Birthday's and Mud Pies

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Chapter 31-Full Circle

Six months later:

Jacob Black was up early. Today was a special day. Today he was officially turning four years old. He slid out of bed and padded down the narrow hallway to his parent's room, barging in unannounced and climbing on the bed. He then began to jump up and down.

"I four today. I four." He yelled loudly.

Billy and Sarah both sat up at once, sleep still clouding their vision. "What time is it?" Billy muttered as he peered at his bedside clock.

"It's four thirty in the morning." Sarah groaned as she fell back on her pillows. "Jake it's too early, go back to bed sweetheart and wait until seven like we agreed."

Jacob crossed his arms mutinously and pouted. "No, birthday now. I four."

Billy gave his young son a stern look. "Now Jake, even though it is your special day, you still have to do as you are told or no pressies."

"No pressies?" Jacob echoed. Tears began to well in his eyes. His daddy was mean. "I wan' pressies."

"Not yet." Billy sighed as he climbed out of bed and picked his son up and hauled him over his shoulder. He noticed that Sarah had buried herself back under the quilt. Typical! He carried Jacob back to his room and set him down on his bed. "Now go back to sleep and wait until me or mommy come to wake you up, okay."

Jacob pulled his covers up to his chin and frowned. "Okay." He muttered.

Billy gave him a tired smile and ruffled his hair. "Good boy." He walked out of the room and closed the door quietly.

Ten minutes later Jacob was back out of bed and heading for the phone.

Charlie was exhausted. He had a late night at work and had only got home in the early hours of the morning, so he was less then pleased when the phone began to ring. He opened his weary eyes and glanced at his clock radio, the red numbers showed that it was ten to five in the morning. For someone to be contacting him this early it had to be an emergency. He climbed out of bed and pulled his dressing gown on and winced as his feet hit the cold floor. Charlie hunted around for his slippers but couldn't find them. Muttering curses under his breath, he stumbled down the stairs and answered the phone before it disturbed Bells.


"Old Man Chief?" Jacob's voice babbled on the other end of the phone.

Charlie was dumbstruck. He had to be dreaming. "Jake? Is that you?"

"I four." Jacob declared. "Daddy say no pressies."

"Huh?" Charlie felt like he was in the twilight zone. Was he really engaging in a conversation with a four year old at this time of the morning? He was definitely having a surreal dream. "What are you talking about, Jake?"

"My birthday. I four." Jacob repeated impatiently. Old Man Chief was going deaf. "You pleeseman."

Charlie rubbed his face with his hand. "Pleeseman? Oh you mean am I a policeman?"

"YES." Jacob yelled down the phone so that Old Man Chief could hear him better. "You put bad men away."

"Well yes sort of." Charlie held the phone away from his ear slightly. Why was Jake yelling? And why was he still talking to the boy at this time of the morning? He must be going soft in the head.

"Daddy bad man." Jacob announced firmly. "I get up and he say no pressies. He mean. Put bad daddy behind lines."

"Behind lines? Jake I have no idea what you're talking about. Why don't you go back to bed like a good boy. Me and Bells will be over this afternoon for your special party."

"Bad daddy go behind lines." Jacob said again. "He say no pressies."

Charlie tried to think what he meant. 'Behind lines?' he thought to himself. An image of Billy sitting in jail behind the thick black bars came into his head. Of course Jake meant in prison. He had been avidly watching the old cop shows from the seventies with Bells. The two of them often acted out what they saw on the telly. The amount of times over the last few weeks that he and Billy had water sprayed over them from the water pistols Sarah had so thoughtfully provided for them as they acted. He noticed that it was always him who got arrested and sent to jail the most.

"Old Man Chief?" Jacob yelled out again.

"I'm here Jake." Charlie yawned widely. "Go to bed son and I'll be over to put bad daddy behind lines later on, alright."

Jacob let out a loud whoop. "Thanks Old Man Chief. I four."

"I know. See you later, Jake." Charlie put the phone down in relief. Really at times his life was totally bizarre.

Bells ate her toast delicately. She watched as her daddy yawned widely as he buttered his toast. "You tired daddy?"

"Yeah, sorry kiddo." Charlie rubbed his eyes as he tried to keep them open. "Jake rung early this morning. Apparently his bad daddy said no pressies, so he decided to call me and ask me to arrest Billy."

Bells choked on her toast as she giggled. It sounded like something Jakey would do. Only last week he had rung in the middle of the night because he couldn't sleep. Her daddy had been fast asleep and she had been the one to answer the phone. They had chatted to each other for over an hour before Sarah heard her son babbling and came to investigate. Jacob had been banned from using the phone, but he had obviously ignored his parents wishes.

Charlie smiled at his daughter. In the months she had been living with him he had seen her blossom. He now had permanent custody of her, with Renee only having supervised visitation so many times a year. His ex-wife had been charged with child neglect and was still waiting the outcome of her trial. He dismissed that thought from his mind. Renee had only herself to blame for her misfortune, his priority was the little girl in front of him, laughing, her face glowing with happiness.

