Birthdays and Mud pies

Disclaimer: all characters and copyright belong to Stephanie Meyer

Chapter One

Jacob Black was three years old today. He had been given a small birthday party which had included his best friends Embry and Quil. Unfortunately his sister's Rach and Beck had also been there, including their friend Leah. Leah could be mean, she had a baby brother called Seth who was coming up to one year old. Jacob was pouting in annoyance, his lower lip sticking out. Leah had told him off for trying to make Seth eat a bit of his cake. Seth did not want the cake and had cried causing Leah to stomp over to defend her baby brother. This was his birthday, you do not get told off on your birthday.

Jacob stomped outside to sulk. Whenever he got told off by his mum or dad he would retreat to his favourite place, the garage. It was really only a couple of tin sheds bolted together, but to Jacob it was his hideout. One day he was going to live in the garage, he would not let Rach and Beck come in. Maybe Quil or Embry if they learnt the secret password. The password was Jacob because it was easy to remember. He would not let them in if they could not guess. He scuffed his new shoes in the dirt. They hurt his feet so he took them off and walked barefoot toward the garage.

A noise from just inside the door of his hideout made him pause. Who was in his secret place? Jacob frowned in annoyance. If it was his sisters or Leah he was going to order them out. After all it was his birthday, he was a big boy of three and you always got what you wanted on your birthday. Quil and Embry had said so. He shuffled forward cautiously and craned his neck so he could peer inside.

"Bells!" he squealed, making the young girl sitting just inside the garage door jump.

Bella was five but she did not feel like a big girl like her daddy had told her. Rach and Beck plus Leah would not let her play with them. They said she was too quiet and the monster game they were playing needed someone loud. Leah had roared like a lion making Bella run away in fright. She had ended up out here where it was quiet and she could hide. But now for some reason the birthday boy had intruded on her solitude making her jump for the second time today. Bella started to cry.

Jacob looked puzzled. Girls were a mystery. They either shouted at you to go away or they cried when you spoke to them. Jacob was three and he did not understand at all. Maybe he should ask Quil, he would know. Quil said he knew everything. Jacob shuffled about again not sure what to do. He tried to think what his mum did when he cried (which was a lot when you had two older sisters who did not want you around). His brow furrowed in deep thought. Well she usually gave him a hug and a kiss on the head. Maybe this would make Bella stop crying.

So Jacob, in all his three year old confidence marched up to five year old Bella Swan and gave her a big hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Bella was so shocked she stopped crying instantly. Jacob pulled back and beamed at her. Quil maybe thought he knew everything but Jacob had discovered the secret to make girls stop crying. He was clever for three. He stored that information to tell his friends later.

"I'm three! It's my birthday. Do you want to make some mud pies wiv me? I'm good at making mud pies. Better then Leah. Better then Quil or Embry even. Will you make mud pies wiv me Bells?" Jacob asked.

Bella looked at Jacob. She did not really want to make mud pies but as it was his birthday she could not say no. Her dad had told her she must be nice to people on their birthdays. Jacob surprised her again by taking her hand in his and leading her out into the yard.

That's where the grownups found them twenty minutes later ,laughing and covered in mud. Jacob thought this had been the best birthday ever.