V.B.R Fan Fiction

Catch me while I'm sleeping

Chapter 2

Author's Notes

Chapter 2 out of 2 Enjoy guys and gals ^_^ Let me know what you think ok? I always like to hear what you guys think

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Walking through the front door of her much loved part time workplace, Ageha called in to the shop as cheerfully as she could "Hello? Is anyone here?"

Ririko came into the room at the sound of Ageha calling "Hi Ageha-Chan finished with your exams now?"

Nodding slight with a soft smile, Ageha nodded "Ririko-san! Uh huh had my last one today, it's good to be back"

Just then Kuromine came in through the front door after taking a catalogue back to Rosa next door. He spread his arms wide, charged forward and wrapped his arms tightly around Ageha "Finally our little princess has returned to brighten our little shop! Come little princess let me show you how we've missed you!" he exclaimed dramatically

"Argggh! Sexual Harassment!" Ageha cried SMACK!

Kuromine found himself on the floor looking up at a bemused looking Ageha as she said "You're just as lively as usual"

"He he come on *cough cough* I got another job for you" Kuromine laughed getting up off the floor and led Ageha to the atelier.

After setting Ageha her latest teddy bear project, which consisted of two cuddly kittens in the same wedding attire as the bride and groom, Kuromine left to carry on with the patterning for a rush order that had come in just that afternoon. After half an hour Kuromine came back into the atelier to find Ageha slumped down on the table, her head resting on her folded arms as they lay on the table her half-finished bear nestled between her cheek and forearm.

Thinking the worst, Kuromine rushed forward and shook Ageha's little shoulders as he cried "Ageha-chan! Ageha-chan wake up! Are you ok?"

Her eyes flutter open slightly and then all too quickly she shook her head as her face turned a nice shade of red "Huh? Oh my gosh! I'm sorry Kuromine-san I don't know what happened, I must have dozed off"

A sigh of relief left his lungs as Kuromine responded with a light chuckle "Thank goodness! You scared me kiddo! It's not like you to fall asleep on the job you're usually too sparkly eyed and happy for that"

"I'm sooo sorry Kuromine-san" Ageha sighed as she continued "I've had a few late nights lately, what with studying, getting other homework done and making bags for people I just got a little overloaded so I've had a few all nighters over the past few days, they must be catching up on me now" She finished with a yawn

"Ha ha don't worry about it Ageha-chan, if you're tired you can go home and rest" Kuromine said with a smile

Shaking her head vigorously Ageha protested "Are you nuts? I just got back in here after two weeks I'm not going home yet! I want to stay and finish my bear project; I promise I won't fall asleep again Kuromine-san please don't send me home" Ageha asked her big brown eyes giving a pleading expression

Patting her gently on the shoulder, Kuromine smiled "ok but if you keep giving me that puppy dog expression I'm gonna have to kiss you"

Ageha gave him a bemused look "What the hell is with that!"

Kuromine just chuckled and ran off before Ageha could do him any physical harm but as a smile of the same mischievous nature crept on to his face as he said quietly "This should be fun to watch!"

A big sigh of relief left Yukari's lungs as he walked back to his car after a long meeting with Sekiguchi at Villa Ange. He visibly shivered as vivid but unwanted memories of Sekiguchi trying to kiss him for what felt like the hundredth time played over in his head.

Flashback to a few seconds ago

Sekiguchi had grabbed hold of Yukari and was now hugging him trying to plant a big kiss on his face as he said "Yukarin you made Daddy so proud today! I'm gonna give ya a big kiss!"

Yukari struggled as he screamed "Argh! You are not my dad! Now get the hell of me Sekiguchi! Arrrggghh!" and with one swift fist to the head BANG!

Sekiguchi lay rubbing a big bump on his head as Yukari stormed off grumbling to himself

End of flashback

With a hefty and slightly irritated sigh Yukari said "I will never understand that guy!"

He was now in his car on his way back home when his thoughts drifted to a certain pretty, pink haired girl he couldn't help but be attracted to her. Yukari couldn't help but smile as his mind drifted to thoughts of Ageha. To her bright smile, gorgeous, long pink wavy hair, the sound of her laugh, that beautiful pair of brown eyes filled with excitement and sparkles whenever she so much as looked at a wedding dress. He also loved her determination to do her best at whatever was thrown her way no matter what it was.

The one thing Yukari still didn't understand was why Ageha would just sit and watch him when she saw him sleeping. It felt strange to him not because it was uncomfortable or that he was worried about her disturbing him in anyway but because from the second Ageha lays her eyes on him, Yukari can sense her there. It was like great and comfortable warmth wrapped around him, like something was telling him that she was here and he didn't want her to leave. The scary part was he liked it! Yukari would have loved to just have her lie beside him and hold her in his arms as he slept.

With a long soft sigh Yukari thought "I can keep these feelings to myself much longer! The more time I spend with Ageha the closer I get to blurting it out but…what if…things go wrong?"

