Summary: AU. Dean and Jennifer aren't happy in their marriages, and when they start an office affair, they fall so deeply in love that they can't bear to be apart. But what happens when they get caught? It all begins with one little email. Please R&R!

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A Typical Office Romance? Don't Think So

Chapter One

It was a normal day for Dean Winchester.

He got up, showered, freshened up and headed through the apartment he shared with his wife, Lisa and did his usual 'Morning, honey' routine before sitting at the bar to have his breakfast. Lisa, the typical rich man's housewife, was panicking about when the maid would show up so she could go and have her spin class at the gym.

"You look handsome in that suit, sweetie." Lisa said, "I'll have to get Anna to press that new set of shirts later."

Anna was their maid, and one who was very sympathetic towards Dean. She hated the way Lisa treated him, like he was just some trophy to carry around. But Dean had already made it clear to Anna that he didn't need her 'sympathy'. Yeah, Anna had tried to hit on him. The sweet, 'I can make it all better for you' routine. Lisa had almost fired her, but Dean had told her to be a bit lenient and that he wasn't going to run off with her. Anna needed the job. She'd get kicked out of her own apartment, and Dean wasn't the type of guy who would willingly put someone in that situation.

"Stop piling the work on for her." Dean said, "You make her do enough."

"I haven't got the time to do it, honey, I have enough to do." Lisa said, Dean gaping at her before rolling his eyes.

'What, so the gym, spa treatments, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, waxing, clothes shopping and coffee with the girls are all more important than cleaning, cooking and taking care of the house?'

Really, did Dean work his ass off from nine while sometimes nine at night so that Lisa could just run around doing all the fun things in the world and not work a job? He was so close to divorcing the woman, seriously. He didn't know if he had any love left for her. But he cared about her, and he really didn't want to hurt her at all. They'd been married since they were twenty one and seven years down the line things were getting too much.

However, when eight-thirty came along, he couldn't wait to kiss her goodbye and go to work.

"Bye, sweetie." He said, "You go easy on Anna, okay?"

"Fine." Lisa said, rolling her eyes, "I mean, she can't even wear nice clothes to do the cleaning in. Ha! What a freak."

"Lisa, grow up." Dean spat, "It might be seven-thirty before I get home, okay?"

"Fine." Lisa said again, "Enjoy your day, baby."

Closing the apartment door, Dean sighed and shook his head, barely able to wait to get to work. Damn...he never thought he'd ever be excited to go to work.

Jennifer awoke next to to an empty space. Zachariah was up early again.

The twenty-six year old had been married to the near fifty year old for eight years, and he was incredibly controlling and liked his structured household. He'd have preferred Jennifer to be a housewife, but Jennifer had wanted have her career, so she got one, and as she looked at the clock, she saw it was seven-thirty in the morning. She had to leave for work an hour later. The couple were trying to have a baby. Jennifer kept taking her pill in secret because she didn't want to get pregnant, and having sex with him was becoming a chore rather than something to enjoy. It was an arranged marriage, and in the beginning he'd been incredibly caring and he did look after her very well. He was just too controlling now. The boss he went to work as came home with him too, and Jennifer wasn't happy anymore in her marriage.

She sat up and brushed a hand through her long strawberry-blonde locks, blinking the sleep out of those misty blue eyes as she climbed out of bed to start her day. She had a big report to file to the boss and she had one question to ask him about the last page of it but because it was Wednesday and he normally had a midweek meeting on a Wednesday morning, she'd have to message him. They worked in close proximity and normally he spoke to her face to face, but because it was midweek meeting day, she'd have to resort to sending him a message.

She'd get her usual good view of him through his office window, and sometimes, as wrong as this was, she imagined him on top of her instead of Zachariah. She'd had feelings for Dean Winchester for a while, but as unhappy as she was in her own marriage, she couldn't end things and she certainly couldn't start anything with him. He was also married. His wife was a really pretty girl too, and Dean wouldn't leave her for anything. After taking a shower and getting dressed, she headed to the kitchen of their one-storey house and found Zachariah serving up breakfast.

"Morning, sweetheart." He said softly, kissing her lips and handing her a coffee and admiring her new shirt, "I like that shade of blue. It brings out your eyes."

"Thank you." She replied, sitting down with her toast and tucking into it before checking her laptop for any emails from Dean.

Zachariah eyed her a little suspiciously before joining her at the table.

"I was thinking maybe we should start on decorating the living room on Saturday." He said, watching Jennifer look up at him with a smile.

"We still going for the blue with wood flooring?" She asked, earning a nod as Zachariah picked up the newspaper, "Blue or cream couch?"

"Well, when we've decided what shade of blue we're having, then it would be best to decide on the new furniture." He said softly, looking at her with soft eyes.

"Yeah." She replied, smiling at him and taking a sip of coffee.

"I love you, Jen." Zachariah told her, Jennifer putting on her best smile in reply.

"I love you too." She said softly, and she did love him on some level.

It wasn't a complete lie, but she didn't like lying to him about that. She didn't want to leave him and break his heart, so she just put up with it. Only an hour before she could see Dean.

Then her day would get so much better.

Dean watched as Jennifer walked back from her bathroom break, the young woman taking a seat at her desk and flashing him a quick smile. He admired her choice of shirt and watched as her gorgeous fingers typed away on the keyboard. He didn't truly know why he watched her work so much. Maybe it was the way the concentrated expression on her face made her look even more beautiful. Okay, he did not just think another woman to be so beautiful...

He looked to his computer screen and found a message from her, asking about part of her report. But the final part of the email surprised him greatly.

And by the way, staring's rude.

He looked to her and she smiled a little cheekily, returning to her work while he thought of a reply. With a grin, he began typing his response. He watched as Jennifer read the reply, a sort of surprised look crossing her face.

Message from Dean Winchester:

I'm sure the report will be perfect. My sincere apologies for the staring but I can't help noticing how that shirt brings out your eyes.

And things just deepened from there...


Oh, yes. Lots of message flirting before the actual affair begins.

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