Summary: AU. Dean and Jennifer aren't happy in their marriages, and when they start an office affair, they fall so deeply in love that they can't bear to be apart. But what happens when they get caught? It all begins with one little email. Please R&R!

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A Typical Office Romance? Don't Think So

Chapter Four

Zachariah noticed Jennifer looked incredibly sad when she got home, and just as he was about to ask why, she threw herself into his arms and kissed him deeply, lovingly and passionately, trying her best to get rid of all the guilt building up inside of her at the thought of having an affair behind the back of the man who'd taken care of her from her leaving high school until now, and who hadn't given up on her when everyone else had.

"Love me..." She whispered, "Love me tonight, Zach..."

"What's the matter, baby? You look like you've had the worst day ever." Zachariah said softly, feeling a little shocked when Jennifer just kissed him again.

Pulling on his tie, she drew him closer, gasping when he turned and pulled her to their bedroom. She closed the door on her way in and giggled as he set her on the bed, resting above her for a moment.

"What's really brought this on, honey?" He asked, "Has something happened at work?"

"Just make love to me." She whispered, "Please. I missed you like crazy today."

That was a lie, but it actually made her feel a little better, since she'd almost kissed her boss and had cheated on the man who gave her everything she had now. A marriage, a home, a new lease of life, something that her parents were desperate for her to have. She smiled tearfully at him and before he could ask what was wrong, her lips were on his. Slowly, gently, Jennifer reached up to unfasten his tie, pulling it away and dropping it on the floor as his hands went to her shirt. He began to kiss her neck tenderly, his fingers unfastening the buttons of her shirt and trailing kisses down to her breasts.

"Baby?" She whispered, watching her husband as he looked at her with his sparkling eyes, "I love you."

"Love you too." He told her, "Come here, angel."

He drew her closer and held her in his arms as they turned onto their sides, both just kissing gently and holding each other. The need took over Jennifer, the need to love and pleasure the man who'd done all he could for her and for him to do the same in return. She hooked her left leg over his legs and pressed closer to him with her lower body, moaning as he pushed back against her and ran a hand up her skirt.

Her eyes widened a little at his touch and she moaned into their kiss, laughing as he teased her with his fingers for a moment before he moved on top of her again. They unfastened each other's shirts, sharing tender kisses and caresses as they removed their tops. Jennifer sighed as her husband kissed his way down her body until he reached her skirt, unzipping it at the side and sliding it down her body.

"C'mere..." She mumbled, reaching for his belt and unfastening it before taking the button of his dress pants and unfastening that, "Get 'em off, honey."

As he got rid of his slacks, the guilt poured back into Jennifer's system, but as soon as Zachariah's lips were on hers again it filtered away. He pulled her upwards into his lap, reaching around her back to unfasten her bra carefully before pulling it from her and kissing his way down to her chest. Her hands ran over his shoulders and neck, her breathing increasing as his lips met her chest.

'I'm so sorry...' She thought, over and over, 'I'm so, so sorry, baby.'

Did she really feel that bad, though? Were her feelings for Dean really too much, or were they just something natural that would come along over time since Zachariah was pushing her to have children? She didn't know, but she knew they were getting dangerously strong, that she should avoid them at all costs. Even if it meant doing this every night. When he lay her on her back, she went to roll them over only to be stopped by him.

"It's all for you tonight, Jen. Lay back and enjoy." He told her, "It's all about you."

His lips met hers, moving down her body as his hands did. It was a shame to her that she didn't feel as much passion for him as she used to when they were first married. He'd become her fuel, her energy, and his love and passion for her was what she looked forward to at the end of every day. They made love almost every night for the first year of marriage. Then things calmed down but only recently, Jennifer had become less willing, especially now that Zachariah wanted children so much.

Soon enough he'd entered her body and the sigh that escaped both their lips was simultaneous, deep and long. He leaned down to kiss her neck, keeping his arms around her as he began to move inside her. The guilt inside her was fading with every motion, and she grinned as he knelt up and ran his hands down her body. She reached for him and let him bend her legs back, heightening her pleasure even more. He liked a little dirty talk sometimes and she just wanted to give him anything he liked to stop the guilt that flooded her system.

"Do I feel good, baby?" She asked, running a hand over his cheek to the back of his neck and drawing him into a kiss, "Am I hot enough."

"You feel incredible." He told her, "Love you, angel."

"Love you too." Jennifer replied almost tearfully, a broken moan escaping her lips as she tipped her head back and angled her hips so he was hitting her deeper and harder, "Fuck..."

She held onto him like her world was ending, all the time thinking of him. Zachariah, her love, her life, her husband, her man, her world. He was everything to her. He was. Of course he was! He'd done so much for her, she didn't need or want anyone else...Did she? Oh, God, did she?

"Turn over..." He whispered, pulling out of her and waiting for her to get comfortable on her stomach.

She bit her lip as he settled behind her, raising her hips to give him access and gasping as he slid back inside her body. His hand ran over her lower back, over hip and then in between her legs, and all she could do was lift herself for him to hold her in place as he rubbed that sensitive spot while she moved her hips against his. It didn't take long until she was laying herself forward and trying everything to keep herself held up. A long, quaky moan left her lips as she reached her climax, the tightening of her muscles bringing him to his completion as he lay down on top of her and kissed her from the base of her skull to the base of her spine, leaving her body and settling beside her.

"What a way to finish a long working day..." She breathed, hearing her husband chuckle beside her.

"Maybe we got lucky this time, huh?" He replied tiredly before rubbing her belly and kissing her lips deeply, "Love you."

"Love you too." She replied, curling up to him and resting there tiredly.

She was grateful she'd taken her pill in the car on the way back.


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