Phoenix Dozen Keeperoliver Chapter 1

The newest members to the pride have been doing splendidly. Luna kept the group loose with her ever present joy. Dobby kept them going with his exuberance. The summer was going by fast, and their need to train became even greater due to the Death Eater attacks becoming more frequent.

Fred had made it clear to Angelina that there was no future between them, and she agreed to this. She had felt him slip away, and knew it was because of someone else. Besides, some one else started showing interest in her, so it wasn't too bad. Lee had always had a crush on her.

Dobby had made contact with the free elves out side of Hogwarts and all had accepted the offer to join the Phoenix Pride. They were told when they would join the group to train.

Sirius, Remus and Filius took pride in the results the group was making. Even Albus was of a mind that he was looking at possibly the strongest group to take a stand against the dark forces. Just this core group was unbelievable strong. He felt it was time to bring in the elves, to get them trained.

Dobby used his magic to bring them to the castle and get them started. The castle was being used because of the facilities, and because it was the only place protected from unwanted guests.

Soon the Quidditch stadium was filled with the elves that volunteered. Their training began and they soon found the meaning of what it meant to be a part of some thing. Though the training was hard, the friendship of the students with the elves was enough to keep them all going.

The three mile run in the morning soon became a five mile run. The dueling matches became more aggressive. There were a few injuries, but, their training in the art of healing paid off. The elves were becoming tenacious and fierce. They fought in numbers against the adults and students. It was the only way to get them trained in time. They were told to not hold back, and they didn't. This is where the injuries occurred, both to the students/adults, and the elves.

Dobby asked Sirius one day, "Master Black sir, Why is Kreacher not here?"

This brought a look of shock to his face, "How did you know of Kreacher, Dobby."

"He was a visitor to Malfoy Manor quite a few times sir. Mistress Bellatrix called for him often."

"So that was why I couldn't find him all those times. Do you know what she wanted him for Dobby?"

"Mostly to due errands for her, before she was captured. After that we never saw him again. I thyinks sir, it was for him to visit Gringotts to place something of value in her vault. She also asked a lot of questions of Kreacher, wanting to know what you were up to. Kreacher wouldn't tell her this. She hurt Kreacher a few times, but stopped when he still refused to answer her questions."

"So Kreacher never told her about Harry?"

"Oh no sir, Kreacher was very loyal to you sir. Funny thing though, Kreacher mumbled quite a bit. Never knew what he said. He is a funny elf sir, with his mumbling. He never looks happy."

"I know Dobby, he has been that way since the disappearance of my brother Regulas. He and Reg shared sort of like a bond I think. A family bond. But why all this talk about Kreacher?"

"Sir I think Kreacher would make a good member of the group. He is strong with elf magic, and you may find it hard to believe, but has more energy than he lets on."

"Well, let's see what he says. KREACHER TO ME, PLEASE."

With a resounding POP, Kreacher joined his master on the grounds. "Master calls. (most ungrateful one)."

"There is no need for the name calling Kreacher. I just want to ask you a question."

"What is it wish to ask Kreacher, Master."

"Would you like to join this group in training? Dobby has told me that he thinks you could be a valuable member."

"What does Dobby Know about Kreacher? He has seen me a few times is all. He knows not what Kreacher is like. What is the group training for?"

Sirius was glad to see Kreacher remained calm during his talk. He thought he would go off on Dobby like he had on me. "Kreacher, there is an evil that is destroying property, and killing witches and wizards. We are training to stop them."

"Why does Kreacher care what witches and wizards do to each other?"

"Because this evil does not like elves, or any half humans. They will do what they like to them, even using them for their own cause, then dispose of them."

"Kreacher has seen the dark, and it is not so bad. They leave Kreacher alone."

"So Mistress Bellatrix never hurt you then?"

"Only when Kreacher would not do as she asked. No other time."

"Yes Kreacher, I know, and I appreciate you refusing to tell her about what I was doing, and never telling her about Harry."

"Mistress never asked about young Harry. I could not betray my family. I only did what a good house elf should do."

"Bellatrix is a Black?"

"Not of my family of Blacks. You are my only member left. Kreacher would not betray his family to anyone. Kreacher is loyal."

Kreacher almost fainted when Sirius knelt down to speak to him. "Kreacher is a very loyal elf. I know that and would be honored if he were to join us here and train. What do you say Kreacher?"

"Does Master Sirius really mean this? You would be honored for me to be here?"