"Have you packed Jake's present?" He asked her.

Bells nodded vigorously. "Yes. He will love it won't he daddy?"

"I should think so, kiddo." Charlie assured her. "Now he's convinced that he wants to be an Old Man Chief like me when he grows up, he needs the right gear."

Bells giggled again as she pictures Jakey in the outfit they had bought him. Her daddy was right, he would love it. She eagerly finished up the rest of her breakfast, counting down the hours until Jakey's party.

Jacob sat like a king at the head of the table as he surveyed the wrapped presents in front of him. His family were gathered around, waiting for him to make a start.

"You can choose three to open now and save the rest to open at your party." Sarah told him.

Jacob frowned, his lower lip poking out. He didn't like this idea. He wanted to open them all right now. "I wan' all pressies."

"Don't start again, Jake." Billy warned him. "Don't be greedy."

"Bad daddy." Jacob mumbled. A wicked gleam lit up his eyes as he imagined Old Man Chief putting his mean daddy behind the lines.

"What was that, baby?" Rachel asked. She was getting bored waiting for her little brother to choose. "Just get on with it already."

"Rach." Rebecca chided her twin. "Go on Jakey, open some."

Jacob finally gave in and chose three of the larger presents. Sarah quickly swept the others away and they all watched as he ripped the paper off to see what he had got.

Quil and Embry were the first to arrive for the party. They greeted Jacob, shoving his badly wrapped presents at him, before running straight to the food. Jacob opened his present from Quil; inside was a half eaten box of his favorite chocolates. Jacob put it down and glared at his friend. He then opened Embry's, a set of pens and pencils fell out. He left them scattered on the floor as he waited by the door for Bells to turn up. She was late.

He tapped his foot on the floor impatiently as he saw his mommy open the door. He pouted when he saw it was just Seth and his stupid sister, Leah. The toddler ambled up to him with a small gift clutched in his chubby fist. Jacob tried to take it from the youngster but Seth refused to let go, tears welling in his eyes as he began to cry. Immediately Leah was by her brothers side.

"What did you do this time, dork?" She hissed.

"I four. Seff won't give pressie." Jacob retorted.

Leah glared at him. "Seth is only two, idiot. He thinks this present is for him, so you'll just have to do without."

"Mine." Jacob snapped.

"Mine." Seth copied him in his baby voice. He held the gift close to his chest and sidled behind his protector Leah.

"See." Leah took her little brothers hand and smirked at Jacob as she sailed past him. He crossed his arms and stamped his foot. Old Man Chief could put mean Leah behind the lines too.

Much to his relief the one person he really wanted to see arrived. Bells ran straight over to him and gave him a hug. "Happy fourth birthday, Jakey."

Jacob grinned at her as he took the present she held out to him. "Thanks, Bells."

Bells watched in delight as he ripped off the paper eagerly. His eyes shone as he held up the police mans uniform that they had bought him. Along with the shirt and pants, was a hat, a plastic gun and handcuffs. Jacob bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. "I go change. Then I put mean Leah and mean daddy behind lines."

Bells giggled at his obvious excitement. She followed after him as they disappeared into his room so he could put on his Old Man Chief's outfit.

"Did you have to buy my son that outfit? I'm sure you did it on purpose old man." Billy complained as he tried to get the plastic handcuffs off of his wrists that had become wedged there.

Charlie smiled as he took a long sip of his soft drink. "It's about time you were the one sent to jail. It's usually me."

"You're a bad influence. I can't believe he wants to be a cop when he grows up." Billy tugged at the handcuffs again.

"What's wrong with being an Old Man Chief?" Charlie had been having a great afternoon. Jacob had arrested everybody at the party. He had locked Leah in the bathroom for not letting him have his present. Quil and Embry had been locked in the garage after they stole his cake and ate the lot by themselves and Billy had been handcuffed every time he moved. It was only him and Bells who had escaped arrest.

Billy scowled at him as he finally yanked the handcuffs off of his wrists. "You are getting pleasure out of this."

"Maybe." Charlie grinned at his old friend, shooting him a wink.

Everybody had gone home, only Bells stayed behind. She was going to spend the night at the Black's house. She and Jakey lay on his bed, both worn out from his special day. He was still wearing his Old Man Chief's outfit, minus the hat, which had been squashed under Quil's big feet. Jakey planned on putting him behind the lines at the next opportunity. It had been a fun filled day and one that Bells was sure she would always remember. It had been exactly a year since she had first met Jakey and she couldn't imagine life without him by her side.

"You're my bestest friend, Jakey." She whispered, taking his hand in her own.

Jacob smiled back at her, his eyes half closed as he began to doze. "You're my bestest friend, Bells. I four."

"I know. Happy birthday, Jakey." Bells said softly.

Jacob yawned and turned on his side so he was facing her. His eyes closed and he promptly fell asleep. Bells watched him for a moment before her own eyes closed.

The End...

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