I held his frail form; wishing age wasn't taking him from me. There was so many things I wished, and it was hard to sort my reality from the nightmare. The nightmare that would end with me living the rest of my life alone and without him. I was far from immortal, but now I would still live long after his bones were nothing more than dust. All I wanted was for the energy to flow once again through his veins and a familiar glint to return to his now milky eyes. "You're still beautiful to me." I whispered. He couldn't hear me speak so low though. Not at his weakened age. "No matter what has happened to you." It wasn't right and it wasn't supposed to end this way. "Please don't go." I let tears fall from my cheeks onto his nose, where I watched them glide over his face, getting stuck in wrinkles and folds of skin. The old man was unresponsive. I turned to yell at the onlookers behind me. "Help him, please!" All I got was blank stares and grim shakes of the head. No technology or magic could save the man I loved. His crinkled eyelids fluttered. "Bruce?" He struggled to remain awake. "Wonder Woman? Is that you?" I squeezed his hand. I didn't want him to be lost in the darkness of age. "I-I-"His voice gave way to wheezing. "I'm here baby." I stroked the little hair he had left. "I love you Diana." He murmured. "I'm so-sorry for it all." His voice faded away, the hand in mine went limp. A sob erupted out of me. Why? Bruce's pale skin was a stark contrast from his bed sheets. He was dead, and it wasn't his fault. I sank to my knees, a mass of tears and sobs. "Why?" I whispered. "Because humans can't live forever." Robin whispered. "If Bruce hadn't aged, then he wouldn't have been human. That's the remarkable thing about Batman; he did what was right as a human. He's gone, and Bruce would not blame you for not aging. I know he loved you truly." I turned to look at my once husbands body. So frail and small, nothing like the brooding rogue he had once been. "Well look where his love got him." I said bitterly. "It got him happiness." He said. I shook my head furiously, my, dark hair covering my eyes. "He looks so happy." I snorted. Then there was a hundred sympathetic voices, all trying to tell me how everything was okay. But the thing is have never seen anything as far from okay.