Phoenix Pride Keeperoliver Chapter 8

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Hogwarts had been turned into a second St. Mongo's. The hospital ward was only taking the serious cases. The rest were being taken care of in the Great Hall. Cots had been set up to accommodate all the injured parties brought in from the final battle. All of the light side injured that is. The dark side injured were sent to St. Mungo's high security ward where they were kept under watch.

It was a dark time for the wizard world. Though the threat was done away with, the cost was too high. The list of deaths began with the Professors. Severus Snape, Sybil Trelawny and Pomona Sprout were all lost in the fight. 5 Goblins had been lost. 45 Elves had been lost, including Kreacher, Winky and Striker, Severus' personal elf. He died trying to protect Severus, to no avail. Among the Pride and it's friends, Percy Weasley, Marietta Edgecomb, Roger Davis, Michael Corner, Dennis Creevy, Cedric Diggory, Parvatti Patil and Hannah Abbott were lost forever to their loved ones.

For those who trained the Pride, they lost Alastor Moody. There were also seven other Aurors lost along with him. In all, over one hundred lost from the light side. This was compared to the two hundred lost to the dark side which included Bellatrix LeStrange and her husband Rodolphus along with his brother Rebastian. Lucius Malfoy. Fenrir Greyback. The Carrow siblings, and too many more to list.

The injured when brought in were met at the door by a healer, and were then sent to the ward that they felt was suitable for their injuries. Many that thought felt they were serious, were not in fact life threatening or traumatic. Hermione, Fred, Viktor, George, Neville, Ron and Ginny were in this lesser category. They were kept together to help with the grief, Pain and hardship of the battle. They were happy that Dobby was with them to get anything they might need to help comfort them. He was also used by the Healers to retrieve serums from St. Mongo's that were needed. The supplies on hand were not nearly enough.

They were worried about the two who were missing from the group. Harry and Luna were not among the lesser injured casualties, which meant they were upstairs in the ward for the greater injuries. Dobby was asked to check on them, but he was not allowed entry, and no word was given to them about their status. The rest of the Weasley family was sitting with them, as well as Sirius. Sirius was also worried about Remus, and Tonks. They were also not with the group gathered in the Great Hall.

Upstairs in the ward, Luna, Remus and Tonks were being treated for some very nasty wounds. Remus was in the worst shape. Fenrir had done a number on him, before Remus was able to take him out, with the help from Bill Weasley. Tonks had to have the bones in her legs and arms healed with the use of Skele-a grow. Her ribs were also in need of repair, but not until splinters were removed from her lungs, and other vital parts. Luna was in a coma, suffering from a head wound. She was expected to recover, but they didn't know to what degree of damage was done to her brain. This injury was incurred while they were waiting for the serious injuries were taken in for treatment. It seems that a large tree limb had been weakened during the battle and fell off hitting Luna while she was talking to Viktor, with Hermione.

Then there was Harry. The loss of his legs was not considered serious, but the other damage done to his upper body was. In defeating Voldemort, Harry had once again been been hit with a killing curse that had done damage to his heart. No new scars had appeared, but the internal damage more than made up for it. Like Luna, Harry was also in a coma. Harry was suffering from shock, magical depletion, loss of blood and post traumatic syndrome. The medical staff took advantage of this and had Harry fit with a set of magical prosthetic legs. The covering on them matched Harry's skin tone perfectly, to include hair. Being connected to his nervous system allowed him to have feelings in them when he revived. The big question to them was if his body would accept the new limbs.

The next five days were days everyone wished to never happened. They were used to bury their dead. Arthur and Molly never wanted to see the day they would have to bury one of their kids. There was no way a parent should live when one of their children died before them. It was not natural. It had been asked by the Ministry and Dumbledore for all of the dead be buried in a special cemetery on school grounds, as a memorial. A large monument was placed at the entry of the plot identifying those who died to include those who died prior to the battle due to Voldemort. Each individual who died in the battle had their own headstone with personal words from their loved ones.

After it was all over, they all tried to find out the status of Harry and Luna. Remus and Tonks had been moved to the Great Hall, and told them all what they knew, which wasn't much. Just that they were still in a coma. They did tell them that Harry had been fitted with the prosthetic legs, but they asked them all not to mention it to him once he was awake. They wanted him to accept them on his own, without being reminded of them over and over again.

Finally after the seventh day, Luna became conscious. She woke up to a few other patients that were still there. She cried when she saw one of them was the unconscious Harry Potter. She tried to get up and go to him, but she was still too weak to stand. Madam Pomfrey heard her attempt, and went to her to see how she was.

Luna looked at the healer with the tears still shining, "I don't feel so good Madam. My head is spinning, my stomach is all tied in knots. My legs are weak, and I am worried about Harry and the rest of my friends. And this hat I am wearing is way too tight, and I can't take it off."

