It was peaceful winter day in Jasper Park, and two certain pairs of wolves were enjoying this relaxing day at the Moonlight howl.

"Boy Humphrey it's just so beautiful, isn't it?" Kate asked seeing all the winter wonderland around them

Humphey looked like he was spacing out

"Humphrey?" Kate said again

"Oh, sorry," Humphrey said snapping out of his trail of thought "I was just thinking about the pups,"

"They're fine Humphrey," Kate said "Alpha school will be god for them,"

"But did we really have to send all of them?" Humphrey said what if some of them don't make it,"

"Humphrey if their anything like us they'll pass with flying colors," Kate said

Yet just then Kate had a thought

"Y'know, pups do grow up so fast."

"I just wished the teething phase went a bit faster," Humphrey said remembering how he and "Uncle" Garth became living chew toys.

"Ya but they were so cute and cuddly and..."

"Kate," Humphrey catching on to where this was probably leading "Are you saying you want to get..?"

"Why not Humphrey?" Kate said "Oh the wonderful feeling it was to be preganat. Feeling are pups kic around happily in me, and when they were born, seeing their adarable faces...Oh,"

Humphrey had to admit when Kate was pregant, she a Lilly were the happiest they'd ever been

"C'mon Humphrey lets do it again," Kate said "No wolf couple I've know had only had one litter,"

"But what if..." Humphrey began

Just then Kate did the very same stunt Humphrey did when they first decided to make pups. She aced ike a puppy

"Ruff, ruff. I'm a new puppy. Don't you want me to be in mamas tummy daddy?" then she ticked Humphrey

"Hahaha," Humphrey laughed "Okay Kate stop,"

Kate did

"Alright Kate, if it means that much to you. I'll get you pregnant again," Humphrey said

"Oh thank you Humphrey!" Kate said icking her mates faces

"But lets try to have a smaller litter this time okay?" Humphrey asked "Nine was just a pawful, and on top of that carabuo are going to harder to find until spiring.

"Spring's only another month away Humphrey," Kate reminded him

"Oh ya..." Humphrey remembered "So do we it now?"

"No," Kate said "It has to be special, later tonight okay, daddy?"

Humphrey put his paw on Kates soon to be filled with puppies tummy.

"Okay, mama," Humphrey said


Another certain pair of wolves were watching to of their pups play in the snow

"Koda look I made a snow wolf," Sasha (a girl wolf that looks like Garth) said

"Nice," Koda (boy that looks like Lilly) said "I made this,"

Koda held a snowball in his paw, then threw it at his sis

"Oh, it's on now!"

Koda and Sasha had a snowball fight

"Hehe," Garth said watching their pups "They're so cute aren't they Lilly?"

"I wish Bold (boy like Garth) and Alexis (girl like Lilly) where here. Dis you really have to send them to Alpha school?"

"It'll be good for them Lilly," Garth said "The pak dose need hunters y'know,"

"I know," Lilly said looking at her pups . They were almost as old as she was before Kate went to Alpha school (start of the movie). Soon they'd be off finding mates of their own.

"I'll miss them when they're gone," Lilly said

Just then Garth said something suprising

"Well...We could always have more turtle eggs. If you want to,"

"REALLY?" Lilly said suprised

"Ya, well I've been thinking of maybe having a couple more alphas in the family. Big strong wolves. I hope Koda and the other will be okay with it though,"

" I'm sure they will." Lilly said "But we should do it later tonight, and have Koda and Sasha stay with my parents."

"Agreed," Garth said

With that both wolf pair got ready for another night of puppy making

Here we go again