"We all do Kreacher." Harry said as he walked up to the two. "I heard what Sirius said, and couldn't agree more. I have seen you in action when you thought no one was there watching you. I think we would really improve our self if you were to join."

"Thank you Master Harry. I know you do not make false statements, like others around here."

"Hey, no need to be bitter. I only said those things to hide my guilt."

"Of course Master. Master Harry, I would like to join this group, but Kreacher is old. He does not know what he could do against any of you. Yous would be taking advantage of a poor old elf ."

Harry had to laugh at this. "Kreacher would be the one who is making false statement now. I know you better than that. How about giving us a show?"

"As you wish Master Harry. Who do I have to challenge?"

Harry drew a smile on his face, "Sirius how about it? Care to challenge Poor Old Kreacher?"

Sirius gulped, "Why me?"

"He is your house elf."


"What better way to show you care than to protect him from harm and to help him out by training him the right way. Like he said, he is old and weak."

"Ya, and my mother was a quidditch star. Fine, Kreacher let's do this."

Sirius stood up and faced his elf. He bowed to Kreacher, and Kreacher bowed back. The then both took a stance for the duel.

Sirius was hard pressed right from the start. He never saw Kreacher move so fast. He was never in one place long enough for Sirius to get a shot at him, while firing curses at Sirius making him defend himself. Finally, Kreacher caught Sirius with a jelly leg curse followed by a body bind curse. Sirius was completely at Kreacher's mercy.

The round of applause for Kreacher shocked the elf. It was something he did not expect. He felt proud of this, and knew he would be well liked after joining the group.

He was not mistaken. He was better than anyone could have asked for. He was soon training the other elves along with Dobby.


During the middle of a training session, they were paid a visit from the Headmaster. He asked Filius if the group was ready for their first mission yet.

This caught every ones attention. They all listened in as Filius told Albus of how proud he, Sirius and Remus were of the group, and he felt they were more than ready for a mission.

"Well then, if you accept, a number of Death Eaters has been spotted in the Forest of Dean. There are aboput ten of them led by the Carrows. They have been doing some damage to the surrounding villages, and have caused a few deaths. Their exact location is unknown, and the Forest of Dean is quite extensive. I think six teams should be used. Two members and thirty elves for each team. I will leave the members up to you. I hope you find them Filius, and take care."

Once Albus was gone, Filius, Remus, and Sirius sat and talked about who the teams should be. George and Luna were one. Harry and Ginny another. Ron and Hermione a third. Sirius and George, Remus and Dobby, and Filius and Neville. Kreacher was to go with Sirius as one of the elves. 33 Elves went with each team. Each team had a map with the area they were to use as a starting point marked on it. They were to signal the other teams should any team find something. Since the forest was so dense, and sound didn't travel well in the woods, Sirius and Remus provided each team with a mirror. They explained how to activate and use them. There were no words to be spoken. The image of the speaker would tell the receiver who and where they were. The elves would then take them to the sight for the information. The elves would be using silent travel for the mission. No popping.

Then they used the elf travel, and they all took their positions. They coordinated their actions and then took off to begin their search. They knew it was not something that would be done in a day.

It was three days, when George was pulled to attention by Luna. All the elves were signaled to stop. Luna whispered to George. "George, there is Wrackspurt activity off to the right. They are most commonly seen around anger and hate. I suspect that is where the Death Eaters are."

With out question, George had the group center their search on the area Luna pointed out. He had never been more pleased on any decision he ever made. Even though they didn't see anything clearly, there appeared to be a slight ripple in the vision of the small clearing ahead of them. George activated the mirror for Filius, and a few seconds later, all six groups had surrounded the campsite. The thing they had missed was the sentry hiding high in the trees. He had given the signal to his fellow DE's, and a fight ensued.

The DE's were not going to go easily. The first one taken out was the sentry by one of the elves. The rest of the elves joined the battle with their human friends. Many of the elves were hurt because they feared hurting the DE's. This changed when they saw their numbers dwindling. The witches and wizards were not as reluctant. Of the fifteen DE's that started out, their were five still standing.

Hermione became the first witch or wizard to be hurt, when she took a curse on her right hip. She was unable to continue to fight. She was left with ten elves to guard her while the rest continued on. Ron was also hurt because he became careless when Hermione was hurt. But he was able to continue to fight. He became more cautious after the injury to his left arm.

