The Reply of an Undying Soldier
(Invitation Love Poem Response)

A merry marching man 'till death am I:
Fell ache of heart my lips will never cry.
In truth, your sylphid's lure stabs me dear.
My golden youth is lost, yet still I adhere.

Two lonely souls sitting on ocean's rock
Versus employment of muscle and stock.
Let me abandon action not for guiles
Of courtly interest—not for dull isles.

My moaning is done on a battlefield,
Seduce me not with what your lips can weild.
I'll live and pass without love's nourishments
to gladly guard the cause of pride-lost grunts.

The pleasures of earth's treasure tempt me not;
Your charming trinkets gleam, then are forgot.
Your scarlet cloak and strong white stallions
Prove siren songs to earthy men, not captains.

A valiant man will rove with task at hand--
Half-seeing nature's splendour; sun on sand.
Heed father time and waste it not on love:
That fickle feeling which at me you shove.

Unsatisfied with womanly wiles,
You offer naught to this soldier's trials.
Amusing exploits long have I posses'd
Without seduction, O classic temptress.