Chapter 1

I took my time getting up. What was the point of hurrying in the morning, especially on a grey snowy Monday like today? And what would I get up to? My hippie mom Angie and army dad Jonas, or as he prefers me to call him, General Danee, fighting over "freedom of expression, man"? As far as I was concerned, I might as well stay in bed. Ditch school and catch some z's. I slowly crawled back into bed. BUUUUZZZZZ BUUUUUUZZZZZ BUUUUUZZZZZ went my cell phone, buzz-buzz-buzzing across my nightstand, signaling a text. Should I check it? It could be Scarlett Janetti, wanting me back. As if. I reluctantly rolled over to see who was texting me at 7:16 in the morning. It was Jesse. Good old Jesse Rivers, my best friend since 3rd grade. We met at a sleepaway camp in Big Bear, and have been inseperable since. He tended to be a big hit with the girls, probably due to his "sparkly green eyes, luscious hair, and shiny smile". The fact that he was a quarterback probably helped too. Next to him I looked like crap, what with my grey eyes, emo hair cut, and everpresent frown. "Am I taking u 2 skool taday?" he asked using his best grammar and spelling. "Yep," I replied, "see you in 20 minutes." Then I groaned, realizing I had now made a commitment to getting up. Which I did as slow as humanly possible. I looked outside at the cold, grey sky. It was mildly depressing. Just my style. After showering, getting dressed in a classic all black Prosper Danee outfit, and looking myself over in the mirror, I grabbed my backpack and sneaked downstairs, on the prowl for hippies, generals, or dogs, specifically my black lab Max. The little rat always barks right when I'm trying to sneak out. Thankfully, Mom and Max were still asleep and Dad was at work, teaching privates how to fire a grenade launcher. Good times. Taking advantage of the clear coast, I grabbed a PopTart from the cupboard and ran out the door, toward Jesse's awaiting white 1956 Chevy. "Hey Prosper," he smiled, clearly staring at the glazed look in my eyes, "late night?" "No, a psychopath sewed bags to my face," I replied, sarcasm filling every vowel."Hey Prosper," piped up Elisha King from the backseat, scaring the crap out of me. Elisha King has been and always will be the yang to my yin. She's bright and cheerful and happy and ever so annoying…you can probably tell by now this is a love-hate relationship. Right now, it was hate. "Damn it Elisha! Do you enjoy freaking me out?" "Jeez someone needs a nap," Jesse taunted, and then he let me sleep all the way to my favorite place, Misty Waters High School, home to all hell.