Poppy laughed at this, "Miss Lovegood, it is not a hat, they are bandages. You received a nasty blow to the head, and feared it may have damaged your brain. When you are feeling better, I would like to run some tests on you. Is there anything you need at the moment?"

"A glass of water, and some good news would be nice. Like is Harry sleeping? Will he be alright? And what is he doing with feet? I didn't think Skele-a-grow worked like that?"

Luna expected a laugh from the med witch. When she got was a somber look. "I'm afraid I can't tell you how Mr. Potter is doing. Not that I don't want too. It's just that I don't know. He is in a coma brought on by a number of things that are all serious conditions, both physically, and emotionally. We don't know if his body will accept his new limbs. There was damage to his heart that though it has improved a little, is not where we want it to be. So physically he is touch and go. Mentally and emotionally, we have no idea. His magical core has recharged, and is helping with the healing, but that is just the physical part."

Luna's tears were flowing even faster after being told about Harry's condition, The it got worse when Poppy said, "Miss Lovegood, I am going to allow you to have visitors, But I must ask that you tell no one what I just told you of Mr. Potters condition. I shouldn't have told you, but, I was using it as a test of how you were mentally and emotionally. I needed to know if you could handle everything that was about to be said to you. You see, there will be more pain coming your way Miss Lovegood. The event that took place nine days ago was devastating to us all."

Though she hated it, she agreed to what Poppy asked. Poppy then moved Harry's bed to the far end of the room, and placed curtains all around it. She did not want him seen and have to answer the questions on everyone's mind. OH she knew they would want to see him, and still ask questions, but she could put off answering them.

When word came to her friends that Luna was awake and alert and was able to receive visitors, they made the trip to the ward and sat around her bed asking her how she was. She assured them all she was fine, and that hopefully she would soon be released. Then they began with the questions concerning Harry. It hurt, but she lied to them telling them she knew nothing of his condition.

Ginny and Hermione were not taken in by Luna's attempt to cover for Poppy. They saw the bed at the far end of the ward surrounded by the curtains. However when they got up unnoticed and tried to get in the confines of the curtains, wards were in place that denied them entry. Madam Pomfrey had done well in Harry's protection. She did not take into affect the determination of the two though, as they used Harry's cloak to hide from the rest and sat and waited till all were gone.

Madam Pomfrey came out and told them all it was time for them to leave so that Luna could get some rest. After they were gone, she went to Harry and let down the wards she put up and entered the curtained area. She was followed in by Ginny and Hermione, and heard the gasp that escaped from both their mouths. She turned to them and said, "You can come out now young ladies. I know you are there. I should have figured that someone would find a way to sneak in."

Ginny and Hermione took off the cloak and stood there looking down at their best friend.

Ginny went to the bed, and sat down next to Harry and took his hand in hers and rubbed it to let him know she was there for him. Hermione went to the other side and did the same. Ginny looked up to the healer and asked, "Will Harry be alright?"

Poppy made a sigh of her own, "I don't know Miss Weasley. There are too many questions that need to be answered, and we won't get any until He is revived. If he revives. That is still a possibility. Him not coming out of his coma that is. Only time will tell."

"How much time are we talking here. Days, weeks, months?" Hermione asked?

"I don't know?" and with that, Poppy turned and left the two sitting there holding Harry's hands. They turned back to the entry when they heard some one approach them. Luna had somehow managed to make the trip to the bed and sat next to Ginny. The three sat there all praying to who ever would listen to help Harry pull through.


Madam Pomfrey was not kidding when she said she didn't know how long Harry would be out. She could no longer keep Harry's status from his friends. She told them all he may never recover. After two months, Harry was still unconscious.

Viktor had returned when he was told of being allowed to continue to play professionally in the quidditch league. His prosthetic arm and hand had been evaluated and found to be edge free in play. They could not find any way that he could use the limb to any unfair advantage. He wanted to let every one to know, and that there would be passes to any who wished to attend any of his games.

Fleur also returned after she had completed her education at Beauxbatons. It seemed her and Bill were getting serious, and Bill had managed to get her a job with Gringotts as his assistant as head of security for the bank.

Life was moving along during the time Harry was in his coma. Hogwarts was getting ready for the new school year. Remus and Sirius were asked to become full time Professors with Sirius taking the DADA position and Remus taking the Herbology spot. Narcissa had been asked to fill the Potions position. Remus had also been asked to take on the Head of House duties for Hufflepuff, and because no one else wanted it, Sirius took on the duties for Slytherin.

