

Kuromine gave a concerned look as he asked: what've you been doing so doing to keep you up so late?

Ageha answered back: Studying, extra homework, and as I said a few people asked me to make a handbag for them so I've been a little busier than usual but it's ok

Kuromine chuckled and text back: Well make sure to get your rest as well we don't want our only part timer to get sick :-) Now I'm gonna take a picture of this bag, be right back"

Ageha watched Kuromine disappear in search of a camera and turned to see her boss still sleeping peacefully by the window. Approaching the window as quietly as she could, Ageha stood and just watched him whilst he slept. She smiled admiringly as she looked at him, Ageha loved these moments where she caught him at his most stress-free. Sitting close to the couch, Ageha sat on the floor resting on her arms as she continued to watch Arisaka sleeping. He was such a handsome man and had a face like an angel, especially when he was asleep, everything about him was perfection itself with his blonde shoulder length hair, pale and perfect skin tone, brown eyes that were currently hidden behind silken eyelids and a pair of lips that she could help but want to kiss.

Blushing madly, Ageha shook her head as she thought "Get a grip Ageha! He doesn't go for part timers remember? You can't let your feelings show no matter what"

Before a sadden sigh could escape her, she felt a set of fingers grip her face as she looked to find a pair of blatantly annoyed brown eyes looking back at her "You are supposed to be At Home! Studying!"

"I wasshsh Tasskking eh bweeak" Ageha said through her smushed up cheeks

Arisaka-san exclaimed in slight annoyance "Well take a break where I can't see you!"

Coming back in to the room Kuromine walked in to find Arisaka squashing Ageha's face with one hand and laughed as he said "it looks like you were caught out Ageha-chan"

"Mitsu there you are" Arisaka said in a casual tone "You let This" He turned Ageha's squshed face towards Kuromine as he continued "back in here during exam time?"

Ageha turned to him with pleading eyes "Kuwomine-shhhan getsh him to letssh goo! I canch feel mysch fasche" translation: 'Kuromine-san get him to let go! I can't feel my face'

"How about you stop watching me sleep then I might think about letting go!" Arisaka said with a quirk of his eyebrow in a bemused fashion

Kuromine laughed "So she was doing it again Yukari-kun?"

"Yes! It's weird! Why do you do that anyway?" Arisaka asked, letting go of Ageha's face

Ageha just smiled as she leaned closer and cooed sweetly "Because you just look so darn pretty when you sleep"

Kuromine suddenly joined Ageha on the floor leaning closer to Arisaka as he cooed "You do look so pretty when you sleep Yukari-kun"

"Pretty is not an adjective you use on a guy!"Arisaka exclaimed loudly fuming at them both in annoyance.

Just then Ririko called from down stairs "Yukari, we need you down here!"

"All right I'm coming!" Arisaka called back as he sat up and stretched out his sleep heavy limbs and sighed "Ok back to work...and you!" He turned and pointed at Ageha the tip of his finger barely touching her nose "Go home! And don't come back until your exams are done!"

"But...!" Ageha protested but all her protesting was cut short because before she could say another word she found herself outside the front door within the blink of an eye as Arisaka-san exclaimed "Get going Ageha!" and finished their discussion with a swift slam of the door.

Sighing in defeat Ageha dragged her feet all the way home only to smile again at the thought of Arisaka-san peaceful expression whilst he slept.

End of Flashback

Since that day Ageha had been up late quite a few times to prepare for her exams, making sure she went over her notes, highlighting extra notes just in case they were needed and making new bags when she needed a bit of a breather.

Just as she finished looking through her answers, Ageha's thoughts were interrupted by the teacher at the front of the room, who called "Ok students that is the end of your examination"

Looking up drowsily from her test paper, Ageha closed her answer booklet and placed it to one side of her desk as her teacher continued "Please place your pencils down on your desk and sit quietly whilst I collect your test papers"

A huge sigh of relief was heard throughout the room as her fellow all girl class mates put down their pencils and waited patiently for their teacher to relieve them from the class room for the day. Taking a deep breath, Ageha let out a quiet sigh as the muscles in her body relaxed and the tense strain of exam stress released its hold on her. Now with all of that stress and nervous tension lifted from her shoulders her heart filled with excitement as Ageha's teacher passed her desk collecting her test paper and excused her from the class room to go home.

Saying a cheery goodbye to her friends Ageha walked leisurely towards V.B.R eagerly looking forwards to the little tasks that maybe awaiting her as well as the glimmering tiaras and beautiful lace cover gowns that lay within the shop that she loved so much. Although her excitement was at its highest, Ageha couldn't help but feel a little low on energy. She rubbed at her eyes, grumbling at how irritable they had been all day. A cold shiver went down her spine as Ageha pulled her coat tighter around her to keep herself warm. Although tired and cold Ageha carried on until she saw that ever familiar little sign hanging above her that read V.B.R.