The sun rose again, giving way to a new day for the animals of Jasper Park. Including are two favorite wolf couples.

Lilly was the first to wake up, and as she did she felt it. The feeling of carrying new life inside her.

She looked down at her tummy and rubbed it.

"Hello pups," she said to her belly "I'm your mama, you al okay in there?"

Just then Garth awoke with a yawn

"Lilly who are you talking to?" Garth asked

"Are puppies," Lily said patting her tummy

"You really think it worked?" Garth asked

Lilly took Garths paw and put it on her tummy

"I know it worked," she said

Garth looked down at her belly

"Go on, say hi to the puppies," ily said

"Hi pups," Garth said to Lillys belly "I'm your daddy,"

Garth kissed her tummy

Just then Lilly's stomach growled

"Sounds like they're hungry," Lilly said

"Well lets go get them their first taste of carabou," Garth said

With that they went to get breakfast


Humphrey had just woken up

"Yawn," he said

Then he looked down at Kate, still asleep. He could see her glowing. The same glow she had after they mated the first time.

He put his paw on her tummy, this time he knew she was pregnant.

Kate began to awake

"Morning mama," Humphrey joked

"You thing it worked?" Kate asked

"Definetly," Humphrey said

Just then Kates stomach growled

"Guess they want their firt breakfast now," Humphrey joked

With that they went off to get something to eat

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