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The Alternate Future: Goten's Story

Background: "Why Can't" Trilogy has more than Rikku's story to tell in a future where Rikku was victimized by the radical virus. She not only died, but left her lover Vegeta, and their newborn son to chance the world without her.

For those who don't know: Goku/Kakarott = Rikku/Karat

Author's Note: I haven't updated this fic in a while! I was concentrating so hard on the storyline. Forgive me!

Chapter 19:Death to the Androids, Life to the Earth

Android Eighteen fired off blast after blast, her furious blue eyes just burning with hate and frustration. She'd been in a bad mood all day, and her brother had just made it worse by killing the human she had found mildly cute. He always did that, he always contradicted her. Whenever she said "let's do this," or "let's just leave them alone" he always did the exact opposite. Then he would always be so sadistically smart ass about it. It was times like that she hated being his sister.

The fact that all he did now was staring, watching her demolish everything, was just another grind in her gears. She was glad when an angry citizen decided to preoccupy him. It gave her a moment to increase her anger. She fired watching as the buildings crumbled and obliterated at her power. It was thrilling.

Then she felt it, the burn and buzz of a powerful blast shooting right behind her. Her brother had barely managed to dodge out of the way and she turned to come face to face with the two punks who'd been a thorn in her sides since day one.

"That's it they need to die. It's a matter of principle," Eighteen said cracking her knuckles.

"Sure, knock yourself out, but hey think about it we'll be blowing away weeks' worth of fun."

"I don't care, I need this, and I've been in a bad mood all day." Eighteen admitted before attacking. She went after Trunks first, Goten still rocky and looking less than intimidating wrapped in bandages. She found herself stunned speechless when her fist didn't connect. "What the-"

"Hey he's behind you!" She heard Seventeen shout and she felt her body skid and slam into a demolished building.

Goten watched Trunks and analyzed the situation. Trunks had everything under control. His power had somehow reached fearsome new heights and had him burning with slight envy.

He lounged back as eighteen came and shot through to try again. Her fists and blasts were pathetic against Trunks. Goten didn't know how Trunks did it, but he felt himself slipping into second place. For their entire lives he had always been head to head with Trunks as far as power goes. Now there was this giant gap between them and it made him wonder why he was even there witnessing it at all.

Then, as Android Eighteen found herself cornered by death, Goten understood. The blast that sent Eighteen into oblivion was like a barrage of fire that lapped around Trunks in a sea of red and orange. Goten took this time to appear behind Seventeen, cornering the android between the two Saiyans.

"Trunks. Let's wait on him."

"Why?" Trunks said with his voice filled with absolute malice. Seventeen turned his head looking at Goten wondering just what the hell was happening.

"I have some questions for him." Goten got in close. "Like whether or not he knew Chichi was pregnant with his kid."

"What?" Seventeen whirled around. "What do you mean Chichi… that was a long time ago?"

"I'm taking for your reaction that you didn't know of Rika's existence, which leaves me with another question. Why didn't you kill Chichi after you raped her?"

Seventeen was struck dumb and Goten actually felt a little awkward but kept his eyes harsh and his mind focused on the task. "Tell me why."

"What do you mean why?" Seventeen was floored, Chichi had been pregnant and he had never known. "I left her alive because I wanted her alive. She was no good to me dead."

"I would think an android like you wouldn't care about the life of a single woman." Trunks snarled in response. "You had no problem killing others, so why was Chichi different."

"She just was, call it what you want but I left Chichi alive because I wanted her alive. Now are you going to kill me or not!"

Goten looked into the eyes of android seventeen and found something revoltingly shocking. They were Rika's eyes. The eyes he had fallen in love with which had been sad and vulnerable when they first met. Why was Seventeen wearing them now.

"No, but if you ever attack anyone else again we will. Let's go, Trunks." Goten turned his back on Seventeen. Trunks hesitated before following.

"Are you sure about this bro? What if he continues his attack?"

"I'm sure, and I don't think he's going to go murder anymore." Goten watched as seventeen blasted off in a familiar direction. "I didn't feel right killing him without at least revealing some of the truth. Now I think I know what really happened all those years ago."

~With Android Seventeen~

Seventeen knelt beside the grave with pure disbelief in his eyes. She had died. Why hadn't he come to see her sooner? Had he really been so wrapped up in his game that he pushed away the only woman he had ever felt a connection to?

Eighteen had never understood his connection with normal human life. Seventeen liked to have fun; he liked to partake in the everyday adventure such as driving through towns, running through the wilderness, or even swimming in the lakes and rivers.

