Day soon gave way to night. Along with a double dose of doggy style (say that five times fast) soon.

Lilly and Garth had already took Koda and Sasha to be with their grandparents.

"Where are you guys going?" Koda asked

"We're just..." Garth began trying to find the right words to explain to the pups.

"Having some mommy daddy time," Lilly said finishing up his sentence.

Eve winked at her daughter. "Well you two have fun. C'mon pups lets go play with Grandma Eve,"

With that Lilly and Garth went out to "get down".


Kate and Humphrey had found a nice place to cuddle. A small opening of grass that was surronded by trees, and with the full moon shining down upon it. The sheer beauty of it made it the perfect place to mate.

Humphrey and Kate where here now

"You sure you want to do this Kate?" Humphrey asked

Kates answer was to open her self up to him

"Fell me up," Kate said in a sexy voice

With that mini-Humphrey powered up and got to work

Back with Lilly and Garth, they to had found a great place to "get down"

"Ready Lilly?" Garth said

Lilly simply walke around Garth slow and sexy like, the full moon once again making her as beautiful as ever.

"Yes," Lilly whispered

Mini-Garth was now Supermega Garth!

And so this night the four wolves "got down"

And new nlife began to grow in two of them

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