George was also injured while protecting Luna. A cut across his left side was bleeding profusely. Luna was able to stop the bleeding, and then went back to the fight. This time she was fighting to protect the one who had protected her. Two of the remaining DE's went down under her barrage. Soon it was over, and the DE's that were still alive were put in body binds. The rest were taken by the elves to the Quidditch in Hogwarts for identification purposes.

For the fifteen DE's captured or killed, The Pride had 70 injured elves and three injured wizards and witches. The elves would never fear to injur DE's in the future. Luckily their were no deaths to the pride, but the practice sessions were soon to become more intense. They could not afford such losses in the future. There was no more dueling each other after this. They felt that some were trying their best to not harm others.

Sirius managed to get about 12 training dummies from the auror corp for their training. They were repairable, and did not care if they hurt any one.

Albus was mostly pleased at the outcome. He did not like the fact that nearly half the pride had been injured. He had expressed his concern to the group, and noticed the change in training, and felt better after seeing the results. All 210 members were back in training now, and school was scheduled to start in another week. The scar that ran down the side of George's body would be with him forever, but being George, he just took it as something to show off to others as a war wound.

For the last week, the team was released from training so that they could prepare for the upcoming schoo year. The elves went back to the kitchen, the students went shopping for their school requirements. Remus got ready for his DADA position.


While in Diagon Alley, Luna was approached by Draco Malfoy. He started to insult her with the Loony Lovegood title. George started to go to her aid, but was held back by Harry. "George, I am sure Luna can take care of herself". However, she never had to as Daphne Greengrass stepped in and told Draco to shove off, and leave Luna alone. Draco started on her, and was then stopped by Blaize.

"So what, You two are sticking up for the loon? Are you both insane. She is a nutter for Merlin's sake. Are you going to break our house up over a Claw?"

"That's right Draco, we are." Blaize said. "We are tired of being considered dark by the rest of the school because of the house we are in. Do you really believe in all this pure blood crap your father has been feeding you. I don't, and neither does Daphne and Tracy. I believe Pansy is beginning to change her point of view as well. Draco we are not our fathers and we do not follow in their footsteps. We have our own opinions and points of view. We are not blind followers of the DE's. We have a different outlook and do not see why we are any different than Hermione Granger, a muggle born, or Harry Potter, a half blood. We are all witches and wizards trying to get an education from the best school available to give it. I heard that we are going to be taught by a werewolf this year. Does that bother me. No, as long as he is a good teacher. He has to be better than what we have had to teach us these past two years. If you still wish to be a lap dog for your father, then stay with Crabbe and Goyle. But you will be by your self."

Draco turned and left after the long talk by Blaize. No one knew he was thinking it over what Blaize said. He never really felt good about the way he was supposed to raise his nose at the rest of the school. The way he treated those he was supposed to look down on and insult whenever he got the chance. Yes he would think over what Blaize said. Very hard.

Blaize turned back to Luna and apologized to her. "Luna, we are sorry for the way you were treated. We would never treat you like that. Please believe me. What I said was true about Daphne, Tracy and I. Others are starting to share our opinion as well. Such as Pansy. Will they come around, I don't know. I hope so."

Luna smiled at Blaize. "Thank you Blaize Zabini. I believe what you said. I hope we can talk again in the future, as well as Daphne and Tracy. Perhaps you could even join our group. What do you think Harry?"

Harry nodded his head, "Yes, Luna, We would like that. All houses should be in our group. Not all members, as there will still be those that follow the DE's, probably from all houses, but that is to be expected. However, for all houses to be in the group, they have to watch each others back. There will be those who do not take kindly to it. That especially goes to you and the girls Blaize. I don't know about Draco, but Crabbe and Goyle will certainly try and hurt you."

"We will Harry, and we will think about Luna and your offer. We will let you know after school starts. Good bye to you all." And Blaize left with Daphne.

George took Luna in his arms, "You were amazing young lady, do you know that. The way you stood up to Malfoy. The way you treated Blaize and Daphne. You truly are one of a kind."

"Do you really think there could be two of me George, like there are two of you?"

This stumped George. "You're not a twin are you? Of course if you are, that's all the better as then Fred could have her."

"What if it was a male twin?"

Fred blanched at that, "George, you answer that and I swear you will run from the dogs of hell when I am finished with you."

"Got it dear brother. My lips are sealed. Not a word will cross my lips. Silence is golden. You hear nothing but the sounds of silence."

7 people all shouted at the same time, "SHUT UP GEORGE!"