When they had found Rikku's old home, Seventeen had thought it was a great location. He loved the fact there was a river nearby for fishing, and the smell of fresh pine and the feel of rocky mountain road under his feet. He had toyed with the idea of actually joining Rikku's side. I mean he had no affection for Dr. Gero, hell he hated the bastard's guts.

Still not remembering what his life was like before Gero Seventeen felt himself falling into an era of boredom, and the thrill of the hunt had Seventeen going with the original plan of hunting Rikku down.

He had no idea he'd find himself smacked by fate. The woman who waited for them there was not Rikku, but chichi. Her gentile softness and cool black eyes stared with fear, and yet she stood firm against them. He tried to ignore her, searching through the house for some sort of clue of Rikku's whereabouts, and had only found a grave marker. After arguing his sister flew leaving him pent up and aggravated.

Chichi hadn't moved from her spot and the moment just seemed to strike him. He wanted her, for the first time in his life he wanted something. He found himself being gentle at first, stroking her face and admiring every inch of her; before he let himself just take her. She barely fought back.

It aggravated him to no end that even after he had her, he still wanted her. She lay asleep on the floor in a puddle of their clothes and the moment struck him scared. What the hell had he been thinking?

He fled, for lack of better term, he literally ran away from the feelings that swelled up inside him. He found himself killing and rousing chaos as a sort of angry release. He wanted to see her, every day he wanted to go to her, touch her again, and kiss her again. Then he lost himself in the violence and never looked back…Until now.

It was too late. She was gone and he felt betrayed by his own fear and stupidity. "Pregnant, you were pregnant, what a fool I was!" He slammed his fist into her grave. "I should have never run! I was such a stupid foolish coward Chichi!"

The pain was severe, more than any damage Trunks or Goten could ever inflict upon him. He fingered the gun at his side, wishing he wasn't bulletproof. He wanted to disappear, he wanted to die.

He laid himself out on Chichi's grave letting him sink into his memories. His sister was gone, his days of chaos and killing were gone… and the one hope of a normal life he had was gone.

With no choice he felt comfortable with, Seventeen sought the only possibility. He lifted his hand and drove it straight into his own heart and let himself at last find peace.

~13 years later~

Pan blew out the candles of her birthday cake. She was now a prime adult of eighteen and she giggled when she felt the love of her mother and Bulma engulf her in a hug.

"Happy Birthday, baby!" Videl kissed her daughter's head. "My, you're all grown up now."

"Not quite," Goten butted in stealing a finger full of cream from the side of the cake. "She still has a long way to go before I consider her all grown up,"

Pan stuck her tongue out at her uncle making him chuckle. Rika walked into the room, her belly round with child and her arms carrying a plate full of cookies. "More sweets, really Rika you've been on a baking binge for weeks now."

"I think month six is a good month for baking. Month two was swimming, Month four was knitting, and month six is the baking."

Goten pulled his wife to his lap kissing her cheek while rubbing the belly. Rika set the cookies down before indulging in an even bigger kiss.

Trunks indulged him by taking in the precious moments. Peace had rained for over a dozen years, and he and Goten found themselves falling seamlessly into a peaceful hearth. The threat of Cell and the androids no longer reigned, and instead was an era of rebuilding, and repopulating the planet. He felt Rika and Goten were already getting a good start, what with already having one kid, who was sound asleep upstairs, and now triplets on the way.

He had yet to find a girl for himself, but it was no hurry on his part. He enjoyed being the looker, and assuring the lives of his friends and family stayed healthy and safe. He looked to pan, the daughter of his former master, and found himself grinning when she shoved a big bite of cake into her mouth.

She was so cute. Even at eighteen and a blooming full grown woman she had the essence of a young girl. Innocence, bright and cheerful expressions, and a sense of everlasting fun. Once in a while she would pull out her wise and always right tone with him, and frankly he found it stimulating. She was the perfect package of everything he had admired in Gohan.

The thought struck him. It had been a long time since he had really thought about Gohan. Things had been so peaceful, but the death and destruction of the Android Era lingered in the back of his mind like a sickness.

He didn't have nightmares every night, but they continued to pop up now and again, reminding him that he had to keep on his toes. Though he dedicated his mornings and evenings to training, Pan always brought him back to experience the reality of life. He wasn't getting any younger, and he had a duty to himself to find what everyone else already had.

Pan was grown up, and it was time he took the bull by the horns, and shows her just how he felt.

