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Chapter 1:


Here I stand Eric Northman in all my god like glory, being told no thank you after offering my sexual prowess to a Beautiful blonde. In the thousand years I have been on this earth there has never been a woman I wanted I didn't get, hell, I get the ones I don't want! Yet here she stands denying me not once but twice in one night…


After sinking my fangs and cock into the flesh of yet another eager to please fangbanger ( they may be eager but pleasing they are not) Is it to much for me to hope that since I give mind blowing orgasms I should get at least one in return? Nights like this make me long for the hunt, when fear and adrenalin made my preys blood taste better. Now the taste of foundation, drugs and perfume taint my blood supply. I set the girl onto her feet not even bothering to try and steady her as she sways to the door thanking me the whole way. Wish I could say the same loose lips I think to myself as she walks out the door. I take a shower in the bathroom in my office to wash the stench of my latest meal off me. As I dress I feel a surge of lust from my child so strong it makes my dick harden once again. Time to go see what I might be taking from my child tonight.

As soon as I arrive in the main area of the bar I can smell her. ( I know it is a female because my child doesn't do dick.) every fang in the bar has run out, oh yes, I will have that. No matter what she looks like, that smell will make up for it. I sit on my throne and scan the crowd looking for the source of the scent. When my eyes land on her I visibly gulp. Standing at the bar between and obviously gay black man and a brunette, is a blonde bomb shell. Tanned muscular legs in red fuck me pumps, yes I can imagine them wrapped around my waist as I plunge into her. They lead up to a wonderfully curvy figure I have ever seen, encased in a dark red cocktail dress. Her sun kissed skin is just begging to be bitten and devoured. Her hair cascades in loose curls around a unbitten neck. I make eye contact quickly with every vampire in attendance to let them know I will be the first to touch this creature before me. I call my child to me and say one word.

"Details." she pouts but gives me the information I requested.

"Susanna Stackhouse, Twenty-five, ID gave an address in California, but she just moved back. Apparently she was going to school out there." I raise an eyebrow questioning how she got all that information in such little time.

"Her friends are very vocal in their pride of her, they were going on and on about how she was the first one out of their little group to go to college and graduate. She just finished her maters in Herbology, with a minor in Biology." she smirks at me and I grin. I will turn that minor into a masters by the time I am done with her. I see another vampire looking at the group, he catches the eye of the brunette and glamour's her. But when she goes to take a step towards him I am shocked when Susanna grabs the brunettes arm and the glazed look fades from her eyes. Susanna shakes her head at her friend and the girl glares at the vampire. My child looks as shocked as I feel and says.

"Another addition to the zoo." I nod in agreement. There is something definitely otherworldly about this girl and I intend to find out what. I make eye contact with long shadow our bartender and nod to Susanna to let him know her drinks are on the house. He nods back and tells her, her drinks are paid for when she goes to get money from her purse. I hear her voice for the first time and it sounds like a song bird from my Nordic homelands as she asks who was buying. He nods in my direction. As she turns I get my first look at the goddess before me. Pouting glossed lips with big blue doe eyes. Magnificent. If I wasn't sure before I am now. She will be withering under me until dawn. Instead of the flirtatious looks I usually get from the masses she rolls her eyes and turns back to long shadow and says.

"No thank you, I will pay." aggravation seeps into me. Who is she to deny me? She slips a twenty on the bar and her man friend looks at her and she shakes her head and says.

"Nothing in this life is free and I know where it's been." she cuts her eyes to the fang banger I had in my office earlier. I am so caught up in her denial of me that I don't think about how she knew which one I had taken. Her friend laughs and they move to a corner booth. I continue to stare at her, willing her to look up at me so I can catch her eyes. Finally she looks at me and I use every bit of my persuasion I can to get her to come to me. Instead of it having any affect at hall she narrows her eyes at me and her nostrils flare. She shakes her head and starts a conversation with her friends. Impervious to glamour, never have I seen it. But here she sits in a booth at my bar. I have never failed in that before. One hour, one hour of listening to her laugh and joke with her friends, one hour and my aggravation is coming to a head. Then as a new song begins to play the brunette with her Squeals and pulls everyone to the dance floor. Susanna is in the middle as they grind, bump and sway to the beat. If I could I would be drooling right now as she runs her hands through her hair on their way up above her head. Before I know what I am doing I am standing by her male friend and he looks at me and moves out of the way shaking his head the whole time. I place my hands on her hips and move her closer to me and grind my painfully hard cock against her ass. She doesn't flinch when I touch her or act surprised by the change in dance partners.

She moves her hands to cover mine and continues to dance as if nothing has happened and I can not help but lean in and nuzzle her neck. Her scent is enough to drive a younger vampire crazy as it stands I cant help the growl that escapes my chest. I move my face to her ear and whisper.

"I want you." just as the music stops. She steps away from me and turns to face me, looks deep into my eyes and once again she says.

"No thank you." she says and looks to her male friend.

"It's time to go." while he goes to collect their things she turns to follow. I grab her arm lightly as to not bruise her luscious flesh and ask the million dollar question.

"Why not?" he comes with her purse and I allow her to shrug off my hand. She looks at me again.

"Long version or short?" I have patients in most situations but tonight I just want the fastest answer possible so I tell her.

"Short." she begins to walk to the door once she gets there she stops and looks at the crowd and over her shoulder she answers me.

"Because unlike your fang bangers, I have self respect." She didn't say it with malice or righteousness, she simply stated it as fact. Then I watch her ass as she sashay's out of the bar. Never have I been left standing wanting more on purpose, and that's what does it. I think to myself as I head to my office, She will be Mine!

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