St. Mungo's wanted to transfer Harry to their facility, but Poppy refused. There was nothing they could do for him that she couldn't do. Besides, with the new school year coming up, Harry would have visitors continually. That, and Misses Weasley, Granger and Lovegood would never go for the move. Harry was perfectly fine where he was. She wanted to be there if or when he revived.

Fred and George with help from Sirius found a place in Diagon Alley where they could think about putting their shop once they were done with school. They were also promised that once in school, they could visit both Sirius and Remus after classes to learn their secrets. Being their last year, Sirius and Remus only had to look forward to a short period of Weasleymania.

School had only been in session for three weeks when one afternoon at lunch Professor Dumbledore got everyones attention, "Please if every one would settle down, I would like to let you all know that there has been an amazing event that took place just a short while ago. It seems that our Mr. Potter decided it was time to join us from his little rest. Madam Pomfrey has asked that you all wait until the end of the days classes before you decide to visit. That is other than Miss Weasley, Miss Granger and Miss Lovegood. You have been requested to see him right away. I believe the faculty is now aware that you will be absent from classes for the rest of the day, so when you are fin..." Albus saw the three ladies running for the door before he could finish. "ished with your lunch you may go see him." He laughed as he said the last part. He turned to his fellow members and saw he was sitting alone at the table. It seemed that Harry would have more company than he thought. Thank goodness he had already visited Harry. He may never get another chance.

Harry was sitting on his bed, rubbing his new legs, that felt like his old legs. He could not feel a difference in them from his real legs. He had feelings in them like his real ones. His feet were a little more ticklish than his real feet. After Poppy had finished her tests and gave him a good bill of health she left to pass on the news to the Headmaster.

His meeting with Albus had been a long one filled with the bad news of what happened during the battle and who was lost. He was glad to hear that everyone moved on from the devastation and was settling in to their lives free of threat.

Then at noon, Harry heard the doors slam open, and feet running across the floor approaching his bed. He looked up to see first, Ginny, Hermione and Luna dropping to his bed, all hugging him and and kissing him on the cheek. Then he saw Remus, Sirius, Minerva, Hagrid, and Narcissa with the rest of the staff come through the doors. Poppy decided to go see Albus and have classes cancelled for the rest of the day.

Harry looked to Ginny and told her of his sorrow about hearing of Percy. Ginny thanked him for his kind words but, they were not necessary. Yes it hurt, but, it could have been a lot worse if Tom had not been stopped that night.

Sirius and Remus finally got to Harry and they both hugged him asked how he was doing. Sirius reached into his pocket to pull out a letter and gave it to Harry. Harry raised an eyebrow looking at Sirius. Sirius just let out a laugh and told him to read it.

Harry looked to see it was from the Dursleys. He was tempted to just pitch it, but, changed his mind and read it.

To whom it may concern:

I have learned that my nephew Harry Potter was injured during a fight with an evil dark lord. I wish to know the extent of his injuries.

I wish to pass on to him how sorry I am this happened to him, and hope he is feeling well, or at least better.

If he is able to answer this letter, I would like to hear from him, and hope that in the near future I could get to meet him.

I would like to let him know that his mother and I were not on the best of terms when I learned of her death. I really did love Lily, Harry, and regretted every bad thing I said about her. I still have bad dreams about how I treated her.

I am glad that you were able to live with someone that cared, as if you had been forced to live here, I'm afraid I would have made you life miserable. I am a bitter person Harry, and a very spiteful one at that.

Hopefully one day you will take the time to visit so that I could get to know you.

Get well soon,


Aunt Petunia

Harry wondered what that was all about. How could she hate someone she never met? Why did she hate mum so much?

After this letter, He didn't know if he wanted to meet her. He put the letter aside, and would think about answering it later.

He got back to his friends and they talked until supper time, where Poppy told him he could join them for dinner, but had to be back by seven for his next potion.

The walk to the hall was a different experience for Harry They may have looked lime and felt like his real legs, but, once he walked with them, he could feel the difference. It was like nothing he ever felt before. His legs felt alive and ready to do things he didn't know he could do. When he got to the stairs, the first set was about ten steps and then a platform. He felt like he needed to try it, so he did. He jumped down the stairs, and landed with just a slight dip of his body. His friends watched as he continued down the stairs doing the same thing, with even the longer distances. Not once did he fall, or get hurt. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, he ran for the hall, at a speed he never reached before. However, this might have overdone it, as he got a cramp in his thigh. What worked for his lower legs, did not work as well with his upper legs.

It would take time, but he would learn what his limits were. In the mean time, he was just glad that he was here with his friends, and the girl he would eventually learn to love.

End note: Well, I am certainly glad it is over with, though I did like this last chapter. Now maybe I can spend more time with Fooled and Donny. Till next time, this is the Keeper wishing every one a good day.