That evening while everyone else lingered inside he brought Pan out among the stars. The pretty dress she wore was glittering silver and made her shine in the moonlight. "I have something for you."

"Another gift, Trunks? You already gave me the laptop."

"That was more my mother's idea, this I picked out myself." Trunks held out a wrapped gift the size of his palm. The messy wrapping an obvious hint that he had done it himself. She cracked a grin taking the box. She pried open the sides eying the black velvet underneath. She ripped away the rest and her eyes lingered on the jewelry case.

"What is it?"

"Open it, and find out."

Her breath hitched when she opened it and found the sparkling diamond both breathtaking, and only slightly disappointed her to see it was a necklace and not a ring. "Trunks, it's beautiful."

The fastened heart diamond glittered like the stars above them. Trunks took the necklace away long enough to fasten it around her neck. "You know, it's been thirteen years since the androids, but I don't think I really started believing it until recently. Mainly because of you, every day you grow more and more like Gohan and it reminds me how much I miss him, and respected him."

Pan fingered the necklace her eyes going sympathetic. "I know, Uncle Goten says it a lot too. I wish I could have known him."

"All you really have to do is know yourself. Goten's the same way. He never knew his parents but I can guarantee that he's like them in every which way possible. I met them in the past, and I can see it, just like I see Gohan in you."

"Trunks, I'm not my father. I'm my own person."

"I know that too, and I want to know that person more." He took her face in his hands and leaned in and kissed her lips. "If you'll let me."

"Trunks," Pan was breathless. The kiss made her head spin and her heart pound. She gave a single nod and indulged in yet another kiss.

Goten watched from the window his smile surprisingly easy. Trunks was his brother, and best friend, but somehow he and Pan fit so well, and in the glittering light of the night he found no need to interfere.


He turned at the voice and his breath was lost. She stood there like an insane dream, her eyes holding the calm and kindness of his brother Gohan. "Mom."

Rikku floated in the room a ghost of an angel as she reached out and touches his cheek. "My son, you've grown so handsome and strong. I'm so proud of you."

"Mom, you're here you're…" He couldn't get the words out and his body just swarmed with emotion. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you, had to fight and bicker with King Yemma, but he finally allowed me this visit." She took his hand and joined him at the window. Her smile was big and happy. "Gohan would love this. Two of his favorite people being together, happy. I saw Rika; you have a beautiful wife, in looks and heart."

"Thanks, but I doubt that's why you're here."

"It's part of the reason. I wanted to see with my own eyes the life my son has taken. I'm glad to see Gohan's wife and daughter are well, that Bulma is happy and content. Trunks has certainly grown up handsome and strong, and god he looks like Vegeta."

"How is dad?"

"Oh, miserable." She laughs. "We see each other time and again what with me being able to pop in and out of HFIL, but it's hardly contenting being separated for eternity."

He could hear the loneliness in his mother's voice, and he grips her hand. She looked like an angel, but her skin was flesh and blood, at least for now. "Give him my regards."

"I will, and I can tell you, he'd be proud two, of both you and Trunks." She keeps his hand in his. "I saw Android Seventeen during my visit to HFIL. He's what you would call, separated, robotic. I suppose that's reasonable for androids, but I think this was to the extreme. He was like a dead fish, cold, slippery, and very routine. I was told he wanders about aimlessly and I sort of feel sorry for him, I don't know why."

"It's a long story, mom. However, Seventeen is paying for crimes and whether or not he's miserable means very little to me anymore. The reason I let him live by our hands is so he could repent to himself."

"A choice I would have made myself, knowing the circumstances. I've always liked to believe everyone deserves a second chance, no matter the case. After all, your father used to be one of the most callous and cruel men I had ever met, and he changed. What they do with their second chance is up to them. Vegeta repented by turning good, Frieza wasted his second chance with revenge and ended up dead, and Seventeen decided he didn't want a second chance and finished himself off."

"Life's weird, I'm just glad I made the right choices early in life."

"That you did, and you just keep on making those right choices. Always follow your heart, Goten, and I'll always be proud of you."

"It's good to finally see you mom. I only wish I could have met dad too."

"One day, you will, but in the meantime we'll always be watching." Rikku leaned in, kissed his cheek and sighed when the clock rang the hour. "Unfortunately my visit is short. Take care of yourself, Goten, and your family."

"I will, Goodbye, mom."

Rikku smiled as her body floated and disappeared into the night. The sky glittered with the heavens and Goten could swear he spotted a shooting star.

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