Before he could go any further down that train of thought, Yukari had already made it home to V.B.R. Walking in the door Yukari felt a light anticipation enter his heart as he expected to see the same bright, warm smile that he loved so much. Walking the front door of V.B.R he called out "Hey I'm back"

"Aw Yukari-kun! Welcome back!" Mitsu greeted with a smile

Yukari nodded in greeting as he walked up the stairs to the atelier and couldn't help but notice that the shop seemed a little more quiet than usual "hey Mitsu…it's really quiet around here, is there something I'm missing?"

Mitsu thought about this for a moment "Hmm no not really, Ririko-san ran out to pick up Sakura-kun but other than that…"

Yukari looked at him suspiciously as he asked "it's way too quiet! Did Ageha come back to the shop today?"

Mitsu wrapped his arms around Yukari as he cooed "Our dear Yukari-kun is missing our little princess! Never fear! I will be a great comfort for your loneliness! I am here with you Yukari-kun!"

"That's not a comfort it's a headache! Now come on where is Ageha?" Yukari said with a sweat drop on his head

Mitsu just winked "Relax Yukari-kun, she's upstairs in the atelier, working on the teddy project you set out for her"

Yukari smiled as he walked up the stairs with Mitsu to atelier and asked "What did she think of it? How's it going?"

Mitsu smiled and said "Well let's just say Ageha-chan found the whole thing really…" Mitsu paused to open the door "Relaxing"

Yukari walked through the door to find that Ageha wasn't sat at the sewing table but lying on the couch by the back window, her head resting against the armrest with her beautiful brown eyes closed to the world and a half-finished cuddly kitten cuddled closely to her chest

Panic struck when Yukari first saw her and he went to try and wake her up after he cried "Quick call an ambulance or something!" when Mitsu placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder and chuckled "It's alright Yukari-kun she's not dead you know!"

Looking at Mitsu with concern and confusion Yukari said "What happened? Is she sick? Did she pass out?"

"Yeah she passed out…from fatigue" Mitsu chuckled lightly as Yukari turned to him with a raised eyebrow "Huh?"

Mitsu chuckled and spoke quietly as he explained about earlier and how he's walked in to find Ageha sleeping at the sewing table. He'd woken her up and she apologised "She's been up all night for the last few days trying to keep up with her studies. I told her she could go home and rest up but you know Ageha-chan after a ban from you is lifted she doesn't leave!"

Walking over to sit on the edge of the couch by her feet, Yukari looked at Ageha shaking his head "You little idiot, you shouldn't wear yourself out like that!"

"Ironically that's what Ririko-san and I are always saying to you Yukari-kun" Mitsu chuckled with a small sweat drop near his head.

Yukari shrugged "What can I say? I speak from experience"

"So what do we do now? Should we wake her?" Mitsu asked as he watched his long term friend staring softly at the young girl he so clearly loved.

Not turning his eyes away from Ageha, Yukari merely shook his head as he spoke softly "No let her sleep a little longer, I'll take her home when she wakes up"

"Ok, you're the boss Yukari-kun, I'll go get dinner started" Mitsu smirked knowingly as he went off to the kitchen

Once Mitsu had left the room, Yukari scooted a little closer to Ageha leaning his arm across the back of the couch as he watched her. To Yukari, Ageha was always too pretty to ignore but now in this moment with every shallow breath she took in, Yukari had never loved looking at her more than he did right now. She was so adorable with her arms wrapped tenderly around the small, newly sewn kitten, cuddling it too her much like a small child would. The most peaceful expression adorned her face as small tendrils of pink wavy hair framed her face, the strands from her fringe falling over her eyes as she slept.

Chuckling lightly, Yukari shook his head and said "Funny, just a few days ago I was at a loss as to why you would watch me as I slept, yet now our roles are reversed and I can't look away from you" he spoke softly as he brushed the hair away from her eyes with a tender stroke of his fingers.

Pulling the small cuddly kitten from her hands, Yukari lay along Ageha's right hand side and lay his head against her chest, wrapping his arms around her as he spoke softly "In both my dreams and reality Ageha, you are the only one I want by my side…I love you Ageha"

Suddenly Yukari felt her warm, soft, slender arms wrap around him her right hands stroking his blonde hair as she whispered softly "I love you too…Arisaka-san"

Mitsu finished making dinner and walked back into the atelier "Yukari-kun!" he called in a sing-song manner "Dinner is…ready"

He stopped in the doorway of the atelier and was stunned to find Yukari lying beside Ageha with his arms wrapped around her as Ageha hands held him tenderly closer to her. Mitsu felt a genuinely happy smile spread across his face as he looked upon the young couple as they lay faced asleep wrapped within their lover's arms.

Covering them both with a blanket he's found in the cupboard at the opposite side of the room, Kuromine covered his two friends up with it and as he switched off the light, letting the room fall into darkness, he smiled and muttered "Sweet dreams love birds"